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Found 38 results

  1. LucyLovely

    Starting September 20!

    Hi all! I am starting Whole30 on Thursday, September 20th. I know that's a random day to start, but I start a fitness challenge Wednesday night, and want the Whole30 to along with it. Plus I have Wednesday off so I will have the day to prepare. Good luck on your journey everyone!
  2. Hello! i am Jasmyn, and today I begin my Whole30 journey! I foresee struggles, and achievements, but most notably, I foresee change and growth. Please help hold me accountable on my solo journey it’s tough for friends and family to get it, so I may need your support. Thanks and here we go!
  3. Crystal Ann

    joining the community

    I started on Wednesday for the first time but then opted to join the whole 30 daily which sorta made Wednesday a good warm up day and yesterday my official day one. Totally worth it because the first couple emails have been great and the video clip they sent after completing day one was fantastic and made me laugh out loud. I am sooo excited to feel awesome again. I've had some very similar lifestyle endeavors in the past but this will certainly be the most intense and committed. I know it's the holidays but I want to feel better not worse when the new year rolls around. I'm single, which helps a lot in avoiding the "no" list. My family knows I jump into food endeavors at times that seem most Christmas time...but they support me rather than discourage. Anyway, interested to see who is involved in this through the holidays since I'm guessing it's not the most popular time.
  4. I’ve watched my lady complete two rounds of whole30 and I’m finally ready to go! I know it won’t be easy but I’m so excited to learn more about how food makes my body feel.
  5. alisonmae


    Hey everyone! On the cusp of my 30th birthday, suffering from migraines and asthma, my boyfriend and I have decided to tackle the Whole30 together! We were originally going to do it in November, and after double checking calendars and training schedules (we are both runners with numerous race events we've already paid for, so we didn't want to struggle and feel we had wasted our money), we decided to move our start date up, to September 4th! Little did we know, there'd be a big movement to have as many people as possible participating in the month of September! This will be coming days after our second overnight relay in the month of August (CLR and Hood to Coast), AND my 30th birthday! What better way to start off a new decade than with improving my health?! I am committing to this challenge in hopes of getting my nutrition on point as a runner, to rewire my brain about food and cravings, and to hopefully discover trigger foods for my migraines and asthma! I will be chronicling this journey for us via Instagram - @rundrinknerd - feel free to follow along! We look forward to getting inspired by all of you, sharing our journey, and hopefully inspiring others to take the challenge! Cheers! Alison
  6. Trulyfree

    I am so ready! 10/01/17

    Hello Everyone! There is a group of friends starting Whole30 Oct 1st from work. I am so excited to make the changes in my life. I have never stuck with a program to completion but somehow I believe this will work. I am in the preparation stages. I am currently over weight and I have a TON of health problems. Arthritis, EDS, Nerve Damage, and now in the start of Menopause. I am 45 years old! Time to take back my life!
  7. Hello Soon to be New Friends, I'll be embarking on Whole30 once I can figure out how to approach it with predominate Vegetarian meals. I haven't found the nutritional "criteria" for each meal in the book. From posts I see the protein goal, but can't find that info in book along other info. Any direction, vegetarian meal suggestions, etc are most welcome.
  8. Lunalux

    New to this

    Hi my name is Sarah, I'm a night shift nurse, I'm looking to feel better and sleep better with being on nights any suggestions for not having a daily schedule as I work random days and I like to be up on my days off would be helpful! Thanks and nice to meet everyone! Good luck!!! #septemberwhole30 #tenpercentdone
  9. Hi Everyone! My husband and I are starting Whole30 for the first time tomorrow. I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time. I knew we both needed a "reset" of our diets in order to feel better; a lot of junk food has crept into our diets over the last 5 years. So I'm excited to get started and have planned meals and prepped for the week, but also nervous about the detoxing I know we going to go through. Wish us luck!
  10. ssmith0314

    Day 1

    So, I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and my doctor advised me to do the Whole30 diet for 6 months. I prepped this weekend and started today. Good thoughts and prayers are definitely welcomed!
  11. Alice ready to go

    Starting February 1st!

