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Found 32 results

  1. Canadian Kombucha

    Hi, I was wondering If I could have this homemade kombucha from Green House Juicery that has 6g of sugar, but lists cane sugar as an ingredient. It is in no way sweet. In fact this kombucha is spicy and really helps me when I have an upset stomach. with that being said I know sugar is not allowed, but all kombucha has sugar and GT's Synergy (that doesn't list its sugar) is compliant with 12-14g of sugar. I believe this brand lists it just to be safe, and it is what the probiotic feeds off of. I also believe Canadian label laws are much more strict than the states.
  2. I know we are able to drink things like flavoured sparkling water, or make 'mocktails' for special occasions, but what about using something like this product? It is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. All the ingredients are compliant, but I have a feeling this might fall into the SWYPO category. Thoughts?
  3. Hey there, My girlfriend and I are on day 15 and I accidentally had the SMALLEST sip of this Mamma Chia Blackberry Hibiscus drink. I thought I had checked the label, but I must not have looked hard enough because agave is listed in the ingredients. Does this mean I have to start over? That would suck.
  4. Hi team, I've just started my Whole30 today! And I'm looking to find a compliant coconut milk to put in coffee, there are tins of it at the supermarket but they seem more for just the cooking I was looking at ones that are made for drinking, like almond and soy milks. BUT, I get really thrown by some of the ingredients...are the ones I've copied in below compliant? Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut cream (min. 8%), inulin, mineral (calcium, phosphate), emulsifier (471), vegetable gum (407, 418), natural flavours, sea salt. If not, does anyone know of a good one you can get in NZ? I had already decided to not worry about coffee while I'm doing this, but figured if I can find a good milk I could give it a try. Thanks!! Leah.
  5. Vita Coco Bottled Coconut Milk

    I usually use canned coconut milk exclusively, but I found this at my local grocery the other day, and I *think* the ingredients check out. The only thing that has me curious is the cellulose gel, cellulose gum and the "fortified vitamins and minerals". I did some digging and the consensus seems to be that these ingredients pass, but I figured I would put it out here for confirmation (I want to share with a group I'm leading, but definitely don't want to give them misinformation). Looking forward to starting my 5th Whole30 on January 2! Pictures attached, but here is the ingredients list for convenience: Coconut Water Water Coconut Cream Contains less than 2% of stabilizers (cellulose gel and cellulose gum) Fortified Vitamins and Minerals: Tricalcium phosphate Magnesium sulfate Vitamin A Zinc Sulfate
  6. If an ingredient listed on a beverage says: Organic Essences from Fruit Oils and Extracts, does anyone know if that is Whole30 approved and what it means?
  7. Snacks

    I just started my whole30 Journey today got the cookbook (latest edition). I just want to know what all I can have as a snack between Lunch and dinner ? any help would be appreciated.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving all! I'm at the in-laws and have been offered La Croix. I know it's an approved partner, but so is Epic and some of their products have unapproved ingredients, like sugar, so are obviously out. I'm not too familiar with La Croix, but see this Lemon version I've been offered has "natural flavor." What is this natural flavor, is it approved, and if so, why is this natural flavor allowed?!! Thank you!
  9. Hi, I started whole30 recently (first timer). Tomorrow (October 15th) is going to be my 17th day. So far so good. Here comes the challenge: I need to attend a wedding reception tomorrow evening. I am in dilemma what should I eat at wedding etc. If I do not eat, that will look rude. Please advice. Thanks, O
  10. Can I have Coconut Water

    I searched the forum and read the program rules completely and haven't found an answer, so hopefully someone can help. I have 100% organic coconut water. Not coconut milk for coffee. Not coconut sugar. It has no sugar added, just plain coconut water. I ask because it's REALLY sweet so it might violate the "no substituting x for bad thing" rule. OR it might fall within the "fruit juice is ok" rule. (wait, is fruit juice ok? I did a search for "fruit" on the Whole30 program rules and it just says "fruit juice as a sweetener") Thanks very much! - Danielle
  11. This is Day #1 for me!! The guidelines say to eat your meals (protein + veges+ fat + fruit (opt)) and to have three big meals with no snacking in between. Kombucha (GT's specifically) is Whole30 compliant because it has fruit juice instead of added sugar. If I wanted to drink kombucha, when do I do this? Would it be instead of having some fruit during meals? The same would apply to coconut water.
  12. Day 3 and I think I could be getting a cold. Does anyone know if the Evolution drink Defense Up is compliant? Here are the ingredients. I was unsure of some of the purees and the ascorbic acid. Please help! Thanks! Orange juice, pineapple juice, mango puree, apple juice, acerola juice, ascorbic acid.
  13. Izzie Esque Drink

    Is Izzie Esque compliant? My husband wants something more than water and we don't like that Lacroix has bpa. It's less juice than regular Izzie. From their website: How is IZZE Esque sweetened? IZZE Esque is sweetened with 25% real fruit juices. No other sweeteners are added.
  14. Beverages?

