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Found 48 results

  1. OmniscientOwlet

    Ideas for more fats?!

    I'm on day 15 here and looking for some suggestions for fats to add to meals besides avocados, olives, and nuts... I need to go shopping and get more avocados, but I'd also love to shake it up a bit with something else! I also use coconut milk when it is fitting (in soups etc.) but could probably expand my use... Any ideas? My typical meals involve a bunch of greens and a chunk of meat or a salad with meat and nuts or avocados... If avocado is on the side I top it with some Cholula hot sauce to make it more exciting... I'm just wondering what other things you guys have been doing?! Thanks
  2. Colt Wolfson

    Whole30 Pre & Post InBody Scans

    Hey folks, I completed my first ever whole30 this week and I thought I'd share my pre and post InBody Analysis scans with you guys. For those not familiar with an InBody scan, basically it is a special scale that measures your body fat %, skeletal muscle mass, and a few other things ( Before I started whole30 I weighed 175.6 LBS, had an 8.4% body fat, and had a skeletal muscle mass of 92.4 After doing whole30 I weigh 175.4 LBS, have a 9.2% body fat (highest that's been in quite some time) and a skeletal muscle mass of 91.1 LBS So basically over the course of 40 or so days on Whole30 I lost muscle and gained fat (1.3 pounds of fat to be exact) While doing whole30 I kind of felt like I was eating less "healthy" than I was used to and I felt that my workouts suffered. I'm not upset I tried whole30, about 85-90% of my normal diet is whole30 compliant, but I don't see myself doing another round of strict whole30 again .
  3. Does my serving of omega 3 fish oil count as my fat serving for the meal? What if it is had with bacon (ie breakfast). Do high fat meats like this account for a fat serving? I frequently struggle to stay full between meals and try and stick as close to the 3 meal 2 pwo meal template as possible. Thank you !
  4. I am day 7 on my very first whole 30 and I am wondering if I am eating way too much fat, starch and if my portion sizes are way too big. I just need some help because I really want to succeed. I went into this thinking I hated most veggies but I have realized I actually love them and this has been life changing so far. My eating in a day: Black coffee, 2 eggs fried in olive or coconut oil(I cover the bottom of the pan) sometimes I add spinach to eggs, a potato hash(butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato) previously roasted and warmed up in same pan as eggs. These are always a very generous portion of the hash. Like very. Lunch: some kind of roasted veggies warmed in a pan with oil, roasted chicken with guac or dip Supper: a lot like lunch but maybe with some potato hash. I hardly ever snack maybe a banana at night. And I drink the water I need to. My servings of veggies are always well over half my plate but not sure if I'm eating too much starch (low carb diet recovery) Help!!!
  5. I am on day 13 of my second Whole 30, and I have realized I have a gallbladder issue. I am in near constant pain, made worse by eating. I've been reading about dietary management of gallbladder issues and how to avoid gallbladder removal. All suggestions are essentially a very low fat pescatarian diet. No eggs (!!!), no saturated fat. I was gluten free and mostly dairy free 6+ years before W30. I've read forum posts from people who have no gallbladder and have done Whole 30 successfully. I'm heading to dr tomorrow but want to be as well armed as possible - do not want to lose my gallbladder. In the meantime I'm hungry! I'm good with veggies but can't stomach fish 3x a day and not sure my gallbladder can handle the protein anyway. What to do? Quit the Whole 30? Looked at the veg option but the protein sources are still an issue. Is it really Whole 30 compliant if I am doing low fat and no protein?
  6. JessicaDolar

    Do Eggs Count as Fat?

