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Found 10 results

  1. I'm new and started on February 12th! Day 4 for me and it's not too bad so far. Looking forward to the motivation I will find here. Thanks in advance!
  2. shes_learning

    Newbie starting February 1st

    I have thought about this for months! I've read the book. I've started recipe building and meal planning. This is happening! No backing out now! Committing! Still nervous. I know it's gonna be incredibly difficult, but the benefits outweigh the costs, so I'm doing it!
  3. Hi, All! I started the Whole30 after a friend posted a success story. I've been looking for something to help lose some baby weight, and changing how I looked at food seemed like a natural start! Not to mention, she lost 14lbs on her Whole30, which was inspiring! I started February 5th, 6 days after her instagram post. I took the time to prepare and use up the non-compliant groceries I bought that week. I feel great so far. I've had lots of energy the last two days, I feel proud, and I feel committed. I am breastfeeding my 4-month old son, so I never let myself get hungry, but I feel awesome about my choices. I'm just worried right now about when I'll stop feeling good. I had/have such a big sweet tooth that I know my body must start missing it soon. Any other (presumably non-football fans) Whole30ers start on Superbowl Sunday?
  4. Hey all! My name is Andrea, new to Whole30! It's the first time I'm going to commit to this, although I have been on a Paleo-ish diet for a while due to health reasons (chronic illness, allergies, fatigue..) and already noticed the benefits. I was severely hypothyroid, but my symptoms have gone away for the most part. My blood values have come back to normal again and I am allowed to finally step down from the medication, slowly and steadily. In order to make the progress go more smoothly ( ie: least possible hormonal imbalances), I decided to give the Whole30 a go. I will start as of tomorrow, the 21st of february, and continue as long as necessary (im guessing this is not 30 days, but actually more like 60), but I will be a bit more loose after those first 30, as I will have an anniversary celebration on March 26th One thing I will have to work around is my own birthday, which is on March 1st. But I'm guessing it cant be that hard. Never been too much of a 'cake, pastries and tons of pizza and alcohol' fan, so why change that? As for physical activity, I will continue what I'm doing now: Yoga, Pole Fitness and weight lifting (total around 6 days a week of training, but rest of the day is more or less sedentary as I am a student in Engineering school at the moment ) I hope this will go well, as I have a serious issue with "grazing" throughout the day, but I think if I just focus on that I can go against it. (Not buying salted cashews any more, those things make me go nuts ) In good health Andrea
  5. Hello all! My mom and I are starting our Whole 30 journey, TOMORROW! We were going to start today (and we still kinda are) but we didn't realize when you sign up for the daily emails that you have to start at Day 0, haha. We already have been preparing food for the week and today is now a test run! Thank you all for your support, I am very excited to be starting my Whole 30! -Angela
  6. Emilee777

    First Time

    This is my first time doing Whole30 and my start date is February 8th!
  7. sherbear74

    Start Date 2/2/16

    I've officially chosen my start date as 2/2/16. I would love to hear from anyone else starting around the same time!
  8. Hi! My name is Jae. I'm 54 and don't remember a time when I wasn't in some sort of struggle with food. I'm not a junk food person, or the type that binges, I've just never really understood food. Last year some friends of mine at work wanted to start a fitness group that slowly took on 'getting it right' with workouts and diets and things. I love the exercise part, yet I feel that the word diet is misleading, and sort of a slippery slope. I may never love food, or eating, or preparing it, but I do want to understand it, what it does to my body, etc ... And I don't want it to be for "X" number of days, until ... I've seen what happens and it's super sad ... So, Feb 2 - food learning commences ... exercise is already pretty much in place ... P.S. I honestly do NOT know how to cook - I have one pot, one pan .. no stove, one burner, and a microwave .. this should be fun .. =:0] Jae
  9. fight2beafitcyster

    First W30 starting 2/3 to fight PCOS

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jessica, 20-something newlywed...just wanted to introduce myself as I will be starting on 2/3 and am extremely nervous. I have been doing weeks of research and I feel that if I don't just suck it up and start now, I might just never do it. I was diagnosed with PCOS in December, took a while to mope and now every PCOS 'recovery' story I have read has lead me to Paleo living and beginning with the Whole, here I am. I've never been overweight, but since getting off of my BC my body has completely gone off the deep end...which is scary? I'm hoping I can get through this in one piece. So, any fellow cysters/pcos sufferers that have some words of wisdom, advice, encouraging words...or really ANYONE, I thank you in advance...cause I'll need it.
  10. The Whole30 plan was actually a "no-brainer" for me. I have issues with dairy and gluten (self-diagnosed) and I suffer from Migraines (Doctor diagnosed). I have done the research, the reading and obsessive forum perusing. I probably could have started sooner, but I need the time to clean out the cupboards and restock them with healthy, nutritious food. I do see some challenges ahead, but after reading some of the posts on the forum I know I am not alone. I am a coffee drinker, and I have a hard time living without my beloved cinnamon creamer. However, once I actually read what is in that stuff it was easy to convince myself I did not need it. My son may be another challenge. He is four (going on 30) and is a very picky eater. I am talking super picky; he knows if there is anything different in his fave foods. I tried putting squash in his macaroni and cheese and he knew before I even put it on the table. I am hoping that by seeing Mom eat the good stuff, he will jump on the band wagon (or not, but one can hope). I am looking forward to this lifestyle change and the healthy future it will bring.