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Found 12 results

  1. Day 1. M1 beef stir fry, .... onions, zuke, pepper, beans. Topped with coconut butter. Yum. M2 Tuna salad with home made mayo. Apple slices, carrot sticks. M3 bbq steak, green beans, salad with home made vinaigrette, half of a baked potato. Feel satisfied.
  2. V.G. Clairisch

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    I am new! I am on day 5 of my first W30. So, as you can tell per the "timeline"- I am a dragon and I will kill all the things right now. My enthusiasm is gone. But it's okay, because I am as committed as I was on day 1 and I love how good I'm feeling. I started this because my weight has fluctuated in a 30-lb range for the last 5 years and I need to get down past that and back to a healthy weight, and the only way to do it is to break my massive, uncontrollable addiction to eating instead of embracing emotion. This isn't to say I'm a disingenuous or cowardly person- on the contrary. But I have used food as a crutch to help me feel better until I'm willing to deal with negative feelings (including boredom). Another part of my problem is that my body has never had all the nutrients it needs, since I grew up extremely poor and with a mother who hated cooking. I have always loved cooking, and learned how to eat healthier as an adult, but I've never made it completely past the "if you want it, eat it now or it'll be gone" mentality of my childhood. I don't want my kids to grow up that way, and I'm so embarrassed when my husband and I go out to eat and he orders salad while I order a burger (with all the fatty, sugary trimmings) and fries. It's time to change; time to teach my body what good food tastes like, how good nutrition feels, and treat it like the temple I know it to be instead of a grub hub.
  3. mscarney00

