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Found 41 results

  1. Hi everyone, today was my first day and first time on Whole30. I made it through just fine, never feeling hungry, and only in the evening was tempted to eat something else. But the temptation was very mild and easy to ignore. I have to say that signing up for Real Plans made the first grocery shopping trip so much easier! I am hoping this will power will last through tomorrow and the next few weeks. I am single, so when choosing the meals, I put them in as a double meal so I will have leftovers. But I am still shocked at how big a singleserving of those meals is. Hopefully I am not eating too much! Is anyone else starting today?
  2. lana.the.explorer

    October 14th - Start Day

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be starting my fall Whole 30 tomorrow, October 14th! Is anyone else starting then too?? I'd love a Whole 30 buddy, especially since we're quickly approaching fall and winter with all the delicious seasonal treats I attempted a Whole 30 for the first time back in September, and made it to Day 17 before I realized I was eating nuts roasted in peanut oil. It was annoying and careless mistake, so I'm determined to be more careful and make it through this time. Let's do this!! Yole Anna
  3. Stepham7

    And here we go....

    One of my friends reached out last week asking if I would try this with her for 30 here I am. My eating had been out of control for the last few weeks, I have been sleeping terribly and breaking out like a teenager I cant wait to see how everything changes!! I generally eat healthy but I eat more than I should, I am hoping to reset both my cravings and my emotional attachment to food.
  4. fitfoodieteacher

    Starting Tomorrow if IRMA is nice!

    Anxious, excited, nervous...tomorrow is my anticipated start date. I am in FL and currently everything is safe here but should I lose power I may be limited as far as my food options go but I want to start tomorrow to hopefully finish and complete a bit if reintroduction before my birthday trip. Excited to meet people with experience and newbies like me! I will definitely need support! Any tips for a newbie who is already missing her typical dessert? I love to end the night with something sweet (a piece of dark chocolate, a smore, Ben and Jerrys lol) so this is the area I am most nervous about! Also CHEESE! If you would like to follow along my day to day experience, I will be documenting it on my Instagram page @fitfoodieteacher
  5. Hello out there. . . It's summer, and am looking forward to the change in relationship, finding 'food freedom' and vegging out (so to speak). I've been through Many programs. This one seems familiar--Grey sheet like-- yet, different and super positive. It's my first time committing to W30 and I'm happy to embrace the challenges. choice, change, discipline, toughness, #thisisnothard-thisishard Here we go... who's with me!?!
  6. I started Whole 30 yesterday. I almost pushed it back do to stress and moving but I stuck to it and it's going well. I'm finding I am satisfied with egg bake casserole packed with veggies and sausage in the morning. So far using avocado chicken salad as lunch with many veggies. Polar seltzer water and regular water along with black cold brew iced coffee. So far no huge cravings for alcohol and finding fruit to be satisfying sweet tooth. Energy levels are up! Up for finding a buddy or motivator to help encourage each other! Brianne
  7. vinaustin

    First Day Rash

    Anyone experience a rash the first day?
  8. Hi all, I'm inspired by the activity here. Today is the big Start Date, and I am already thinking about how I can create "sour cream" from coconut milk to go with potato latkes for Chanukah! Thank G-d potatoes are allowed. Anyone else here from the East Bay in northern CA?
  9. jlm3pc

    Starting Fires on Day 1

    Today is my first day of my first whole 30!! My boyfriend and I am doing it together, and we're both really excited about the changes we're making! I had the most interesting start to my morning that I figured I'd share because maybe it would make someone laugh or make someone who is starting the whole 30 more confident because they're already doing better than I am! I had just moved my spinach frittata from the stove top to the oven, and after four minutes, I opened the oven door to check on the frittata. Turns out my broiler rack was just a little too close to the top of the oven, and the handle on my brand new pan was on fire! I was able to get the fire put out (it was very small) but not before my fire alarm in my apartment started going off. I couldn't help but just stop and laugh at how great of a start things were off to. However, after I stopped the fire alarm and gathered myself, I realized that the frittata was still perfectly fine and it was probably one of the best breakfasts I've ever made for myself! Despite a small setback this morning, I'm so excited to start the whole 30!! I'm ready to change my relationship with food, and I'm excited to see how it changes my life!! And here's hoping I don't burn down my entire apartment complex in the process
  10. Smilespecialistrdh

    First Day 05/02/2016

    Tomorrow, May 2nd, I will begin day 1 of my whole 30 journey! I'm both excited and scared to death. I've been struggling for years with my weight and other health concerns so I'm doing this for my health and to help teach my daughter good, healthy habits. I'm hoping that as I go through this, my husband will see the difference and the benefits and hopefully start his own whole 30. I'm sure I'll be visiting the forum regularly for support. I spent 4 hours tonight preparing for my first's to good first day! Have a good night everyone!
  11. Mhanson6

