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Found 71 results

  1. How many eggs is too many eggs?

    How many eggs can one eat in a day without overdoing it? Eggs in excess can't be good for me, but sometimes it's the only protein I can find so end up eating a ton! How many are too many....?
  2. So has anyone seen the Netflix documentary What the Health, Its mostly about how bad meat and eggs is for you. I'm freaking out and trying not to fall into the hype but I look up everything they mention and they're not wrong. Has anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?
  3. Great breakfast/brunch

    I have made this a few times on Whole30 - and it is staying as part of my repertoire. Great for a weekend breakfast/brunch... Source - GREEN EGGS AND HAM SHAKSHUKA WITH LEMON DILL PESTO Makes: 2 servings (can easily be doubled) INGREDIENTS Lemon dill pesto: - ½ cup parsley, packed - ⅓ cup neutral flavored oil - ¼ cup dill, packed - Juice from 1½ lemons - 1 large garlic clove, minced - A generous pinch of sea salt Green eggs and ham shakshuka: - 1 tablespoon olive oil - ½ medium onion, thinly sliced - ½ cup diced ham or farmer's sausage - 2 garlic cloves, minced - 1 teaspoon Aleppo pepper - ¼ teaspoon ground cumin and sea salt - 5 cups finely minced kale, from about 10 stalks - 4 good-quality eggs - Olive oil, dill, Aleppo pepper, and black pepper, to garnish INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 2. Place all the ingredients for the Lemon Dill Pesto in your blender or food processor. Process on low until everything is finely minced, but not completely smooth. 3. Heat the tablespoon of olive oil in a cast iron or ovenproof frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook for 2-3 minutes, until translucent. Lower the heat to medium and continue to cook until the onion is very soft and starting to brown, about 8 minutes. Add the ham or sausage to the pan and cook through, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic, Aleppo pepper, cumin, and sea salt and cook for 1 minute, until the spices are fragrant. Add the kale to the pan and let it wilt. Add the kale in batches if needed, letting some wilt before adding more. 4. Take the pan off the heat and make 4 wells in the kale. Crack the eggs into the wells and place the pan in your oven for 5-7 minutes, or until the white are just set. Note: you can cook the eggs on the stovetop by keeping the pan on medium heat and covering it for 3-4 minutes. The only difference is the eggs will turn cloudy this way. They will taste the same. 5. Serve the green shakshuka topped with the lemon dill pesto, and any or all of the optional toppings. MY NOTES 1. I sometimes add more veggies - mushrooms, asparagus, diced tomatoes in particular 2. I use less lemon juice in the pesto - starting with juice from half a lemon and then add more to taste 3. Found it hard to find ham without sugar, used sausage instead 4. Made my own sausage - beef, turkey or pork.
  4. Food Allergies