    I'm so excited! I'm preparing myself all January, on the 15th I did an example day, testing how a whole30 day should be feeling like, and it felt great! I think I can do this.
  12. BarbaraM

    Let's Do This Thing!

    Well, I'm IN. I'm officially on the Whole30 as of this morning. I've heard a little bit about it off an on over the past couple of years, and bought the Whole30 book about a month ago. I didn't start until today because I just celebrated my 50th birthday with a party with a bunch of friends and I wanted to be able to eat my birthday dinner and cake, then go ALL in. ;-) I'm excited and a little nervous about going through the bleah part, what with working part time and having a busy schedule like most of us do. But I'm super excited about resetting my body and seeing the results. I've planned some meals (the recipes in the Whole30 book look amazing), and I'm also following the FB Whole30 and Whole30 recipes. I've signed up to get the newsletter, and feel pretty set. So, I'm here, and I'm IN!!! Let's GO!! Barb
  13. BarbaraM

    Let's Do This Thing!

    Well, I'm IN. I'm officially on the Whole30 as of this morning. I've heard a little bit about it off an on over the past couple of years, and bought the Whole30 book about a month ago. I didn't start until today because I just celebrated my 50th birthday with a party with a bunch of friends and I wanted to be able to eat my birthday dinner and cake, then go ALL in. ;-) I'm excited and a little nervous about going through the bleah part, what with working part time and having a busy schedule like most of us do. But I'm super excited about resetting my body and seeing the results. I've planned some meals (the recipes in the Whole30 book look amazing), and I'm also following the FB Whole30 and Whole30 recipes. I've signed up to get the newsletter, and feel pretty set. So, I'm here, and I'm IN!!! Let's GO!! Barb
  14. Lessser

    New Month- Better Life

    R1D3- The first 2 days were okay, I couldn't find enough to eat on D1, then D2 I didn't want to eat. Dinner was salmon on spinach with carrots and a small potato- dogs are in luck because I could not even finish half. Couldn't get to sleep last night- stayed up past midnight and woke up once at 1am and then up at 6:30. I know sleep is important but what can I do? I'm making a list for shopping today because I have food, but not enough for the week. Breakfast: hard boiled egg and baked fruit with coconut milk- that was suppose to be for dessert last night but never touched it. Lunch: salad with lettuce, tuna, olives and homemade dressing Dinner: roast in crockpot with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Okay, that's it and I'm sticking to it.
  15. Hello new Whole30 friends! My name is Sam and I'm a professional singer living in Boston, MA. I am a pretty fit and nutritionally informed 28 y/o but because my body is my instrument and I feel one can always feel healthier and look better, I have listened to the testimonials of my friends who have completed Whole30 and decided to take the plunge. I currently eat 6 meals per day, each of which I prepare myself and weigh out each different ingredient for. I almost never eat out except on special occasions or when I am traveling on a gig. Honestly, what I am most nervous about is not the foods I will be giving up (most notably grains, yogurt, and alcohol) but rather giving up my very set meal prep and eating schedule! The idea of letting my body tell me when I am hungry rather than eating every 3 hours without fail, and not being so anal about weighing out each individual thing I put in my mouth is daunting. I've been eating this way since I was 22! But I believe that being more aware of how the food I am eating makes me feel, and the messages it sends to my brain after eating will really feel great in the long run. Plus, I am looking forward to seeing how cutting out grains and alcohol effects my system in any and all ways. I've got to keep my immune system in top shape at all times! So as a first timer, does anyone else have suggestions for someone who is coming from an already health-nut (but different than Whole30) lifestyle?? Looking forward to it!
  16. Celticmermaid

