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Found 74 results

  1. Just saying "HELLO" to my fellow Whole30ers and holding myself accountable by posting my introduction and my intent to start. Looking forward to life changes!! If anyone has any valuable getting started tips I'd greatly appreciate them! Best, Karla
  2. I'm planning on starting February 5th but I wanted to post in the forum first and see if anyone else was starting then too! This is my first time doing the whole30, and I want to see if anyone here is doing it/has done it while being a full-time college student (which I am). I'm trying to plan out meals specifically, but it's also hard being on campus 24/7. I've read through the whole website but I'd love any advice for first-timers, especially if you've done it through university life. And if you're starting next week as well, it would be great to talk to someone else doing it at the same time. Thanks everyone!
  3. Struggle Bus

    Hi everyone! This is my first whole30 and my start day was January 2 . So this is day 4 for me! Today I am the queen of the struggle bus! Man alive are these cravings for dairy and sugar intense!!! I also can’t remember the last time I was so moody. I teared up looking in the fridge last night because I couldn’t have cheese. I feel SO uncomfortable and like I just want to crawl out of my skin! I’ve read that week 1 can be bad and weeks 2-3 are when the “tiger blood” flows. Damn I hope this is true! Im worry that 1. I’ll feel this way the whole whole30 2. I wont loose weight the way other people seem to with this change And while weight loss isn’t my sole goal - if I don’t lose weight and I’m miserable the whole time I will really feel like this was for nothing and that just makes me mad and sad! So I guess I’m looking for some reassurance that the scale will budge, I can/will feel better and this “on edge” feeling will subside.
  4. Hi! My name is Erin. This is my first time doing Whole30. I’m so excited to start. I have so many ailments that I’m interested to see if they will be alleviated by this program. I have followed some Whole30 recipes in the past, but never committed to the program. I didn’t realize what it was really about. I honestly thought it was a program for quick weight loss. And although I want to lose a significant amount of weight, I know that quick isn’t sustainable, so I wrote off the whole program as another fad diet. But a few weeks ago, something drew me to the program, and I started doing my research. I’m reading The Whole30 right now,and I’m listening to “It Starts With Food.” So I have some questions that I’m hoping some of you can share your experience to help me answer. First, I work at a breakfast restaurant. I get to work anywhere between 5am-7am, and my days are 10-12 hour days. I have figured out what I can and cannot eat at the restaurant during Whole30, and am planning to bring lots of my own meals. So that is not the issue. I usually don’t get a chance to eat until after 10am. The program says to eat 3 meals a day. I usually have a small snack and a latte before work (I usually wake up hungry, even at 3am), eat a meal sometime after 10, a snack on the way home, between 3pm-5pm, workout, then have dinner between 7-8, in bed by 9. On workdays I usually don’t get 3 solid meals. Would you suggest having a meal first thing in the morning? What would your suggestions be? Like I said, I really want to start ASAP! But, I know I need to plan and prepare. I think I can start on Thursday January 4th as my day 0. I haven’t finished (nor will I by then) listening to or reading the books. Would you suggest waiting until I have finished the books, or can I just get started? What specifically works for you before workouts? Most days I won’t have a ton of time (maybe 15 minutes) before a workout. What I’ve read so far says to have some protein and fat. But what is the best thing to have that would be readily on hand. Same question for post workout. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m looking forward to hearing from your experience! Erin
  5. Starting January 2nd!

    Hi, everyone January 2nd will mark my first day of my first Whole30! I've done my food shopping, so New Year's day will consist of me cleaning out my fridge and cupboards, while I prepare food for my first week. I'm really excited to make this change, but also nervous. Does anyone have any tips for a first timer to help push through cravings? I have a feeling my hardest moments will be at night because I love to snack! I'm trying to think of some things I can do to help distract myself during down time at home. I love doing yoga, so I'm going to work on incorporating it into my Whole30 journey. Here's to a bright start in 2018!
  6. First Whole30 starting Nov 30