    I am looking to start the Whole30 program on May 1 but am concerned for I have an egg and tree nut allergy and am concerned what to eat for breakfast. Currently, I have a vegan pea-power shake with coconut milk and fruit each day. ( I am also dairy free due to intolerances). This is all my system can tolerate. What types of things can I eat for breakfast on this diet knowing I have these restrictions?
  5. Starting my first Whole30 Tomorrow very excited. While buying eggs I was thinking that most chickens are fed soy products. Should we avoid these eggs and seek out only soy free fed chicken eggs? Thanks for your feedback.
  6. First off: I posted a week or so ago about this topic and no one answered. PLEASE HELP! I'm on day 24 and I'm thisclose to throwing in the towel. My diet hasn't changed throughout the entire thing--eggs, avocados and veggies for breakfast, chicken, chicken sausage, pulled pork, meatballs and lots of veggies for lunch and dinner, fruit and small handful of nuts for snacks--all compliant with the food template. Drinking lots of water and tea. And I am feeling SO sick. This morning came to a head when I made my boiled eggs and avocado breakfast and almost vomited it up. My stomach is constantly churning, my body aches, my head is killing me and I'm exhausted by the end of the day. It feels like my entire digestive system is revolting against me, and I don't know what to do... please, someone help... I can't do this.
  7. Hi. Most of my life i didn't eat eggs - I just didn't like them. Then, about 15 years ago, when I was pregnant, I ate 4 eggs every morning. When I was nursing I continued this. Then I became sensitive to eggs and my doctor told me to cut them out for a few years and then hopefully i'd be able to eat them again. So for the next ten or so years i'd try to avoid them and cheat and get a 12 hour stomach ache. then one day it just no longer seemed like a problem. So I started eating them again and things seem fine. However... I have chronic reflux for the past MANY years and it's effected my voice. I have chronic post nasal drip which I've been told is due to chronic allergies. I do have some environmental allergies, but i am wondering if it might not be food that is bothering me. For instance, when I eat sheep yogurt (not now, but before the whole 30), i have to clear my throat constantly (more than my normal, very frequent throat clearing). And i don't breathe well at night and feel a fullness in my sinuses for years. SO - MY QUESTION - should I avoid eggs? I don't feel bad in any way after I eat them, but am wondering, if due to my history and current symptoms, if it might make since to take them off my whole30. I have gone ahead and planned my menu for the next 7 days, egg free. but i don't want to cut them out unless i need to. laslty - I have been diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases - mostly based on blood work, though I do have some symptoms such as dry eyes, and areas of my body that seem to flare up and cause pain, as if i've sprianed something for several months (though I've done nothing - it just comes out of no where) and then months later, it just as mysteriously, goes away, only to happen the next time, somewhere else. oh, and also - some seborrheic dermatitis. Any thoughts much appreciated.
  8. Egg Intolerance

    I have an egg intolerance and can't eat them. Do any of you have a good option for breakfast that is filling?
  9. Eggs galore!

    Hi everyone, I'm planning my Whole 30 adventure, which I'm very excited about. Upon reading some of the breakfast recipes that require eggs, I realized that most of the egg recipes call for 4-6 eggs. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to eat all 6 eggs for one breakfast, or are some supposed to be for leftovers? Hypothetically, if I were to follow the 7-day meal plan, I would be eating 18+ eggs in one week. I thought that was a bit much, plus the meal plan doesn't call for breakfast as leftovers for future meals. Am I misunderstanding something?! Can anyone kindly advise? Thanks all! Take care Sincerely, Ky, AKA The Whole 30 Noob
  10. I Hate Eggs

    Starting today, I had the spinach and tomato frittata, which is as close to eating an egg as I'll ever ger. The thought or smell of a scrambled, hard boiled, fried, poached, etc., egg makes me physically ill. I can take the frittata, but that's it. Any hope for me?
  11. I'm in week 2 of Whole 30, and just rec'd food panel test results from my naturopath. Super frustrating - three items show up as moderate-to-high - eggs, almonds, and radishes. I'm pescetarian (vegetarian + fish), so I rely on eggs as a primary protein source, This summer, I have probably eaten eggs, almonds/almond milk, and radishes every day!! Sigh. I'm waiting for advice from my naturopath. Not sure where to go with Whole 30 from here - and not sure what I'll learn that is different from the report in front of me. Super frustrated b/c I was all in on this program, and even recruited a few folks at work to start with me.
  12. This is my second round of Whole30 (lost 25 lbs first time, January; gave up soda and milk - haven't gone back) and since then I REALLY enjoy hard boiled eggs. (All from chickens we are raising). So now I literally crave them. Every snack I crave them. So my question is, Can I have 3-5 hard boiled eggs a day?
  13. Just wondering if any one knows where I can buy pasteurised eggs in South Lakes, too much chance of getting salmonella from raw in mayo. Making hollandaise sauce instead and using it cold ATM.
  14. I apologize if this has been discussed already... I searched and did not see anything. I started the pescatarian version of the Whole30 yesterday and, so far, am pretty optimistic but a little concerned about getting a variety of protein. Ethically, I am not opposed to eating eggs that are high-quality, organic, cage free, etc, I just hate the taste of them and the way they smell during cooking. Does anyone have any tricks or recipes to help "disguise" the flavor? Whole30 approved quiches, scrambles, etc that have big flavors to mask the egg taste? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi! I'm wondering if there is enough fat in this for a breakfast (or I guess anytime really) meal. This recipe is kind of an adaption from a food video I saw on Facebook. It's sausage (I'll use ground beef + spices), bacon (compliant, of course), tomatoes & potatoes thrown into a slow cooker to make a "breakfast chili" of sorts. You top with 1 (or 2??) eggs. I feel like with the bacon, non lean ground beef, and egg yolks it's enough fat, but I want to make sure I'm getting enough to keep full till lunch! Also, I don't think tomatoes are enough veggies, so I would plan on adding more to the side.
  16. Hi I have been on the Whole 30 for 23 days now and starting on Day 20 my breakfast has started to really upset my stomach. I REALLY like this breakfast so I've been having it for most of the time on the Whole30. Its in the cookbook: three eggs with salsa and an avocado. (and sometimes a banana) The last 3 days its REALLY made my stomach upset. I looked up FODMAPS and read up on it, but nothing else that seems to be a FODMAP has hurt my stomach. Its specifically this meal. Does anyone know why this would happen? Also, anyone have any other breakfast ideas? I think tomorrow I'll try an egg with mashed sweet potato. ..
  17. Hi... started Feb. 22.......

