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Found 1 result

  1. Amura

    Is Whole30 for me?

    Hi everyone. I've recently learned about Whole30 and I'm considering joining, although to be honest I'm not completely sure. Since the community seems ameniable I thought I would ask your opinion. I'm almost 40, I've always been slightly overweight. After giving birth to my son (4 years ago) and being back to what I consider my normal weight (about 70kg) I decided to start using a contraceptive implant (it seemed so convenient!) but unfortunately I gained A LOT of weight (20kg in 2 years!). I had the %&[email protected] thing removed, and I have not gained any more weight since then - but I have not been able to lose weight eiher. My overall health is very good, so to be honest my only reason to go on a diet is losing weight. Which I understand is not the purpose of the program. But because I don't think "eating in moderation" is my thing (and for that reason I've never been in a proper diet before) I started researching about dictating myself some clear boundaries in which I could base my diet, so I would not need to count calories or count on my non-existent moderation. No-sugar would be my cornerstone, and I was considering a no-grain rule as well, when I found the Whole program. It's a bit tighter than I meant, but maybe because of that it would force me to eat in a more wholesome way? My routine already includes meal planning, buying fresh food daily, cooking from scratch (I love cooking) so only the ingredient restrictions scare me a bit. I'm hesitating. I got the book but I haven't started reading it yet. I want to lose weight and I want to do it in a healthy way, but I'm not sure if this is the way I should go. Advice please!