    Have been reading a lot about this program and am currently reading The Whole30. I am pretty healthy and generally follow a good diet but I know I could cut back on wine and I know that dairy does not agree with me. I have terrible insomnia and am hoping that calming my gut may also calm my sleep patterns. I also have a terrible track record of starting all kinds of challenges and then bailing shortly after when things get hard...hoping this is not the the case this time. I know pre-Christmas is likely not an ideal time to start but I am currently between jobs so have no excuse not to food prep and have a vacation planned for the first week of February so want to have time to complete and reintegrate foods before we go. I'm 56 and want to stay healthy to enjoy and keep up with my grandbabes! Looking forward to the journey.
  7. I'm starting Whole30 11/24, day after Thanksgiving. I've been testing the waters the past 10 days and enjoying all that I've prepared and eaten. Most of the pantry issues are resolved. I also decided, after reading the books, that I will drop out eggs and nightshades, as I have autoimmune conditions. That is making things trickier. Luckily, I discovered I really like sweet potatoes! I'll be interested in more egg-free breakfast options. I'm excited to think about food that is just food and is NOT laced with additives. I've been shocked in my try-out period how many things have sugar!! My regular chicken broth has added sugar. Why??? I'm not all-in on the paleo concept. Rather, I think the plan is more like "Gramma's Farm plan" - i.e., my Hoosier grandparents who raised vegetables and animals and ate what they grew. I like this idea a lot. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Day 10

    Hello, I started my first whole 30 October 1st. Two of my sisters have been telling me how great this program is for a long time. Last year I got the book and started to read it and doing online research but I wasn't ready to commit to the program. I knew I had to quit smoking first. I quit in February of this year and I have gained a lot of weight ( I was already overweight so it added to the amount I needed to loose.) I have been trying to eat better, drink more water and I work out almost everyday, I had my dr check me for any medical problems and nothing so I knew it was time for me to try something new. I don't normally blog or go on websites and introduce myself so this is also new for me. So far I am on Day 10- I feel really good and haven't had to many cravings. I have had couple of dreams that I ate something or drank something sweet and felt bad but once I woke up I laughed about it. I can't wait to see how I feel in the next few weeks.
  9. Starting Oct 9

    I am starting W30 for the first time on Monday, and I am a big sugar addict. My biggest goals are to kick the sugar habit. Change my habits around food being a reward/consolation for my emotional stress. Teach my kids how to make good food choices (they are three and two). I’d also like to start a regular yoga practice. And I’m excited to see what positive changes my body goes through. But I’m really nervous too. Worried about sugar cravings and feeling overwhelmed. Any advice?
  10. Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    HI All, I am doing Whole30 for the first time and have picked September 2 as my start date. I work in higher education, so this gets me through the first week of the semester, which I usually work extra hours. I knew starting before them would set myself up for failure. I am looking forward to slaying the sugar dragon! Sara
  11. Hi all! I started the Whole30 on Wednesday, August 2nd (it's currently day 3). I am already finding this challenging, but I'm excited to be connected to others making this commitment! I am so used to having something sweet (even if it's just fruit) after EVERY meal. And once I start on a cookie/something dessert-y/chips/trail mix/something snack-y I will sit and eat way too much of it, way beyond the point of feeling full. I definitely have a problem with portion control and eating out of comfort/boredom. I really want to drop these habits and have a healthier relationship with food. Yesterday (day 2) I felt pretty miserable and was realizing how dependent I am on always having "dessert" after every meal, and how used to eating half a bag of veggie stix (essentially potato chips) each day! I have 3 weekend camping trips and a birthday party planned for this month so far, so that will be challenging. But I'm determined!
  12. Newbie - Day 5... Woah

    Okay, so I'm gliding through the first four days of my first whole 30! More energy, better mood, clear headed and just healthier, then came day five. It actually started last night on the evening of day four. I was so tired, I had all of these plan for my Sunday night (my usual rituals to prepare for the week which includes grocery shopping) but I couldn't move once I sat on the couch. I was so exhausted I ended up in bed at 8pm then slept until 6am and am still exhausted. On top of it all, my stomach and bowel movements seem to be... not the best. I know in the blog article about what to expect, this can be normal. Curious if you all experienced this too and if you have any ways to stay energized while you go through this phase. Thank you!
  13. Starting April 1!

