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Found 60 results

  1. Day 6- I made a commitment to start working out again. I worked out with a trainer for a couple of years and stopped due to finances with supporting my elderly mom and commuting an hour a day to home. for the athletes/trainers out there, I plan to just start walking 30 minutes a day. Is there anything else simple I should incorporate?
  2. Mamas - can you please share how much (portion, size, frequency) of your Whole30 meals while breast-feeding? I am an active mama nursing a 10 month old. and exercise 6x per week. - I know I'm way overdoing the nuts/nut butter and fruit but it's so easy and satisfying when I at home with a busy baby! What tools or strategies do you find helped you? The typical Whole30 meal template doesn't feel reasonable. Help, please!!!!
  3. Villanovagrad

    Day 31 - Amazing results!

    It’s Day 31 and I am absolutely floored by my results! Day 1 measurements: 191.4 lbs Waist: 35” Hips: 44” Day 31 measurements: 179.0 lbs Waist: 31” Hips: 41” Honestly I knew I lost weight but I would have never imagine 12.4 lbs in 30 days!! (For reference I am 5’ 7”) I definitely had some advantages helping me - I am allergic to tree nuts so snacking on nuts and any emergency type bars were out of the question for me. I almost never snacked and kept up with my healthy fats which I think helped a lot. I worked out about 7 times throughout the 30 days - after the first week hump I worked out for the next two weeks (3 & 4 times a week for about 45 min). The last week was super busy and I was getting sick so I was slacking. I can only imagine how much more I would have lost! I am absolutely amazed by my results, not just weight loss but my energy, mood and the sleep is awesome. I will definitely be continuing my journey!
  4. Hey guys! I'm about to start my first ever whole 30 on Tuesday! I'm super excited and anxious! I've never done anything like this before so I'm very hopeful! Ok so, I haven't been exercising lately and I've never done it routinely. I want to start finally though! I'm worried that I might like...overdue it and freak my body out by doing both of these huge changes at once! I was thinking for the first 10 days that maybe I would just go really light on the exercise? What do you guys think? Also if my exercise is planned on being light should my pre-workout food be fairly small? And if I do it first thing in the am, would it be ok for my post workout to just be my breakfast too? Or should I do a post workout meal and then do breakfast like..30 min..or an HR later? I won't always have enough time in the am to do this I think....idk..I'm probably just over thinking this whole thing. But if anyone has any advice or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  5. Hi! The program says the pre and post workout meal cannot replace the breakfast, but what about if the workout is the first thing in the morning? In my case I wake up at 6 am and I have a 30 minute session of exercising at home [A non-equipment routine of jumping jacks + running in place + blurpees + lunges + abdominals + squads + push-ups + body extension] before having breakfast, take a shower and leaving to work. What is an ideal snack that I could have in order to get some energy for the workout and then be able to have a full breakfast in the morning? So far I've been having a small meal like: Orange juice + chicken/egg (protein) + avocado + few nuts (sometimes a banana) therefore, my post-workout meal is my breakfast, what can I have then? I appreciate any advice THANKS!
  6. I've been playing sports and working out for most of my life (I'm 26 and in pretty good shape). I've always had low blood pressure and my blood sugar fluctuates a lot, but there's nothing actually wrong with me. If I workout in the morning either on an empty stomach or with a snack before I feel fine. But, anytime I workout at night -- easy exercise or hard exercise -- I feel nauseous and weak about 30 minutes afterwards. It doesn't go away unless I go to sleep or eat a simple carb like toast and jelly and a rice krispy. Then I feel better. I've tried eating hard boiled eggs and turkey and guacamole based on Whole30 recommendations and it does not work. Does anyone else have this problem? I've had it for years but doctors never find anything wrong with me. Some days I can't make it to the gym in the morning so this frustrates me. Thanks.
