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Found 46 results

  1. Hello from New Zealand

    I've been studying the paleo way of living for probably close to two years now, I think I must have had just about every paleo recipe book ever written out of the library, some several times and those are the ones I decided to purchase as they are a constant inspiration. From the beginning of 2017 I'd been planning on committing to doing the whole30 but struggled with the very commitment and always found a social date stood in the way. As I started reading more online blogs from paleo practitioners and September was focused on I started telling my family and friends I was going to do this and here I am!!! Day 8 for us here in NZ. Day one (Friday) - no wine?? How was I going to handle this one and for a whole weekend. Well, I and I should say we as my husband, bless him has come on board with me, we both flew through the weekend faultlessly and even had an impromptu dinner, prompted by my two adult daughters who invited the 8 other family members for me to cater for. I had several requests on what they could contribute. I told them I would provide main meal but no, nibbles, dessert or alcohol. I had soup in the freezer (Melissa Joulwan's Golden cauliflower & silky gingered zucchini) I combined the two to amp the volume and made Mel Joulwan's Chili Chocolate and I bulked it out with spiraled veges. Everyone loved both courses and were inspired to look further into paleo. I might add here too that my husband and I were out of town until 4pm that day so I was even further impressed with efforts, despite short notice. The rest of the week has been interesting with energy levels up and down, Monday (day 3) energy to burn, unstoppable, fabulous. Today (day8) dragging myself from chore to chore, fuzzy head and difficulty in staying focused on one chore at a time. I need to do more food prep which I know has been my saviour for the past week.
  2. Finished and happy

    I finished my very first Whole30 on April 24. I knew I was sleeping well and feeling generally great and never overstuffed after meals, but I was delighted to find that I had lost 11 pounds! I won't say "without trying," because of course the W30 takes effort and planning, but the fact that I was never truly hungry (not the way I have been on actual "diets") and that I wasn't counting calories or worrying about my overall volume of food? Liberating. I didn't work out at all the first two weeks of my W30, and reintroduced some rec sports and a "proper" workout or two the second half. Now that I'm done, sports season is ramping up and I'm finding myself more energized to work out and work hard. I have a better sense of how much sleep I need, and how much recovery. It's still hard to get up to do my 6:45am boot camp, but I know when I have to get to bed if I want to make it and maximize it. I haven't found any really obvious intolerances since going through the reintroduction period, but I will say this: after eating some rice with my Chipotle and feeling heavy and overstuffed afterward, I can see that the real "danger" of grains, for me, is how easy they are to overeat. They go down so easy while you're eating them, and then you finish and regret the volume. Also, added sugar makes you hungry. Especially if that added sugar is in the form of alcohol. The greatest joy I've discovered is the actual cooking. My husband and I both like to cook, but had gotten out of the habit of doing it daily (the siren song of Seamless is so tempting in NYC). It's so nice to get back in the swing of things. Oh, and if you haven't tried it, the recipes in the Whole30 Cookbook are EXCELLENT. We haven't had one we didn't love. Just last night I made the sloppy joe recipe just because we like it--I see it being a go-to resource even post-whole30. I love that I'm now "allowed" to indulge in the occasional treat or put some milk in my coffee (I adore cheese, but the thing I missed most was real milk in my coffee. Not much, not even often, but nondairy milks just don't compare for me). But it really feels more like a deliberate choice, and I'm able to enjoy it far more than I used to when it was just an everyday occurrence to eat whatever I felt like. Also? I saved some Easter candy for myself, and when I ate one the other day it was just...not worth it. All I could taste was sugar, not even proper chocolate. So now I know, if I'm going to eat candy, I'm going to eat the fancy stuff. The plan going forward is to cook dinner (mostly w30 compliant) on weekdays, and save eating out for the weekends. There will be leeway for special occasions, but so far it's been really nice to just make something home made in 20 minutes instead of ordering delivery or going out. I feel so much more in tune with what is good for me, and so much more in control of what I eat--all without losing my intense love and enjoyment of food. Thank you, Whole30.
  3. Critic please!