    If I were to eat hard boiled eggs and veggies for breakfast, would the eggs count as the protein AND the fat? Or would I need to add another source of fat to the meal?
  7. Hello, I am on day 1 of Whole30. I know it is still early, but I am concerned with not getting enough fat. I am not a huge fan of coconut or avocado. I don't care for the consistency of avocado or the flavor of coconut. I am looking for meal suggestions or ways to disguise these foods into my meals. I found myself very hungry at about 10am after eating breakfast at 7:15am. I ate a hard boiled egg and a small apple for a snack. Breakfast included: 1- Palm sized mango chicken sausage patty, 1/2 cup diced sweet potato home fries, a handful of blueberries, and one egg.
  8. Jess0321

    Adding fat

    How do you guys eat more fat? I’ve been noticing that even though I eat plenty of meat and veggies in each meal and get super full, I get hungry around 2 hours or so. I eat sweet potato a lot so I am getting my carbs in, but I’m thinking maybe I could add in fat. The only fat I use is cooking oil. And I know I’ve been snacking in Lara bars and that’s not a good substitute, but I only eat it when I’m hungry between meals. can you guys help me add in fat to my meals or have a simple mini meal that has lots of fat? Please and thank you.
  9. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Meatloaf Drippings

    What do you all do with your meatloaf drippings? Funny as it sounds, I think the meatloaf that I made today is only the second one I've ever made. I didn't have a special pan for it, so I just baked it in a glass baking dish. But on taking it out of the oven, I find that it's swimming in grease, and not just the clear stuff... something I'm not sure what to do with, as strange as that may be. With my roast chicken drippings I make gravy, or cook with the fat. Same for turkey and roast beef and hamburgers. I don't like the taste of the pork loin or roast drippings, and the smell bothers me, so I tend to discard those, but I save other types of pork drippings (bacon, pancetta, etc.) to use with cooking other stuff, like eggs or potatoes. But those meatloaf drippings - not the clear oil part (which I will definitely be saving to use as pan lubricant for something else) but the gelatinous fluffy looking part. Can I even use that for something else?
  10. Chanelle

    Cholesterol Got Worse

    I am a 26-year-old 5'5" female. After completing the Whole30 and continuing for 6 months, I lost 20 pounds and I'm now 130lbs. BUT my cholesterol got worse. My main fat for breakfast is macadamia nuts, lunch it is cold EVOO, and dinner it is coconut oil/ghee. Should I consider swapping coconut oil for avocado oil for cooking? In September 2016, my Total Cholesterol was 244, LDL was 150, HDL 85, Triglycerides 46.Here are my updated numbers 4/11/17:Total Cholesterol: 253LDL-C: 164HDL-C: 68Triglycerides: 57Non-HDL-C: 185Apo B: 133LDL-P: 1671Small LDL-P: 538HDL-P: 36.8Lp(a)P: 207
  11. I'm talking frying one or two steaks in it, nothing gets burned, no re-using. I do it now, mix it with my food or dip the meat in it, beacuse the fat absorbs lot of flavour and spices. So... Can I go on like this or should I use fresh lard afterwards as my healthy fat source? Also, can you provide me some articles or scientific back-up or just explain to me why it is or isn't wise? Thank you for your answers
  12. I have been eating strict Whole30 (~95% compliant) for nearly 8 months now. It changed my life. A new problem has arisen however. 2 months ago I started crossfit again after over a year off. I was also working a desk job during this time. I left the job shortly after starting crossfit, and recently I have begun to push harder on workouts the last 2-3 weeks. I am completely wiped out. Brain feels like mush, I am sleeping longer than normal, sometimes much longer (11 hrs last night), yet I still feel tired and groggy upon waking. I feel like my body should be adapted to this activity by now, it doesn't feel like the normal "starting-a-new-workout-program sleepiness". I've done crossfit on and off for 4 years and have never felt like this. Which leads me back to diet. Any ideas here? Am I not eating enough carbs? I am constantly, ravenously hungry yet I eat a ton of fat and am most certainly fat adapted to some degree. I literally cannot eat any cleaner and I know I'm getting adequate rest, which is why I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  13. So, this is my 3rd completed whole30! The 3rd time around was waay easier. After the first week I really didn't care about sugar. I do still miss it in my coffee sometimes, and all the halloween candy has looked extra good this weekend, but I have stayed strong! I am really disappointed however, bc I DID NOT LOOSE A LB. Last year when I did it I lost 10. I did have some nsv, but not as many as before. I don't know what is going on? My husband said maybe bc I'm a year older? I just don't understand how not eating sugar,dairy, alcohol, bread and grains I didn't loose weight. The scale stayed right at 206. I wonder if I didn't have enough fat, or if I had too much? I didn't eat as much fruit as I did before, I don't know. I'm so perplexed. I do want to continue eating this way bc I did feel better than eating sugar and crap but I am feeling so defeated about the lack of weightloss. I am 5'4 and considered morbidly obese at 206, so weight loss is very important for me.
  14. ExAstrisScientia

