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Found 6 results

  1. SierraLWOlsen

    Exhausted On my Period

    So I've been doing great on the whole30 so far, by the end of last week my energy has been up, and my mood has been better among other things. I'm on day 14 and I started my period yesterday and today I am EXHAUSTED and Hungry. Just want to lay in bed, I'm physically weak and I just don't feel satiated. Should I be doing something different while I'm on my period?
  2. This is my third attempt with whole30. I'm way further than I've ever been. I think it's helped this time that I had already eliminated grains and sugar. Let's back up to the previous days. Day 2 was the headache. Around day 5-12, I felt so amazing. Woke up spritely and ready for the world. Saturday (day 12), I got up at 4am and started house work and cleaning garage. We worked in the yard in the heat and humidity for hours. I ate plenty and stayed hydrated. Around 3, I hit a wall. I couldn't function or think and could barely stand. It's days later and still feel completely exhausted and broken. I've since upped my fruit and potato intake thinking that the carb depletion had me feeling so terrible. But now I'm just out of ideas. I've even started snacking more to try and bring myself back to the tiger blood. Please tell me what I need to do. I'm hanging by a thread.
  3. Hello, I am a ballet dancers training for about 5-6 hours a day without breaks and I am really struggling with my energy levels about 1-2 hours in. My energy is hindering my dancing the the point where I have a hard time focusing my mind, eyes (when in class), or just controlling my body. I was wondering if there are any recommendations you can make to someone with my age (late teens) and activity level. Would it help if ate more carbs, protein, or just more in general?
  4. One more question, I have given up coffee, and while I have noticed some good results I am so exhausted. I think this may be because I have had to eliminate nightshades, as well as several other kinds of veggies, and my carbs are very low. Could low carbs be accounting for my exhaustion? Would you recommend adding sweet potatoes in? Thanks!
  5. I am used to working out with a trainer 3 times per week with circuit training of at least a moderate to high level. The workouts are tiring, but I always get through them. I am currently on day 9, and my past two workouts have left me exhausted to the point I have had to sit down and rest during the workouts--not usual for me at all. Also, I have noticed just a general lack of energy over the past 5 days of the program. My trainer likes the idea of my new healthy eating, but she does not agree with such a lack of carbohydrates-especially on days that I am working out. Any ideas on why I am feeling so tired, and also, what I should do on my work out days to boost my energy level to get through these workouts without exhaustion? I keep waiting for the tiger blood, but I think I have sloth blood at the moment.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm on Day 17 of my second Whole30, and feeling really frustrated with my progress. On my first Whole30 I was really bad about snacking, eating tons of fruit, and a ridiculous amount of nut butter, so I have tried to be conscious not only of the rules but of the guidelines this time around. I feel like I've been doing pretty well in terms of what I'm eating, but I feel awful. I'm tired all the time, my joint pain is worse than ever, and I'm still having daily headaches (I was hoping the W30 would help with the headaches). I do have fibromyalgia, migraines, and depression, so none of this is exactly new and different, but I really saw good results by this point last time and I'm so frustrated that it somehow seems worse this time around. I have a doctor's appointment this week for the headaches, but it would be nice to get some feedback on what I could be doing differently. Here's my food log for the last few days: Sunday Pre-WO - 1 hard boiled egg + a (very small) handful of walnuts Post-WO - Shredded sweet potato and zucchini fritter (about the size of my palm) M1 - roasted brussel sprouts (2 cups) with 4 oz. chicken apple sausage and 1 egg M2 - Palm-sized chicken breast with steamed green beans (2 cups) M3 - Carne asada (a little larger than palm-sized portion) with 2 cups of salad greens (arugula, spinach, and kale), salsa, and guacamole Monday Pre-WO - 1 hard boiled egg + a (very small) handful of walnuts Post-WO - Shredded sweet potato and zucchini fritter (about the size of my palm) M1 - roasted brussel sprouts (2 cups) with 4 oz. chicken apple sausage and 1 egg M2 - leftover carne asada with salad greens, salsa, and guacamole (same portions as last night) M3 - Steamed mussels (10 or so) with roasted zucchini and mushrooms (about 1.5 cups) Tuesday Pre-WO - 1 hard boiled egg + a (very small) handful of walnuts Post-WO - Shredded sweet potato and zucchini fritter (about the size of my palm) M1 - roasted brussel sprouts (2 cups) with 4 oz. chicken apple sausage and 1 egg, 1/2 C strawberries and blueberries M2 - Paleo meatballs (equal to a little over palm-sized) with W30 approved marinara sauce and 2 C salad greens, about 1/2 C of carrots M3 - Chicken apple sausage (4 oz) with cauliflower mash (1 C) topped with a tablespoon of coconut oil Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!