    Hello! I am on my first round of Whle30 and on day 14! woo woo half way practically! but I would love some critic to see if there is anything I might be able to improve on or maybe something im actually doing all wrong haha so here's a little play by play of my day and meals from this week ( week 2 whole30) Just a preface, I come from a "bodybuilding" background of fasted cardio and calorie restriction. Before whole30 I was most recently eating keto and macro tracking because I felt it helped with my hormone imbalance (high test low estrogen, no cysts so im told its not PCOS) with terrible cravings, mood swings, low libido, and hunger signals all out of whack, my poor husband! I have suffered from amenorrhea for the past three years and my weight has fluctuated between 130-170lbs during that time. I have a history of binge eating and anorexia that I believe will forever haunt me. Any way just some useful information I figured. Currenly i am happy with my weight although its been two weeks since i weighed myself (obeying Melissa) but im probably 140lbs 5 foot 6 inches and an athletic build (ex gymnast but still pretty muscle dense and fairly lean but not unhealthy i would guess about 17-20% bodyfat) 4:30am - Wake up (I work 6am-2pm) I have been weaning myself off this slowing so I don't shock my body but I used to do 30min on the stationary bike 5 mornings a week fasted, so far I have it down to 15-20min, next week I am aiming for 10-15min and probably cut it out the week after next. 5:30am I usually drink an espresso with 1/4 cup lite coconut milk and about 1 TBSP MCT oil ( I love the thickness it gives the coffee) on my way to work, and then eat breakfast once I get there ( I do this to give myself the max sleeping time but still don't want to eat while driving so I can give my full attention to my breakfast). 5:45am Breakfast - 3 cage free eggs cooked in a spoonful of ghee (fourth and heart) , 2 huge kale leaves cut up and sautéed in another spoon of ghee with peppers onion and garlic. 11:00 am Lunch - 1 can wild salmon (I think its 6 or 8 oz) , 1 heaping spoon of primal kitchen mayo, 1 open handful or olives, on top of about 2 cups spinach and 1 cup spiraled zucchini washed down with a Hint water. ( usually a decaf coffee with again about 1/3 cup lite coconut milk some where before I leave work) 2:00pm off work 3:00 pm Work out ( 5 x a week) - usually lasts about an hour and consists of about 40 mins circuit style weight training and 20 min treadmill or stair master hill intervals. 4:00 pm get home and usually make dinner while packing my lunch and prepping my breakfast for tomorrow. 4:30 or 5:00pm Dinner- a palm sized portion of pork tenderloin that was roasted with veggies ( Brussels, onions, garlic, beats, and cauliflower) coated in EPIC brand beef tallow) served on a bed of arugula and topped with a Tessemae's or primal kitchen dressing. 5:30pm - take my pup on a 15-30 min walk and then get ready for the next day or hang out with my husband until around 7:00 when I shower and settle down with some herbal tea or crio bru with coconutmilk and my book. Usually asleep around 8 or 9pm. * I have found myself being able to follow this template fairly easily, I find on some days I get very hungry between meals 1 and 2 or even after dinner before bed. about once a week I will have a what I call mini binge session where I stay compliant but its a bad habit and I always wake up feeling slightly swollen, puffy, hot, and exhausted regardless how much I sleep. Its not always that im hungry i feel physically full at times but just feel drawn to the fridge on these nights it happens! For example this happened last night. around 6:30pm I found my self dipped brussel sprouts in mayo and ghee and eating coconut oil with a spoon ( improvement from the first week where I ate three lara bars, 2 epic bars, and so many nuts) since then I have banned nuts, dried fruit, and bars from my whole30 (straight abstainer here). the binges have only happened twice since i started the whole30 (14 days in) but prior it would happen like twice a week on bad food and carbs so its an improvement. im sorry for the novel but i hope i can gain a little perspective and criticism on this post! thanks so much! i really want to gain control over my relationship with food!
  4. Day 32: Thoughts