    any ideas on substituting eggs...
  18. Sticky Coconut Oil

    Every time I go to make eggs and use coconut oil to grease the pan, my eggs stick to the bottom like GLUE. This happens whether its baking them in a frittata in the oven or scrambling them on the stove top. I'm not sure if I'd have the same result if cooking another food, like vegetables, as I usually use olive oil or ghee for those. I know this is a quick fix and I can just switch to ghee to avoid the problem, but I really like the way coconut oil tastes with eggs and was wondering if anyone else has this problem?! Is it just me?
  19. Allergic to eggs

    I have a slight allergy to eggs... But I love them and eat them all the time. Is this a food item I should give up (even though allowed in whole 30) to see if this is one causing inflammation?
  20. Hello there! My name is Jessica and I am on day 23 of my first Whole30. I am 32 years old and have been diagnosed with asthma since the age of six. I have stuck to the program very closely and am feeling much better. I have noticed a notable improvement in my asthma symptoms so far. I take one 10mg Singulair tablet at night and an inhaler as needed. I'm down to 2 puffs 1-2x a day (an improvement from 2 puffs several times a day.) All of the sudden the other day it dawned on me that maybe I shouldn't be eating nightshades. I was digging into some baked eggplant with a homemade tomato sauce with ground chicken when this happened. Being Italian and growing up consuming tomatoes and spicy food daily...and also having an extreme love affair with all ethnic food...I immediately panicked. As I started to research online all I could find was inconclusive information. Asthma can be looked at as an autoimmune disease in some schools of thought and not in others. Many personal accounts I read said that their asthma symptoms had disappeared after only a couple weeks on the Whole30. I do know that everyone is different and this is going to be a further process of elimination. But I could not find clear information on whether or not I should be consuming nightshades, eggs, and maybe even ghee and nuts and seeds. I sort of started to feel down yesterday seeing as my egg and nightshade consumption have been very high during my Whole30. I know that even considering that, I have been rewarded with many benefits. question is for all you Whole30 asthmatics out there. Are you eating nightshades? If not, did your symptoms improve with the removal of them? Are you eating eggs? Ghee? Nuts and seeds? Thank you!!!!
  21. Day 3 - Tired of eggs

    I know the book says we'll be tired of eggs by day 10, but I'm already there, at day 3. Can anyone suggest some breakfasts that don't center around eggs? Or that at least do a good job of hiding the eggs in other stuff? :-) I'd be extremely grateful. Steph
  22. No. More. Eggs.

