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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I was eating what I considered a fairly healthy diet before whole 30. Bread + Pasta were defineitly my weakness though and a bit of a sweet tooth. I am 27y / 103lb / active (workout atleast 2x a week) and walk about 15k steps per day. On the whole 30 program i find my self feeling extremely fatigued (though I feel I’m eating more than before) with muscle pain and a total lack of interest in working out, i just want to go home and lay down after work. A typical food day: breakfast: 1/2 sweet potato, two eggs cooked in coconut oil or ghee, spinach sautéed, 1 avocado. Black coffee (my breakfasts all contain a mix of these ingredients served different ways) with the occasional addition of a banana who almond butter or cooked apples) Lunch: soup (2cups) containing (carrot, sweet potato, russet potato, celery, sausage, collard greens + spinach) plus one piece of fruit (peach, banana, cherries with almond butter) seltzer / regular water dinner: collard wraps (2) with spicy ground turkey, peppers, carrots, cucumber, purple+green cabbage. Seltzer / regular water Or zoodles with ground turkey + compliant marinara and a vegetable (cauliflower) But generally some form of veggie+ meat mix. Im just unsure why I’m feeling so sluggish and unmotivated! uploaded a bunch of my meals for size reference
  2. whydidIdothistomyself

    Forgive Me Forum, For I Have Sinned.

    Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned. In the name of the hard-boiled eggs, and of the broccoli, and of the seltzer. My last confession was . . . ok, this is my first confession. This is my first Whole30 and I am 6 days in. I don’t know how to bring this up tactfully, but I am fraught with sinful thoughts. There’s this – there’s this thing. I am weak. I am jealous. I am lustful. I knew a day, not so long ago, where I could turn to a special somebody in times of celebration, in times of sorrow, and in the minutia of everyday life, but I had to turn him away. Some relationships are too passionate to ever be tamed. Even though I don’t come home to him saying hi to me from our dining room table, I feel like I can still hear him calling my name. It’s not that I don’t love him anymore. Our lives, our love is inextricably bound. While I haven’t called him since starting Whole30, I think about him when I pull the covers up over my shoulders when I first wake up. I think about him when I’m furiously writing down last-minute notes before my Contracts class. I think about him when I’m pressing the lock button on my car keys when I can’t remember which floor of the parking garage I parked on. I made a resolute promise to myself and to my friends that I wouldn’t even look him in the eye during this whole process, much less touch him. With each passing minute, I can see the embers getting closer to catching the wind and starting a wildfire, a fire beyond anyone’s control. The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the closer I can feel myself lunging to him. How can I not think of him? He is smooth. He is robust. He is creamy. He is in the deli counter at Kroger. He’s goat cheese. I love you, goat cheese. I can’t be with you now, but in 24 days, we’ll be together again! I love our love, I don’t care what anyone says! These are my impure thoughts. I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life We give thanks to the Forum for She is good. For Her mercy endures forever.
