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Found 72 results

  1. Recently went to True Food Kitchen in Fairfax and there was plenty to choose from! Here are some of the many options they sent me after I emailed them: We do have some options for you Heirloom Carrots no yogurt Kale Guacamole with Side Crudité Farmers Market Crudité with Cilantro Pesto or Kale Dressing Kale Salad no Cheese no breadcrumbs add protein Ingredient Salad no beans add protein sub kale dressing Moroccan Chicken no beans no yogurt Spaghetti Squash Casserole no cheese add almond ricotta, add protein Grilled Salmon no farro, sub kale dressing on arugula Seabass no grains, sub extra veggies, no umami
  2. Hello! I'm in the marketing business which means a LOT of client lunches. I'm on day 3 of whole30 and completely forgot this would be a hurtle. I'm going to Chef Geoff's tomorrow, and after talking to the chef, I think I have a few options but know I am going to dread being "that person" with the finicky order. Does anyone have any experience at this restaurant? Anything helps! Thanks! Lizzie
  3. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  4. Has anyone seen Zoe's Kitchen "Whole30" compliant menu? They have the details of the Whole30 program right, however, they don't tell you much more about how they prepare the foods (marinades, spices). I know the Zoe's Spice Blend (which is in their dressing) has sugar and corn starch and have a feeling they use this spice blend on all sorts of items. They also mention a disclaimer on the bottom, but still state that their "food items are compatible".
  5. My husband and I enjoy going to Pacific Catch ( to hang out, have some poke, a glass of wine and watch the Giants game. With my W30, I've just avoided this treat as our favorite poke is made with soy sauce. I'm coming to the last week of my W30 and I am seriously considering extending to a W90 which would take me to about a week before Thanksgiving. With that, I would like to put our weekend trip to Pacific Catch back on the table. I've been taking a look at their site and menu and I think there are items that I can order and stay compliant (substituting Peligrino and lemon for the wine). Can someone take a look and let me know if I'm the right track: Items I think are OK/Compliant: Serrano Poke: ahi tuna, sweet onions, spicy aioli, serrano chilies -???? ** I looked up aioli and it should be olive oil and garlic but then I looked up spicy aioli looks like it may be made with mayo - I guess I should skip this one =( Probably better off with these options: Ahi Tuna Salad: seared ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, daikon sprouts, ginger, sesame seeds, soy-wasabi vinaigrette (order with no dressing) Wasabi Ahi Sandwich (order w/out bread): seared ahi, ginger-wasabi aioli, avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger Mahi Mahi Sandwich (order w/out bread): spice rubbed mahi mahi, avocado, tomato, red onion, citrus aioli ** Ask about or just skip the citrus aioli For the Mahi Mahi sandwich, I am guessing I should ask how they prepare their spice rub, what about the Ahi Salad and Sandwich, do I need ask how they sear the tuna? Anything I'm forgetting that I should double check? A plus I found is they use sustainably sourced seafood, partner with companies with responsible methods of catching wild fish, and farmed fisheries that raise fish under the most environmentally friendly growing conditions and who use quality feed, free of antibiotics and hormones and support local fisherman and farmers by providing local products when seasonality and availability permits.
  6. Hey lovelies Can anyone recommend me a good cafe to eat at tomorrow. I'm in n London Euston. Thanks Vic xx
  7. So I started my Whole30 journey today and already messed up! Grr! A couple of girlfriends asked me to lunch at work today and I said, sure, as long as we go to Pei Wei or Chipotle, where I've read you can find compliant menu items. (BTW - I had packed a lunch already, but I never miss a chance to catch up with these two fun ladies!) So we went to Pei Wei and I ordered from the gluten free menu. I ordered Spicy Pei Wei chicken, which had lots of veggies and "Pei Wei spicy sauce." Like a true Whole30 rookie, I started eating the dish only to taste the very sweet sauce. I asked an employee what was in the sauce and she told me "sugar and vinegar." Then she proceeded to rattle off all the sauces that have sugar in them. Like everything basically. So, I'm bummed I made a dumb mistake on Day 1. And I'm bummed that I'm starting over ALREADY! I want to be able to enjoy an occasional lunch out with friends. If you've done this successfully and eaten more than just steak and plain baked potato, I'd love to hear from you.
  8. I've been searching through the forums for a similar situation, and I just can't find one. I'm on my second Whole30, and yesterday on day 24 I was invited out to dinner for my friend's birthday. It was a big group at the chain restaurant BJs. I did all my homework on the menu and found that 99.9% of their menu would not be compliant without a ton of modifications, so I ate some salmon cakes at home before going. Then at the restaurant I talked with the waitress and ordered the side salad with only lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado. But still, when the food came out, there were croutons on it. I know this is talked about in the dining out section of the Whole30 book, so I just picked off all the offending croutons, added my Primal Kitchen salad dressing I had in my purse, and started to eat and enjoy the company. Toward the bottom of the salad, I took a bite, heard a crunch, and tasted a stray crouton. I immediately spit out the whole mouthful (delicately) into my napkin, but I've been worrying about it since then. I don't have a gluten allergy, but I know from my Whole30 last year that it doesn't make me feel my best, so I've been avoiding it most of the time the past year (except for worth it moments). Does tasting a con-compliant food but not swallowing make an impact? Some stray particles were probably absorbed as I didn't immediately go and brush my teeth. I really don't want to start another 30 days from this point as I want to get back into my happy mostly-Whole30 life. Should I just wait longer to reintroduce gluten again, or am I overthinking this? I know the rules are very black and white, but I'd like to hear some advice from the moderators. Thank you!
  9. Zoe's Kitchen