    Ok everyone, I am on day 26 of my very first Whole30! I am so excited that I have made it this long (and through the holidays!), but for the love of all things holy, I canNOT eat another g.d. egg. My typical day looks like the following: Breakfast: Made to order before work, 2-3 eggs (scrambled or over medium), couple handfuls of tomatoes + spinach, Aidell's apple sausage or one slice of W30 compliant bacon. Lunch: Leftovers from previous night's dinner. Dinner: Have been following recipes straight from the Whole 30 book, and then adding in heaps of roasted veggies, or starting dinner with a large salad. Snacks: Limited but sometimes a banana or orange before bed. Or if I am feeling a little tired before my workout I will eat some epic bites or a mini Larabar. I tracked macros the first week to make sure I wasn't lacking in protein, fats, or carbs, after that I just planned meals and ate until I was no longer hungry. My problem is that I feel like an enormous amount of success has come from the fact that I simply cook a little bit more at dinner, to have lunch for the next day. My husband suggested eating the leftovers for breakfast, but then I would have no lunch (the whole idea kind of runs around all scary in my head and stresses me out, which is the precise reason I NEEDED the Whole30) SO, as long winded as that was, does anyone have any super quick breakfasts that I can make fresh before work that doesn't include eggs?
  23. Day 1...eggs...

    I am on Day One of my first Whole30. I am probably the pickiest adult eater that I know. My diet before this point has been pretty terrible, with lots of sugar and processed foods. I made a frittata last night to eat for breakfast this morning (decided to just follow the sample Week 1 plan from the book), but could not get down more than a few bites without gagging. I am really not a fan of eggs (I know, that's a little problematic with this particular program), and I usually don't eat breakfast. I think the combination of those two things made me feel a little gross when I tried to eat the frittata. I'm not sure what to do! I had a banana this morning and am just going to hold out until lunch (protein salad), but I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for failure by having such an incomplete breakfast on day 1. Any advice?
  24. I cannot have eggs at all but this program seems to be a huge proponet of it. the meal plans consist of a lot of eggs and fritatas and hard boiled eggs. Even the emergency meals are omlettes or use mayonnaise. is there something i can mix with the salmon to make the salmon cakes? what about the wonderful ideas of making a quick chicken salad but it's mixed with mayo? Are there meal plans to help, with breakfast specifically, that do not include eggs? I am a very busy single mom that works. I especially need something quick in the mornings and to be able to eat in my car. I normally eat a plantain or sweet potato with ground beef or sausage in the mornings because i can mostly eat that in the car but i get bored with it and was looking for more ideas. I need a hearty breakfast as i exert a lot of energy at my job. I dont have the time in the mornings for something that i might have for supper (like chicken things or a steak). We also do not have leftovers from supper usually as my son eats quite a bit. i have tried to make more but it costs so much to buy that extra meat for a meal. (and sometimes my mom is here to help me as well) Thanks for the help and ideas!
  25. I'm starting the day after my birthday. Why even tempt fate. Have let the hubs know I need his help for the 30+ days. I used an apple stamp to mark the days on the calendar for his ease and mine. Don't think it will be too hard as I eat pretty healthy, but I'll definitely will be needing to use a few different products. As I've been preparing I've been reading labels and I'm amazed at the junk in the simplest things. I am worried about my antacid... addiction would I call it. I pop papaya enzymes probably every day. I also take an antacid in the evening if my tummy isn't digesting well. Read label on Papaya enzymes and they are out for sugar. I'm sure my antacid tabs do too. Hoping the Whole30 will help my old lady digestion. I've been thinking and preping and deciding what will be the hardest for me... I think no digestive aids will be. Going to look into fermented items for possible help. I can't eat leftovers as I don't digest them well. Food needs to be cook that day or I have a big ole stomachache. So sad as I loved cooking ahead to save time. I quit eating after 6pm the past year as I need that 5 hours before bedtime to digest or I'll be up all night with acid indigestion. Sometimes my busy day gets away from me and I've gone without dinner many a night. Working on better dinner planning with the Whole30. Eggs don't always agree with me. I wonder if they are a problem for me? I think I'll be eating more eggs in the next 30 days than I've eaten in the last 10 years. This will be a test. I have my hardest time with them first thing in the morning. They may be lunch or dinner thing for me.