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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there! I can happily report that I am on day 22 of my first Whole30 using eggs and fish as my protein source. As a life long athlete and one 'addicted' to exercise, I do have my share of arthritis but am overall strong and pain free...with the exception of my hip - which I learned last November had all sorts of junk going on - bone bruise/cyst, some inflammation and some arthritis all from injuries when I was younger apparently. I got a cortisone shot and have been okay for many months. For my reset, I chose not to cut out nightshades or eggs, although a decrease in orthopedic inflammation was a goal of mine, since I considered that the Whole30 regimen itself is anti-inflammatory in nature overall. 22 days into Whole30 (and some intense workouts at the gym...I'm there 4-5 days per week), my hip pain is back with a vengeance. Ouch!!! I was so surprised given that I feel stronger at the gym and do not have pain anywhere else....I was so disappointed thinking that my hip pain would DECREASE by this time, not exponentially increase to the point that I'm considering getting another medical!! After reading the other Whole30 books, I am now on Food Freedom Forever, getting ready for my reintroduction. I came across the "anti-inflammation" reset on page 44 and now am worried that I "messed" things up by not cutting out eggs (re: nightshades, I didn't eat much of those items during the 30 days other than some white potatoes in the beginning, and some roasted red peppers on occasion so I"m not entirely convinced they are an issue given the amount of eggs I've eaten by compairson). I should note I do not usually eat a ton of eggs in life before Whole30, and when I did, I do not recall any issues when I ate them by themselves or in a food product). QUESTION; Could lots of eggs on this reset, even though I've cut out all the other foods, really be a cause of my intensified pain? I struggle to think that, but after reading the book am reconsidering and wondering where the heck to go next. I am not starting over.... Wondering if anyone has experience with this - i.e. knows alot about egg sensitivity in folks. I'm also thinking out loud here that once I get past the "reintroduction phase" and learn what causes me trouble and not, I can then cut out eggs for several weeks and see how I feel. Any thoughts from experienced folks would be much appreciated!