    Day 7 - craving FAT

    Hi, all. As my topic title suggests, I'm on day 7, and I've been experiencing some pretty intense fat cravings for the past 24 hours or so thank god no sugar cravings, I just want All The Fats). Some potentially relevant information: I'm finally recovered from a REALLY bad upper respiratory infection that started on day 1 and is only just now going away (still a little junk in my lungs but otherwise I feel fine). Also, I'm a lady and finishing up a monthly cycle (or is it, starting? in any case my period is ending!). And finally, I'm a runner, and I'm training for a marathon this fall. I JUST got back on the horse this morning because the sickness derailed my training, as did 5 days of travel right before I fell sick. So until this morning, I had not run for about two weeks (except for a 5k on July 4th), but I did hike yesterday and have been back to my yoga routines this week. I'm just wondering what the deal is with the fat cravings and if I should indulge them? I feel like I already eat a pretty decent amount of it with all of my meals! Thanks!
  15. I'm on Day 16 and I'm hoping that all the great health benefits will kick in soon, but so far my digestion has been a little wonky, I've been having a lot of headaches, I haven't really had much extra energy, and the waistline appears to be holding steady (yes, I know, it's not all about losing weight, but...). I've already realized that I might not be eating enough veggies and added fat so I'm trying to increase those and hoping that helps. I didn't eat great over the weekend so I'm not sure if that set me back (ate Whole30 compliant foods but didn't do great with the meal template). I have a question about eating in the morning: most days I eat within an hour of waking, but three days a week I have to be at work pretty early, so it makes more sense to do the commute first and eat when I arrive. This puts me at more like 1.5+ hours after waking. Is this a huge deal?? Here's what I'm eating today: M1: 1 c. broccoli with sunflower seeds, 1 small sweet potato, 2 hard boiled eggs, a few slices of red bell pepper, 1/2 apple, black coffee M2: steak salad (modified from the Whole30 recipe: arugula, watercress, asparagus, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and steak, topped with about 1/3 cup cilantro lime mayo) - altogether includes about 2-3 cups veggies, 1 large palm of steak M3: hamburger with pile of caramelized onions and mushrooms on a bed of sauteed spinach & garlic with guacamole and sweet potato These meals are making me SO FULL and the good thing is I'm not feeling like I need to snack between meals. Please let me know how this sounds. I'm not used to adding fat to my diet! Is this too much fat? Too little? Any advice is appreciated!
  16. I could use some help troubleshooting my breakfast. I am finding that I'm hungry about 2 1/2 - 3 hours after breakfast. I am fine after lunch, I can go a good 4-5 hours before dinner....but breakfast I'm missing something. Today I had: 1 Chicken Sausage Link (Whole30 compliant) 2 Cups of Zucchini and Yellow Squash Small amount of Ghee to cook with, like 1 tsp Coffee - One 16oz cup 1/4 C of Coconut Milk in my coffee 1 Tbsp MCT Oil in my coffee Question #!: I started MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil since it's says it isn't stored as fat but turns right into energy (who knows if that's true). But, is that enough fat?? I'm not sure if I should add an egg or add 1/4 avocado (or some other fat). I was starving by lunch, I felt 'hangry' and had a headache, so something tells me I'm not getting enough. I can't add fruit because it triggers my sugar dragon, but I can add fat, protein or more veggies. Any suggestions would be welcome! Question #2: And, is MCT Oil really worth it or is it better to eat my fat rather than drink MCT oil in my coffee? Thanks!
  17. nynaeve2k

    Is Goose Fat compliant?