    Just curious about approved drinks? I'm afraid that if I get bored with water & LaCroix I won't have any other options. What are some favorite Whole 30 compliant drinks (non-alcholic)?
  15. Spindrift Seltzer

    Hi, I've noticed the popularity of La Croix especially with Whole 30 instagrammers however Trader Joe's didn't carry it so I found something else there called Spindrift Seltzer. The drink is advertised as no sugar added and the ingredients are: sparkling water, raspberry puree, raspberry juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, natural flavor, fruit and vegetable juice for coloring. Link to the site: I have a couple questions about the ingredients, the lime juice was listed as fresh squeezed but the raspberry juice is just listed as raspberry juice (could this mean that there could be hidden sugar or would they have to list that out as a seperate component) same goes for raspberry puree is it okay to assume that raspberry puree is just mashed up raspberry with no added sugar? Additionally the nutrition label reads 2 grams of sugar, could this be the sugar that is naturally from raspberries? Thank you! Sarah
  16. Can I have V8 juice?

    I LOVE that OK to drink?
  17. Fruit Juice

    Would like some guidance on the following: I read in the "Can I have…?" forum a suggestion made about adding some fruit juice to your sparkling water as a way to create a tasty alternative to drinking just plain water all day. However, I'm trying to avoid those blood sugar/ insulin spikes that I understand come with the naturally occurring sugar in fruit. So… Is adding 1-2 ounces of a pure tart cherry or cranberry juice, for example, acceptable as a between-meal beverage?? Thanks! Almost completed 2 weeks….
  18. Why...Starbucks...why?!

    My boss offered to buy us all coffee or tea this morning...I asked for a iced green tea, no sweetener. We even all wrote down our order for her yesterday to hand the barista to minimize confusion....there is also only 5 of us so nothing too crazy. *sigh* I am so glad I didn't just suck it down like I usually would...guess I had a feeling something would be wrong. I took one sip when the drinks got back to the office and ended up spitting it right back out because it was waaaaaay sweetened. Probably even more so than I would have sweetened it myself in the past...I'm going to have to find a way to dump the thing without my boss noticing...I don't want her to feel bad since it isn't her fault, and there is no way to take it back since our office is in the middle of nowhere and she grabbed them on her way in. Oh well...plain ol regular hot green tea for me today...
  19. I could use some clarification on the "no honey" part of Whole30 as it applies to drinks. Take a look at the following attached food labels. (You'll probably need to click on the picture to see the details.) Picture 1: Label for drink with honey Picture 2: Label for 100% juice I realize water would be better than either drink. However, of the two drinks shown, wouldn't the one with the honey be the better choice (setting aside the Vitamin C piece for a sec) - i.e. cause less of a sugar rush or on-going craving for sugar? Thanks for your help.
  20. My local shop sells 100% coconut water and it's really cheap! I could drink this by the litre but I'm not because I'm worried that it's just fattening or something - old food thoughts and associations are hard to shift. It comes in 300ml bottles - how much is ok to drink in a day?
  21. Hi, I'm doing my first Whole30 (I'm in the UK) and really confused about drinks. I have a Purdey's multivitamin drink which contains fruit juices from concentrate. Am I right in thinking this makes it non-compliant? Its the same with my coconut water but coconut water from concentrate. Does anyone have any recommendations for complaint cold drinks in the UK other than water with lemon and limes? Thanks
  22. Does anyone have an idea for a non-coffee based source of caffeine that fits within Whole30 guidelines?
  23. Neuro Drinks and Milk

    Hello. I have found that the Neuro Sonic energy drink works really well for me as an activator when I am having trouble with energy/focus/stress. I am about to try the Whole30 once more, but would love any advice on supplements/foods that could help me to replicate the effects of the drink without the added sugar content and dodgier ingredients. From what I can tell, the active ingredients are: Vitamin D (200 IU), Thiamin (0.45ms), Riboflavin (0.6mg), Niacin (5mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), and Vitamin B12 (6mcg) as well as a proprietary blend of Vaffeine, L-theanine (L-TeaActie), Choline, alphoscerate (Alpha GPC), Phosphatidylsenne, and Resveratrol. I also found that the last time I tried the Whole30 my milk cravings (particularly when on the rag) were out of control. I would love to hear if anyone has found a way to curb milk cravings, or has an idea what makes them so powerful (particularly in lady time). Thanks.
  24. Hi all, I have found a fruit tea that I really like, but one of the ingredients listed is Natural Flavour. I emailed the company and this was their response: "The ‘flavour' that is listed in many of our flavoured teas is Nature Identical flavour. These are compound made of all natural molecules, made in an artificial process. This is not artificial flavouring and therefore does not have any numbers or codes, it is made from compounds identical to what is found in nature. So Strawberry Nature Identical flavour will be made from compounds identical to those flavour and aroma compounds found in real strawberries. We use a higher concentration of these compounds than what is found in nature to give the teas a more intense taste and to maintain seasonal consistencies among the flavours." Would you have such a tea during the Whole 30 or not? Do you think it is compliant?
  25. Drinks Anyone? bf is attempting the Whole30 challenge and he's going nuts bc he can't use the flavored powder/liquid anymore. He hates coffee and the doctor said since he's had kidney stones he should stop drinking tea but if increases your chances of having them, especially if you've had them in the past. What other options are there other than coconut water, tea, coffee, and regular? Anyone?