  7. About the first 12 days I was exhausted, and definitely felt like I was hungover and detoxing. Had very low energy. After day 12 I started having a lot more energy. I started doing more around my house, more errands, and have more energy at work. It's like my mind is hyper focused. But I've had so much mental and emotional energy that I haven't wanted to start working out again. I worked out before w30. I also had a lot of insomnia. And now I'm enjoying the good nutrition and being able to sleep. I think exercise is going to have to wait until I can/want to focus on workouts. I'm on days 18, but extending at least a couple of days because I was taking a non-compliant vit d3 with glycerin for the first 2 days. Oh, and I have Hashimoto's and psoriasis (autoimmune disorders). Now zzzzzz
  8. Hey y'all! Started my whole30 journey a couple weeks ago and completely fell off this past weekend on the ski slopes due to not enough meal prep (so i thought 3 lettuce wraps would be enough for a lunch day 1 skiing... woops, Day 2 deliriously hungry/needed carbs.. ordered french fries. Ski lodge cafes are the worst for Whole30). I'm fairly athletic (usually do 1 or 2 weightlifting classes and 2-3 yoga classes a week, sometimes sub weight lifting with solidcore) and have a daily bike to/from work which involves a 2.7 mile ride (~20 mins) each way. Been eating a decent breakfast (usually 1 egg plus some egg whites with 1/2 sweet or white potato and a serving of fruit like blackberries or a banana around 8am) during the first few weeks of Whole30. I felt great, a lot of joint pain I had has started to subside. Now as I reset to try and power through an entire 30 day cycle, I'm wondering what the guidance is because during the first 2 weeks, after I would get to work usually around 1030/11 I started to get SUPER HUNGRY. Lunch/dinner time workouts were fine because I would eat directly following the exercise. But does Whole30 count a 20 min bike ride in as an exercise? There are varying hills both ways, and I stay in the top 2 gears so I usually have a little sweat by the time I arrive. What are your recommendations?? AND WHY AM I SO HUNGRY?** **prior to Whole30 I was a classic grazer/snacker... which had gotten a little out of control over the past year, I started Whole30 to try and address some of my health issues (joint/chronic shoulder pain) and get the snack dragons under control. Thanks for any advice/guidance you all might have! -Natalie
  9. I finished my first Whole30 a couple days ago. My background - I am a 50ish year old 5'4" woman who had my children in my 40s. I work out/run regularly and already ate gluten free and almost never ate processed foods nor sweets. I don't drink milk or use artificial sweeteners and already like my coffee black so Whole30 was not a terribly hard leap. My indulgences that I had to give up for the month were wine, cheese, and gluten-free snacking on eliminated foods like hummus and rice crackers, or corn tortilla chips. And of course the overeating that comes with mindlessly nibbling on the kids' food as I prepare it or clean up. Post children and hitting menopause had contributed to my gaining some weight. I started the Whole30 at 140lbs but my "perfect" pre-children weight was 120-125. I also have had some inflammatory issues and eczema and just generally felt run down. I decided to do the Whole30 to force myself to give up wine for a month so my "diet" to lose weight would be healthier and also to test the elimination of food triggers that might be causing me to not feel my best. It turned out to be painless to adhere to the Whole30 as long as I cooked at home since it wasn't that different than how I ate before (except for that wine and cheese and mindless snacking)! I pretty much avoided restaurants for the month since the few times I ordered out on the Whole30, the food and experience was not nearly as good as what I could make at home. On the Whole30, I noticed an immediate improvement with inflammation and my eczema went away. I had energy and a good mood the whole time. Feeling better allowed my runs to get longer as I trained for a half marathon, which also probably contributed to my losing weight. I was very happy to lose 11 lbs in 30 days. Although I would note that I never introduced things like Whole30 compliant bacon because I usually wouldn't eat those things in the first place, so my Whole30 diet was mostly wholesome - eggs, chicken, pork, seafood, tons of roasted veggies, kale, big salads, and lots of good fats like avocados, olive oil, small amounts of nuts, and a few bananas but not much fruit otherwise. I found that subbing out things like a vinegar pepper hot sauce for sriracha, and coconut aminos for tamari were easy fixes that I plan to mostly stick with at home going forward. I look forward to a mindful reintroduction of foods so I can continue to lose weight and figure out what foods I should avoid or limit in the future!
  10. Puckertoe