    I've searched and haven't been able to find out for sure whether Goose Fat is compliant or not. It can be sourced quite easily in the UK & I'd love to be able to use it.
  18. Hi! I was wondering if this would be a correct day of eating for the whole30 or if i should make some adjustments: Breakfast: 3 eggs (cooked in coconut oil or ghee), 1.5-2 cups kale (cooked in coconut oil or ghee), salsa, a few sugar snap peas, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado Lunch: grass fed beef, 2 cups swiss chard(cooked in coconut oil or ghee), onion(cooked in coconut oil or ghee), salsa, 1/2 avocado, raspberries, sauerkraut Dinner/PWO: chicken/fish, 1/2 sweet potato, broccoli, sauerkraut Also, I was wondering if the fat in my protein sources/cooking counts towards the fat in my meals. For instance, my sausage, my grass fed beef, my eggs, and some grass fed steaks that I eat have fat in them. Should I add a source of fat to the meal on top of those sources as well? Also, I cook in VERY small amounts of coconut oil or ghee (>1 tsp) so do I count that towards my fat content as well? Thank you!
  19. The husband and I have taken the plunge on a trial membership to Thrive Market and placed our first order Sunday night. Among other things, I've got a jar of pastured lard and a jar of grassfed tallow coming. So, besides as just an all-purpose cooking fat, what's your favorite way to use either of the above? When do you choose one over the other? What's your favorite veggie or meal to whip up with either of these?
  20. I am wondering if there is a guideline for how much homemade mayo to use with each meal. The meal template says to use 1-2 thumb sized portions of fats per meal, but I find myself putting together a lot of quick meals using mayo for my fat. For example, mixing diced chicken with greens or other prepared veggies, and mixing in some mayo. Given that the mayo is mostly fat, should I be sticking to a couple of tablespoons per meal?
  21. Ellen915

