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Found 44 results

  1. Starting 9/24

    Hey so I'm wanting to try this out because I love dairy and bread too much that my once 5'7" frame, 120lb is now 150lb. I'm wanting to get rid of cravings and learn how to watch my portions. Heard about this through my twin so I want to check it out and see how it goes. I have a very committed personality so cheating would be no problem. It's just eating something that I didn't know I wasn't allowed to eat is probably gonna get me if anything. My only concern is that I've been getting back in shape by exercising the past 2 months. (I run 2 miles every morning and do lift 4/7). I drink Gatorade to replenish those electrolytes I lost, can I drink the sugar free Gatorade in place of the regular one? Or is there a replacement I can drink that is just as refreshing besides plain water.
  2. Hi! My name is Nancy, and I am preparing to start my first Whole30 on May 1st. I have been reading the books, planning meals, cleaning out the pantry, and getting my support system in order. I've even set up an instagram to track my journey and asked friends to follow me there (accountability!) (Ps. it's @futurowhole30 if you're interested.) I'm really excited! I decided to do Whole30 in late March, but chose my May 1st start date because of a lot of socializing and work trips during April. I knew that I needed the time to read and get mentally prepared to make myself successful. I've spoken with a lot of "real life" friends who have done the program, and everyone has had positive feedback for me. Of course, I have some things I'd like to get from this program, but my main focus right now is just not getting caught up in expectations, and just getting ready to rock it! : ) Nice to meet you!
  3. Critic please!

    Hello! I am on my first round of Whle30 and on day 14! woo woo half way practically! but I would love some critic to see if there is anything I might be able to improve on or maybe something im actually doing all wrong haha so here's a little play by play of my day and meals from this week ( week 2 whole30) Just a preface, I come from a "bodybuilding" background of fasted cardio and calorie restriction. Before whole30 I was most recently eating keto and macro tracking because I felt it helped with my hormone imbalance (high test low estrogen, no cysts so im told its not PCOS) with terrible cravings, mood swings, low libido, and hunger signals all out of whack, my poor husband! I have suffered from amenorrhea for the past three years and my weight has fluctuated between 130-170lbs during that time. I have a history of binge eating and anorexia that I believe will forever haunt me. Any way just some useful information I figured. Currenly i am happy with my weight although its been two weeks since i weighed myself (obeying Melissa) but im probably 140lbs 5 foot 6 inches and an athletic build (ex gymnast but still pretty muscle dense and fairly lean but not unhealthy i would guess about 17-20% bodyfat) 4:30am - Wake up (I work 6am-2pm) I have been weaning myself off this slowing so I don't shock my body but I used to do 30min on the stationary bike 5 mornings a week fasted, so far I have it down to 15-20min, next week I am aiming for 10-15min and probably cut it out the week after next. 5:30am I usually drink an espresso with 1/4 cup lite coconut milk and about 1 TBSP MCT oil ( I love the thickness it gives the coffee) on my way to work, and then eat breakfast once I get there ( I do this to give myself the max sleeping time but still don't want to eat while driving so I can give my full attention to my breakfast). 5:45am Breakfast - 3 cage free eggs cooked in a spoonful of ghee (fourth and heart) , 2 huge kale leaves cut up and sautéed in another spoon of ghee with peppers onion and garlic. 11:00 am Lunch - 1 can wild salmon (I think its 6 or 8 oz) , 1 heaping spoon of primal kitchen mayo, 1 open handful or olives, on top of about 2 cups spinach and 1 cup spiraled zucchini washed down with a Hint water. ( usually a decaf coffee with again about 1/3 cup lite coconut milk some where before I leave work) 2:00pm off work 3:00 pm Work out ( 5 x a week) - usually lasts about an hour and consists of about 40 mins circuit style weight training and 20 min treadmill or stair master hill intervals. 4:00 pm get home and usually make dinner while packing my lunch and prepping my breakfast for tomorrow. 4:30 or 5:00pm Dinner- a palm sized portion of pork tenderloin that was roasted with veggies ( Brussels, onions, garlic, beats, and cauliflower) coated in EPIC brand beef tallow) served on a bed of arugula and topped with a Tessemae's or primal kitchen dressing. 5:30pm - take my pup on a 15-30 min walk and then get ready for the next day or hang out with my husband until around 7:00 when I shower and settle down with some herbal tea or crio bru with coconutmilk and my book. Usually asleep around 8 or 9pm. * I have found myself being able to follow this template fairly easily, I find on some days I get very hungry between meals 1 and 2 or even after dinner before bed. about once a week I will have a what I call mini binge session where I stay compliant but its a bad habit and I always wake up feeling slightly swollen, puffy, hot, and exhausted regardless how much I sleep. Its not always that im hungry i feel physically full at times but just feel drawn to the fridge on these nights it happens! For example this happened last night. around 6:30pm I found my self dipped brussel sprouts in mayo and ghee and eating coconut oil with a spoon ( improvement from the first week where I ate three lara bars, 2 epic bars, and so many nuts) since then I have banned nuts, dried fruit, and bars from my whole30 (straight abstainer here). the binges have only happened twice since i started the whole30 (14 days in) but prior it would happen like twice a week on bad food and carbs so its an improvement. im sorry for the novel but i hope i can gain a little perspective and criticism on this post! thanks so much! i really want to gain control over my relationship with food!
  4. Whole30 Day 1 - April 3

    Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I am starting Whole30 for the very first time today! I'm 24 years old and am trying to get in better shape, start treating my body right, and really learn what foods make me feel good and what things slow me down. I'm nervous because I love cheese, ice cream, and wine SO MUCH, but I think this 30 days will be worth it! I'm also going to Italy in May (shortly after my 10 day reintroduction period) and I want to be feeling amazing for my trip. I spent my day yesterday shopping and meal prepping, so I'm fully prepared for the first 7 days! I'd love to hear from other people who are starting today and anyone who has advice about rocking your very first Whole30!
  5. Hi. It looks like most people start on a Monday or 1st of the month. I usually do things like that but decided to jump right in tomorrow after doing some planning today. Love to hear from others starting on the 24th, but will participate in the forum for the next closest date if there isn't anybody else. This plan is a massive departure from my current lifestyle, but the 30 day concept seems doable. Good luck to us!
  6. March 22nd

    Hi, I'm Lia:) I'm on my fifth day and it seems to be getting harder instead of easier lol. I am 17 and have an intolerance to gluten, but even after removing gluten still had symptoms so I decided to give this a go! I feel really good! But cravings are hard.. any other teens doing the whole30 right now?
  7. Starting tomorrow

    Hello, I am excited and a little nervous to start whole30 tomorrow. I've never done anything like this, I've always pretty much eaten what I want, when I want. But after 4 kids and a changing metabolism, I need to change things up! I just made my grocery list and meal plan for the next week after looking all over Pinterest and this site. Seems a little overwhelming!
  8. Starting Our First Whole30

    Hello! I have been interested in doing a Whole30 for years, but never have committed to it. My husband read an article about it and decided to finally jump on board, so we are starting our first Whole30 on Monday. I am 29 and he is 31. We are in decent health, but could use some more help cleaning up and advancing our eating habits. We are starting on Monday. Some background on our eating habits - We've used Fresh20 for a couple of years now to plan most of our meals, but we also litter our diet with frozen pizza, fast food, restaurants and (especially me) way too much sugar. We aren't the worse eaters ever, and Fresh20 has helped expand our cooking as well as prepared us for cooking frequently. However, we could both create healthier habits and do much better. I am interested to see how the Whole30 affects my acne (seems to be mostly hormonal), joint aches and pains, mood swings and energy levels. I will admit, I am a daily weigher- I love the data! I weigh myself at the same time every day and log it on my FitBit. I have, reluctantly, agreed to give up this habit for the Whole30. I am also getting my wisdom teeth removed at the tail end of week 2, so I am eager to see how bone broth, veggie/fruit smoothies and other healthy, soft food help me rebound. Of course, I won't have anything to compare it to since I've never had wisdom teeth removed before. I look forward to slowly reintroducing different food groups and analyzing how I feel. I think that's it for now! See ya around!
  9. Starting 1/8/17!!!

    Howdy!! I'll be starting my first round of Whole30 on 1/8/17!! I'm excited and nervous and am looking forward to all the positive changes to come!! I've got some serious sugar issues to combat so I'm shooting for at least a Whole45! Wish me luck!!
  10. Whole30 Newbie!

    Well it's Day 1 - and I couldn't be more excited that I have finally committed to Whole30! I am all in and have a great group of co-workers who are also doing a January Whole30. About Me: I am a fairly healthy eater at home, but I am a bit of a foodie so I absolutely love to go out to eat; with that comes wine and cocktails, which is where my challenges come about. As I have gotten older, I have noticed a frequency of digestive problems. I have regularly cut dairy and gluten from my diet, but then always seem to come back to pasta, bread & cheese... I don't really eat red meat - I stick to chicken, turkey & fish. I love eggs and vegetables! Initially, I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of fat we cook with as I usually just use an olive oil spray. My egg scramble sure did taste good this morning! I don't remember the last time I ate scrambled eggs with all of the yolk - YUM! Please share any must haves in your kitchens that helped you get through your first Whole30! I am excited to be a part of this community!! -Jamie
  11. January 3 for me!

    This is all very inspiring. I'm reading Whole30 with highlighter in hand and prepping for my first 30 to begin on 1/3!
  12. Jan 2017 First timer!