    Day 6. hard work

    I on day 6 of my 3rd W30 and just returned from a mountain bike ride. had to walk the steeper bit as my legs decided they didnt want to ride. muscles were screaming, and now after 10 miles and home i feel like Iv'e ridden to the top of Everest. Any one else found this just a phase? have been eating masses of carbs, fats, protein. In fact much more than usual.
  11. I'm in a pretty intense outdoor exercise class that does cardio and weight training and meets Monday-Thursday 6:30 pm-7:30 pm. I get home from work around 5:20 pm and I'm usually very hungry as I haven't eaten since noon but I can't eat a complete meal cause I have to workout an hour later and that would be very uncomfortable. So I've been having a mini-meal usually made up of 2 eggs with veggies (onions, mushrooms) and a small piece of sweet potato or plantain or I just serve out my entire Whole30 dinner and eat half before working out and half after. I leave at 6 pm for class and usually return by 8 pm. There's no way for me to have a post-workout meal followed by dinner at that hour. Esp as I go to bed by 10 pm. I usually just have the remaining half of dinner or i have more eggs with a bit of carb (usually plantains or sweet potatoes) with slices of cucumber and tomatoes with a fair bit of salt and black pepper (after working out is the only time I crave salt). I know none of these are ideal but I can't figure out how to eat pre-workout and post-workout meals AND dinner. Seems like a lot of food right before bed.
  12. I'm in an exercise class that meets 4 days a week and does pretty intense sessions and some part of my body invariably cramps at some point but last night it was the worse ever. my NECK was cramping! I didn't even know that was possible. My trainer suggested that I might not be getting enough salt. How do I know if I am? I have never been a huge salt person but I do use salt in every meal - on eggs, in the food that I cook etc. I don't ever crave salt though and I'm not attracted to salty food. I don't want to add more salt if salt is not the problem (my family has a history of hypertension) but how do I know if I'm getting enough?? p.s. I'm drinking usually about 3 liters of water a day and I'm about 260 lbs. I pee all the time so I don't think I'm dehydrated but maybe salt isn't the problem but water is? Ahhh!!! *headdesk*
  13. TryingOver

    I went to the gym today!

    I started Whole30 because I've been battling severe fatigue for many months now and my doctor ruled out most physiological causes. We were at the point where my doctor informed me that my diagnosis was likely going to be chronic fatigue syndrome and since (due to other medical issues) I can't take the medications for CFS I would have to see a psychiatrist. My fatigue was extreme. I woke up, pulled on clothes, went to work (no breakfast or a meal shake because I didn't have the energy to cook), worked (because I'm the sole source of income and have no choice), got home and climbed into bed. Lunch was either a meal shake or a sandwich from a deli by my office (again, no energy to cook or pack a lunch) and I would eat dinner in bed (whatever my husband cooked or ordered). On the weekends, I wouldn't get out of bed. Without my two day rests on the weekend I don't think I could have gone to work during the week. I had tried eating healthfully and starting exercise programs, but the fatigue was too extreme. I'm still fighting fatigue and am nowhere near my energy levels before the fatigue started, but today, day 20, (where three weeks ago I would have spent the whole day in bed), I went to the gym and swam laps for 45 minutes. I am sore and tired, but this is a huge NSV for me. This is my first exercise other than walking when required in months.
  14. Hi All, Looking for some thoughts/advice about my morning through lunch time routine. I walk about 2.5 miles to work most mornings, which takes 50-60 minutes. Mind you, I am in my work clothes, but do have sneakers on, so it is somewhere between real exercise and leisurely walking. I eat breakfast around 7:15 and lunch between noon and 12:30. The problem is that I often get hungry around 10:30 or 11:00. Eating more breakfast is difficult for me, as it makes me feel weighed down and heavy. Is this a situation where a PWO meal may be appropriate when I get to work? This mid-morning hunger does not always happen, so I am not sure if I want to have anything after the walk if I do not need it. If I get hungry at 11, I usually just suck it up at wait for lunch. Between breakfast and lunch I usually consume 36-48 oz of water. Normal Breakfast: coffee with coconut cream/milk 3 egg scramble with 1-2 cup veggies (usually a mix of peppers, onions and a green such as spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts) 1/4 avocado or homemade mayo Thanks for you input!
  15. Whole30 4me!

