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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone... I've neglected to jump into the foum as I usually find them WAAAY too overwhelming. But here I am. I'm at Day 11 (yesterday) and today Day 12 I started end of Day 10 with OVERWHELMING fatigue...I mean the kind you get before the flu or something. But I didn't have a fever. Low grade fever began next day 99.4, was down to 98.7...but after grocery shopping it's back up to 100.3 I spent my first 10 days pretty uneventful...getting used to black coffee. (I was already glutenfree for 5 years) But back in May I had a bout of cellulitus...and it worries me this fever could be related to that returning...(I haven't noticed anything?) But wonder if achy, flu, low energy is common, how long it will last, and what could I do to work through it? Lots of sleep (sleep has been rough too) Achy neck and spine... Anyhow, anyone else have similiar ? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  2. Its day 4 of my first whole 30 and I've come down with an awful cold. Sore throat, fever, coughing, chills, you name it. I tried making my usual chicken noodle soup recipe, sans noodles. It was okay. Whats everyones favorite whole 30 comfort food to eat when they're sick?
  3. Ok, so today I started not feeling well and got wirse through the day. I now have a 102 fever and am achy and lost my appetite. I don't have any homemade broth. I might have a spinach, banana, blueberry smoothie. I'm not sure I can eat anything solid right now. Also is there any medication I can take that's compliant? Help please.