    First Day May 2nd

    Today Is my first day. I am hoping to be able to get rid of my daily headaches get a better nights sleep and get over my weight loss plateau. Wish me luck. I Work two jobs so meal planing and eating right is hard for me sometimes is just don't eat. I spent yesterday. Making breakfast for the week and today's lunch and dinner, and looked for 2 crock pot whole 30 meals for the 2 nights I work both jobs back to back. Lets hope i can keep it up. Today's breakfast which makes 12 muffins so i can heat them up during the week was 2 pizza egg muffins, and fruit. The muffins where delicious!!!! Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins {Paleo & Whole30} Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 25 mins Total time 35 mins These Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins are a delicious and savory breakfast, brunch, or snack that's easy to make ahead of time! They're Paleo, Whole30 friendly, low carb, and dairy free. Author: Michele Recipe type: Breakfast, Brunch Cuisine: Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb Serves: 12 servings Ingredients ¾ lb sweet Italian sausage, casings removed, no added sugar 2 cloves garlic, minced* dash of crushed red pepper ⅔ cup chopped sun dried tomatoes {soften first by soaking if too hard} 2 tsp Italian seasoning blend 1 tsp onion powder 9 eggs ¼ tsp fine grain sea salt 1-2 tsp coconut oil for cooking the sausage, plus extra for greasing muffin cups Instructions Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and grease a 12 cup muffin tin well with coconut oil to prevent sticking. Heat a medium or large skillet over medium heat and add 1-2 tsp coconut oil to the skillet. Add the sausage and a dash of crushed red pepper, and break up lumps of sausage with a wooden spoon. If using the garlic*, add it to the pan when the sausage is halfway browned Continue to cook and stir. Once the sausage is nearly fully browned, add the chopped sundried tomatoes and stir into the mixture. Cook another minute, then remove from heat and set aside. In a very large bowl, whisk together the eggs, onion powder, Italian seasoning, and salt. Then, pour the entire sausage mixture into the eggs and combine. Fill muffin cups ¾ of the way to the top (they'll rise over the cups, which is fine) until the mixture is used up (I made 12) and bake in the preheated oven about 15 minutes, or until the eggs are set and the muffins just begin to brown. Remove from oven and let cool a few minutes before serving. If making ahead, you can refrigerated them in a sealed container for up to 5 days. Enjoy!
  12. Today I start my journey of Whole30. Unfortunately although I would love to say I CAN DO THIS, I feel as though I may need to restart my journey a couple of times a long the way. I created a calendar on a dry erase board to help me along the way. I took measurements (in a sports bra and shorts that I couldn't zip!) and began my day. First note to self - Canned coconut milk does not work in iced coffee!! I quickly dumped it out and got a black iced coffee from Dunkin. I am really hoping I can narrow down the source of my stomach issues by doing whole30. I have always suspected dairy, but never been able to cut down. HERE WE GO....
  13. rosebudrmm

    Starting today, October 6

    Hi everyone! Today is my first day on Whole 30. I had thought about it many times for quite a few years but never bit the bullet. Well, yesterday I received some negative health news and I knew there was no more waiting! I am definitely frexcited. I know there will be tough days but nothing is more important than our health, right? If anyone in San Francisco is new and has big changes to make, I'd love to hear from you! Also interested in any restaurants that are particularly Whole30 friendly. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, and sharing tips and encouraging words!
  14. Marty Bower


    Hi, this is my first day for this healthy program. I am looking forward to getting into the swing of this but seem to be having problems already. Ok only a snag or two. First of all I want to get into this program and do some of the reading as we go along. There's a lot of reading and that is not my strong suite. I get bored and tired easy from reading. Anyway I decided to start today the 21st, I need to get my shopping list and plan some easy meals to start but where do I start. Any helpful suggestions? I also had problem this morning logging on seems it did not remember my PW. So I did the I forgot PW and assigned a new one and now changed it to one of my choice. Hope this works. Ok back to making my list so I can hit the grocery store. thanks, Marty
  15. jesstaylor616

    Sick, help!

    So I was trying Whole30 for the first time yesterday and just felt sick all day long -- horrible headache, feeling nauseous, but I thought it was just the sugar detox. I finally sat down to eat my dinner, took one bite of my chicken, cabbage and green beans and promptly tossed everything I had eaten that day on the floor. Has anyone else had a bad reaction from day 1, or maybe I just have a bug? Either way, I'm going to have to eventually start over because the only thing I can keep down today are saltines and ginger ale. So frustrated/upset/discouraged.
  16. ellensteiger

    First day of Whole30

    Today is my first day of Whole30. I am doing this with my daughters so I have a great support group. I feel unprepared though, so much information to absorb. I guess I have the next 30 days to keep learning. Ellen
  17. So today is my OFFICIAL first day on the Whole30 program. I got some reading done in the ISWF book last night and have started to understand a little better how food fuels the body. I did a soft start for the last 2 days, but it is on like donkey kong now! Question: I have been searching for a pain reliever (aleve, advil, ibprofin, aspirin, tylenol, ANYTHING) that DOESN'T have a filler in it that is not approved. Most have corn starch or another grain additive and a lot have coloring like Blue 40 (or whatever). Any suggestions? Thanks, team! It's good to get this thing started. I am excited to see what results this life change may bring.
  18. lcw1161

    And so it begins....