    A month and a half ago, I found myself in my doctor's office, a 5'11", 40 year old woman, weighing in at 182.6 lbs. For those of you who don't have your BMI calculators handy, this meant I was officially Overweight. My doctor gave me an embarassing lecture, and my health insurance started sending me form emails about the importance of healthy eating and losing weight. I was prepared to ignore both, except that my clothes didn't fit, and I experienced painful indigestion several days a week. I'd read about whole30 on, and it seemed a good way to lose weight without the agony of calorie restriction. I checked the ebooks out for free from my library (yay, library!) and started my whole30 on March 1, 2017. Except for cheese, wine and the occasional white rice Chego bowl, my diet was mostly whole30 compliant. I didn't experience any major food cravings; instead, I experienced intense food nostalgia. It went like this: I usually had a glass of wine after work while I cooked dinner. I swapped out mineral water for wine, but I missed the way it felt to indulge in a beverage I didn't drink during work hours as a way of celebrating being done with work. Or, one beautiful, sunny day, I was at a book festival. There was a truck selling delicious-looking hand-scooped icecream cones. I wasn't hungry; I didn't crave sugar. What I wanted was the happy feeling I knew would come with eating an icecream cone on such a wonderful day. I didn't miss the food, I missed the feelings. Whole30 talks a lot about reshaping your relationship with food, but I started it with the sole goal of reshaping my body. I didn't think there was anything "wrong" with my relationship to food. Only after I'd been on the program for about two weeks did I start to understand just how often I'd used food as a reward or a mood-lifter. I'm immensely grateful for these realizations, and for my improved relationship with food. Additionally, my indigestion has mostly gone away, and when I weighed myself this morning I found I've lost 12 lbs since that fateful day at the doctor's office. I wish I could claim the boundless increases in energy and well-being that others have experienced, but I can say, I feel good, content. My energy is good, and my mood is predictably pleasant. I'm still 18 pounds away from my goal weight, so I think I'll spend another 2 months, at least, on whole30 before I try reintroducing foods (I'm pretty sure the culprit is dairy, but it will be good to have proof). The prospect of two more months of "restriction" isn't daunting it's totally doable. Aside from my very important realizations about my relationship with food, the most important thing I've learned is that whole30 eating isn't hard, once you make the commitment and do it.
  5. I started this thinking that I needed a change. My health has not been great. I had so much pain in my body it hurt to move some days. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and two torn meniscus. I was a mess. When my daughter got engaged in January, I decided I had to change. The first 3 days of my whole30 were the toughest. I had been treating my body so poorly for so long that the detox hit me like a freight train. It was as if I was experiencing a three-day hangover but I never even enjoyed the party. I was told it would pass and I prayed that it would. I endured periods of fatigue and dreams of cupcakes but I persisted. I set my will against a deluge of previously purchased Girl Scout cookies and other temptations. I was determined. Around day 18 I started feeling truly amazing! The pain in my body, that was such a normal part of my daily existence was gone. I could move easily. I didn’t have tension and pain in my shoulders. My knees didn’t hurt and my feet felt great. I was sleeping soundly without my apnea machine. Most of all I was happy and full of energy! Then I went on a trip, two years in the making, to Savannah with my husband. Here I was in the middle of the south with no real understanding of just how hard it would be for me to stick to my whole30. I tried and succeeded for about a day. After facing menu after menu of limited or non-existent Whole30 compliant food choices, I caved. I figured what is the big deal. I will enjoy my vacation and start over when I get back. Day three of “what’s the big deal” sent me straight back to my old normal of aches and pain. Nobody needed to convince me to start over. I wanted to. I was desperate to feel better. So here I am on day 19 of my second Whole30 and I am feeling good again. I figured, except for, 3 days I have completed about 39 days of clean eating and complete adherence to the Whole30. So today I decided to weigh in. I have lost 22lbs. I sleep better, I feel better and I am happier. My blood pressure has dropped dramatically over the last month. My resting heart rate has come down 10 points. I cook delicious healthy Whole30 complaint meals with the help of the “Real Plans” application making it all relatively easy. I still have a few more days to go before I truly finish a Whole30 without interruption, and I am excited to see just what has been causing me problems when I reintroduce foods into my diet but I like my new normal. I don’t ever want to go back.