    Starting May 16th

    Looking forward to a successful 30 day journey. Feeling excited, motivated and open to any coaching, tips, tricks anybody wants to share with me. MEAL PLAN - WEEK ONE Water goal: 64 ounces daily Exercise goal: 30 minutes walking (4 days a week) Monday, May 16th: Breakfast: Southwest Scramble, salsa, avocado, spinach & a side of raspberries. Decaf coffee black Lunch: Grilled Burger & Greek Salad on bed of greens Dinner: Grilled Chicken, green beans w/clarified butter Tuesday, May 17th: Breakfast: Diner Breakfast - eggs, sausage and home fries. Decaf coffee black Lunch: Protein Salad - egg, celery, onion, slivered almonds on a bed of spinach Dinner: Balsamic Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chicken Apple Sausage Wednesday, May 18th: Breakfast: Protein Salad (leftovers). Decaf coffee black Lunch: El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant - Lunch out - green salad w/oil & vinegar, grilled chicken breast, pico de gallo Dinner: Balsamic Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chicken Apple Sausage Actual results may vary - I will keep you posted!
  16. Hey everyone! My name is Shelby--this is my second whole30! Going into my second one, I am seeing a few of the same annoyances I experienced before and I'm not sure why. Most of my questions have to do with exercise and sleep. My last whole30 was from Jan 2-Jan 31 2016. I didn't try to work out that much while doing it. After about 3 weeks, I went to the gym with a friend at 6 AM. We did the stepper for 15 minutes, and then used some machines for arms. At one point, I started to feel light headed like I was going to throw up. I never did, but I had that dizzy, light-headed, cold sweat (sorry if TMI) feeling for 5-10 mins. After that I decided not to work out until I ate grains again. Also during my first whole30, I never slept the entire night. I feel like I woke up around 3 AM almost every morning. When I was done my whole30, I didn't really stick to a strict reintroduction phase since I've never struggled with food allergies before--or at least, food never treated me badly. When I reintroduced everything I was finally sleeping better and could go to the gym without having that terrible feeling. I consistently go to the gym for an hour 3 times a week. I decided to do my second whole30 starting this past Monday, March 21st. I'm on day 3 and I went to my normal TRX class this morning and noticed I felt more shakey, but thought it was way too early for my body to be reacting to whole30 changes that way. Long story short, I almost passed out in the locker room after the class. I also woke up this morning at 3:30 AM...I haven't done that since my last whole30. I try to go to bed around 9:30-10 PM since I typically have to wake up around 5:30 AM every morning for work/gym purposes. If it helps---I'm 24 years old, 130 lbs and 5'5" I want to stick with my whole30 this month but I really need to know if this is at all "normal." Honestly, it makes me feel a little worried since I never felt very energized during my last one. I had more mental victories during my last one. Currently after the pass out scare I feel absolutely fine! Thoughts? Suggestions? Is Whole30 really for me? It would all be welcomed
  17. I am used to working out with a trainer 3 times per week with circuit training of at least a moderate to high level. The workouts are tiring, but I always get through them. I am currently on day 9, and my past two workouts have left me exhausted to the point I have had to sit down and rest during the workouts--not usual for me at all. Also, I have noticed just a general lack of energy over the past 5 days of the program. My trainer likes the idea of my new healthy eating, but she does not agree with such a lack of carbohydrates-especially on days that I am working out. Any ideas on why I am feeling so tired, and also, what I should do on my work out days to boost my energy level to get through these workouts without exhaustion? I keep waiting for the tiger blood, but I think I have sloth blood at the moment.
  18. Hi, I finished my first whole30, which I am extremely proud of. Previously I have always had a major sweet tooth and couldn't fathom living without sugar. But luckily the sugar cravings stopped after the first week. I understand that my results after completing the whole30 should not be about weight, but I am 5'-9" and weight the same (202 lbs) as when I started. I have felt clear headed and good while on the whole30, so I can't complain. But because of not seeing any weight go down, I am conflicted with the decision I have ahead of myself...Start to reintroduce other foods or continue the Whole30??? I made the mistake of reading the book, "It starts with Food", while doing the whole30 instead of before. So I discovered things I wasn't suppose to do after I had already done them, i.e. having a glass of orange juice, eating too large of portions of cashews, etc. I personally didn't think that I had to start over, since these are technically allowed. I tried to stop doing these things, like only putting a splash of OJ in my sparkling water to give a fun drink with my breakfast. I'll admit, I think cashews saved me in many situations, when I am not near good food, but I wonder if by over doing it with cashews could have sabotaged any weightless results. I am sure I ate an entire package (10 oz) of cashews for about 5 days but most other times only half that. On a typical day I would have: Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with (2) tablespoons of coconut milk, half an avocado, 1/4 cup fresh salsa, and a cup of black tea. Snack: Only if I know I will have a late lunch (banana or cashews) Lunch: Protein salad (tuna or chicken) with homemade mayo, (12) cashews or almonds chopped, green onions or scallions, 6-8 grapes chopped, all on a bed of greens. Or I would have leftovers from the previous night (homemade meat tomato sauce with zucchini and summer squash noodles). Dinner: Typically a whole30 recipe (Pot roast, chili, etc) or I would have chicken with a whole30 approved sauce from which I deglazed the pan from, asparagus, 3/4 c. mashed sweet potato, and berries (small handful of blueberries, grapes or rasberries) Personally I felt good about the portions for Lunch and Dinner. I noticed I would purposely not fill the bowl, because I knew it would satisfy me. Where in the past, I would definitely overdo it and then end up being full. Only once or twice I filled the bowl full because the portions wouldn't have been enough for another meal and I could tell afterwards that it was too much food or I ended up just tossing it out. I wonder if my lack of weight loss mainly had to do with the fact that I didn't do a good job at exercising. I rarely exercised. Dedicating myself to the whole30 took a lot of my effort and yes it is easier now, so maybe I continue, but focus on incorporating exercise into my daily routine will help. Any suggestions on what my next step should be or tips on how to be more successful would be appreciated!
  19. jcoken

