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Found 2 results

  1. I’m on day 21 on my whole 30 and with 1 week left, I’m starting to think I failed/going to fail it (in a sense). I will succeed in the way that I wanted to succeed the most, I wanted to figure out the stem of my stomachaches and headaches and I haven’t gotten either since I started. However, I was also hoping to gain control of my food and sugar cravings but they haven’t lessedned at all and I think it’s my own fault. I snacked on fruit the entire program because my meals weren’t filling enough due to not liking eggs and having limited time to make meals (I work 55 hours a week). If i never lost any sugar cravings at all during my program, did I fail? Is there any way to still succeed and lose the cravings?
  2. Dear Whole30 community, I've started and failed four Whole30s. I have gotten a lot out of them, though, and really want to make the next one a success. Whole30 #1: 17 days; ended at a dim sum lunch for volunteers of an event I was at. Whole30 #2: a re-start the following week that lasted less than two days. Whole30 #3: twelve days, ended at a barbecue two days ago where there was absolutely no compliant food (not a single thing that didn't have soy or sugar or grains), which I know is no excuse, but also I had started SWYPOing with coconut milk and cocoa to make unsweetened ‘chocolate pudding’ a few days before, then finishing the half-mouthful of juice left in my daughter's cup because wasting food is bad, etc. Whole30 #4: also a re-start, started today and lasted about four hours (hungry and ate my compliant-but-too-small lunch halfway through the morning, and so gave in and ate non-compliant lunch with a friend). Here's what I’ve learned: This is probably not a productive way of looking at this, but the two longer ones (12 and 17 days), even though well short of the goal, both gave me tremendous results. Better skin, dropping pant sizes, more steady energy and less resistance to getting out of bed in the morning. Sugar and gluten really have a vice grip on me. Wow. I already knew I was addicted, but this is crazy. There was a lot of internal pressure to ‘reward’ myself for all the progress I had made by indulging. But the giving in/cheating occurred in social scenarios, not in private, where I probably would have just had another apple or handful of cashews. As soon as I gave in, I noticed the impact on my body – brain fog, bloating, needing to nap, waking up feeling I’d been hit by a bus, etc. As I type this, I’m eating a second chocolate bar and contemplating going to the coffee machine to get a hot chocolate. It’s like I can’t stop, and part of my brain is saying ‘why worry when the weight comes off so easily; just do another Whole30 again later’. I know that I eat sweets because my parents (very reasonably) restricted them when I was growing up, so they are special occasion treats/forbidden fruit, and also because they’re just plain addictive. For each of the Whole30s I have eaten a lot of fruit, including dates, which I know are just inside the dividing line between food and candy. But I didn’t really feel cravings for unacceptable sweets (or gluten) as long as I was eating compliant, it was once I ‘quit’ at a social gathering and tasted them that the brakes came off again. I think the effort of shopping, planning, cooking, and NOT buying certain things depleted my willpower to a level where once I start eating some of the things, I end up eating ALL of the things. So what I’d like to ask the ‘hive mind’ is: If you’ve quit/failed and restarted, how do you restart and stay on track, and how do you stay strong at social gatherings? People weren't pressuring me to partake, I just didn't want to explain the whole thing to everyone and have to have the same conversations all over again blah blah... I feel that the great results I’ve had should be enough motivation, but it ends up working the other way; the fact I’ve had results already (even though I’d love to drop another two pant sizes and get the ‘tiger blood’ feeling that I’ve heard about) gets used as an excuse to cheat. Argh! Advice please. p.s.: In case this is relevant, I’m breastfeeding.