    Starting Sept 8 the day after vaca

    So my acupuncturist is the one that recommended I use the Whole30 to reset my metabolism and to in general start feeling better. My life over the past 6 years has been REALLY stressful. Living in a separate state then my husband because of family needs, starting a business, having both in-laws diagnosed with terminal illnesses in a different start then my husband or I lived in, having both my parents also get sick the same year, in-laws dying 6 weeks apart, husband retiring and now getting used to being together 7 days a week. Add to that I am of an age where I have started menopause. I am looking forward to the Whole30 helping me with hormone levels being all over the place and a metabolism that has decided to quite. I would be starting sooner but Ed and I are heading back to see family for a week filled with 2 birthday parties, a Jimmy Buffet concert with friends and a family reunion. So September 8, ready or not here I come!!
  17. Well, here goes.....heard many people and friends who have done it. Like they say: "I can do anything for 30 days." And, then they've gone further or started over because they felt so good and had such success! I hope I have enough will power and self control to do it. My husband was going to do it with me, but he has a fishing trip planned in Sept. and didn't want to bother. I can't wait any longer! Anyone interested in joining me?
  18. Mezzodiva

    Starting Date - September 1

    Greetings everyone! I am giving myself two weeks to start my reading on the books, get through my first couple weeks back into grad school, and allow my boyfriend and I time to figure out what is the best strategy for his helping me succeed as he will not be following 100% with me. I cannot wait to talk with you all and get to know you on this journey. I am extremely nervous especially knowing the accountability that it takes to do this as it is intended. Heres to the beginning of a healthy relationship with myself and food!
  19. Allstarbatgirl

    First Whole30 starts July 12th!

    Hi, Everyone. Like the title states i'll be starting my first Whole30 on July 12th. This is exactly 40 days before I go on vacation with my husband's family for a week, so it seems like the perfect time to start even though a bit of me doesn't like starting at the beginning of a new week. A little about me: I've decided to start Whole30 after starting crossfit at the beginning of June. I've really enjoyed the classes and want to get the most out of my performance. Starting Whole30 seemed like the better choice than just starting Paleo since I knew I would just eat Paleo compliant treats. On top of that I have PCOS and am insulin resistant, plus I have a history of feeling sluggish (which doctors have not been able to figure out why). My hope is to be able to eat better and be able to sustain a healthier relationship with food. Last year I lost 30lbs on Weight Watchers - first time losing in forever, but the program is not sustainable for me long term. I didn't want to constantly think about numbers whenever I went to eat something. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and going through our journeys together. Here's to us!
  20. Hi! I am going to to start the program this Saturday after I go to the grocery store tomorrow and am very excited but nervous. I am a photographer and I shot a wedding last weekend for a friend of mine. He was the one who told me about the program. I didn't think too much about it until I saw some of the photos of myself. I am not doing this program just to lose weight, in fact it's more about adapting better lifestyle choices for the long haul. However, I am much more overweight than I would like to be. I've never had good willpower when it came to food. I am worried about not being able to stay strong and resist temptations and about my friends not supporting me during this. They aren't bad friends, but they like to drink and go out and these are going to be temptations for me. However, I have also read a lot of these are there are so many women on here who are also mothers doing this. First of all, I want to high five you (through the internet). I believe being a mother is one of the hardest things, being a father as well, don't mean to leave the dudes out. I am single with no kids so I don't have to worry about making meals for everyone or be tempted by what others keep in the house. So I guess I have a leg up on some people there. But I feel for years I have let my eating and weight get in the way of me enjoying my life, finding happiness, finding a guy to share my life with. I suffer from mild depression and anxiety and went through some very difficult things in my past that I don't want mention. I'm just ready to stop living in the past and hurting over those things and start living and enjoying my life and loving myself. OK, I probably sound like a somewhat annoying motivational speaker or something. I'd love to make some friends on here that I can have a mutual friendship with! Help each other, motivate each other, talk about obstacles that get in our way, goals we achieve, etc. Anyway, I am excited and nervous about this and I look forward to meeting new people and changing my life!
  21. lmckids

    Start date 8/24!!