  6. Warning! Go grab some protein, veg and a thumb of fat, and then prepare to hunker down. This could take a while. This is Day 31 for me, so I it's time to tally up, and — wow! — I've gained a lot. And it's all good. Here are my non-scale victories, or at least the ones I've noticed along the way... Asthma: I only used my inhaler a couple of times during the first week, and I haven't used my nebulizer at all during my W30. I'm literally breathing easier. Bumps: I used to have small bumps on my inner arms. I had for many years. They were sort of like pre-hives; they only needed a scratch to instantly turn red, angry and itchy. But they're gone now. Inflammation: This one is big. Usually (due to Lupus, arthritis, benign tumors in my spine and other issues), a day of extreme activity would require days of rest and recovery. I just did a 13-hour visit to Disney last weekend, complete with 7.5 miles of walking. My feet and shins were sore, as almost anyone's would be, but I was able to get out a do the shopping and all of the prepping and cooking in the kitchen the next day just fine. I know! Headaches: Other than a few days of headaches in the first week, which included one migraine, I've been headache-free. Lupus: I experienced one intense flare during my W30 (brought on by a very stressful external event). It was awful, but ... OK? I didn't expect any miraculous elimination of flares, but it was days shorter than I expected. I'll take it. Mental outlook: I’m in a much better mood most of the time and somewhat less anxious. I was dealing with increased depression and ongoing anxiety issues when I started. I credit the improvement to W30 and to the addition of a cup of Natural Calm + chamomile tea every day (which I call my hot cup of Calm the F*** Down). I started the Natural Calm about a week into the program to keep my magnesium and calcium up, after reading recommendations for it here. Energy: While I still struggle in this area in general, I've had moments of Tiger Blood, a bit of kitten juice and fewer cat naps. I feel like I'm ready to start incorporating more regular exercise in my routine, and that's a biggie. Kitchen: Hey, NSVs extend beyond the body, so this counts! Despite the fact that I'm prepping and cooking constantly, my kitchen has never been cleaner or looked better. I found that reorganizing it and keeping it really tidy as I go was the only way to maintain sanity during this W30. Appliances: I'm actually using all of those appliances that just gathered dust on a shelf. My Vitamix and Instant Pot, for instance, both get near-daily workouts now and are finally justifying the money spent on them. Cooking: I love to cook. Sure, I'd love not to cook quite as much as I have over the past 30 days, but I still. Having new restrictions sparked a new wave of creativity in the kitchen for me. No matter where my eating habits go from here, I've created some meals that will definitely stay in the permanent rotation. Inspiring my husband: He isn't doing W30, and he still loads up on junk food at work. But he's happy to eat any W30 food I make at home and really enjoys it. At least I know half his fuel is good fuel. He's even considering going paleo soon. And he's helping out a lot more around the house, since he sees how busy I've been in the kitchen these last few weeks (and plan to continue to be). He's actually doing more than his share. A sense of pride: I'm proud that I did this. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I doubted the process at times, but I never doubted that I would see it through. I mean, I made it through a family tragedy, a painful flare, a brunch with girlfriends, a visit to my favorite greasy-spoon diner, a trip to the state fair and freakin' Disney World without caving in to cravings! Now, about that scale... I had a victory there, too. I lost 18 pounds. (And for those of you currently doubting your own mid-W30 progress, I'd like to point out that around the middle of Week 2, I was convinced I was gaining weight.) I have no idea about inches, since I didn't measure beforehand, but I look leaner and feel leaner. And this isn't over! Both the W30 book and the site mention that those living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are likely to benefit by going beyond 30 days, since it may take longer to get the full effect of this reboot. I'm not going to walk away from the opportunity to gain more benefits from this. I've got so much room for improvement still. So, for now, I'm not calling it a W45 or W60 or W-hatever. I'm just going to keep going until it feels right to start my slow-roll reintroductions, and then that will eventually evolve into my new normal. Now, here's my completely unsolicited advice to anyone who might read this while considering starting their own Whole30 adventure: Don’t try to do a Whole30. Don't attempt a Whole30. Don't give it shot or see what happens and definitely don't hope you can do it. Commit! Make an absolute vow to yourself. You *will* do a Whole30. Acknowledge that it will be tough at times, rewarding at others. Take comfort in all of those pesky rules, because they take away the guesswork. And do it! Bring it on! Honestly, I think that's 90% of the key to succeeding at this — making that real commitment. Then when you face the inevitable difficult moments and temptations, it won't be made harder by struggling with that decision. You've already made the decision. Good luck everyone! And good luck to me as I keep going!
  7. Hey Everyone! My name is Shannon and I am in Denver! This is my first Whole30. I have had friends do it before and so I finally pulled the trigger and am doing it myself. I am someone who loves pasta and snacks so I thought this would be majorly tough for me but so far I have been feeling great! Maybe not Tiger Blood I can do anything great (I did sleep for 10 hours straight last night) but other than a mild headache on Day 2 I haven't really been cranky or craving things yet. Is the worst to come? Was there less sugar in my system than I thought? Am I sleep eating chocolate? I was prepared for this week to suck but I planned my meals out carefully and that seems to be doing the trick. I'll keep you guys updated on how I fare and thanks in advance for the support!
  8. Starting January 23rd, 2017 -- Anyone else?

