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Found 4 results

  1. Kia ora! Back in the lounge now in Aukland but it's a different experience. 8:45AM in Vancouver and 5:45AM here (although we skipped a day - I missed Chinese New Years! Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone!) and I have no need to eat anything. I had fruit and nuts for breakfast and a bag of potato chips - not technically compliant but, when things are tough, the tough have to make due with what's on hand. I think the cabin attendants were irritated by my dietary requests - I said no to everything they offered after asking how it was prepared. I did eat a piece of salmon that was steamed and sauceless. BUT - I made it!! I have successfully navigated 15 hours of biz class service both on the ground and in the air and am still W30. Yeah me. Now on to the next challenge - the final 5 days in Adelaide. My middle daughter, our Canadian-Australian, has said that all talk of dieting is an emotional trigger for her. I don't doubt it - she grew up in my constantly dieting world - losing and gaining the same 10, 20, 50lbs over and over again. Despite our own weight gains, Hubs and I were always talking about our kids' food choices - my girls called their dad the Carb Police. To this day, they joke about the things we said. I'm not proud of this - I realize Hubs and I created a toxic environment where food was an enemy and weight gain was inevitable. Fortunately, on the balance of things, we did many more things right and have enjoyed wonderful relationships with our kids and their partners but - that parental moment when you look back and wish you could change one thing... food and our relationship to it is that one thing. So, fast forward to 2019. Gee and I decided C-A should know about this W30 ahead of time so she wouldn't feel like we were doing something without her. C-A has a bit of challenge with us not keeping her in the lopp - it makes her feel isolated. We didn't tell her that her favourite cat was ill until it was too late. I get that it's hard being so far away. ANYWAY - we try to be more informative so she doesn't feel too out of the loop. So, we told her about the W30 and that's when she said "dieting talk is triggering for me" so, we left it at that. Now I am going to her home for 9 weeks - as I've done successfully before. But, for the first 6 days, I'll be W30. This is going to take some finessing! I will be able to manage, I think, but I don't want any tension starting off the trip. We will take this one day at a time.
  2. I just finished my first Whole30. Before Whole30, I ate very healthy, very little processed foods, mostly home made everything, little to no salt, a lot of veggies and fruit, lean meat and whole grains. I did the Whole30 to support my husband who has chronic sinus issues. Now that its over, I feel like I am not sure if I notice any real changes. I am nursing a 5 month old and my weight loss (2.4lbs) was a bit less than what I was losing the few months (about .75 to 1 lb a week) before but consistent enough. I am almost back at my pre-pregnancy weight (3 lbs away) so I think its partially because there is less weight to lose at this point. My goal is to get back down to 122 and stay there without counting calories and feeling deprived. I also feel like life with 2 kids under 2.5 kinda made it more challenging for us to see the real differences like tons and tons of energy and sleeping like a baby etc. My husband wants to extend the Whole30 longer to see if it helps with his chronic sinus problems but I don't know if its worth it. I feel basically the same as I did before and although I am definitely consuming more calories, I am not feeling like I am flowing with Tiger Blood and I am not the skinniest ever so I don't know, is it worth it to extend this longer. I know I probably ate too many nuts weeks 2 and 1/2 of week 3 but I have tried to keep my nuts to a minimum but it's hard to find easy foods to eat on the go. I have definitely changed, less snacking (although with nursing, the afternoon snacking has been impossible to give up) and I can enjoy black coffee now, which is huge but I feel like I still can't grasp the use fat as energy concept. I really need someone to help make a suggestion as to whether its all worth it for someone who really didn't have any issues with dairy or gluten before hand. I guess reintroduction may tell me otherwise but I think I tolerated everything pretty well before. Thanks so much!
  3. Ellen915

    puffy stomach

    Hi, Middle aged ladies--my midsection is not going away! Help! I'm on day 29 of my first whole 30. I have ibs and fibromyalgia, and I think I will continue on whole30 because I don't feel so great yet. I don't feel like I've lost much weight on whole30 but maybe I have it's just that my stomach still feels really poochy. At first I had lots of gas, like a blown up balloon, very uncomfortable. Then I cut out most of the coconut milk and sweet potatoes, started eating just one veggie with each meal (but more of it), and started taking digestive enzymes. That really helped. I had also had some dizziness so started drinking my water with lemon and salt in it. So the bloating and dizziness went away. But I'm constipated now, because I think I may need to add back in some sweet potato and have a little more salt. My question is this: if I keep going will I eventually lose weight in my abdomen? Do you think it's just all the bloat and constipation that makes me feel like I haven't lost weight? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks so much!
  4. Hey Folks, I was wondering if you all know much about Trigeminal Neuralgia and the effects of whole30/Paleo eating on it? I have it, and I am really just beyond tired of the excruciating pain. I am considering the idea of doing a whole30+ until I go back into remission, because I do believe it will help me go back into remission. The pain is caused by inflammation, so it makes plenty of sense to me. I was simply wondering if you have heard anything on it, might have more useful information. I have had a hard time finding information on how to treat it without taking lots of medicine/having surgery. I'd like to avoid those two if there is a better solution.