    Super excited....and anxious. Will begin this journey with my 9 yr old son who has many allergies and food sensitivities. This last year he has begun a disturbing habit of getting swiftly agitated out of nowhere and very angry. Sooooo, here we go together to finally get this allergy thing under control. He already gets allery injections 1/month for last 3 years but new symptoms keep arising. Are they food related or not? That is what we hope to find out. I have 3 children and other 2 will come along for ride since mom is the cook but I won't restrict snacks and school lunch as much. My biggest concerns are hubby who will have nothing to do with it and my sons tantrums, possible cheating, and likely defiance against the program at some point. Right now he is all in. He too is very disturbed by his anger and short temper. All in all, I am actually looking forward to it.
  22. harwinm

    Starting July 7th

    Hi. My name is Melissa, and I am 30 years old starting this. I normally don't commit myself 100 percent, but I am determined to right now. Been feeling crappy, gained and continuing to gain weight, which is not making me happy. But this is more about weight but giving up addictions to sugar, food, and that calming glass of wine at the end of the day (I am going to miss that so much!). The coffee with milk too will be hard, but I am ready. I am excited to take this on and learn from it. Welcome to all doing this journey with me, much love and support.
  23. Hi my name is Brittany and I'm starting my WHOLE30 tomorrow !!! couldn't be more excited to get in shape and feel GREAT. Ready to love and treat my body with what it deserves!
  24. Gemini 60

    Starting Today

    Hi All ~ After having followed (sort of) the ketogenic/paleo eating regimes for the past many months, and experiencing plenty of 'wagon falls,' I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and join all you Whole 30'ers out there. So the restrictiveness of the diet doesn't scare me, particularly - except for the lack of dairy (butter, in particular) and my old, fiendish friend, alcohol. I am content, knowing that this is probably the craziest time of year to begin, but am convinced that my body can't handle all the crap food and drinks much longer before it goes on an all-out strike. Being stuck at home close to the bathroom (sorry - perhaps too much TMI, there) is getting REALLY annoying, not to mention boring and depressing! So - have been to the grocery store yesterday to pick up 'normal' Whole30 staples and am off in a few minutes to the local farmer's market for all the fresh goodies they have there. Seriously - the very best broccoli and eggs I've ever tasted! A couple years ago, I would've never said that broccoli and eggs are 2 of my fave foods, but weird as it sounds, they are. Who knew?? Cheers to all!
  25. Healthy(ish)Linz

    Day 2 - My First Whole30

    Today is Day 2 of my first Whole30. Although I am very excited to start this journey, I felt a little overwhelmed with the planning and preparing aspect. The thoughts that ran through my head: "Am I buying too much food? Not enough?" "Am I going to be able to do this?" "Can I really go 30 days without alcohol?!" I feel anxious, which is normal for me when it comes to a change in routine. I am keeping a very open mind while making an effort to turn these apprehensive feelings into feelings of enthusiasm as I look forward to the positive changes to come. Right now I am feeling a little bloated, lightheaded, and I have a headache. I almost feel a little delirious as well. The silver lining is that I don't have a bad stomach ache! (I struggle with stomach issues on a regular basis.) This is what I have eaten so far today (it is about 3pm my time). It is hard for me to eat a lot at once as I typically graze throughout the day. As I want to eventually work towards eating 3 square meals a day, as the Whole30 program suggests, right now I am spreading out my meals a bit. I'm eating the amount of food suggested, just not all at one sitting. Water, Black Coffee Pre-made "Egg Muffin" made with egg, onion, bell pepper, turkey bacon, salt, pepper (about the size of 2 regular-sized muffins 1 banana 1 handful carrots Boneless, skinless chicken thighs (about 1.5), bell peppers, onions (cooked with olive oil, salt, and pepper) Please let me know if you have any tips, helpful hints, or suggestions! Thanks, Lindsey