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Found 6 results

  1. SO I know it is bad, but I kind of forget about Easter dinner. Ha! My mom loves making huge amounts of delicious food (could feed a small army for an evening with 10 people) I offered to make a pot roast (with potatoes, celery, carrots) and some green beans with compliant bacon. She said she would also have some fresh fruit for me to enjoy. Do you guys have plans?
  2. Starting on the day after Easter! Which is also tax day this year. But I thought the 4-17-17 was a nice number too. Am I the only person who gives stuff up after lent is over?? I'm the nickname because I predict movie endings and spoil it for everyone else. I'll turn 35 during the Whole30. I'm a divorced mother of two boys, 10 and 13, living in North Dakota. 5'7" and 240lbs. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I take a lot of medication to keep it in check. My doc is definitely on board with the Whole30. I'm also a student carrying 18 credits this semester and, you guessed it, will also be taking finals during my Whole30! I figure if I waited to start until I wasn't so busy I'd never get around to starting!
  3. Nicole Packard Clements

    Easter menu

    Talk to me about your Easter menu... My family is all Paleo, but; I'm the only one doing the whole30. We have always gone out to eat for Easter and just didn't worry about the details like seed oils or a little sugar. I decided we should eat at home so I could control what I eat, but; I want everyone to be happy and for it to be special. What are ya'll planning? Thanks!
  4. ashtynb89

    Easter Dinner

    Hey all, I'm on my second week of Whole30, day 7 to be exact. Everything is going well with the occassional craving. (I REALLY wanted pancakes on Saturday, as that's my usual weekend go-to. Healthy of course, but not W30 compliant.) Anyways, the husband asked me what our Easter plans were last night and I totally spaced. I usually do a ham with all the traditional fixes. I of course want to do something nice, but W30 compliant. Any suggestions? What are you guys doing? Anything special? I was thinking maybe just do a roast with potatoes and veggies. But we had that recently and I like to keep a good variety going.
  5. For Easter we've decided to make Beef Wellington. If I scrape off the puff pastry dough can I eat it? The layers will be puff pastry, then prosciutto, then mushrooms, onions and spices, then the beef.
  6. UsborneBooksLady

    Thinking ahead to Easter ham-help needed

    We will be having Easter dinner by my mom's house and I'm already wondering if it's possible to have a ham for Easter dinner that will be Whole 30 compliant, but also something the rest of the family will enjoy?? Typically we have a spiral sliced ham which of course has sugar. Also wondering, is it possible to get a better quality ham than the typical grocery store version with the glaze packet?? Thank you for any tips!