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Found 6 results

  1. I am only on day 5 feeding myself and 6 children (12, 11, 8, 6, 4, 2) and my husband. I'm struggling with being able to keep this up for 4 weeks. We live in Alaska and produce is very expensive (almost $5 for 5oz of baby spinach, 1 head of romaine over $2). We just went through 5 dozen eggs in 4 days... We are used to spending about $100/week on groceries and I've already spent $400 this week. We can't afford to eat this way, so I'm having an internal battle of whether to continue doing this with everyone (not sure how at this point) or just doing it for myself and only eliminate a few things from their foods, which would still be more expensive than we can afford. Please, any ideas are helpful. Need to figure this thing out.
  2. As someone who has struggled with stubborn weight (and some minor health issues as a result) for the last 7 years, I've been hearing about the Whole30 program and its benefits, so a couple of weeks ago I bought the book. I've spent the last two weeks reading the book cover-to-cover, planning, prepping my kitchen, and mentally preparing myself for this lifestyle change. Last night, I cleaned out my cabinets and refrigerator, got rid of ALL foods and condiments that are not Whole30 approved, and I made a grocery list based on the 7-day Meal Plan provided in the book. My official start date is tomorrow (June 2). This morning, though, I went to the store (storeS, actually), to purchase my items for my first week of eating on Whole30. First of all, between the three stores I shopped at (Costco, Trader Joe's, and Publix), I spent about $300...for a WEEK's worth of groceries! Second, I felt really discouraged by how difficult some of the items were to find! Some items I couldn't find at all, and others I would find, but they would inevitably contain an ingredient that is not Whole30 approved (I can't believe how many "healthy" items contain sulfites, honey, or some form of sugar or dairy!). At any rate, I've been so excited to start Whole30, but now I'm discouraged because, as a single Mom of two little girls, I do not have the budget to be spending $300/week in groceries. In fairness, some of the items I purchased are items I won't need to purchase every week. But still, I have serious sticker shock over how expensive some of these products are! Does this get cheaper once you've stocked up on essentials? And does navigating the grocery store ever get easier?
  3. Hi! I have included my whole family in this venture, but what I am finding (today is day 7) is that we are spending WAY more money than we can keep up with. Our grocery bill goes up naturally with it being summer and the kids are home from school, but it is even way beyond that. Any suggestions?
  4. nikkimichaelis

    Is this going to be expensive?

    I've been researching this program for the last 2 days now and I feel I'm committed to doing it. My only concern is expense. Is it going to be expensive to turn my efforts into whole foods instead of convenient foods? We have been living on a strict budget for the past few months and I don't want this new effort to eat correctly to drop our budget. But at the same time, I know this step needs to be taken.
  5. lexes42

    CSA and budgets

    My grocery bill has doubled... and while my 'eating out/ starbucks' budget has shrunk to nearly zero... post whole30 I must reign it in if I want to eat this way forever. Part of that is better meal plannig to be sure... I'm wondering, though how people feel about their CSA's from a budget standpoint.... is it helpful? Or are its perks more along the lines of sourcing good / new food? I live close to Whole Foods - but don't shop there regularly given the 'whole paycheck' issue - and can get to Wegmans, Farmers markets etc.... but CSAs have always interested me.. Just wondering how they affect the monthly budget
  6. So, I am having an issue with sourcing food directly from the farmers in my area. I am super lucky that, here in the Midwest (one of the few reasons I like where I live, sorry :-/), I can source food from Michigan, Illinois or Wisconsin farmers and many of them travel here to Chicago for the weekly farmers markets or I can find them, individually, on eat My beef is their pricing. I kid you not, someone was selling chicken (granted, it was boneless skinless chicken breast) for $15/lb at one of the bigger farmers markets last year and eggs from these farms always go for $6/dozen. Even going directly to these farmers, they sell the eggs for $6/dozen! One exception was when I was working a co worker was able to get eggs for me directly from a Wisconsin farm for 2.50-3.00/dozen. My meat CSA still averages $7-10/lb (mix of pork, beef, chicken). And buying produce from farmers markets is a joke...the other day a market was selling strawberries for $6/ pint!! Wha? I pay $4 for organic strawberries @ Whole Foods and that chaps my a**. This just doesn't mesh with the comments on forums and in paleo blogs on how in expensively you can procure products from farmers. I feel like, in Chicago, we are being bilked because "going to the farmers markets" and "sourcing local foods" seems to be the *trendy* thing to do. I know these farmers need to, most likely, pay a butt load for their stand (yay Chicago!) and gas prices suck....but I am not going into debt to buy from them(as much as I would LOVE to support them). I can't believe that I am buying from Whole Foods over farmer (I still keep my small meat share that only provides 2 weeks worth of meat (12#) for 2 people and 1 dozen eggs for $103) for the most part. It seems like these farmers go to Chicago farmers market or list on eat and jack their prices up because they can because foolish people, here in Chicago, pay the prices. Oh, and I don't have room to store 1/2 a cow or to store a large quantity of meat, for that matter.....I live in Chicago! :-P Grrr...end rant. Thank you