    For those of you that are die hard Zoe's Kitchen fans like my fam, here are a few tips while on Whole30. I have eaten there several times during my Whole30 AND spoken with them personally to obtain details. *I have seen several posts saying their salad dressing is Whole30 Compliant. IT IS NOT. They add their Zoe's seasoning in there and it contains SUGAR as well as other non compliant items. Bummer I know. I was told this at Zoe's and then found their spice blend on Amazon. Unfortunately this is true. The potato salad also contains the dressing which contains the spices so that is a NO GO as well. *More on Zoe's spice blend: contains SUGAR, CORN STARCH, and CANOLA OIL. I know when eating out you can technically have canola oil to make life easier, however if you plan on buying this spice, make note. *Their chicken and steak are both marinated in SOY. So even if you ask for them to make them "plain" they will cook as so, but technically it's not. SHRIMP, SALMON and VEGGIE's are NOT marinated so if you say plain they should truly be plain. Hope this is helpful for the Zoe's lovers out there. In case you are wondering, the ONLY thing i get from there is PLAIN shrimp or veggie kabobs. The salads are still sketch even if you take all of the non compliant stuff out, just because the ingredients live so close to all the dressings. I just don't trust it.
  10. Business trip

    Hello Whole30er's! I am embarking on my first business trip while on Whole30. I do this yearly cross-country event for my company (TX, to FL, to CA) and it is typically super fast paced and stressful. I want to go in with a solid plan, but am nervous about having to dine out, or the stress getting to me. Does anyone have similar experience with stressful work trips? Luckily, mine is only 3 days! Do you guys take a cooler inside your carry on, or is that over the top? I have read up and plan on taking the following (I know my first hotel has a mini fridge and micro) in a cooler in my carry on: - hard boiled eggs - baby carrots - almond butter - Epic meat - larabars - thinking about making and taking some homemade dressing? - Tuna packets Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Once I get past this hurdle, I will feel like I am in the clear for my January Whole30!
  11. Working at a Restaurant