  3. I didn't get a response in the thread I commented in so I'll start a new one. I'm discouraged and frustrated. I'm on day 21 and the bloating and gas are awful. My clothes were fitting looser for a while, but now they are actually tighter. No tiger blood of any kind -- just exhaustion. I need more sleep not less. I feel horrible in the mornings and exhausted all day and I'm struggling to keep up with anything. The amount of time and energy I'm spending on food is just not doable for such disappointing results. I'm 42, have 11 children (10 still at home including a nursing baby.) I stopped really working out or playing sports after baby #7, and we homeschool so it's just gotten busier from there. I drink a lot of water all day, but don't keep track of exactly how much. I get as much sleep as I can but I've not gotten a full night's sleep in decades with this brood I have always been able to do well with limited sleep -- until whole30 it seems. I'm sure I could be told to get more sleep, but that's not always an option. I need a diet that will sustain me in my life rather than requiring me to make unreasonable changes so I can sustain it, if that makes sense. I always ate relatively healthy before (whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies) but I rarely ate meat and I did eat too much sugar and baked goods (I make AWESOME chocolate chip cookies and bread, sigh) so I've been glad to reboot and get rid of the sugar. The painful and horrible smelling gas and bloating combined with the utter lack of energy are making me miserable. I would be willing to stick through that if there were other gains, but the complete lack of weight loss (and what feels like a bit of weight gain, UGH!) is beyond depressing and making me lose hope that this is the right diet for me... A few typical meals Meal 1: Fritata with TONS of veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, etc) served with an avocado and sometimes some compliant sausage. Meal 2: Giant cobb or taco salad. Tons of spring mix with various veggies and mango or other fruit slices. with balsamic and olive oil. Meal 3: Roast beef with onions, carrots, rutabega mashed potatoes prepared with plenty of oil and spices (whole30 compliant) and a few drinks of coconut almond milk. Meal 1: Super veggie Fritata with leftover shrimp or salmon and a baked sweet potato slathered in cinnamon coconut oil. Meal 2: Twice fried plantains (deep fried in coconut oil) with pico de gallo, leftover steak, celery sticks with a bit of almond butter and a few raisins and coconut Meal 3: Grilled Salmon salad. Tons of veggies and spring mix with Salmon and oil/vinegar. I've also used celery with a bit of almond butter and coconut and maybe a hard boiled egg as a small snack when necessary. And I've drunk some coconut almond milk when I felt I needed it (nursing mom.) Any help would be appreciated. I'm 5'10" and weigh probably around 175-180 -- size 14 -- and not losing baby weight like I used to. I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds, preferably 30 and two or three pants sizes. I would gladly settle for 10 pounds or so and one pants size on this go round.
  4. R1D13 - Besides a girl scout cookie habit and pizza most Friday nights, I have always been a relatively healthy eater. I have a low BMI and work out 4 - 5 times/week. I decided to try Whole 30 because I've felt sluggish lately and wanted to feel the "tiger blood" feeling I've read about. I did have a physical first, and the only thing that came up was a B12 deficiency, so I've been on a supplement for months. Since about day 3, I am MORE tired that I have ever been. I actually had to lay down on the slopes yesterday in the middle of a ski day...not because I was hungover - obviously (ha!) I'm following the book to a T, other than no snacking. I will have some fruit/nuts mid afternoon with a shot of espresso, just to try to make it through the day. Is there light at the end of this tunnel?
  5. So I’m on my third ever round of Whole30 and have to say, it has been the easiest yet and really the smoothest. I’ve not struggled with cravings as much and finally understand SWYPO fully, so actually following all the rules this time. I have noticed that I’m sleeping much better overall—I typically struggle with major insomnia and wake up constantly throughout the night and that has been way less frequent—but the mornings have been rough. Bearing in mind, I have a very abnormal schedule because I’m self employed/freelance classical musician, so no 9-5..Most days I teach late and get home late and then often dinner is 9, 10 pm, and I may be meal prepping well into the night... It’s felt just about impossible to get up these past few mornings (it was a busy week for sure, but today was calmer and I let myself sleep in and found myself still exhausted at 10 am and ended up sleeping until noon). I’ve been trying to figure out if my sleepiness is just from an unexpected busy week, or something else. It’s really only the getting out of bed part that’s been rough...after breakfast my energy and focus levels have been way higher throughout the day. Yesterday, day 15, felt like I had gotten to tiger blood stage once I was out and about, but one of the most exhausting mornings I can recall in ages. It’s just strange to me since I’ve been sleeping so well! Not always getting 7 hours of sleep, but definitely way better quality than I have in a very long time.