    Hello to all! I am starting Whole30 on January 23rd, 2017!! My name is Shannon and I am 27 years old, 28 in March. I've been married for 1 year and three months to my AMAZING high school sweetheart. We've been together going on 10 years in January. He is truly my savior, my hero. I joined Whole30 after having enough. I am done with the way I am eating and living my life. I need change and I need it now. I am addicted to food, all food and especially sugars and carbs. I want to eat healthy and do it right. I don't want to starve myself for a week then binge for a month. I want to love my life and be healthy for a long time to come. I have A LOT of baggage in my young life so please bear with me while I try to get it all out. I was never supposed to be. I was supposed to be an abortion when my biological mother had to choose between me and who she thought was the love of her life. She waited too long and no one would do the abortion. Her step-sister stepped up and said that she and her husband would adopt me. Our life looked perfect on the outside, working hard to paint a beautiful facade. I was emotionally abused, threats were given that my biological mother would come and take me back if I was bad. They painted her as the most awful devil there was. They went so far as to write letters from her telling me all these horrible things about never wanting me and her two older daughters (my half sisters) not liking me. It was bad enough I had to go and see a therapist for night terrors. My adoptive parents didn't just emotionally abuse me...they had adopted 6 other girls that were all older than me, they ran a daycare and they also fostered other kids. Those poor kids that grew up and were so wounded and hurt, so broken. I started coping with all of this when I was 6 by binging at night on enormous amounts of food. And so the struggle with my weight, my confidence and so many other things started. When I was 12, I was on my way to church camp for the summer (my solace) and my adoptive mother and I heard a horrible car crash. After dropping me off, I was called into the counselor's office the next day and was told that one of my sisters, my closest confidant, was killed in a car accident on her way to a college function. It was the crash we heard the previous morning. It broke me. My adoptive parents wouldn't let me come home, I never got the closure I needed. Right after I got back from church camp, I found my adoptive mother on the computer trying to set my adoptive father up to have affairs. Later as a family we would meet up with these ladies and stay in the hotel with them. One night I woke up to awful sounds. After these events my adoptive mother would accuse him of cheating. He never left, he just continued to be played by the grand play maker, he was her puppet. My adoptive father would confide in me things I should never hear. I would stand up for him when she would pick fights or twist his words. He never left though he said he wanted a divorce. As I got older they manipulated any relationship that I ever had between friends and family. In my senior year I met an amazing, caring, sweet boy. Quickly fell head over heels for each other and he helped me realize that what they were doing wasn't a normal family relationships. As I started to realize these things for myself it was time to go away to college. Tim left and went away to Chicago, we would write letters and call. But, after awhile there were no more letters or calls. I got a letter in the mail saying he had met somebody else and that he was through. My parents said I should never contact him again, that it would just be too painful. For three months I hoped he would reach out, I hoped he would call. Finally one day when I was at the community college, I called him from a pay phone, I had to know more. He said he couldn't believe it was me calling, that he got an email from me three months ago saying I had moved on. He wrote letters to me that got sent back to him and finally he received a letter from my adoptive mom threatening him if he ever tried to contact me again. He was heartbroken and hadn't moved on, never even had another girlfriend or date after. We secretly started seeing each other again, I was good at the lying since I learned from the best. He would come home and I would sneak away from classes or work. They found out eventually and were livid of course, I told them I would still see him whether they liked it or not. And they allowed it but again being very controlling. I finally moved out when I was 20 after a huge fight with them for not being willing to sign for financial aid for me to continue going to nursing school. I didn't move far enough, they were still able to manipulate me. So, one day I had enough. I gave my two weeks and decided to move in with Tim in Chicago. BEST DECISION I ever made for myself, by myself. We moved to LA two years later for Tim to pursue his film degree. We got engaged in beautiful Malibu beneath the stars. We loved the sun and sand but missed the Midwest hospitality and being by his family, so two years later we moved back to Wisconsin to his mother's basement finding jobs quickly and setting up to pay for our beautiful wedding the following year. In January of 2015 I had to cut off ALL communication with my adoptive parents after threats and them not keeping boundaries. It helped a whole lot.Tim sadly lost his job right after our wedding and honeymoon so our plans of buying a house were put on hold. {Throughout our whole relationship} I continued to struggle with my weight and self worth and confidence after many failed attempts of losing weight. I was spinning into a dark hole. Our sex life continuing to slip into oblivion. Me become anxious and nervous and reading into things Tim would say and twisting them in my head thinking he was cheating on me or going to leave me. I was paranoid. We talked about all of it many times, it wasn't him it was me. He would jokingly say something and I would go off. It wasn't pretty and I have no idea why he stayed. I never thought I was good enough, pretty enough or just plain enough for him. My intentions for this year are very simple...yet hard. To live, fully. A little bit more about me: I work full time in our local busy ER as a Unit Coordinator, I volunteer for our local fire department as well as a Civic Club. I go to school for Nursing and should be starting clinical in the fall of 2018. AND we just bought our first home and are remodeling it. We have two beautiful cats and are currently not wanting any children but are very open to it in the future. He works as a director for graphic design and marketing at a local company as well. I am so sorry this was so long, but I can't tell you how ready I am for this. I am craving change but I just don't know how. Looking forward to breathing and taking it all in. I can't wait to meet more and more of you! With peace, love and the best of intentions, Shannon If any of you would like to follow my page: Fiercely Loving Me-Shannon Marie or Instagram @FiercelyLovingMe
  9. JenAbbott

