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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I’m confused because we are told to listen to our bodies to determine whether we need a snack or extra fat etc. But not to listen to our bodies when we’re not hungry? I’m on Day 3 and have been compliant but I am eating much later in the evening then I normally do, because I’m just not hungry but am forcing myself to get the three meals in. Eating just before bedtime packs on the pounds for me. I’ve noticed that not only has my face broken out in acne , my double chin is more pronounced, and I’m concerned that forcing three meals with fat when I’m not hungry and eating late is to blame. Can you not eat if still full from breakfast at lunch, or from lunch at dinner. I am following the meal template as I am transitioning from an (unhealthy) vegetarian diet and want to be sure I’m compliant, but feel like I’m forcing myself to eat and it’s resulting in noticeable weight gain or bloat, acne as welll as constipation. Can I not eat if not hungry and if I can reduce portions of the template where Can I do so? Also is bulletproof coffee with ghee and mct oil allowed and if so, what should it be eaten with?
  2. First Whole30, Day 19. No slip ups. I had maybe a day the first week with a tiny headache, I was prepared to start. My eating has always been pretty healthy. I didn’t eat out hardly ever. I’m 5’5”-140lbs My body has been through 6 full-term pregnancies. My body seems to like hanging out at this weight. I started this Whole30 to slay my sugar dragon and finally shed this extra belly and arm weight. While the cravings for sugar have gone way down, I feel like I am gaining weight. (Haven’t weighed myself) I did, however take progress photos. I have been super gassy. I get 9 hrs of sleep most nights. I haven’t changed my activity level which is pretty low. I move a lot as in taking care of 6 kids, (household stuff) rarely watch tv, but as for deliberate exercise, zero for the last 6 months. I didn’t want to add exercise since I wasn’t doing it before. I just wanted to see what changing my diet would offer. I’ve been super chill about this yet excited to see results. (Which is why I took progress pics and immediately felt down) Maybe I’m eating too much? I tend to eat a huge breakfast which is nearly the same everyday. Lunch and dinner vary but we eat sweet potatoes and white potatoes a lot. Breakfast- 2-3 eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, white potatoes, onion, brussel sprouts cooked in a generous amount of olive oil. If I were to guess, the amount would be 1 1/2 -2 cups of veggies? It fills a dinner plate. 1/2 avocado and 1/4 c fresh salsa. Lunch- (stir fry in olive oil) 2 cups cabbage, onion, 1 chicken thigh, 1 cup sugar snap peas, 1 cutie orange. Dinner- 3-4 oz steak, onion, bell pepper over a plate of spinach with tomatoes and 1/2 avocado.
  3. Hello! I need some advice or a swift kick in the behind :-) I am on Day 12! Woo hoo! I have been feeling good, following the program and have been dedicated in my approach. The last few days though I felt old, bad habits creeping in- and I didn't go off the Whole 30 but felt I was over eating- even if it was good food. I am doing the Whole 30, besides to lose some weight, to understand how food affects my body and to break the stress eating I typically do. Here is a log of what I have been eating so far: Any suggestions or thoughts- as I go into Week 3 I want to change anything that looks like bad habits. My 4th week of Whole 30 I will be traveling for work 3 days so I really want to arm myself with good habits, Thanks so much! This is a great community and has really been so helpful!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm on day 5 of my first Whole30 (wow, already day 5!) and have found that in order to stay full all the way to lunch I have been having 3 whole eggs and one hand-made sausage with the ingredients being ground pork and seasonings only. I tend to eat breakfast at 7:30 and have lunch at 12:30. I don't eat any fruit in the morning, because it's too sweet for me that early. It's sooo good, and I'll probably have some variation of this every morning (like avocados and compliant salsa!), but I wanted to make sure I wasn't going overboard.