  6. So I am coming up on the end of my 3rd week of my first round of Whole30. I know that there is a patch where you will have an energy drain in the beginning, but I'm wondering how long that lasts? I've had an issue with being overwhelmingly tired where I could sleep 12 - 14 hours at a time, longer if I let myself. After a battery of tests which all came back negative, the cause of the extreme sleep is unknown. This was one of the reasons I turned to Whole30, wondering if what I was eating at that time was the cause. I will say, that since the first week, even though I am so tired I could sleep for 12 hours, when I'm awake, I am awake. I don't have the fog, or disconnected feeling I would frequently get which I think is a huge improvement. I'm just curious if the lack of energy could continue for the whole 30 (no pun intended) days? Typically, my breakfast is 2 hard boiled eggs, a mix of carrots/mushrooms/onions and fruit (an apple, orange, pear, mango or banana). Lunch could be chicken breast/lean beef/lean turkey cooked with onions green peppers and mushrooms, and fruit. With dinner typically the other half of what I made for lunch, or could be an omelette with fruit. Protein portions are the size of my palm, with double the amount in vegetables. I'm not a snacker, but on the rare occasion I have that urge, I'll usually snack on a cup of vegetables or fruit. I'm planning on doing a second round after this one finishes, only because I'm actually enjoying it a lot and really want to make sure that I'm clean before I start to slowly reintroduce things. Just want to make sure that at some point, the need for 12hrs of sleep or more will go away lol
  7. So, Day 13 -- still hardcore missing oatmeal and greek yogurt with honey over the top, but that's another thing. I am so tired. Exhausted. I slept for almost 10 hours last night, and woke up this morning in a sort of daze, even though I ate really well and completely yesterday. Had a decent breakfast (4 deli turkey slices with leftover roasted veggies drizzled in olive oil and an apple) and a good lunch (heaping handful of turkey meatballs with pesto over more roasted veggies -- sweet potato, asparagus, brusselsprouts, and onions). I was running some errands and I was still feeling pretty groggy, and on the way back, I dozed off behind the wheel -- closed my eyes for two seconds, but next thing I know I'm slamming on the brakes and hitting the bumper of the guy in front of me on the freeway. His car was fine, and I lost a few plates off the front of mine, but no one was injured thankfully. I just couldn't stop crying afterwards -- here I am, doing everything in this program as right as I can, and still feeling exhausted and run out and miserable. On top of that, this whole thing has seemed to make my depressive episodes and my anxiety worse; I get stuck in terrible negative thought spirals, and the obsession over what I can/can't eat seems to be taking me back to my disordered eating habits, which I've worked hard to get away from. I keep waiting for the magic to hit -- I want to stick with this program, I only have another 17 days, but I am tired and miserable and sad and I feel like I could fall asleep standing up at any moment throughout the day. I feel like I should be past all these things by now. I'm doing everything by the book (and I'm working REALLY HARD to cut back on my fruit snacking, though I'll still eat an apple to hold me over from lunch to dinner sometimes), and I don't understand why nothing seems to be working. I also still have the headaches that I got every few days before I started the program -- nothing head-splitting but enough to be a nuisance while I'm trying to work. Please advise.
  8. Hi - my mom is on day 11 and has been complaining about her lower back (...maybe kidneys) bothering her. She also is more tired and has lost 8 pds. She has terrible eating habits, on meds for acid reflux and bad case of scoliosis. I am hoping this is withdrawal symptoms since I encouraged her to do this with me. But as the days pass I am getting worried it's something to do with this high fat, low carb diet. I told her to go to the dr and she agrees but wants to wait it out a little longer... Anyone experience something similar or have thoughts on what it could be?