    Emotional Pig out

    I am on day 14 of the Whole30 (I know, I started mid-month!). Last night I got very hungry and started eating a lot of food. Everything was Whole30 compliant thankfully (banana, apple, bacon, 3 LARA BARS) however it still scared me. I was shocked at myself. I did not know where the urge came from, this Whole30 has actually been very pleasurable for me however I felt guilty this morning when I woke up. I have been going through some emotional stress and I do not know if that had anything to do with it but the whole point is to CHANGE my relationship with food. Feeling a little discouraged today and just wanted some wisdom from the community!
  4. I had planned on doing my first whole 30 in January. I started out well and did 5 days straight but broke it after a bad day at work. I've since re-started a couple of times but then keep messing up by eating a sweet for an emotional reason. My fiancé is not doing the whole 30 so I've cleared out the pantry as much as I can. i felt amazing when I did stick the plan and lost a few lbs already but I can't seem to stick with it. I've struggled with binge eating for the past 10 years and as I try the whole 30 I've gotten better at identifying my triggers. (Loneliness [moved to a new place for my fiance], social anxiety, unfulfilled with career choice, as a way to procrastinate, etc) i have to bake for an event this week (I offered to when I thought my whole 30 would be ending on jan 31)which is making me so nervous. I really want to do it for 30 days but I feel ashamed that I've had to re start so many times because I feel like I can't handle the bad feelings when I'm annoyed with work or feeling upset about something. has anyone else had to re start so many times and then finally stuck with it? Any tips? I feel embarrassed and frustrated with myself. I know it's my choice when I mess up but at the same times feel so upset at time I don't know how else to handle the feelings without food.
  5. Hi all, I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30. Things have been going surprisingly well in regards to compliance and physical symptoms, however, I am finding that my anxiety is driving me CRAZY! Background: I have always been an anxious person, and although it's never been so severe that I have needed medication, when things are bad it certainly interferes with my enjoyment of life and make me irritable with people I care about, etc. Generally, when I feel anxious about my new job, or have stress about my busy schedule, or am in any way feeling emotionally sub-optimal, I have a snack. Usually junk food. Now, on Whole30, that "escape route" is unavailable to me and I am REALLY feeling it. My chest is always fluttery, my hands occasionally get the tingles, and my irritability level is slowly climbing. (And I know that these are symptoms of my anxiety and not an underlying medical condition, in case anyone would wonder). I'm hoping I am not the only person who has experienced this. Thankfully, the actual cravings have been minimal, plus I am so horrified at how blatantly I have been treating my anxiety with snacks that my resolve to stick to the plan and BREAK this cycle is getting stronger by the day, so right now I'm not too worried about falling off the wagon. However, if anyone has a similar story and has found ways to redirect their anxiety or invented some healthier ways to cope, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  6. Never joined online group before, but I have also never been real successful... Hoping to find a correlation there. Previously tried Wheat Belly with some success, but tired of creating "substitutes" for grain foods. This time I'm looking more for "feeling good" than weight loss, (but weight loss will be appreciated! ) mostly aches and pains, joint stiffness, tiredness. Also want to be FREED from cravings and the sugar high/low seesaw. I LOVE sweets/chocolate/bread/pasta/milk/cheese and MOST of all birthday cake with buttercream frosting. Being new to forum- group support I will be looking for any support I can get.
  7. Hi, I could use a little help please. I'm hoping that just writing this and articulating why I started and what I really want will talk me back to a more reasonable mindset but any tips on working through this would also be very much appreciated. I threw my neck/rib out in the middle of the night last night and have been in a lot of pain. I pretty much covered my chiropractor's table in tears this morning during an emergency Sunday appointment. So, I can't do much right now to distract myself from my pain - and my food boredom - and my cravings. Normally if I could throw myself into grocery shopping and making a new spin on a healthy meal I think I'd be OK. But it's a mental game right now and the very simple meals I've had to eat today out of physical inability to do more have not felt at ALL satisfying, under the circumstances. I'm on day 22 and have really not struggled at all until today. But I am struggling mightily right now against the urge to just eat some comfort food (my current food porn fantasy: vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chips). I am so close to saying "screw it" - but really do NOT want to do that, I know. I'm a big believer in keeping your commitments. And really need to keep this commitment to MYSELF. I started Whole30 because I spent nearly a year in chronic and often severe joint pain. Previously a triathlete, I could no longer do many of the things I love to do, especially running. After many doctors and a (thankfully) cancelled surgery, it became less invisible that the root cause is likely gut issues and inflammation from food sensitivities (and big-time stress). I have MUCH LESS JOINT PAIN than I did three weeks ago. Today my husband told me where he hid the scale and I cheated and weighed myself and am not losing weight. It "shouldn't" matter because I am in MUCH LESS JOINT PAIN. I'm trying to learn that lesson, here. I also know that if I eat the ice cream or whatever, I am going to wake up tomorrow in not only more physical pain, but with a sense of shame and failure. And who needs that? Maybe the thing is to focus on why I started and what I WANT. Do I want to get back to better health and running MORE than I want ice cream? YES. Thanks for listening. Writing this helped me. If you have any other tips please let me know.
  8. I'm right in the middle of my 1st W30, today is day 14. Had a stressful morning of diagnostics at the Dr and as I was driving home, I found myself thinking of my old comfort foods, which of course, are off limits. (yes, i am totally an emotional eater!) What I did was come home & make a big ass salad, with a little bit of everything I could find in the fridge mixed in. Spinach & mixed greens, tomato, green pepper, toasted coconut, chicken, hard boiled egg, a chopped up pear, leftover roasted carrots. Although it wasn't the same, it was oddly comforting. I'm betting come winter I'll still be reaching for a good stew, just with better ingredients! What are your new comfort foods now that grilled cheese sandwiches and donuts are the thing of the past?
  9. Got some not-thrilling news today. I thought I was past the "want to bury my face in a pile of junk" reaction, but guess what? I'm not. Ugh. My kids are home, sick. I didn't sleep well because my little one slept in my bed -- all 102 degrees of her squirming around all night. I'm taking deep breaths and trying not to lose it. It will pass... It will pass...
  10. Hey all, Im on day 7 of my whole30, and Ive been doing pretty well, except for yesterday, when I had a full on fruit binge. I ate a grapefruit that I hadn't planned on eating and then it snowballed into dried figs I had in the house, to a persimmon, to some (a lot of) pecans, to a lot of root veggies (parsnips, carrots, turnips). I was bored I think? Lonely...A little anxious. But I know I wouldn't have reacted the way I did if I hadn't gave myself that grapefruit as a "treat". I was NOT hungry when I ate that grapefruit. I wanted to feed the entertainment/sugar dragon..I was not in touch with my stomach or my feelings. So the only trouble Ive had so far is with fruit. They are pleasure foods for me with no brakes, and are definitely emotional crutches. Should I eliminate them from my whole30??
  11. I'm into Day 9 of my very first Whole30. I hit a low point a couple of months ago when I found myself inhaling two packs of chips and a pack of Oreos in one sitting, washing it down with soda and feeling distinctly full but unsatisfied. that's when I knew it had to stop and went looking into Paleo eating. The start of Whole30 has been quite bearable for me as I spent the month before Day 1 gradually cleansing my diet to be Whole30 compliant. I've also started exercising, which makes me question why I ever forgot that swimming was good for my sanity However, the past 2 days and today have brought some crappy news in my life. Suffice to say, the urge to go back to emotional eating to make it all okay has reared its ugly, beastly head again. Every day I walk past bakeries, pizzerias, barbecue meat stalls, and it takes every ounce of what little willpower I have to continue walking. I know I feel better eating clean foods. I fully intend to stick with this, 30 days and beyond. But I don't have real-life friends on this same journey, and I just needed to hear some encouragement/tough love from people who know the consequences of falling face first into a bag of chips...So, someone, please tell me that I must not go near that bag of chips, please!
  12. Dear all, I've been on track for 23 days now. Eating healthy has become easier as each day passes. It was great, until yesterday. My grandfather passed away. As paramedics carried him out on the stretcher, I saw his blue and purple face. I knew he wouldn't make it. And he didn't. This is another real challenge I've to face now that I have a close family member gone! Just as I found out, I immediately wanted a soy chai tea and food, ANY FOOD. It didn't help that I was hungry at the time. I craved everything that I shouldn't have. While mourning, I thought, this is it, I'm caving. Twenty-three days, gone! All that hard work gone! So I thought, until I found out my brother's fiance had some good eggs. Thank you eggs. The next 7 days will be hard, but I can do this. Thank you for listening!