    I'm starting on Monday, January 2, 2017! I'm so excited to no longer be a prison to my own body!
  13. Starting November 6, 2016

    Started today, will need all the encouragement and helpful tips. I'm diabetic and need to eat a healthier lifestyle.
  14. Hi everyone, My Day 1 is today and I am indeed frexcited. First challenge is tomorrow, meeting an out of town friend for lunch downtown. Fun but not ready for that challenge, but this is when I can fit the 30 days in. It is 4pm, the time of my five o clock somewhere glass of wine, so thought I would say hello over my cup of mushroom tea and then go cook my first whole30 dinner, while the headache is still in mild mode. take care everyone, peace and love, Teri
  15. New-vember

    Hello Whole30 Folks! I am Natalie. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Fresno CA. Today is my first day ever on Whole30. I'm excited but also a little nervous. In April of 2013 ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and started taking medication (an SSRI) to treat it. Fast forward to now, after being on and off several SSRIs, my weight and health have declined. I went from weighing a healthy 140 lbs to 209 lbs. I have developed prediabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and just feel generally "blah." Some of the weight gain is due to a change in lifestyle - going from walking 4 miles a day in college to sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week - but I think most of the weight gain has been because of the medications. I am still taking an antidepressant because the anxiety and depression are still there, and it only gets worse as I feel physically worse and worse. I have tried so many ways to lose weight in the past with little to no results. In each case, I have gained back what I lost and put on even more. I am at my heaviest weight ever. It's disheartening, to say the least. As hard as it is for me to admit, I know that I have an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. My goal is to heal that relationship and find other ways to soothe myself when I'm sad or lonely or bored. I am hoping and praying that Whole30 is the answer to my problems. I have faith that if I stick with it and focus on the long-term benefits, then I will be successful. I'm looking forward to meeting others on this journey with me! xoxo
  16. Starting 1st W30 Oct 10!

    Hello! My name is Hilary, and In will be starting my first Whole30 on October 10 2016. I have ben struggling with extra weight that may be connected to underlying medical issues... I read "It Starts With Food" and later The Whole30 book and something clicked. I love cooking, and am thrilled that the W30 aligns with my general approach to food - eat seasonally/organically and locally when possible. Happily prepping and planning until I get started on the 10th!
  17. October 15 Start Date

    Hi All! I am starting my first Whole30 tomorrow, Oct 15, and am both excited and terrified! My "freshman 15" hit me in grad school thanks to 5 years of comfort eating/drinking and nothing seems to be budging it now that I'm in my early 30s Overall, my health feels like it could be a lot better and I really want to change my emotional relationship to food! This is gonna be tough, as I work a high stress job and just moved to a new city so will be learning how to cope with everything in new ways! I appreciate any advice, support, or encouragement you all have
  18. Day 1-October 14!

    My husband and I started Whole 30 today! Made some Whole 30 Chili-yum!
  19. New

    Hi everyone, my name is Johnetta but you can just call me Jay I'm a first time Whole 30(er). I haven't set a definite start date but I'm thinking some time before I turn 35, so next week sounds good but we'll see. I just want to get and stay healthy and active and make the right choices for my body. I also want to get off the hamster wheel of dr appointments and sugar cravings! So any advice? Let me rephrase that, any encouraging words of wisdom from someone who's done this before?
  20. Starting 1st W30 October 12

    Hi. I'm Kay and I'm starting my first Whole 30 today, Wednesday, 10/12/16. Hubby and I arrived home here in Florida on Monday after being up north all summer and I grocery shopped yesterday so I feel I'm prepared. I love to cook so that's no issue. I also love vegetables so good there. I'm happy to have found the forums for support and guidance. Wish me strength and perseverance :-)
  21. Giving it a shot

    Ok so I am about to give his whole 30 a shot with a friend and my husband(if I can convince him). Wish me luck! I have tried every other diet out there and I always hav really good results I am just looking for a way to cut out all the artificial this and that and every other bad things I eat daily. Image watching my now 2 year old son scarf down hot dogs and mac and cheese and want to try other recipes he will benefit from. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  22. Starting on October 25

    Hi... I'm Alejandra, and I will be doing the whole 30 starting on October 25th. Exactly 30 days before Thanksgiving. My biggest issue is my half and half with my coffee and wine... for the rest, I feel pretty good, since I don't really eat grains at all. Some chocolate occasionally... Anybody starting around the same date?
  23. Started Whole30 Today!

    Last night about 10pm I decided I needed a change. I found this forum and signed up, joined the paid email service, and got my Day 0 email last night about 11pm. It was great waking up this morning for my Day 1 email . My normal breakfast is oatmeal and blueberries - super healthy, right?! And a hazelnut mocha - super not healthy! This morning is was eggs, a tomato/avocado salad and black coffee. Dinner tonight was a recipe I modified for steak sandwiches. My son got the sandwich, I got a steak salad, and it was awesome! An hour later and I'm feeling that familiar "kind of empty stomach feeling" that would normally have me reaching for something sweet and flour based. I'm not hungry though, but my stomach sure is trying to tell me I am. Just makes me realize how out of whack my system has become. Going to go read the book. I started this cold turkey lol.
  24. I'm Ashley, a 26 year old female from Toronto, Canada. I am so excited to finally be committing to my first Whole30 challenge for the month of September beginning on the first. I am hoping to normalize my digestive system and have a better handle on my health and nutrition in general. Looking forward to supporting and being supported in these forums!