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Found 13 results

  1. I’m really tired of eating veggies and meat for breakfast. Pre-Whole30, I would eat 2 slices of whole wheat toast with all natural (no sugar/sweetener) peanut butter plus a side of fruit. So far, I’ve enjoyed eggs the most. Eating meat and fat so early in the morning (06:00) is not appetizing. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Hi friends! Currently on Round 2 and am feeling so great, but am wondering how to incorporate what I've learned into loooooong-distance training and racing. I'm registered for my 5th Ironman in September, and will ramp up training after a March full marathon. In my past training, I have relied on an all-in-one product for my bike nutrition, since biking is the bulk of my time in training and in the race. It's a powder mixed with water, so easy to carry in bike bottles and concentrate so you're not carrying 5-6 bottles on the course. It's worked fabulously for me in the past in terms of energy levels, digestion, hunger, no adverse effects, etc., I am perfectly fine doing distances like a half marathon or even full marathon with items like dates, bananas and boiled potatoes. But when it comes to an Ironman, the sheer length of time I will be on the course presents a logistical issue that is not there in other shorter races (I have been a 15-hour Ironman in the past, but could be up to 17 hours if I have a bad day). It's simply not feasible to carry a lunch box with all of the nutrition and calories I would need for a 15+ hour endurance race. What have others done in this situation? Do you consider a product with sugar "worth it" for something like this, or have you found another solution? For reference, here are the ingredients of the all-in-one product I have used in the past: MaltodextrinDextroseNatural cane sugarCitric AcidNatural Grape FlavorsSea saltPotassium chlorideMagnesium gluconateCalcium lactate gluconateWhey protein isolateL-IsoleucineL-ValineL-LeucineCaffeine
  3. Hi there! I just finished my first whole30, and am planning on sticking with this wholesome way of eating for a long time. I love it! However, I'm still trying to figure out how to fuel for long workouts. I'm very athletic, usually doing long cardio workouts 3-4 days a week, either cycling or running. My runs are usually somewhere between 4-10 miles, and my bike rides are typically between 30-50 miles. I'm training for a 13-mile Spartan Race in September. I also train a little bit with my college's cycling club, and compete in a few Women's C Collegiate Cycling competitions in the spring. So my question is, what does a day of food for paleo endurance athletes typically look like? Most of the discussions on this forum are about shorter, high-intensity workouts like crossfit or lifting. I do crossfit about 3 days per week, but I think I've figured out how to successfully fuel myself with protein and fat for that. But I've noticed that low-carb breakfasts make my morning rides and runs soooooo slow. So I'm really curious about ideal quantity of food, carb intake, and timing of meals for endurance training with a paleo diet. I read Paleo Diet for Athletes, which has some very good concepts, but Loren Cordain recommends using a lot of gels and sports drinks. I'm hoping to figure out how to have rides and runs as strong and fast as they used to be before going paleo, but without resorting to processed sports foods. Before going paleo, I'd normally eat toast and peanut butter before a long bike ride, and I'd eat gels and/or sports drinks (like Cytomax) during. Then typically a sandwich for lunch when I get back. But yesterday I went on a 33-mile (2.5 hour) ride in the morning, and here's what I ate throughout the day: 7am breakfast: 1 sweet potato, 2 poached eggs 8am bike ride. I filled my water bottles with 2/3 coconut water, 1/3 water, with a pinch of salt. At mile 20, I had a banana 11am post-workout snack: 1 sweet potato, ~4oz turkey 1pm lunch: ISWF curry (1/3cup coconut milk and curry paste) with ~8 oz roasted leg of lamb, 1/2 green pepper, and a sliced zucchini. 8 oz kombucha. 5pm snack: 2 large carrots, 1/2c macadamia nuts 7:30 dinner: ~8 oz chicken, 1cup green beans roasted in ghee, lettuce and tomato salad with ~2tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinagrette 9pm snack: 2cups berries This day was pretty successful for me; my energy levels were pretty solid throughout the entire ride. But man oh man, throughout this process of figuring out the whole paleo thing, I have had a lot of runs and rides that have left me insanely more fatigued than I ever felt before going paleo. So for all you other endurance athletes out there, what do you eat? How do you fuel yourselves before, during, and after workouts, and throughout your entire day? Is it possible to be purely paleo and have just as much energy as you would with gu, cytomax, powerbars, toast, pasta, etc?
