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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone from across the pond know how easy it is to find Epic, Rx Bars or other things of the like in Europe? My husband and I are spending two weeks in England, France, Germany, and Switzerland in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out how much room I need in my bag for snacks. Obviously, I plan to eat primarily local, delicious fare, but we'll be doing some hiking and I'm sure we'll forget about restaurants closing at least once and/or find ourselves in some other pickle, so just want to be prepared. Thanks!
  2. If there are threads that have already been written about this, please attach them in the comments for me! I'm touring eastern europe for three weeks this fall. I'll be visiting Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow and Prague. If any of you are familiar with food in these places, please share your wisdom with me! I did a whole 30 almost a year ago. I'm not strict paleo anymore. i can eat rice and corn. I eat some sugar and some beans. But I absolutely can't eat dairy. I'd definitely prefer not to eat gluten as well. I also occasionally drink alcohol,too. So if you can tell me what some of the common foods/beverages have in them and if there's anything I'll be able to eat, I'd very much appreciate it. Bailey
  3. Travel Tips

    Could use some advice please! Post Whole30 I'm eating basically Paleo with no grains, dairy, or soy (these three being my main triggers) and very limited alcohol and sugar. While traveling in the U.S. I've figured out how to stick with that pretty easily but in a few months my hubby and I are going to Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy) for three weeks and I could use some help knowing how to eat there. I don't want to be the obnoxious american that doesn't want to eat their delicious food- I'd love to experience the food part of the culture where we go- but I also don't want to feel terrible while we're over there. Any suggestions would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Whole 30 in Germany day 16.

    Hello all I am from the UK but recently moved to Germany. I was eating basically paleo/whole 30 before, but decided to do the Whole 30 after I had gorged myself on German bread at easter and felt awful for it! I'm currently on day 16, feeling fine, not much different to how I felt before gorging on bread although I think I have lost some weight (have also taken up exercise too). I don't know if anyone else has had the same experience as me but the Whole 30 in Germany is so much harder than in the UK! For a start the price of sweet potatoes and our limited budget means I can only afford to eat them once or maybe twice a week maximum. Usually my boyfriend and I share one and have it roasted or mashed. I'm fairly sure that in the UK you can get a bag that could last a week for about £1 . I used to eat a lot of butternut squash back in the UK, now I have to go to the asian supermarket to find one! Most of my German friends have never heard of a butternut squash! Finally managed to find some 100% coconut milk without any emulsifiers but I doubt I'll see any coconut aminos (although, I hadn't seen these in the UK either to be fair). I think Americans definitely have an easier ride when it comes to Whole 30 approved alternatives! Luckily because my boyfriend is German he helps me read the ingredients of literally everything at the supermarket, usually we end up putting everything back and just getting fresh fruit/veg and meat. The Germans don't really 'get' not eating pasta/bread/wheat. You order a salad at a restaurant and it comes with a bread roll - easy enough to leave. However, before I started my whole 30 I unwittingly ordered a salad that had pasta in (my German is quite bad and they didn't call them nüdeln but something different). For this reason, and due to a limited budget, we are avoiding going out at all. We might have a coffee and mineral water at a cafe but that's about it. It's a bit depressing looking at a menu and knowing that there isn't anything you can have. I also don't want to be "that person" who not only can't speak the language but has a thousand requests about leaving things off the order! We're visiting my boyfriends family in a couple of weekends time and I'm really worried about what I'll eat. I'm lucky that my boyfriend is very supportive and his family speak pretty good English so I can try and explain to them, but how do I turn down foods or ask exactly what is in foods without seeming rude? Also this will be at the very end of my whole 30, I don't want to ruin it and have to start all over again because I unwittingly ate something that was thickened with flour. How has everyone else found these things? Does anyone have any particular coping strategies? Hoping to find some other Europeans that are experiencing the same frustrations as me? xxx
  5. Ciao! I've been to Italy before, in fact I've lived there, and I definitely subsided mostly on pizza, pasta, panini and gelato... I will be there for three weeks in July by which time I will have been w30/w9/paleo for 1 year, with no desire to go back to old ways of eating. I guess I'm mostly concerned about what to do without my daily sweet potato in the morning. We are staying in different places, the easiest will be when we stay in apartments (then I can cook breakfast and dinner), but will also be at family/friend homes and b&bs. I'm going to search for the sweet potatoes in the different outdoor markets in rome and if i find then, stock up for the 3 weeks. Does anyone have any other suggestions or experiences? I will choose certain indulgences, but I definitely don't want to feel gross and bloated the whole time I'm there! When eating at family homes, I'm worried about being rude if I don't eat bread and pasta... Aiutatemi! (Help me!)
  6. I found some info here and there about sourcing food around my area, but than I would lose it and not find it back again... so I decided to open a thread for us living here I am still looking for good sources of meat, especially beef, lamb, chicken, duck and rabbit. Also coconut products, I've found some online and in health shops, but I wonder if there are other places I haven't found that are better in price-quality. I live in the Breda area, so both the Netherlands and Belgium are possibilities for sourcing food. So I will kick off with my finds The places I have found so far for beef, lamb and sometimes they have pork too if you want: very nice people and you can just walk in when the shop is open and look around the farm too. The only problem is that i didn't see any arrangement for bigger packages of meat, so buying it in small pieces is pricey. here you can order meat in quantities, but I don't know if it's 100% grass-fed. Price/kg is 12 euros average. I am still looking for a good source of veggies and fruits. At the moment I am shopping at a small local farmer's store, but it's conventional produce and the eggs are also not free-range. I am looking into deliveries, but didn't really make up my mind yet. I'm also curious if anyone knows of a nice place in Belgium and what the prices are. So share your sources
  7. Any Europeans out there?

    Hi, I'm planning to start my 2nd whole30 round on February 13th. Actually I will try for a whole60 I finished my 1st whole35(!) 4 days ago. All went according to plan, I felt great, planned to continue eating according to the template apart from some small adjustments. However... The sugar dragon caught up with me postwhole35 day 3. Anyone willing to go along?