    I have half halfheartedly done the Whole 30 in the past....and now I'm starting very seriously (nothing like a report from the doctor to kick your butt in gear!). I went shopping, I emptied the refrigerator, I cleaned off the shelves....I was ready to begin this morning.......and then Monday morning happened and tossed me off my game. However, I made a commitment to myself and decided to "woman up" and I did. I'm happy to report that headache aside, at 9:45 this first morning of my Whole 30, I'm on track.
  19. DillonPO

    Starting today - May 11th

    Hi guys, I started my whole30 today after planning all of last week. It Starts With Food is without a doubt a priceless asset but I figure some direct conversation, with people who understand where I'm coming from, will be a massive help. My story is pretty simple. 21 years old, never suffered with issues of weight or eating. I am doing the whole30 plan with my mother who is trying to get a handle on her health with this program. I used to eat reasonably healthy (or so I thought apparently ahah) because high amounts of junk food was making me really sluggish at the gym. Obviously I'm hoping the knock on effect of Whole30 will be an even bigger increase in energy than before. I've never tried to control my diet before so this should be interesting. If anyone has some tips/advice for the meal planning that would be amazing. I'm finding the prospect of doing so much fresh shopping/cooking around my work schedule.
  20. FrauleinMichelle

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Just wanted to say hello! I will be starting tomorrow (hitting the market on the way home, with list in-hand) and if anyone wants a long-distance absolute stranger as a partner: here I am! I've done vegan on/off for 12 years or so, anywhere from a few weeks to a few years in duration. I usually ended up adding seafood in at some point because I was not very good about non-animal protein. I think that vegan is probably going to be easier than this... no bread! No pasta! No oreos?! (Yes, a surprising "vegan" food-- that's how fake they are!) I've been working out for months now, and I've always been on/off with that as well-- based on my current social life, relationship, work life, etc. Since I'm living the solo life, it's pretty easy to find time and motivation to go the gym. I mean, in SoCal, who DOESN'T work out? Also, it will be hard to turn down drinks with friends-- that's an integral part of life here. So, we'll see how that goes. I'm excited to see how this helps my fitness results-- should be good stuff. Good luck! Michelle
  21. santamariana

    Day 1 Tomorrow

    It's a weird day to start the Whole30, but in my mind, I feel like if you're really committed, might as well start now. Tomorrow morning, Wednesday January 21st is going to mark my first day of the Whole30. And I'm nervous. I don't even know why. As someone who's 5'5 and 18 I've gone from obesity to being underweight because anorexia took over before I got control of my life again, except one extreme lead to the other, and I ended up binge eating, constantly. Back at the high points of the scale (that doesn't really matter that much anymore honestly), feeling tired constantly, breaking out all the time, and just feeling bad, I decided that I needed to do some serious work on my life. That's where I want to start Whole30. I figured I do Crossfit 304 times a week, why wouldn't I want results, and results come from your diet more than the gym. That's literally my story, I have a lot to go for me, But I KNOW food cravings and hunger are going to be the biggest blocks for me, so that's why I'm hoping for help to beat the mental hurdles, and finally, Finally, Because healthy again and have good eating habits.
  22. I successfully completed my first whole30 in October 2013 and am now ready to go again. I'm currently having digestive and sleeping problems and I know that eating completely clean helped with this last time. I'm hoping to go way beyond 30 days with this one.
  23. Merry-Berry

    Second Whole 30! Day one!

    Hey everyone! I'm here again after New Years to make a new commitment to a year of health. I went through the whole 30 this last summer and it really changed my relationship with food and I have made a lot of changes since then. So this next time around I feel I have a lot of the tools and prep to make this happen but need an extra push to get out of the bad things that crept in. I'm still battling the sugar dragon and hope to take this down once and for all this year! I want to start training to cycling long distances and fuel my workouts so I can become stronger overall. It all starts with food and I found that if you have your diet down the rest of your fitness goals become easier to achieve. Cheers to a new year and another Whole 30!
  24. Gemini 60

    Starting Today

    Hi All ~ After having followed (sort of) the ketogenic/paleo eating regimes for the past many months, and experiencing plenty of 'wagon falls,' I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and join all you Whole 30'ers out there. So the restrictiveness of the diet doesn't scare me, particularly - except for the lack of dairy (butter, in particular) and my old, fiendish friend, alcohol. I am content, knowing that this is probably the craziest time of year to begin, but am convinced that my body can't handle all the crap food and drinks much longer before it goes on an all-out strike. Being stuck at home close to the bathroom (sorry - perhaps too much TMI, there) is getting REALLY annoying, not to mention boring and depressing! So - have been to the grocery store yesterday to pick up 'normal' Whole30 staples and am off in a few minutes to the local farmer's market for all the fresh goodies they have there. Seriously - the very best broccoli and eggs I've ever tasted! A couple years ago, I would've never said that broccoli and eggs are 2 of my fave foods, but weird as it sounds, they are. Who knew?? Cheers to all!
  25. Lis Reed


    I am starting my first Whole 30 today. I am feeling confident and excited and looking forward to this journey. I am the only one in my household with this goal. Others are modified Paleo so not totally different, but thanks for all support!