    This is my first Whole30! My husband and I started yesterday, October 9. I feel strong today! I'm just not going to think about the rest of the days. I'm going to focus on one day at a time!
  10. Hello new friends and support team. I am today (Sept. 29, 2016) on day 3 of my first Whole30. I've been mostly Paleo for about 2 years or so, (before that vegan) ...but tend to eat whatever and drink way too much wine on the weekends. So I am frustrated (mostly with myself) and stalled and regaining some of the 30 lbs lost. The no alcohol part and the other aspects of this way of eating hopefully will engage a correction and a new trajectory of health in my life. I approach the Whole30 with little expectation as EVRY diet so far has come up short. Probably due to drinking wine on the weekends. Which led to eating more carbs, etc.... During the week I have been stellar... Weekends seeming to undo my weeks work. To name the last few... from most recent backward. The Warrior Diet, Bulletproof Diet, Ketogenic Diet HFLC, Intermittent fasting, Primal, And every combo of macronutrients possible on My fitness Pal whilst experimenting with the if it fits within my macros Diet!! All of these diets have great structures... although eating ketogenic with fasting most of the morning was most unpleasant. So, I am still trying to crack the food and nutrition code which will help me feel good, heal my arthritis (I am 57 years young) and lose about 20% more body fat and about 20 more lbs weight. I'm a nomadic artist traveling about in my 19' Hybrid Expandable RV. Retired and spending my days painting, doing yoga, biking, kayaking (weather pending). My guy and I are semi-full time travelers. Yoga has been huge for my healing. So we shall see. I am fully committed to at least the 30 days... fully compliant. I like that I can eat breakfast. Date night with my spouse will be my first hurdle this friday... no wine!! As I have been in and out of sobriety for the last ten years with periods as long as almost 2 years sober.. I am hoping this will be the turning point. It would be REALLY nice if I saw some changes. I think this would help with my motivation. I am cautiously excited.
  11. DAY ONE -- JULY 21