  9. Okay, to start off with, I am not pregnant yet. My husband and I are about to try and I made the mistake of taking the pre-natal vitamins I can get at my pharmacy (I'm military so it's free to use) and they prescribed Major brand prenatal vitamins. They put the prescription label over all information on the bottle but I still figured I'd give it a try. I had been on doxycycline for 2 weeks up until yesterday because I'd contracted endometritis (low-grade infection in my uterus' lining after my unsuccessful polypectomy that was discovered during my uteral polypectomy). I'm off of it and my doctor has told me I'm okay to start trying to conceive now. I'm just now on the downward slope of the end of my cycle, so I'm past cramp/nausea/exhaustion it can't be that. I took my first prenatal at breakfast along with my FCLO, probiotics, magnesium, and kombucha (breakfast itself was bacon, eggs, homemade hashbrowns, and applesauce). My first thought was "why on earth did they dye these stupid things pink? Is it somehow less womanly to take a white vitamin pill?" but I went with it. By lunchtime I was EXHAUSTED. I'm constantly yawning at work even though I slept fine last night and woke up without an alarm this morning. My lunch was roast beef, roasted beets, full fat cheese (I'm not on a Whole 30 and eat cheese almost daily with no ill effects up until now), and a few clean potato chips (potato, oil, salt; again, these are an item I allow myself and have never had issues with). Oh, and a fruit smoothie (2 bananas, frozen fruit, coconut milk). Everything I ate today is something that I've eaten before, nothing new. Has anyone had issues with cheap pre-natal vitamins causing exhaustion like this?
  10. jaqp

    Unreasonably Grumpy?

    This is my first Whole30 and I have been unreasonably grumpy the entire time. Almost like permanent, mega-PMS. I've also been exhausted, and exhaustion was the reason I started the plan in the first place. I'm on Day 22 currently and am really close to just stopping the madness and eating some rice or pizza! Has anyone else had unreasonable moods during their Whole30? I'm not sure what is going on and I really don't like how I've been treating people lately, yet can't seem to help it. I just react, and it's always bad. I am able to go back later and apologize, but I'd rather not be that way in the first place. (And because people usually ask, I get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep each night, and am drinking more than enough water. And here are some example meals: Here's a couple of days worth of menu for me: 1st meal- compliant sausage (2 hot dog size), potato (small), a whole avocado, and 1 cup of spinach 2nd meal- chicken, hard boiled egg, whole avocado, carrots, and half a pear 3rd meal- chicken in tomato sauce and spices, spinach, sweet potato, and watermelon slice. 1st meal- 2 eggs (I'm working up to 3), spinach, potato, salsa 2nd meal- leftover chicken from dinner, carrots, and pear, hard boiled egg 3rd- chicken stir fry with peppers and onions, spinach, asparagus, sweet potato, banana. 1st- 2 sausage, potato, avocado 2nd- leftover chicken stir fry, spinach, pear, hard boiled egg 3rd- fish, salsa, avocado, spinach
  11. Hi all, just looking for some feedback here. I am on day 20, and started whole30 for health purposes. I have had ongoing issues with a lot of things, but one of the big ones was constant exhaustion. And so far I'm not seeing any improvement on that front. I've started going to bed earlier and get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep every night, so I'm thinking it might be the food? I don't eat red meat, and am starting to wonder if I need to find a way to add it into my diet (it's a taste issue, I need to figure out how to make it taste good for myself). I've been steadily increasing carb dense foods like potatoes, but don't see a difference. I've also eliminated coconut milk because I had an allergic reaction to it. Here's a couple of days worth of menu for me: 1st meal- compliant sausage (2 hot dog size), potato (small), a whole avocado, and 1 cup of spinach 2nd meal- chicken, hard boiled egg, whole avocado, carrots, and half a pear 3rd meal- chicken in tomato sauce and spices, spinach, sweet potato, and watermelon slice. 1st meal- 2 eggs (I'm working up to 3), spinach, potato, salsa 2nd meal- leftover chicken from dinner, carrots, and pear (I know there's no fat, just didn't plan ahead for this one) 3rd- chicken stir fry with peppers and onions, spinach, asparagus, sweet potato, banana. 1st- 2 sausage, potato, avocado 2nd- leftover chicken stir fry, spinach, pear, hard boiled egg 3rd- fish, salsa, avocado, spinach, watermelon I know that some of you will possibly point out that my meals seem small, but I honestly can't handle more food that this at once (they're actually bigger than when I began, if I tried the big meals, I threw up afterward). I also cook EVERYTHING in olive oil, more of it than I think I should but it's the one way I can think of to ensure I'm getting fats in my meals. Other than those, could the missing red meat be affecting my energy levels? Or is there some other tweak I need to make?