    I'm Back in Saddle Again

    In March of 2014 I had major foot surgery. Thankfully I went into the surgery in the best shape I'd been in in over a decade because I was not prepared for the pain and the very long route of physical therapy.. I'm an avid cyclist and I nearly missed the season that summer because I was in so much pain. I was happy to complete a few rides. That August I turned 50 and began to suffer from symptoms of menopause (sorry guys) predominately a weight gain of 15 pounds around my middle I could not lose no matter how hard I tried. That, coupled with knee and hip pain even though my foot had healed left me really unable to exercise the way I used to - weekly spin classes, crossfit, etc. Finally this past April all of my issues were pretty much solved and I began to the hit gym again and ride 50 or more miles on my bike on the weekend. BUT even thought I was exercising regularly I still couldn't lose that weight. I could tell I was toning my body but I was bloated and uncomfortable. I had never had a belly in my life (small waist with curvy hips) and now I did. I just felt like my body wasn't my own. A month ago my company sent out a notice that if we wanted to join Weight Watchers they'd pay half. So I did. In the first few weeks I lost four pounds. It was the first time I'd lost weight in over a year and a half. BUT still I could tell something was wrong because I still felt terrible. The day after my 51st birthday I decided to get my blood tested to check for thyroid and hormone levels. There had to be a medical explanation for this weight gain right? WRONG! I talked to my Doctor on Day Three of the Whole 30 and he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me medically. Well thank goodness I started Whole30. I'm now on Day 11 and cannot believe the change. I have more energy. I'm no longer craving sweets. I looked at the Unsweetneed Almond Milk I'd use each day for my morning smoothie and realized it had all kinds of preservatives and carrageen so I switched to coconut water. The most important part? I feel like I am back in my body. I'm losing my belly. I no longer feel bloated, tired and achy. I am making sure to sleep eight hours a night AND I am exercising like I used to. There has to be some substance(s) that i am allergic to because I feel so great. While i know the Whole30 isn't about weight loss, I am looking forward to seeing the scale at the end. I don't plan on going back to my former eating habits. I am allergic to diary and gluten so do not eat those on a regular basis anyway. I think the key here for me is getting rid of eating all the gluten free substitutes that were other grain based and the sugar and sugar substitutes I was using. I have to admit though I am looking forward to a glass of wine but we'll see. I am ecstatic at this point. I'm only Day 11 but each day I feel better and better, which gives me motivation to keep going. I'm also so happy for your emails because without them I wouldn't have gotten through that first horrible week. Thanks Whole30 for giving me my self-esteem and confidence back. Can't wait to see where I am by the end of the program.
  20. LancerLott

