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Found 9 results

  1. Call me Phoenix. I started the Whole30 on March 17th 2018. It was absolute hell. I've never had my body feel worse. For 10 straight days I had a pounding headache/migraine, I had no strength in my body, I couldn't sleep, and I just felt completely miserable. I could hardly move around the house. Granted, all I had been eating was carbs, dairy, sugar and more sugar, so I knew stopping it all at once would be harsh, but I felt it had to be done. I didn't except the fallout to be so hard on my body; that was a wake up call. Then day 10 hit, and I don't know if it was some new medication I started for anxiety or what, but s--- hit the fan. I went from following the plan completely for 10 days to running out to the store for some lemon juice and coming back with a handful of candy bars, 4 slices of pizza from Pizza Pipeline, and devouring half a carton of Tillamook ice cream with 2 cans of diet and caffeine free soda. And I hated myself for it, because I instantly felt better. My headache went away, I got my energy back, and I've slept better last night and today than I can remember sleeping in weeks. But then the reality hit me. I was 10 days in to the Whole30, and I threw it all down the drain. And my cravings for junk are worse than today than they were yesterday. At my heaviest, I was 280lbs. Before my binge yesterday, I was at 225lbs. This morning, I was back up to 230lbs. Is that even possible? Did I eat 5lbs worth of crap? I'm totally devastated. Not only do I have to start over completely (Yes, I absolutely have to start over 100%) I have no idea what made me break so badly yesterday, but the worst of it is, IS THAT I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING. No one forced pizza down my throat. No one scooped ice cream into the bowl for me. I did it all on my own. And I hate myself for it. This time last year I was down to 170lbs. Long story short, calling off my wedding 3 days before did not help matters, and I spent a good 4 months in bed crying, depressed, and eating everything within sight, which rocketed me up to 250lbs. But I don't want to live like this anymore! I don't want food to control me or my life! I am desperately, desperately ready to get over this garbage and eat well. I've made sure my meals were balanced with the whole 30... good fats, a fair amount of protein, lots of veggies and some fruit with a meal, and as much water as I can remember to make myself drink. But for some reason, I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EAT and I hate it. I did finally go to the doctors yesterday to have them test my thyroid and hormone levels, because intense hunger is something I've been dealing with for years now. But I feel like I let myself down so badly. I mean come on.... I had made it 10 whole days!!!! My plan is water fast Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (if I feel like I'm dying I'll have a small amount of veggies and protein once a day) and then to restart my Whole30 on April 1st. I'm just hoping that I wont have to deal with the miserable fly like symptoms I got the first week I tried. Do any of you have any advice for getting through this? And for not feeling like a total failure when you mess up? I know what the rules are, and this wasn't a tiny slip. It was a major one. And starting over is the only choice I have if I'm serious about really doing this. But man. I just feel worthless. My goal weight is 130-140lbs. I just want to be there by this time next year. So why do I feel like I won't make it?
  2. I did great on my first Whole30. Lost 11.5 pounds I was SO Excited... I started my reintroduction phase & with white rice only on the first day. Had a headache the next day. The next day ate dairy with no problems and the next 2 days I have been out of control... eating pizza, chocolate, cookies, now fried things - back to sneaking foods because i am ashamed... and i was just doing SO GOOD... WHY.... any advise??? should i do another 30 days? what is my problem???? Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated....
  3. I'm a 23 year old living in The Midwest. I am on day 21 of my Whole30 and feeling for the first time like I need support to continue. Throughout the last few weeks I have been steadfast in following guidelines. Typically my meals include the following: Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee, one piece of fruit, a handful of cashews or almonds Lunch: Salad with olive oil and vinegar or eggs with spiralized veggies Dinner: Lean beef or chicken paired with a vegetable or side of potatoes. Of course I mix things up a bit but this is the general idea. Sometimes I will not have time to eat breakfast due to my work schedule and just eat lunch and dinner, or sometimes just dinner. I only eat when I'm hungry and sometimes snack but only snack on nuts, fruit, or dehydrated vegetables and in small amounts. I should probably be drinking more water but try to drink a decent amount everyday. I live an active lifestyle teaching dance and gymnastics to kids and attending yoga and barre classes 2-3 times per week ( although last week I did not attend those classes) My stress level isn't great as I work two jobs and am attending classes in preparation for grad school. Now, at day 21 my energy has been really lagging. I am irritable and have noticed little to no change in my body. I haven't lost much weight and my clothes seem to fit the same as they always have. I am bloated and breaking out. I also haven't been sleeping well. I thought that by this point in my journey I would be feeling positive and excited but instead I just feel exhausted and discouraged. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to give up now!
  4. My husband and I have done two successful W30s in the past. However, it was before kids and while doing CrossFit. Now we have 2 kids (3.5 yrs, 6 mos) and we both work full time (I work from home, my husband gets home around 7 each night). I feel so exhausted that seriously, even when there's cooked food in the fridge, I still have my husband pick up fast food. I don't need to slay the sugar dragon, I need to slay the fast food/convenience dragon! Plus, even when I try to commit, I'm so tired when it comes to food prep. Help! Please! (And please, something other than "suck it up" and "you can do it." I need tangible, implementable tips here!)
  5. swimmingjess

    Such a failure

    So I am seriously struggling with staying Whole 30 for more than a week. By week 2, my Sugar Dragon, and all his friends, are breathing fire down my neck. I eat a great breakfast full of protein, healthy fats, and vegetables, and then an equally comparable lunch but by 3:00, all those desires to EAT ANYTHING are knocking at my door. So frustrating!!! If I try to ignore it, I find myself chewing on my fingers and/or the inside of my mouth which is also not healthy. Am I doomed? Will I ever beat this thing that keeps setting me back and putting me back on day 1 over and over again? HELP!!!!
  6. londonrome

    Help me!

