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Found 8 results

  1. LauraKY

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Hi All~ Newbie here. I have read the entire Whole30 book and just bought and read Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook. I wanted to come to you all to see if you could give me suggestions for some tasty, easy lunches. I don't want salads everyday. I am really picky (which I realize I will have to overcome during this). I am used to eating sandwich, chips and fruit for lunch everyday. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Laura (first Whole30 coming 5/2/18)
  2. Hi! I am a newbie looking for ideas for portable lunches. Most of the time I am in and out of the car and on the road. No fridge, no microwave. Any suggestion welcome.Thank you.
  3. I tried looking around on the forum but haven't found exactly this - so I thought I'd start a thread of my own. I am a visual learner, and find it helpful to see photographic examples to help me understand and learn better. So I wondered if other people who were thinking of trying out a Whole 30, or who were well into a Whole 30 but were a little bored with what they're eating, might benefit from a pictorial review of what's on my plate. I encourage others to join in and post photos of what you've cooked and are eating to give the rest of us some ideas as well! Through this pictorial review, I hope we can all be inspired to cook something new, try an ingredient we've never used before, and realize that eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating complicated. Without further ado, I present my most common breakfast-- not gorgeous, not complicated, but compliant, delicious and filling: eggs fried in coconut oil, sliced baked Yukon gold potatoes topped with generous blobs of homemade mayo, and a piece of fruit (in this case it was clementine):
  4. Rottiegirl2017

    Quick Broccoli Salad with a kick

    I went to go make broccoli salad today and realized my homemade mayo had gone bad. Since I don't use mayo on much, I really didn't want to make another batch (even though it's fast and easy). I had bought Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo when I first started back in August and never tried it. I figured what the heck and ran with it. Super Fast, 3 ingredients and yummy...... Broccoli Florets (I used about 2 cups) Shredded Carrots (I used about 1/2 cup and bought them pre-shredded from the grocery store) Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo (I used a heaping tsp) Throw everything in a bowl, mix and enjoy. The Chipotle mayo gives a little kick and nice flavor.
  5. Hi there, My inlaws are flying up this weekend for Mother's Day and I was planning on making brunch for all of us. I will be on day 20 of my Whole 30 and would like to keep the food compliant (otherwise I will just make myself a separate dish), but my inlaws are notoriously picky eaters who get grossed out by anything "weird"! Can anyone suggest a simple dish or two or three that I can serve at brunch that isn't "out there"? Potatoes are good - sweet potatoes, probably not. Fried eggs are difficult when you are making them for 4 adults all eating at the same time. Something that I could bake would probably be easiest??? Thank you in advance!
  6. I'm an elementary school teacher and don't have very much time to eat lunch, especially the Whole30 way: slowly, not gulping, enjoying the food I'm eating, etc. Sometimes I have the luxury of actually sitting down at my desk to just eat, but more often than not, I'm multitasking during lunch time. (Not ideal, I know, but other teachers out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.) So... what are some easy, quick, on-the-go (and/or portable?)-- yet FILLING-- lunches that you can recommend? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  7. So easy its dumb. I put all the ingredients in the slow cooker last night and turned it on low for 9 hours. Woke up to some DELISH soup for breakfast! Put the following in a crockpot: - 3 large or 4 small chicken breasts (mine were frozen) - 1 cup chicken broth - can of full fat coconut milk - can of diced tomatoes with juices (I used fire roasted and added a half lb of home roasted roma tomatoes I had) - one or two cloves of garlic - 2 tablespoons of italian seasoning - 1 tablespoon dried basil - other spices as you wish, I added some cayenne and red pepper flakes cause I like spicy! In the morning shred the chicken with two forks and then EAT UP
  8. So I want to do this Whole30 diet and see how it affects me. The problem is I hate cooking complicated things. I am a fairly monotonous eater, so I just want 5-10 things I can eat by themselves, and that are easy and quick to prepare. I am 16 and mostly do Crossfit workouts 5 days a week excluding weekends, so if that helps or will change what I should be eating in any way please let me know or give advice. Thanks.