    Very excited to be starting today! I'm 58 and want to be great! Did all my shopping last night, got rid of crap in my pantry. Recorded my start weight and have put away my scale. Excited to take it one day at a time. Good luck to everyone else out there!
  12. Starting July 29th

    Greetings! I'll be starting my first Whole30 on July 29 (2016). Anyone else starting that day? Cheers, Noa
  13. First Whole30

    Hello, I am beginning my first Whole30 today, Aug 1st. I have prepped for the week and have meals planned and ready to go. I have also printed out all of the meals for the whole month. I believe my biggest challenge will be how much to eat and the occasional drink. But I have motivation and pain that I want to get rid of. I have RA and my inflammation has been getting worse. I do not take meds and would like to keep it like that. Also my daughter, who is 2, has dairy and egg allergies. With me being on the Whole30 see can eat all of it except eggs. This would really help me with different dinner ideas. Also the usual I am tired all of the time, keep gaining weight and I am addicted to sugar. Once I eat it, I want more and more. So here I go. Any tips from others is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Bmurphy
  14. Hi All, Figured I'd touch base in case I'm missing something obvious. I do have somewhat of a chronic history of headaches/migraines, which I'm *hoping* I will see less of once I get through the detox phase. Had to take one of my Rx pills last night, but other than that have been avoiding otc meds. This is my first W30 and I'm just starting Day 4. background: In general, I did eat some crap (before), but ate whole foods every day. I'm not a smoker. I rarely drink soda and very rarely drink alcohol. On an average, non-exercise day, I probably drink about 96oz water (3 standard nalgene's) + black coffee, sometimes Lacroix sparkling water, sometimes tea. I've been drinking extra water (out of thirst) since starting the program. Most days of the week I bicycle-commute to and from work, which is ~20-25 min of easy-moderate riding each way. Sometimes I would also do a 30-min workout on top of that, but the most I've done this week is just walk the dog 20-40 minutes a couple times. I've biked every day of my W30, but not as intensely as I might usually. I haven't been treating this activity as a workout because it is fairly short and not intense. Yesterday I did eat 1 dried fig and 4 almonds before biking home because I felt so sick from headache. It didn't make a noticeable difference, but I did get home alright. Woke up Day 2 with an average (aka NOT a migraine or even close) headache which persisted all day. Felt really dehydrated and drank tons of water. Everyone tells me this is normal. That night I woke up at 4am. Went back to sleep. Still had headache upon waking Day 3. Lasted all day, but until afternoon was not as bad as day 2. Drank some green tea mid-afternoon, and that seemed to help. Headache almost completely went away for the better part of an hour, and then suddenly came pounding back with nausea. Lasted the rest of the day. Managed to get home, take a migraine pill (Rx), eat something and lay down. Headache eased a bit and I was able to walk the dog for 45 min (slow, easy walking). Went to bed early, still with a headache. Woke up at 3am with head pounding. Tried to massage the base of my skull with some success. Fell back asleep. Woke up almost pain free, but now that I've stood up, the mild headache is back. Maybe I just have to stick it out through this phase, but if there's anything I can adjust please advise. Here are some of the meals I've been eating: 1 1/2 cups turkey-sweet potato chili w/ whole avocado, additional handful of frozen mixed veg, 1/2 a mango 2 hard-boiled eggs w/ mustard, pairs of asparagus spears wrapped with prosciutto (~7 asparagus & 3 slices of meat), a pile of broccoli, carrots & onions sautéed in coconut oil, small handful of flaked coconut 2 handfuls of chopped kale sautéed in coconut oil, 2 eggs, palm-sized piece of chicken breast, 1 small red potato w/ homemade ketchup 1 can albacore tuna w/ diced celery, onion, carrot, 2 dollops of homemade mayo, wrapped up in 4-5 leaves of Romaine hearts w/ the extra tossed with a handful of spinach, 1 small red potato w/ homemade ketchup (I could have had more veg with this meal but was already quite nauseous from headache)
  15. Hello Whole30 community! I am eager to start my first Whole30 adventure on May 1st. I am a little nervous that I will want to eat all of the things, but I am happy that my husband is going to be joining me for the challenge. I am currently trying to plan out our first week. Reading through the Whole30 book has definitely been super helpful. Anyone else starting the same day? Any veterans of Whole30 who can offer some support or advice? Thanks!
  16. I am excited to be starting my first whole30 today, April 15. I am nervous about- not eating between meals, drinking coffee without my fatfree half and half with artificial sweetener, and all the prep work for eating fresh vegetables everyday. In spite of my worries, I am very committed- 100 percent .
  17. Help Please!

    Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin, and this is my first time posting on the forum, though I have been reading some of it throughout my Whole30. I started my first Whole30 on March 1st, and am now on day 27. I have been following the plan as closely as possible, and the only place where I may have slipped is with my spices (I don't use spice blends, but I also don't have any of the original bottles for my spices, and don't have the ability to replace them all). I started the program with high hopes to help my stress induced IBS, chronic adult acne, and overall energy levels. I am currently on 3 anti-depressant medications that I hope to one day stop taking, and I hoped Whole30 could help with that as well. Also, I'm Jewish so I don't eat any pork or shellfish, which further limits my food choices. During week 2 I saw a dramatic improvement in my IBS, but since then my stomach has returned to 'normal', meaning that (TMI alert!) I only have bowel movements every 3 days or so and they are often very painful. My skin has cleared up a lot, thankfully. But my energy levels...well let's just say that they went from bad to worse. I generally sleep about 9 hours a night, and for the past month I'm sleeping 12 hours whenever I'm able. This means weekends, and the past week that I've been off work. I'm so lethargic during the day that it makes me legitimately angry that I have to come home from work and cook. My boyfriend has commented that during this past month I have been much quicker to anger, cry, or be altogether unpleasant. I am also extremely bored with food choices, and trying to go out to eat has brought me to tears more than once. I'm really just waiting for this whole thing to be over at this point. Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn my experience around? I don't want to end the program with this bad taste in my mouth, but as of right now that's where I'm headed. Thanks for any help you're able to give!
  18. Starting Wednesday

    Hey folks, my husband and I are starting Wednesday. I am looking forward to it but also constantly almost talking myself out of it! I am still adjusting to life as a Mom of two with a two year old and a 6 week old! Food has definitely been a source of comfort after a sleepless night with my newborn or a fussy day with my toddler! Any other new Mom's out there who've overcome their demons? Also, I would really love some folks to share some of their favorite (and easiest!) recipes! I was a vegetarian for the past four years and thinking about having meat - and not having legumes or grains - as a primary food source is kind of daunting. I keep reminding myself it's only 30 days, but I also hope for it to be a guide to a lifetime of healthier eating! Thanks all!
  19. I'm finishing day 7 of my first Whole30. I try to track what I'm eating just because I like to. I'm noticing that I'm eating around 850 calories. I'm not really hungry, and I've got weight to lose. But is this too few? Sometimes I'm skipping breakfast?? I guess I could make sure I get that in? Does it matter if I don't feel hungry?
  20. I'm so done... starting Oct. 6!