    I am on Day 23 of my Whole30. I am a 23-year-old woman who has always struggled with my weight. I'm 5'10" and weigh about 185...not terribly overweight, but I really should weigh about 20 pounds less. I had several friends who swore by Whole30 and I understood that it was more about being all-around healthy and less about losing weight. I ultimately decided to do Whole30 because I just felt gross, and I believed that this lifestyle would not only make me feel better but also help me lose weight in a healthy way. I thought that these 30 days would be incredibly difficult but rewarding. As it turns out, giving up all my favorite foods was much easier than I had anticipated. Sure, there were some difficult moments, but all in all it really has not been that hard. The hardest thing by far as been not being able to drink in social situations when everyone around me is drinking. I have stayed strong, though, and proudly sipped my sparkling water. Now, I am 23 days in. I am not going to quit simply because I've already made it so far. But I'm going to be honest - I am really, really pissed off and very frustrated. I feel like I have wasted these last 23 days of my life when I could have either been enjoying my life, OR been on a productive diet where I would actually lose weight. I have experienced NO results from Whole30. My primary goal was to lose weight, and I've been reading the emails everyday saying that sometimes the weight loss doesn't come til the very end and it's not about losing weight....I get that. BUT, I have not experienced any other benefits either. I am not sleeping better or more soundly. I have not noticed a difference in my complexion. I have not noticed a change in mood. I have not been anymore energized than normal. I do not feel physically different in anyway, whether it be from a lack of bloating, from less pain, less stomach upset, nothing. I tried to trust this diet/lifestyle change because I really, really want to believe in it. I have been fully faithful and only consumed compliant foods. I have been working out as much as possible and eating the right pre- and post- workout meals. From what I can tell, I am not doing anything wrong. Why is nothing happening and why should I bother making my life less fun for absolutely zero results?? I'm so frustrated! Any thoughts, help, or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. As soon as I started my Whole30, my belly started retaining water like crazy. It got so huge it looked like I was pregnant. But I could tell it was water because it was really puffy and when I poked it, it would ripple. I would drink lots of water but rarely pee, so the water just accumulated in my abdominal area. My belly was so big, I had difficulty breathing. I tried experimenting with the sources of protein I was eating. For example, I would try eating only lean beef, but the problem persisted. Then I tried only chicken, same problem. Only eggs, same issue. So it seems to be not an issue with a specific source of protein, but with all protein in general. I tried not to get discouraged, and so I continued my Whole30 for six months. But the problem persisted. Also, I gained like 15 pounds. Which is really depressing because I'm already very overweight. However, a few days ago, I reached the end of my rope. I was so fed up, I just stopped eating protein for a couple of days (I just ate veggies and fat) and my body completely flushed out all of the water and I felt sooo much better! My stomach was flat and hard again! However, I experienced joint pain and exhaustion. And my skin wasn't glowing anymore. Then last night, I decided to try and eat three scrambled eggs, and much to my frustration I immediately started retaining water again! The difficulty breathing returned. But my skin was glowing once again and I felt more energized and refreshed. However, I would rather be able to breathe with ease. So I just don't know what to do. It's extremely disheartening to read all of these success stories and to feel like such a failure. Like something is very wrong with me. However, I never had an issue with protein prior to Whole30. I just don't know what to do from here. I wish someone could tell me what's wrong with me
  8. Hi Everyone. Today, I was 6 days into my first Whole 30. I am a very healthy eater, but lately became too reliant on 'healthy treats' (bliss balls, banana bread with honey/almond meal/egg/banana etc.) and decided to do a Whole 30. I included some low-sugar fruits (apples, berries) to satisfy any cravings, but mainly stuck to loads and loads of veg, chicken, turkey, oily fish, eggs, avocado (I don't eat red meat) Today, I just hit a wall. And I went crazy - and the weirdest part is -- On things I don't normally even eat?? Feta cheese?? Brown rice? Muesli?? Dried fruits?? Nuts (which I have always had trouble controlling, so I tend to avoid these on a daily basis) I don't eat these foods!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! I feel like such a failure. I am now on the floor of my living room, my stomach is so distended that my back is ACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even move Can someone offer advice? Help?
  9. On day 23 of my whole30, some old demons caught up with me and a lot of dried fruit turned into, lots of nuts then two bowls of muesli with skimmed milk, granola and feelings of failure. I told my whole30 confidante and started again the next day. I am proud that i started again straight away as my problems have meant days and days of bed and bingeing not even that long ago. But i can't shake this feeling of failure and dishonesty to whole30. i know i am just doing this for myself, and i dont have to 'report' to anyone, but its this weird feeling and i dont know how to shake it. I'm so incredibly proud of the progress i had made on the whole30 as i went 23 days binge free, whereas for the past year i have barely made 10 days without sabotaging myself. Would appreciate any words of motivation or encouragement. Maybe i'm just having a weird one, but its not a nice feeling when i know (logically) that i'm doing fine. (currently day 5 of my restarted whole30) Thanks!