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Found 2 results

  1. Just finished Day 3! Yay! Shaking a soda habit that started last year... Drinking water w/ slice of orange for W30 + approved coconut water. NOTES ***B/c of IBS/gallbladder issues, I am eating more frequent, smaller meals as suggested in the W30 book ** Important to take a PROBIOTIC daily to ward off digestive issues / changes (& imp. to drink my orange water) * I can't face eggs in the morning, so had an idea to have baked sweet potato for breakfast - so far working out well! * I know smoothies are not encouraged, but I have just started doing them again & don't want to lose a healthy habit, plus it's a way to take Collagen,- imp. for my health. DAY 1 3-16-20 / Monday The first day was hard b/c no protein salad to fall back on or anything pre-prepared. Just winging it all day. Breakfast - half Baked sweet potato & ghee Snack - half LARA bar (Lemon) Lunch - Made W30 mayo & had tuna salad in Romaine lettuce leaf , Toasted almonds, & half a baked pear Snack - Smoothie with coconut water, Collagen, apple, berries & spinach Dinner - Sauteed chicken breast / pan scraped w/ coconut milk, chives & garlic to make a sauce - DELICIOUS! + Mashed potatoes with ghee Snack - half LARA bar A struggle to get thru the day -- what? No honeymoon phase first day? DAY 2 Breakfast - half Baked sweet potato & a compliant sausage pattie, mustard Lunch - ZOE'S Kitchen - grilled chicken kabob , veggies, potato salad Snack - Smoothie with coconut water, Collagen, apple, berries & spinach Dinner - smoked pulled pork, no sauce / dill pickles & pickled onion // passed on bbq sauce & salad w/ 1000 isle Snack - grapes (red) Started out day well & optimistic, but by lunch time, LOW, LOW ENERGY & had to go into town for an apt. No fun! By late afternoon, irritated b/c SLIM lady in front of me at checkout had a cart loaded with carbohydrate items & snacks! B/c of virus - NO roast or Chicken left to buy! So bought small fz turkey to have for the weekend / as limiting trips to store for now DAY 3 Breakfast - half Baked sweet potato & half a compliant sausage pattie Lunch - Boiled Shrimp made into salad w/ W30 mayo, lots of celery, black pepper, lemon juice & OLD BAY SEASONING - yummy + lettuce Snack - Smoothie with coconut water, Collagen, fz peach, berries & spinach Dinner - Boiled Shrimp made into salad w/ W30 mayo, lots of celery, black pepper, lemon juice & OLD BAY SEASONING - yummy + lettuce TOSSED SALAD w/ tomato & approved TESSA Salad Dressing (cilantro lime Ranch) Snack - half LARA bar (cherry) Rested in the afternoon / took nap, then had a nice dinner Full, Satisfied, happy & relaxed at bedtime DAY 4 (already!) // 26 DAYS TO GO AFTER TODAY! Breakfast - half Baked sweet potato & compliant sausage pattie Lunch Snack - Smoothie with coconut water, Collagen, fz peach, berries & spinach Dinner - Snack -
  2. shelbycloud

    New Here & Starting January 1

    Good morning, everyone! I am Shelby. I am 26 and from South Georgia. My husband and I married in April of this year, and we have a four year old, four legged baby, Zoey, who is a blue heeler/beagle mix. After much internal debating, I believe I am ready to start Whole 30. I plan on starting January 1st. I am nervous, but excited. I am doing this because I have zero self control. If I have one brownie, I might as well eat the whole pan, or one drink on Friday night turns into several and a hangover. Since I was a kid, I have always binged ate when I was stressed out or to celebrate any and everything...for Pete's sake, I live in South Georgia and every life event we have here is centered around food. I know how I am supposed to eat and what is good for me, but I am bad about giving into cravings and not making the correct choices. Aside from poor food choices, I struggle with anxiety and depression, especially in the winter/holiday season. I have low energy, and I have struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. I'm not even going to get started on my skin issues... I have recently had a come to Jesus meeting with my doctor about my health. My LDL cholesterol is higher than we both would like, and I have continuously gained weight over the past several years. I have also been experiencing issues with my back, and have had to start seeing a chiropractor. I have degenerative disk disease, and I am constantly sore. At 26, this scares me. My husband and I are wanting to start a family in a few years, and I really want to have my body and my health under control before I start trying to become pregnant. I have recently weaned myself off of my anxiety medication in order to have that completely out of my system and be on a more wholistic anxiety management system by the time I decide to become pregnant. I want to have control over my body and my cravings. I want to feel good, and fit into the clothes I already own. I hope that Whole 30 give me the opportunity to become more in sync with what my body needs, and what foods are triggers or make me feel bad. Any and all help is welcome. I have read the Whole 30 book, and probably every article on pinterest, but I am always up for more information!