  4. Hello everyone, I am on R2D9 right now. My first round reintro got a little bit messed up due to life stuff. I decided to start another round so I could do a proper reintroduction. I just signed up for a triathlon in 12 days (R2D21). I wasn't planning on doing it; I'm training for an olympic distance later this summer, but I felt like I was ready, so what the heck, right?! Should I.... Switch to a Whole9 and do a proper reintroduction before the race? OR stay the Whole30 course and try to teach myself race-nutrition in 12 days? (I've ton a ton of reading on here already about that. Thanks, everyone, for the great info.) Thanks for any insight!
  5. Alright. This might be long, so I really appreciate in advance anyone reading and responding! I'm planning to start my (second attempt at) Whole 30 on July 6 - next Wednesday. I have a trip to Las Vegas this weekend to visit family and have decided I'm not going to attempt it while traveling (which is what derailed my first try three years ago, ack), so afterward it is! I'm feeling pretty good and fired up about it for a number of reasons, but a couple things have me pretty nervous.. I'm also going to be starting marathon training on the same day. This isn't my first marathon (and I've been running for about 3 years now), so I've been through the training and the ins-and-outs before, but this will be a new experience coupling it with a W30 and I'm growing kind of anxious about my runs suffering as a result while I adapt. During my last marathon training cycle (which was also my first), as my mileage peaked, I wasn't eating enough carbs during the week (and probably not enough calories in general) and my body got really out of whack - I actually lost my menstrual cycles for 3 months, *gained* 5 pounds, and basically had a whole host of hormonal problems that have finally started to sort themselves out this month. Because of that, I'm maybe overly cautious about food intake, macros, etc... I don't count calories or macros, but I try to be mindful of them, especially now. I already eat mostly paleo/grain free because through trial and error over the years I've found that way of eating agrees with my system the most, but previously I'd consume white rice the day before a long run or race, and I'd also enjoy a few alcoholic drinks on weekends, or small amounts of dark chocolate every so often (and very occasionally I'd splurge and eat something like a donut or a sandwich with 'regular' bread and almost always end up regretting it). I also used Honey Stinger gels and coconut water with a pinch of salt as fuel on LR's, too. Basically, I already eat pretty well so W30 isn't going to be a total shock to my system, but I am definitely a carb dependent athlete. I've been interested in becoming fat adapted but have always been too skittish to commit to it, knowing that it can take several weeks to transition. I've also been scared off fat-adapting by all the talk on conventional running forums, too. Also, I'm struggling to sort out fitting pre-WO and post-WO food into my schedule... I don't run at the exact same time every day due to my own variable schedule, but I always run in the mornings. Sometimes I'll run fasted first thing, but usually I'll at least eat a banana and a boiled egg (plus coffee!) before a run, or a bowl of chia pudding with berries on top, which I count as my breakfast. After my run, if it was longer than 4-5 miles, I usually eat a snack to stave off the "runger" until I can get to a proper lunch. Basically I'd love to hear from other endurance runners/marathoners about how they fit W30 into their training cycles. I figure that if I want to do this anytime soon, now is the best time as opposed to later in my training when mileage is higher, or waiting until after the race (Portland Marathon! in October) as the holidays are approaching. How do you know when to respect the fatigue and take a rest day, versus pushing through it? I have a tendency to over-train because I'm stubborn and sometimes ignore my body's signals when it's nagging me to back off... but at the same time, marathon training is a thing, and I need to stick with it. Am I crazy? Over analyzing? Any other crazy, overly analytical Whole 30'ers to commiserate with me? Thanks, y'all
  6. Hi! I'm Chellie, and I am finishing up my second Whole30 (had a day 10 fail back in January). I've discovered that the forum is really great for my accountability, so this is my new home! I'm short on time right now, so I'll do more "bio" later. I am currently training for a half-marathon at the end of the month and two triathlons (one mini-sprint, one sprint distance) this summer. My topics here will center on food choices, carting kids to sports practices, training successes and failures, and other general life stuff. Chime in! Join the fun! I'm feeling the tiger blood and wearing a tight shirt that didn't fit 30 days ago, so help me keep it going!
