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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm on day 4 and have a full blown migraine. I've been waking up with a headache daily but it normally goes away after breakfast. I've been drinking plenty of water today and had 4 aleeve and it's still going. Today I've also been really emotional and crying over work drama. I've been feeling fine physically otherwise. Background on what I've been eating: breakfast: homemade bacon, spinach, tomato quiche with sliced potato crust. Matcha with compliant almond milk, collagen and probiotic lunch: salad with grilled or roasted chicken, beets, sometimes sweet potato, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, artichoke heart, nuts and balsamic vinegar. La Croix snack: carrots or fruit with nuts, maybe a chomps meat stick. half a GT's kombucha dinner: steak with asparagus, cauliflower rice or grass fed preservative free beef hot dogs with sauerkraut and sauteed veggies. dessert (on the last 2 days): sometimes a sweet potato with cinnamon or strawberries with cashew cream (soaked cashews whipped in the blender). I'm not the best about spacing my meals out evenly and eat when I have time between work, tying to fit in a yoga class and my commute. Sometimes I don't have breakfast until I've been up a couple hours or snack and have dinner late. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. Anyone do a Whole30 and be super motivated by the process, and treating your body like a temple, but struggle with the emotional side of it? I have been SUPER emotional, and in a lot of ways 'vacant', if you know what I mean. Just not my peppy jolly self. I have been highly stressed, highly emotional, highly superstitious of my SO, and just realllllly flat emotionally. Feeling so distant, feeling empty.... ALL the good stuff lol. I've felt a little better the last day or so, but still feel so fragile. Can we talk more about the emotional withdrawals we may go through? Anyone ever feel this way for most of their W30? Thank you!!!
  3. Hiiii! This is my first round of whole30 and tbh it is treating me great! I am so happy with the choice to clean up my diet however my emotions are crazy!!!! I feel on top of the world at some points and then just like a blubbering mess at others. I have been sober for 2 years and this legitmily is as unpredictable as that. I am on day 14!!!! and I’m not even so concerned about “getting my tiger blood” as I am with my emotions. For the past two days I have felt insecure and overwhelmed about everything! But before that I felt I had a handle on it and I was feeling more confident! I wasn’t feeling satisfied throughout the day so added in some additional fats and I am feeling better, I think? It’s hard to say I’m feeling better when I cry randomly I had one period when I first started ironically but I am on BC as it was that time, so idk. I am just looking for support and understanding I guess? My husband is doing this i with me as well, but not as strictly compliant as me. Ie. he is drinking soda and having cheese every once in awhile. He is also not an emotional person and has PTSD from a previous deployment (I AM) so talking to him about these things is hard. So anyways, thanks for listening to my whining and is anyone else going through this?!
  4. Hi all! A little background...I'm a 40 year old mother, wife, and business owner. I'm in good shape, healthy weight, with a history of anxiety disorder (been symptom free for years, med free since 2005). I also have an eating disorder history (EDNOS) and have been symptom free from that since 2006. Lastly, I got sober in 2011 Sort of sound like a hot mess, but really I've been in strong recovery for a long time and been mentally and emotionally well. Enter the Whole 30. I'd been wanting to clean up some eating for some time, and my husband I decided to give it a shot. I've gained about 8 pounds since last summer and knew we needed a change. We're currently on Day 19. The first week was fine, the only symptoms I felt was a headache and fatigue on day 1 and that was it! At the end of the first week I'd clearly lost weight (no scale, no measurements, but my pants fit better, yay!). Week 2 was the same. Around day 14 I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of sadness that I could. Not. Shake. It's still with me on day 19. I've never had a history of depression, but this sure feels like it. A couple days later I was getting dressed and noticed in the mirror that I had not only gained the weight back I had lost, but look like I'm gaining more. Which sent me into a tailspin. I don't know what's causing the weight gain and strong feelings of sadness. I'm wondering if I should quit the Whole 30. I've got what I wanted-- better insight with food, and I don't even want ice cream, I just want the stress and sadness to go away. Or, should I stick it out? I know the weight gain shouldn't matter (even though my husband has lost about 14 pounds- yes, he weighed himself) but for a girl whose struggled with an eating disorder, this isn't good. All my old thought patterns have come back and are making things worse. So, please be gentle with your feedback and advice. The weight gain could be too little calories, I don't know. I feel like I'm getting enough carbs, but maybe not. And to be honest, at this point I don't want anything MORE strict, like, "Eat this, not that" or "cut out this and see what happens". No, I'm over the rules. I think what I'm looking for is- has this happened to anyone else? I read an article from a doctor who spent her life studying alcoholism and sugar addiction and she said they are the same and that quitting sugar so abruptly makes us WORSE, not better. I don't know how much of that is clinically proven or true, but it sure as hell made me feel broken. All in all, at this point I'm still doing the Whole 30 just to do it. Not because I want to. I don't want to quit. But, I just don't know what to do... Thanks for listening.
  5. miacupcake

    I am a hot mess.

    I am a total disaster area right now. I'm on day six, and sticking to plan but I am bawling for no reason and sobbing. A lot. It's actually my second attempt because the first one got derailed by the stomach flu. I don't know if this is something I should just push through or if it's an indication I'm doing something wrong. I had a total sobbing breakdown in the grocery store the other day, and I'd like to not do that again. Anybody else experience this?
  6. Hi Guys, I am on day 24, and i am feeling awful (maybe an understatement). I have had stomach aches for a week now, on and off (my latest attempt to figure this out is cutting out cauliflower and onions) I have also been feeling extremely tired, when i sleep (8.5hrs) i sleep right through the night, but i wake up exhausted. i have tried sleeping less and more and same thing. I have headaches early in the morning and i wake up starving, even after eating a proper dinner. I am bloated 90% of the day. and my skin is breaking out (i never ever get pimples- EVER) I am emotional and my brain is scattered. Yesterday at crossfit, the thought of back squats at 85% of my 1 RM seemed too much and i just couldnt even attempt it, i had to walk away to fight back the tears. i dont understand exactly whats going on. I do have a bit of stuff on for work, but i dont feel so stressed for all this to happen. I am so close to throwing in the towel and walking away, eating some nutella but i dont want to. I wanted to commit to 60 days but I feel that all this pain in my stomach and headaches and feeling absolutely shithouse is making me stressed. Ive written down everythng i have eaten and the difference between this last week and the one before is i havent been able to eat avocado, since its not in season where i live. i am waiting till october when I go home to australia to see a specialist because i do think i have some gut issues so in the mean time im trying to figure this out by eliminating food. I really dont expect anyone to give me a miraculous answer to solve this, but I wonder if anyone else out there has had similar thing. I know someone else mentioned coconut oil, so i have stopped using it for 3 days and no change. I guess im just after some words of encouragement, advice.. anything.