    Hello all! I'm only on day 3 of my 30, but I have a question that has been bothering me long before I began. I work at a restaurant in NYC and our menu and cocktail list changes constantly. We are required to have tastings before shifts to perfectly explain and sell food and beverages to our guests. Being on Whole 30, I cannot taste most of our new dishes to help explain them better. I'm very serious about sticking to the entire Whole 30 program, so I don't want to even take a sip of a cocktail and have to start over. I also don't want to offend my chef or managers by not tasting the food or drinks. Does anyone have any advice on this situation? I was thinking I could always sip a drink or take a small bite and then spit it out... Thanks, Stephen
  12. I am going to Oktoberfest, which means I'll be out of my Whole30 comfort zone Friday evening through Saturday. I'm not worried about giving in to cravings since I'll be on day 27 at that point and it would be horrible to mess this up when I'm almost done! My biggest concern is making sure I have enough compliant food with me. Any tips or easily portable recipes? Any experienced event-goers with tips? Thanks!
  13. I'm going away for a couple of nights. The hotel has no room fridges. Will bring cooler and have perishable meals for first day. Looking for ideas. Don't want to be relying on fruit and nuts (I love them too much)
  14. Hi! I'm doing my second Whole 30, and I had a couple of moments where I was sure I had to start over. I'm not sure if these slip-ups are too insignificant to count as actually falling off the wagon, but I figured I could find an answer here. I live in New York City and have a very busy schedule that hardly allows for grocery shopping or exercise, but I've managed to follow the rules in the book when it comes to eating out, which I need to do a lot, so I rely on plain salads, steamed veggies, and rotisserie chicken. There was a moment at the beginning where I accidentally bought non-clarified butter. It was hormone-free and completely clean. Since this only counted for about 10% of my eating in the first week, I didn't know whether to consider the next day "starting over." Regardless, I trouped on...and then, today, went out for Japanese late in the day with some friends. I probably should have listened to my low blood sugar during the heatwave and bolted earlier to grab something compliant, but I assumed that the rules in the book applied to this restaurant - i.e. maybe I could order some plain steamed veggies and grilled chicken with lemon on the side. No grilled meat. No steamed veggies. No way to order the ramen toppings (like baby bok choy and poached egg) on top of another entree. They all came with "sauce." I ordered steamed broccoli with garlic and a plain salad. The salad was just mesclun greens, no biggie, but I was ravenous. After a few bites of the broccoli, I asked if it was steamed with garlic like it said on the menu - nope, it was drenched in oyster sauce! I paid the bill, ran down the block to the Little Beet (the third time this weekend I had kale and fennel and chicken at the Little Beet, grrrr), and still wasn't full. An hour later, I had black coffee, a sweet potato, and kale chips. At that point, I knew I was hungry, not craving. So...were these two bites of non-clarified butter and msg-loaded sauce real slips, or should I count tomorrow as Day 16 regardless? Asking!
  15. So, I am on day 5 and feeling pretty good. However, I have a question. I went out to a bar and grill sort of place last night (Three Wise Men). The absolutely didn't have anything on the menu for me that I could eat but I asked them if they could just grill a chicken breast. What we ended up doing was "adding" chicken to the salad that my friend got but requested it on the side and that's what I ate.It was breaded or fried. It was seasoned with some salt and pepper. But there was likely some sort of cross contaminant and I am honestly not sure what kind of oil they cooked it in or if it was slightly processed. I am not the most hardcore person but I do want to play by the rules and actually do this thing. Thoughts...? Did I do the right thing? Also, I have been carrying a bag of raisins (whole 30 compliant) and nuts but I left it at home, otherwise I would've been fine!
  16. Preserved Lemons w/Sugar

    I never add sugar to my own foods, and am trying to figure out a way to eat out without being too demanding. I've searched this a couple of times and I am pretty sure it is not posted anywhere. I'm going to a burger joint later (I'm getting a lamb burger, no bun, which comes with a Rosemary Aioli). I inquired about the aioli, and they said it was Sir Kensington's mayonnaise (sunflower oil, not the best but reluctantly compliant when eating out), as well as rosemary--the third ingredient was, as the chef said, "lemons which they preserve themselves with a bit of chili, sugar, salt, and rosemary." I can't figure out whether this violates the added sugar rule or not, as I believe the sugar draws out the juice rather than itself being added to the lemon, but I am not completely sure how it works. It seems like everything else in the recipe is compliant though (unless chili powder isn't compliant).
  17. Traveling on Whole30