    April has 30 days, so it seemed like a perfect fit! Plus, starting on the weekend will allow me to prep and get used to everything before a dreaded Monday hits
  14. Hey guys, My name is Rachel and I'm ready to commit. For many months now I've worked out frequently, often 5-6 times per week, and tried to track my eating habits. Most days, I do well about protein and nutrient intake while keeping low in calories. But nothing works. My muscle is good, but my fat hides it better. I'm done feeling like my clothing might rip right off of me. I'm tired of hearing that I "look fine" just because I know how to hide it well, because my PBF and overly tight clothes say otherwise. More than that, I'm done with the joint pain from holding up so much weight. I'm done with the awful digestive flow that often leaves me bloated, prone to acid reflux, or even with unbearable abdominal pain or discomfort. I'm done with the day to day fatigue that won't go away with sleep or vitamins. I'm tired of the doctors telling me they don't know what's causing this or that and prescribing me another pill that doesn't work. I'm tired of feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally uncomfortable in my own body. And I'm tired of the binge-modes I fall into when I get frustrated that nothing seems to be working. I don't know much about Whole 30. I have a few friends who have done it and claim its amazing wonders. I know it's a lot more like God intended our diets to be, and so it likely is good in so many ways. But it's new to me. I used to be one of the most unhealthy people my age growing up and even into early college. Now I'm suffering the consequences and I'm ready to go all in. I'm ready to commit to just one month of clean eating and challenge myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. I'm new to my area of living, heck even my country of current living, and therefore don't know anyone who has committed to Whole30 or who can support me. My flatmate is not at all a poster child for healthy eating and it's going to be hard to restrain from stealing her soda from the fridge. I'm awful at meal-prep to boot. I don't know how to do this, or even where to start, but I'm ready! Please, join me on my journey. Keep me accountable, fight the cravings alongside, and encourage me because I'll need it! And even if no one reads this, my commitment is there for all to see, and that's enough for me. I'm ready. God-willing, I am ready.
  15. I've gone from 240lbs to 150lbs and now 35 lbs heavier than my ideal of the low side. I work out daily, eat a lot of healthy veggies/fruit but am totally addicted to carbs. Toast with butter, grilled cheese sandwiches, sugar sugar sugar! I quit drinking alcohol 8 years ago and gave myself permission for dessert. Cookies at 9:30 am? Why not? Learn to make the most delicious lemon squares and cheesecake? Hell yes. Not only is my weight out of control, I feel like crap. I can physically feel my body clogged with garbage. Every now and then I'll make a meal and know after eating it was exactly what my body needed. I want that every day! Ive been making my own sauces and dressings for years and stay away from processed food - unless it's a cupcake. I recently discovered a colleague lost weight and more importantly changed her life for good with Whole30 and she's been inspiring and offered great support. Sharing recipes to get me ready, offering a shoulder if I need to vent. I am lucky. Ive been spending time making shopping lists and menu plans. My husband is in too, he'll eat what I make for him, and help with the prep, yay! But it's going to be challenging. Saturday is shopping day, Saturday is the prep and fine tuning for the week and off we go on Sunday. its only 30 days, but I plan to make lifestyle changes in the process. We'll see in 30 days!
  16. Well I still have a couple minutes before the clock turns over here so I guess I'm not technically late yet. This is my first Whole30 that I've ever done and I am so nervous! I did NOT prepare this last week since I was down with the flu since before Christmas. I DID, however, manage to go through my kitchen today with my very loving and supportive boyfriend today and got rid of all the junk. He's doing the Whole30 with me! I'm so excited to have his support and to go through this together. His diet is a lot better than mine so I'm guessing that he will have an easier time taming his carb dragon. I nearly panicked today though when I had to prepare meals for work and was trying to make mayo and my vitamix kept creating this watery weird stuff that looked NOTHING like mayo. I ended up attempting it with my regular blender and got it to work. I have so many questions and nervousness that I'm bringing to the table today. I'm a night shift ER nurse who has fallen off the wagon when it comes to taking care of my body. Last year in February I had a personal trainer who wrote an awesome nutrition plan and exercise program complete with a super complicated supplement regimen. I was in the gym pretty much every day, eating small meals four times a day, and taking handfuls of supplements with every meal. Then my car was broken into at the gym. I had been going so hard that when that happened it totally took the wind out of my sails and I have been struggling ever since. I've put on 20 lbs in the last 10 months, I have no energy, my depression is worse than it has been in years... Basically I'm ready for change. My biggest concern is that I'm a night shift nurse in an ER, where there seems to always be junk food and caffeine a plenty. Do any of you have any tips for night shifters or nurses specifically? It's also hard to get breaks some times but this program isn't so strict that I can't just eat when I have a minute to sit. Also, my boyfriend and I did not do any measurements on day 0 and I ran out of time today. Is it going to be a big deal to do the measurements (we did weigh ourselves yesterday) and take the pictures? Looking forward to sharing with all of you on this journey.
  17. I'm so excited to do the Whole30, starting Monday, January 2nd. My family eats really bad and I'm excited to do this to reset our bodies. My husband and I live next to my parents and they are joining us on this journey...I just hope they both stick with it! My dad is on tons of medication and has lots of joint pain and my mom has arthritis and I hope they get results from this program. I also have a chronic spontaneous disease that is dormant right now and I hope this will be a way to get rid of it whenever I need to.
  18. Weeks ago, I learned about Whole30 from the awesome website Be More With Less. I checked out the Whole 30 bible, read it cover to cover and made a commitment to start on October 20th. I prepped my kitchen, I pre-made emergency meals, I've been practicing reading my labels, I made my countdown calendar, I even recruited my husband (a die-hard sugar junky). I. Was. Ready. Yesterday, I started with a lovely scrambled egg and spinach omelet. Lunch consisted of a cucumber-chicken salad with avocado, olives and a red-wine vinegar/olive oil dressing with italian spices. My day was going cravings, no hunger, I even managed to get in a small walk. I was CRUISING!!! Needing to run an errand, I decided to pop into a favorite green-awning coffee shop for an iced tea to help cool me down on such a hot day. I ordered my usual iced tea, no sweetener, light ice. I heard my name called, grabbed my drink and walked out. Three steps out the door and nearly 3/4 of the way through a successful day one, I take a sip of my beverage..... SWEETENED beverage!!!!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! Thwarted by the sugar gods! Dejected, I walked back inside and re-ordered my tea. Everyone was very apologetic, and I was very cool about the whole thing (mistakes happen). I then finished my day Whole30 compliant (I wasn't going to blow off the whole rest of the day just because of one sip of tea). But I also made sure I started over, Day 1 today. . So far, so good - and nothing outside of food/beverage I prepared myself!!! But I learned a valuable lesson (and luckily only on Day 1)....something as simple as an iced tea can mess up your best laid plans in the 11th hour. So be careful out there!
  19. Starting Today

