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Found 9 results

  1. xFeistyWolfx

    Legoland in California

    So shortly after I decided to start my Whole30, a friend and I decided to take a trip to Legoland with her kids. They are not doing the Whole30 but I will be in my 4th and final week of it at that time (didn't think about it until after tickets were booked). Has anyone been there during Whole30 or have tips for eating at the park? I looked on their website and they do not allow outside food or drink and their restaurants inside don't seem the best for Whole30-ers! I'd hate to go 3 weeks and then blow it all due to this trip. Thanks in advance!!
  2. JohannaE

    Fogo De Chao

    Since I will be doing a Whole30 on Valentines Day, I've been looking for good places to eat out. One that caught my eye is Fogo de Chao, but I am concerned about how the meat is prepared since it's not made to order. Has anyone had a conversation with a manager about whether the meat is brushed with butter, and if so if it's clarified, and which of their marinades contain any added sugar or soy? I'm hoping to figure out what cuts of meat I can have, and whether it's worth going.
  3. Hello there! I'm a newbie to Whole 30 starting in a week. I wanted to give myself some time to plan meals, get my pantry in order, educate myself, read the books, and find recipes. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! I especially concerned about eating out. Each week, my company takes all of it's employees out to lunch. You get assigned to a small group and can go out anywhere the group chooses. I'm worried about getting to a restaurant and having to ask the waiter a million questions about food prep, or ending up accidentally getting something non-compliant. Any tips about cuisines that tend to be more Whole30 friendly than others? Any other blogs or sites you love to follow for tips or recipes?
  4. Has anyone written a list of questions or a script to help you stay compliant while dining out at a nice restaurant?
  5. Hey all, my aunt surprised me with a trip to Lancaster, PA this coming weekend (April 28.2018). And I have NO clue where I can eat! I know about the Lancaster Salad Company at the market, but other than that, so idea for dinner and breakfast. I don’t want to make my aunt eat in the hotel with me. Any ideas?
  6. ild228

    Hibachi Restaurant

    Hey y'all! How's it going for all of you? I'm on my second day of my first Whole30 and I am loving it so far! I think I must still be in the honeymoon phase because I'm finding it very easy to say no to sugary, bready, cheesy things and I don't have any cravings. Has anyone else had this same experience? I'm guessing it'll get harder soon. Anyway: during the thirty days, my friend's birthday is happening in a week and we're all going out to eat at a hibachi restaurant called Sumo in Ithaca, NY. Check out the menu here: Also Easter is tomorrow and my grandma sent cookies for the whole family, which I don't have any problem resisting (at least for now, we'll see how hard it is tomorrow) and I'm the only one in my family doing the Whole30 and I don't want my parents to judge me or get worried that I'm "dieting" or trying to lose weight. I'm not. I simply want to feel better and have more energy. Also my mom's birthday is in a few weeks. And I'm taking a road trip next weekend. So any advice for eating out at a hibachi restaurant (does anything on the menu look Whole30-compliant, or should I bring my own food but then have to explain it to them?), road tripping while on the Whole30, and dealing with holidays/birthdays? I really don't think that resisting the food will be a problem because I'm very committed, but how do you deal with defying social norms and not eating cake around family and friends on special occasions?
  7. Recently went to True Food Kitchen in Fairfax and there was plenty to choose from! Here are some of the many options they sent me after I emailed them: We do have some options for you Heirloom Carrots no yogurt Kale Guacamole with Side Crudité Farmers Market Crudité with Cilantro Pesto or Kale Dressing Kale Salad no Cheese no breadcrumbs add protein Ingredient Salad no beans add protein sub kale dressing Moroccan Chicken no beans no yogurt Spaghetti Squash Casserole no cheese add almond ricotta, add protein Grilled Salmon no farro, sub kale dressing on arugula Seabass no grains, sub extra veggies, no umami
  8. Has anyone seen Zoe's Kitchen "Whole30" compliant menu? They have the details of the Whole30 program right, however, they don't tell you much more about how they prepare the foods (marinades, spices). I know the Zoe's Spice Blend (which is in their dressing) has sugar and corn starch and have a feeling they use this spice blend on all sorts of items. They also mention a disclaimer on the bottom, but still state that their "food items are compatible".
  9. Hello! I'm in the marketing business which means a LOT of client lunches. I'm on day 3 of whole30 and completely forgot this would be a hurtle. I'm going to Chef Geoff's tomorrow, and after talking to the chef, I think I have a few options but know I am going to dread being "that person" with the finicky order. Does anyone have any experience at this restaurant? Anything helps! Thanks! Lizzie