    Whole60 Progress/Update

    I haven't been here in a long time, but I'm about to start another Whole30, so I'll post about my first one, which was in fact, a Whole60. Weight: I ended my Whole60 on March 19th. I lost 18.3 lbs. then, and I felt alot better. I had more energy and I didn't reintroduce everything. I started exercising and kepy on feeling good and I lost even more weight- another 5.8 lbs. (in July), putting me at my lowest weight since my 20's. Foods: Since then, I eventually added back some foods that add unwanted weight onto my body, and I slid down that sugar slope again. I didn't put sugar in my coffee or add any sugar to anything more than twice a month. I dropped fruit out entirely, save for some raisins in curry and some berries on occasion. I did end up having a treat at night, quite regularly, that contains sugar in it, and I've also been drinking more mixed drinks than I'd like to. I believe that these factors, along with reintroducing some grains (gluten-free, non-GMO, but still grains) have contributed to my recent weight gain -8.4 lbs. packed back on since July. Health: I recently had my cholesterol levels checked, and my bad cholesterol went up a bit from December. My triglycerides are steadily coming down, though, and my good cholesterol is up a bit. My bad to good ratio improved a bit as well. Blood sugar, liver, and kidneys all good. All blood cells good. New Goals: I don't want to be put on statins, and also, losing more weight will also help my bad cholesterol, so I'm going to do a Whole30 again; this time, I'm going to try to use only coconut oil, no bacon at all (even the sugar free kind), and to also incorporate more fish. I'll be coming here from time to time to see what others are doing that I might like to do as well. My husband will also be doing this with me, because, he hasn't gained weight at all, but he has had other ill health effects from going off-plan. He feels lethargic, has more aches and pains, and has been breaking out on his face and chest.
  21. I’m on day 9 of my first Whole30. The pre- and post-workout meals seem like too much for me. What do I need, really? If I run a couple of miles at about 70 to 80 percent intensity, or if I do an hour long PiYo class, again, heart rate def. not at the max, do I need that protein at post wo? Is that protein sugg only for people who are lifting, or is it for ANY exercise? What about walking? If I do an hour of walking, where my heart rate is elevated but certainly not max, do I need the post wo protein?
  22. Hi friends! My husband and I are starting our first Whole30 on April 1st and we've been planning a lot, but there's one area I need some help in. We normally do a small protein shake post-workout to recover & replenish, so I'm having a hard time figuring out some real food options for post-workout snacks. I know they are supposed to be protein + carb, but I was wondering if I could get some examples from you lovely people on what your go-to post-workout snacks are for recovery! We do CrossFit, so any of my fellow WOD-lovers, feel free to weigh in
  23. Greetings All, I am on day 24 of my W30 & need some advice. I am working on a writing project which requires a lot of sitting. To exercise I get up every so often and do swings, cleans, squats etc. For example, after writing an hour and a half I get up and do 25-30 swings and then I return to my work throughout the day. Sometimes I'll do a set of three. How do I account for this style of exercise in terms of my pre /post work out meals? Thanks! KW
  24. Hello everyone, I'm on the verge of giving this up, so I thought I'd give the forums a shot first. I am on day 13 of my first whole 30 - I am constantly exhausted and have no energy, especially for workouts. I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as kickboxing, and my jiu jitsu has felt AWFUL since I started whole 30, not to mention I about passed out in the middle of a kickboxing session the other day. I am slow, sluggish, and all my muscles feel constantly like jello! I even get burning in my quads walking up the stairs - not normal at all for someone who is used to training jiu jitsu with people twice my size. I started whole 30 to 1) stop mindless eating (great changes there) and 2) feel stronger and faster for jiu jitsu. I expected this during the first week or so but still at day 13? What am I doing wrong!? Here's my menu for today just as an example: Breakfast: 2 eggs and an egg white scrambled with spinach and other veggies I have in the fridge, 2 slices of bacon, melon, and black coffee. Eggs and bacon were cooked in coconut oil and I had a handful of pecans for some extra fat. Lunch: A salad made with lots of mixed greens, a fist and a half size portion of leftover grilled chicken, a whole avocado, random veggies and compliant dressing. Also had an apple. Snack of some tuna salad and avocado. I know snacking isn't ideal but I'm always STARVING even if I eat huge meals. Dinner: I plan on having steaks with steamed veggies and a sweet potato. Fat will be some homemade mayo with the steak and a bit of ghee on the sweet potato. Today I didn't workout (too tired) so no pre or post workout food. Usually my jiu jitsu classes are in the late afternoon/early evening, so I have a hardboiled egg and handful of nuts before I train, and have dinner immediately when I get home. So technically no post-workout meal - there just isn't enough time for both that and dinner before bed. I added in more fruit the past few days hoping that would help (two servings a day, experimenting with when to have it but always with a meal, never in between). Anyone have any advice? Sorry for the long post!! Samantha
  25. I m having one of those days when I just cannot satisfy my hunger. Im constantly craving sugar. Im tired. I cannot get from one meal to the next without snacking. All I can think about is food. Im on day 9 by the way. I didnt eat enough last night, went to bed hungry. Exercised this morning, fairly intense kettlebells workout and I just cannot seem to satisfy my hunger. Ive eaten way more than I usually do but stuck to Whole30 approved. I know im not really hungry, its more a craving but its driving me crazy!! What should I do? Should I just feed it but the right things or try to ignore it? What should I have done to avoid this?