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Found 1 result

  1. I’ve been experiencing dizziness all week. I started whole30 on Monday so this is day 6. Day 3 I woke up dizzy and my head was spinning when I closed my eyes. After sitting for a few minutes before I got up, I felt better but when I tippped my head upside down to dry my hair I nearly feel over and had to quickly grab for the ground and sit until it passed. Since then if I make any sudden head movements I feel like I’m going to fall over. Today I woke up dizzy again but it’s much worse and hasn’t gone away for 6.5 hours. I’ve never had vertigo but hearing it explained that’s what it feels like. When I stand to walk it’s as if I just got off a spinning carnival ride and need to steady myself and grab hold of something stationary before stepping forward. I search the forum for dizziness but none of the other comments seem to relate to me. We have more salt I our diet now than we used to and we don’t eat lots of processed foods. I feel great otherwise and have been eating 3 good meals a day. thank you for your advice, Deneise