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Found 10 results

  1. HealthySnacker

    Success while snacking?? Migraines too.

    Hi there everyone, I'm writing to ask about your experiences with Whole30 if you didn't stick to big meals (i.e., following all the rules but not all the recommendations). I'm at the end of day 3, right now, and I feel like I can manage Whole30 as long as I can graze throughout the day and eat fruit as much as I like (probably five+ servings a day). Questions: have you done Whole30 this way? And if so, how did you feel about your overall results? I'm not capable of eating big meals (I get full too soon- I'm fairly petite) but I really don't get the concept of satiety that lasts for hours. I get full, then hungry rather quickly. A bit about me: My regular diet is pretty typical for Southern California: mostly vegetarian with some chicken and fish. I do eat a lot of carbs, but don't drink alcohol, I avoid fried foods, msg, processed foods & snacks. I'm saying this to give you an idea of which things are and are not big sacrifices for me. I'd love to hear from other people who started in a similar position to me. I understand that Whole30's aim is to help people change their hormones in a way that would give them more of a sense of fullness. I'm open to the idea that I may be able to eat larger meals with bigger gaps as the month goes on... but right now that sacrifice is too great ob tip of everything else. I had a migraine in each of these first three days ( for which I took triptan medicine) so struggle of this experience has been compounded. Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. Hi! So I’m on day 31and self-evaluating! I have a lot of positives and also know I have a lot of deep seeded issues with food that I need to work on a bit more. I was curious how to improve my Whole30. I know I need to cut down on snacking (I’ve been binging on carrots and celery) and started “rewarding” myself with dried fruits and almonds which has become an issue. What would you suggest to help this? also, I use compliant collagen peptides in my coffee in the morning. Is that ok? Previously I had also been adding MCT oil, but was curious if that is something I should take out? thank you!
  3. I am on DAY 25 of my very first WHOLE30 and I'm wondering if I've failed myself by allowing too much dried fruit and nutbutters? I rationalized that a bit more nut butter was okay because I am following the meat eaters plan but I do not eat meat (no tofu, lentils, no edamame etc) so, it's actually a seemingly good source of fat and protein. Even though I don't have cravings I have now realized that dried fruit and nut butters are no brakes foods for me and I plan to remove them entirely for what's left of this process. I should add I have been experiencing tigers blood so I must be doing something right but I guess I'm hoping someone with similar habits can tell me if this behavior destroyed their WHOLE30 weight loss? THANK YOU THANK YOU
  4. Hi Friends! I am a vegetarian on Whole 30. I eat eggs but no meat or fish. This is my first Whole30 and I'm loving it. I pay close attention to having protein, good fat and vegetables for each of my 3 meals per day. Unfortunately, I think I've been eating too much dried fruit. I didn't realize (perhaps a blind eye) how little dried fruit is supposed to be consumed during this time. I will add that I have not been using much white or sweet potatoes or squash so perhaps that offsets some of the carb/sugar intake? I realize now I've been using dried fruit as a dessert which does not correct my bad behaviors and I'm ready to remove them entirely to move forward. I haven't weighed in since day 1 per the rules but so that I can brace myself, do you think that the last 14 days have been sabotaged by this even if I've been perfect about everything else? I'm so bummed. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Deliloh

    Organic Dried Coconut

    Could I have Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Coconuts? To have on hand for occasional snacks - not daily consuming, of course.
  6. Minamyna