    puffy stomach

    Hi, Middle aged ladies--my midsection is not going away! Help! I'm on day 29 of my first whole 30. I have ibs and fibromyalgia, and I think I will continue on whole30 because I don't feel so great yet. I don't feel like I've lost much weight on whole30 but maybe I have it's just that my stomach still feels really poochy. At first I had lots of gas, like a blown up balloon, very uncomfortable. Then I cut out most of the coconut milk and sweet potatoes, started eating just one veggie with each meal (but more of it), and started taking digestive enzymes. That really helped. I had also had some dizziness so started drinking my water with lemon and salt in it. So the bloating and dizziness went away. But I'm constipated now, because I think I may need to add back in some sweet potato and have a little more salt. My question is this: if I keep going will I eventually lose weight in my abdomen? Do you think it's just all the bloat and constipation that makes me feel like I haven't lost weight? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks so much!
  22. Hi there. I am begining my 4th Whole 30, and sad to say I've never knocked out the snacks or mini meals. I am up at 4:30 to teach a 5 AM class and then workout at 6 AM. I get home and get ready ASFAP to leave the house at 8. I currently only have breakfast at 7:30 AM. I have not previously eaten a pre-workout or and post-workout, but really want to see how my body reacts. I do CrossFit 5 days a week, so know my body is under stress, and maybe not eating enough, even though it seems like that's all I do. I cannot go more than 3 hours between meals without feeling hungry. This has been my habit for years though, but I am really interested in losing body fat, which hangs around my middle. My meals feel substantial because I always feel REALLY full, but three hours later I am hungry. Or maybe I just need to be okay with being hungry for awhile before I eat. My goal is fat loss and hormonal balance. I LOVE my workouts, which make my days go SOOO much better, but I know some days I am dragging and more hungry. So I am going to try to do 3 days on with 1 day off for proper rest. I am going to add a pre-workout snack, but still am struggling with how to handle my post workout/breakfast meal. My breakfast is within 30 minutes of post workout, so should I exclude fat from this meal? Typical day looks like this Meal 1 - 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1 chicken sausage, spinach and 1/2 sweet potatoe, with 1/4 avocado Snack - veggies Meal 2 - BIG chicken salad with veggies, apple chunks, protein, 1/4 avocado, and 2 tbsp olive oil and vinegar dressing. Snack if needed - apple with almonds, compliant hotdog, larabar Meal 3 - Beef and cabbage cooked in coconut oil with 1/2 avocado or HUGE taco salad, with salsa and generous serving of guacomole. I understand that my past eating habits are keeping me stuck, so I am ready to make necessary changes (even though that is mentally scary, lol) sorry for such a LONG post :-/
  23. Ok, so I am on day 35 of a committed Whole45 but now realized I will have to either start over or go on for at least another month or two. I have been 99% compliant (there have been a couple breakfasts out at restaurants that I ordered smartly but you just never know) PLUS two incidences of technically compliant, but discouraged, potato chips. One of them was last night and my breaking point for sure. I know it took me a few weeks to really grasp the meal template and timing guidelines. I thought I was eating enough, but I am sure now that I wasn't. Plus I wasn't eating enough starchy vegetables in the beginning, and too many nuts and fruits for sure. I had a couple weeks of kinda blah but nothing horrible. I wasn't working out, but looking back I wish I had bc what was to come was so much worse. I went into week 2 1/2-3 trying to reduce nuts and increase sweet potatoes and less sugary fruit. It was ok but I have suffered from almost constant headaches for the past 2+ weeks. Also, I am have become more constipated after being unusually regular the first couple weeks (which was a welcome improvement!) Adding in the starchy veg has helped with sleep, but I have also given myself permission to eat closer to bedtime so I am going to bed full and not hungry. I still get up to pee at least once per night. This pattern continued until last night when I was getting another headache mid-afternoon. The only cause I can realistically determine for these headache, fatigue, and sleep disruptions is that I am just no eating enough. Im simply hungry. This is frustrating beyond belief bc I am eating so much! My day yesterday was: 1 HB egg, one chicken sausage and 2 T of avocado pre-wo BIG green salad, HB egg, another sausage, more avocado and 1/2 cup diced roasted sweet potato post workout 2 cups coffee with cinnamon few chunks of cantaloupe,1/2 cup of blueberries and 3 raw broccoli florets about an hour later with a big green iced tea and green powder 1.5 cups broccoli/carrot slaw with 3 T homemade mayo, 1 T capers, and 1/2 cup canned salmon for lunch Lara bar at Costco bc I was starving an hour later while shopping had a hot green tea and tons of water after to try and stave off hunger broke down in car later and had another Lara bar (from the box I bought at Costco) AND an turkey cranberry Epic bar.. I couldn't believe I was STILL so hungry. Went grocery shopping with husband and began CRAVING potato chips. Bought a rotisserie chicken and a bag of Terra original chips and literally started eating both in the store.. it was a scene for sure. Between my husband and I we finished the bag on the way home. Had more chicken for dinner and an Asian pear (craving sweet and crunchy!) My husband had salad but nothing about it appealed to me. After that sugar bomb I was craving more. ATE ANOTHER LARA BAR and about 1/2 cup sprouted pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut chips. This was a frustrating night to say the least. I feel like I have reawaken my sugar dragon and have to start all over. I feel like it all stemmed from my hunger mid afternoon, but I can't imagine I didn't eat enough! This got me googling after my "binge" and I realized I am a classic sugar burner and this is why this Whole30 has been such a struggle. I have limited my carbs too much without significantly increasing my fat/protein. My protein choices are typically lean and I add fat but obviously not enough. Does anyone have tangible lists or suggestions for how to transition to being a fat burner (which is clearly what my husband is, he has been doing this with me and has had zero issues.. drives me nuts) I think I need to stay under 100g of carbs a day, but whats the best way to do this? No fruit only starchy veg? How many and when? How much fat and protein at each meal? more than the Whole30 template? I honestly can't go 4-5 hours without eating and NOT get a headache, how do I get there??! I haven't lost a lb during my Whole30, and last nights binge is not a classic example of my eating, usually much cleaner and on template, I swear! I think I may have gained at least bloat weight or actual weight. I know I am clocking in at 2000 cals each day, even thought they are on template.
  24. So we are having salad for dinner tonight. I love it as a meal and I am sorted when it comes to protein & veg but I am not sure about getting enough fat into it. I will have avocado, mayo on the side and mayo on the cold cooked baby potatoes. I cannot abide olives so they are not an option. Ideas please?
  25. Hi everyone, My story is a bit long and likely not completely typical, but here are the basics: - I am 48 years old - I need to lose over 100 pounds - I used to be relatively athletic and would like to be again I am committing to the Whole 30. It will prove whether or not I am truly ready to change the rest of my life.