    This is my first time doing Whole30 and I am on Day 19 and feeling amazing. My parents took my brother and I to Universal on Day 13-17 of the Whole30 and I was so nervous about what I could eat. I decided to go to Trader Joes and PCC (A local Co-op) to get snacks prior so I did not feel deprived. Devoting a couple hours to preparing some bars (date/cashew/salt/cinnamon = amazing- go to recipe) and packing healthy snacks helped. I also asked for a refrigerator in the hotel room so I could go to the store and get some fresh food. We got to Universal and THERE WAS SUGAR EVERYWHERE. It was like a treasure hunt finding NO sugar in foods. The good news is that it is DO-ABLE. My parents were considerate and choose restaurants that had options (usually salads with chicken or shrimp). The waiters probably got annoyed with all my questions but the truth is, I will never see them again! I also splurged on the "apples and greens" smoothie which was just fruit and veggies blended, from Jamba Juice. This was an eye-opening experience for me. So much sugar is in not only the bucket of donuts, but in beef jerky, dressings, and sauces. My awareness was heightened as to all the sugar people around me were consuming. YES it is vacation but it doesn't mean your diet should go completely out the door. My family is pretty healthy but even they consumed a lot of sugar! The truth is, if I could be on the Whole30 in Universal Studios, than ANYONE can, especially since it is my first time doing the Whole30. Best of luck to all you travelers and remember to prepare some snacks beforehand and stay strong! All the best, Katy
  18. Hi, I am on day 3 and seem to have recovered from my headachy, hungover feeling of yesterday. Looking ahead I'm a little concerned about days 5-7. It's a long weekend and weekends are always difficult for me even without the Whole30. I don't want to fail and I don't want to be a hermit and lock myself in the house for the weekend. How do I celebrate responsibly?
  19. Hello everyone, I'll be starting my first vegetarianish Whole 30 in just a few days' time and am thinking about an upcoming trip I have planned with my best friend for 40 days or so from now. It will be smack in the middle of my reintroduction phase, but I'm worried about having few options or not being able to reintroduce successfully. The trip will be three days in Las Vegas on the strip, followed by a drive to Utah to hike in and around Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, followed by a drive back to Las Vegas for an overnight before heading back home to New York. Does anyone have any experience with dining out in Las Vegas? I've never been there before and am nervous about staying true to my Whole 30 (without meat/poultry) dietary choices. When I'm in Utah, I'll be staying in a house with a full kitchen, close in proximity to grocery stores (hooray for Airbnb rentals!) so I'm not so worried about that part of the trip as far as breakfasts and dinners. Though I can imagine that nuts, apples, cut up veggies, and if I can find salmon jerky that doesn't taste like barf, will be a big part of what I pack in my daypack for the hikes (hardboiled eggs will be out due to the heat/risk of spoiling). It's just the airport and first few days in Last Vegas that I'm most concerned about. Any help or tips are appreciated!
  20. Here's a link to the restaurant I am going to on Sunday for my friend's birthday brunch! I was able to get everyone to agree to going to a workout class before we eat Any suggestions on how to dine at this restaurant? I'd love some help! I'll be on Day 25 and don't want to mess up my hard work.
  21. Hi guys! I'm on day 9 of my Whole30 and I'm not going to lie, it's been hard! I've avoided eating out, but a group of close friends invited me to go to Bob Evans for breakfast. I know that planning is key, so I am trying to plan out what to get there before going. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi there - this is my first time doing the whole 30! My parents are both in the middle of it, and it's had some great results for them. My mom has tried every diet that's existed, but never my dad. When he told me that after 1 week of doing this program, his sinus issues were gone and he had 0 heartburn/indigestion that had haunted him for most of my life, I decided to jump on board. I've struggled with my weight for most of my life, but very recently I've realized that I can no longer eat red meat, and i had an unexplained stomach ache most evenings. My skin is not at it's best and for being a pretty active person most of the time, getting to the gym has completely halted. Final straw - I've put on more weight than I expected in the 1 year post-wedding. So here I am, extremely motivated, and looking for some answers about my tummy problems, energy levels and skin issues. I have always avoided diets, not wanting to be a serial dieter, but that's how I ended up here. So i'm really hoping for a full blown lifestyle change. Biggest challenges I will face - #1 eating out. I have a lot of unavoidable work lunches/dinners; #2 WINE!!! boo. I'll be back though.
  23. Can we ask post whole 30 questions here? If so I'd appreciate any ideas on how to deal with the many pizza, pasta, etc. nights that are part of my life. I know I could just eat at them since I'm not doing a whole 30 right now but it doesn't make me feel great. I don't want to avoid them because the associated activities are important to me. So how do you practically deal with events that overlap your last meal of the day?
  24. Hi Everyone, I am currently on Day 8 of my first whole 30, and I am just starting to feel better! It's my mothers birthday this coming Sunday, which will be Day 14, and we are going to a new Asian restaurant that she really wants to try. Due to the number of people going, we have to have the set menu at the restaurant. I have asked for a gluten free, dairy free and soy free menu option if possible. Should this be ok?!?!?! I don't want to ruin my progress!
  25. Hidden Sugar Snafu

    Hello! I'm writing because I need help and advice. I am on day 18 of my first Whole30, and I've been doing great so far, even in settings like office celebrations involving big chocolate cakes, and hanging out with friends in our favorite bar... But today I had an unexpected setback. I forgot my packed lunch at home for the first time, and then spent time carefully finding a restaurant on Seamless that could fit my dietary needs. I eventually found one that was perfect (or so I thought). They had amazing healthy selections that sounded like they came right out of the Whole30 book (from roasted salmon to grilled kale and much much more), they listed all of their ingredients, right down to the spices, AND they allowed you to custom make your plates, ensuring that you got exactly what you wanted and nothing extra. SO I ordered their customized protein plate with roasted salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and braised collard greens, reading all of the ingredients carefully to make sure that there was nothing off limits. I dug into the food when it arrived, immediately starting with the potatoes and salmon (my favs) and eventually making my way to try the collard greens... only to discover that they were so sweet that the practically tasted like candy! I immediately called the restaurant only to discover that even though it wasn't listed on the menu, BOTH the collard greens and the sweet potatoes had added sugar! UGH! Which leads me to my burning question... do I have to start over now? I'd only eaten a bite of the collards, but I had a good palm sized amount of the potatoes before I realized something was wrong... I've come so far, and I'd hate to have to go back due to these creeps and their hidden sugar, but I am also dedicated to this process and will do whatever it takes to make sure I complete it properly. Thank you so much! TE PS- I've had a major headache ever since the meal, but I can't tell if its from the actual sugar or the stress/guilt I have from eating it! Sigh.