    Today is my first day of the Whole30 and I'm scared. I just came of off the Omni Drop diet, like today is my first day of reintroduction (totally unhealthy, I know) and am worried that eating the food on the Whole30 is going to make me gain the weight I just lost. I have a terrible relationship with food and the scale. I've been struggling for years and need to break the cycle. I'm in a wonderful marriage with a happy and healthy 3 year old and a good job. I cannot keep taking time away from the most important things in my life to weigh and measure every ounce of food I put into my mouth. HELP, I'm a wreck. On the bright side, I love the foods on the program and have been staying away from dairy anyway so I feel that's a headstart. :-)
  20. Starting 10/10

    I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow. Not only am I looking forward to getting my overall health on track, I hope this will help my migraines. I have done the prep and have planned, planned, planned!! Ready to roll tomorrow!!
  21. New

    Hi everyone, my name is Johnetta but you can just call me Jay I'm a first time Whole 30(er). I haven't set a definite start date but I'm thinking some time before I turn 35, so next week sounds good but we'll see. I just want to get and stay healthy and active and make the right choices for my body. I also want to get off the hamster wheel of dr appointments and sugar cravings! So any advice? Let me rephrase that, any encouraging words of wisdom from someone who's done this before?
  22. Starting Oct 1st

    Wow.....My wife and I are starting on the Whole 30 journey tomorrow morning. Is there anyone else starting Oct 1st that we can share the journey together with? I'm sure the support will be good. Looking forward to finding out more about my body.
  23. First Whole30 Starting Oct 1st

    Hey guys! Excited and nervous to start my first Whole30! After a couple of years of uncontrollable eating/cravings and lack of energy, I can't wait to be healthy inside and out and feel like my actual age of 28! Who else is starting on the 1st? Would love some support!
  24. Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    I am on day 10 and last night I had dreams of sour cream on top of nachos. I am tired of eating the same foods so I choose not to eat at all. I wait until it my stomach hurts before I eat something. On day 5 I landed in the hospital for 2 days due to migraine headaches, it was thought I was having a stroke as I lost my vision. I have been overweight all my life, I am convinced I am not meant to be healthy; however, I want to prove to myself I can do this. I cheated, kinda of...when in the hospital, I was weighed and they kindly (rudely really) wrote in on the board in my room. I do know I am making progress in that area. It is a cool fall day in Nebraska and I am going to make the Chili from the Whole 30 book. I am looking forward to something a little different. I am going to the Farmer's Market this morning to get fresh veggies. I do feel better, the swelling in my legs is gone, I have more energy and I would still kill for a diet coke. Thanks for Listening Piper
  25. New to the program

    Hello! I am starting this program for the very first time on September 1! I am both excited and nervous! My system is in a desperate need of a reboot! I am hoping this does this trick! Any advice or anything I need to keep on hand? I am in the process of organizing and prepping my kitchen.