  7. I know you're supposed to get some good protein prior to working out, but what about during a long run/ride? I'm training for a half marathon, cross training with cycling and some weight lifting, and I want to keep to the spirit of the Whole30 when I run my half (my whole30 ends tomorrow, run is end of November). I used to take gummy worms on long runs (10+ miles) and I'm wondering if dried fruit would be a good alternative to goo, pretzels, and/or other quick carby snacks. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. Runners - what do you eat *during* long training runs? This is my first day of Whole 30 and my half-marathon training mileage is starting to climb. Feeling intimidated - first long run is in 2 days. What are good substitutes for gu, shot blocks, etc? Easier to carry is better. I don't have a whole lot of room in my race belt to go lugging a sweet potato around with me. Thanks!
  9. Background: I run 3-6 miles per day (with 1-2 days off a week), and my normal "easy run" pace is about 9:40/mi. I haven't even attempted any speed workout since beginning the Whole 30, so I don't know how my other paces have been affected. Since starting Whole 30, I am SO SO SLOW. The first 12 days, my "easy run" pace was averaging 10:45/mi and it DIDN'T FEEL EASY at all. I felt short of breath; I couldn't wait to stop running, and often times I had to stop running to catch my breath. My legs felt like anvils as I jogged. On days 13 & 14, my runs started improving a little (faster and slightly easier-seeming), but yesterday (day 15), I was back to feeling awful. I DO eat a pre-run snack, and what it is varies. Sometimes, I'll eat half a Larabar. Other times, some chicken breast. The nutritional content of these pre-run snacks vary greatly based on whatever is on-hand and easy, and I haven't noticed a difference in ease of running in relationship to what I've eaten beforehand. I LOVE RUNNING. It is what keeps me sane. I do enjoy other exercises as well, but I need running in my life because I truly enjoy it. Any ideas for improvement in this area?
  10. Hello! My name is Caroline, and I'm a new member of the Whole30 program. In fact, today is my first day of Whole30. I'm seeking the wisdom of those with experience in maintaining athletic performance while doing Whole30. Any information, advice, or suggestion would be most appreciated. I joined CrossFit last week, and I love it. Though I haven't done every workout RX, I have enjoyed the atmosphere, the competitive nature of the program, the supportive camaraderie, and the sweat. I have been doing CrossFit 5 days/week and completing the WODS. I'm also running 2 days/week. Though I'd like to work up to more run days, I'm also trying to help my body recover. This brings me to my question: what tips do you have for someone who is trying to maintain athletic performance while completing the Whole30? Thank you for your time! Best, Caroline
  11. I have recently started the program and was wondering if there are any recommendations for endurance drinks? I have seen only 1 thing posted: coconut water, any other ideas?? Thanks in advance!!
  12. kellyp

    Fat adaptation

    I had posted some concerns regarding my training since doing the W30. My endurance has been fine but the hard efforts in sprinting were compromised. I felt like my legs were lead. I came across the following article and while some of it is hard for me to understand, it does suggest that being fat adapted is not helpful during sprinting efforts but is for endurance. Since I race bikes, it is imperative that I have not only endurance but sprinting strength as well. I just thought I would like to get some thoughts from others about this.
  13. 4 Complaints after my Whole30. 1. Put on a pair of shorts last night and they fell off. Put on a skirt this morning and it fell down to my butt. This may get expensive! 2. I go for my run and I don't want to stop, I add in sprints, I do push ups. This is time consuming! 3. My muscles are really showing. I can feel my six pack through my shirt. This intimidates others! 4. Wine is no longer worth it. My collection will have to wait for company!