    Bare Fruit

    So my husband brought home a bag of Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips, Ingredients are Apples and Cinnamon. They are delicious, therefore I am guessing I probably shouldn't even with a meal?
  7. I started 1/18/2017 so I'm on day five. Unfortunately on day two I came down with a mini-flu that I am just recovering from. I have sleep apnea corrected with a CPAP but this illness caused havoc with my sleep I have been on Atkins before so I'm somewhat acquainted with high protein, high fat diets. Having finished It Starts With Food, a lot of Whole30 and many forum entries, I'm pretty familiar with the program. Knowing I was going to start Whole30 over a week before I started, I started examining food labels in both my pantry and on store shelves and marking those items that are compliant. Luckily I live very close to Whole Foods, TJs, Earth Fair, Fresh Market and Harris Teeter and in a town with many tailgate (farmers) markets. I'm male, 70, married and an excellent cook. For example, today I cooked a 7 pound pork roast in my pressure cooker. The meat is base stock for whatever recipe I'm making and the stock from the cooking will be the basis for a great soup. I have a Nespresso machine and make and drink great coffee, always black. I never drink coffee after noon. Presently I'm having two problems with the program. The first is sleep. I go to bed when I'm tired and yawning, usually 10 or 11 PM. I wake up at 1:00 or 2:00, wide awake. I usually then stay up 1 or 2 hours reading or surfing, then try to sleep again, usually successfully. But sometimes not. I can be up and down as many as three times a night. The problem is, is this a side effect of Whole30 or is it a result of the flu? If the result of Whole30, how long will it continue? Second is snacking. Every evening, after dinner, I get the urge to snack. Before Whole30 I would stop in the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream, a small cup of wasabi almonds or some cheese. I'm not hungry. I realize that this is just a habit, an urge, but I still have a lot of trouble resisting. As it stands now I eat a piece of fruit, but tonight I almost scarfed down a small box of raisins. If I can't conquer this urge I'm going to have to come up with some compliant snacks. comments and/or advice is welcome.
  8. Hi Community! I'm on day 3 of my second whole30...and I'm feeling discouraged. I came home last night hungry, and sick of the idea of meat already (I think I ate too much pork at lunch trying to squash any cravings) and I went for the almond butter. First with a cut up apple, then with dried apricots dipped straight into the jar...and then I felt better. My body was happy, but I felt discouraged. This is not whole30 behavior, and I considered starting over, but thought I would reach out for support. Has anyone had similar experiences? Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi, I'm on day 7 of my whole30 and feel progressively worse everyday. I started for 2 reasons - 1. I have ulcerative colitus, and am looking for a way to control it though diet and 2. though years of flares, I've become overly reliant on carbs and sugar for energy - time I've spent feeling so unwell that the only thing that appeals is jelly on toast, and I think that's had a psychological effect on my 'need' for carbs and sugar. (Worth noting, though, that I was no flaring when I started). But I just feel awful and so frustrated. I'm training for a marathon, and I suck at running since I started. I feel constantly light headed and sick, and because nothing else appeals I'm eating too many nuts and dried fruit (I know, I know - tell me how to stop). My stomach feels almost as bad as when I'm having a UC flare, and I look about 5 months pregnant. Plus, I live in Greece i.e. carb and legume heaven. It is *so* hard to find complient food here - and I cannot get my hands on a sweet potato no matter how hard I look. (On the plus side, incredible olive oil!!) I'm searching for some tips, some encouragement, reasssurance that I'll feel better soon, because I am so close to just throwing in the towel, eating some jam and bread and actually being able to enjoy my long run today... Thanks all.
  10. I'm on Day 15 of this journey and I think I need to cut out dried fruit. Actually, I know I need to, but maybe I just need a few people saying, "duh! no more dried fruit!". So I'm 5'4", 120ish pounds, two little kids, and I just want to be healthy, super fit, and not to stress and count calories to maintain a healthy weight. (Like most people, I would also love to lose a few pounds and have a 6 pack.) So far I really like the whole30. Our whole family eats better. My daughter asked for asparagus with a poached egg for breakfast! I think I may have a dried fruit problem. Pre-whole30 I definitely had the sugar dragon issue. Give me a little sugar and I craved more. Often after my amazing and balanced whole30 meal 2 and meal 3 I want a few dates or dried figs, but I usually end up having 4 or more...So....I pretty much should not have any dried fruit, right? On a side note, I haven't weighed myself but I know I am a few pounds heavier that when I started this. I work out nearly every morning between 9 and 11am- lifting weights, running, skiing, shoveling mounds of snow for snow caves for the kids, etc. Some days I just feel so carb hungry by mid-afternoon that I grab some dried fruit and nuts. Thanks for your input!