    I started a Whole30 a few months ago but jumped off the wagon (I didn't fall, it was my own choice and fault. And I regret it..) after ten or eleven days. Since then I've struggled with binge eating, emotional eating, and some weight gain. I know my hormones are wacked out because I have acne (which I never had growing up), my sleep is messed up, and I crave junk food like crazy. I'm looking for accountability as I start my Whole30 tomorrow, October 6th! Anyone with me?? I tend to obsess over food. I used to be obsess over uber-healthy meals, but it's switched to obsessing over when-can-I-eat-junk and trying to meet emotional and spiritual needs through food. My hope for this Whole30 is to take my focus from food 24/7 and let me channel that extra time and energy towards important things like school, serving others, and following God's leading for my life! This is me right now: 18 years old, 5'6", 155lbs, acne on my back and face, irregular sleep, crazy cravings, emotional eating, and low motivation. My weak spots are eating extra when no one's around and spending too much time on social media (especially at night when I should be sleeping). To combat these, I will be accountable to these goals to you and my mom (I live at home still): 1. Eat every meal at the dining room table 2. Computer off at 9:00pm, lights out at 10:00pm Starting tomorrow!! Let's do this and get our health back!
  21. July 22nd - anyone else?

    Greetings, This will be my first Whole30. Excited and terrified. I'm hoping to no longer crave (and eat) sugar. Increase my energy. Have a better handle on my anxiety and perhaps even see some improvement with my rosacea. If I weigh less at the end of this, I'll take that too. Would love to share the journey! Cheers.
  22. Started Whole30 June 28th

    I have 3 people in my life that have completed the whole30 & have had amazing results. I needed a change from my food habits and my relationship with food. I have high bored pressure and don't care for meds. Wish my luck on my journey!
  23. I've herd so many good things a bout this program and have seen then results on some friends and clients. I have just returned from a long over due two week vacation of eating and drinking in Ireland and Scotland. Cleaning out my fridge and cabinets will be very easy as I don't have much since returning from my trip. Just to get rid of a few more things and then fill up with a bunch of whole30 approved options. Here's to the next 30 days!
  24. I am on day 7 of my first Whole30 and I'm scared to go out to eat. I went out last night with my Dad and took the advice from the website about checking EVERYTHING in the meal I was eating. I asked specifically for no dairy or grains. I had pan seared salmon and carrots with an olive and tahini emulsion. I has asked to just have the salmon plain and steamed vegetables but it came out differently then I asked. When the food came out I politely asked the server to check on the sauce because I had asked for no dairy. Everything seems Whole30 compliant but I really don't know. I've been stressed out all night wondering if it really was and am debating calling the restaurant today to find out what exactly was used in the preparation of the meal. I feel the same this morning as I have all my other mornings, waking up with a dull headache and hungry. I started the Whole30 because I travel quite a bit for my job and I feel like I get "food anxiety". I don't feel like I have a great relationship with food even though I eat fairly well. I've been sticking to Paleo for the past two years and it has been great except when I have a lot of travel in a row. I really don't like worrying about what I'm going to eat at every meal and if I can find good food when I'm on the road. I'm really hoping the Whole30 will help. Right now though I'm just bummed because I have to be extra diligent about everything I'm eating and it's almost adding more stress to meals. I know I'm coming into the hardest days of the Whole30. All I want to do is hide under the covers and not leave my house. I said I wouldn't be a salve to this when I started last week. It's one of my goals actually, to keep living a happy, fun life while I make life long improvements. I don't feel like that at all today Has anyone else gone though this?
  25. Heyo! This is me.

    Hey people! A few facts you should know about me: I'm 18. Self-proclaimed health nut Perfectionist Huge sweet tooth Quite a bit of stress lately I love working out, and as a result I have to eat a ton I'm a Jesus-follower. I love Him too much to say, and I'm learning to trust Him in this journey of life So! I did a 10-day teaser Whole30 about 2 months ago, and I loved it. But on day 10 I had a "necessary" cheat meal, which turned into another and another... and right now I just feel out of control. Super strong cravings, which I've been giving in to when no one's around - which makes me feel guilty and hopeless and all that fun stuff. My mom was doing it with me when I did my mini Whole30, but she doesn't like to see me restricting myself that much, so I can't count on her to hold me accountable for 30 days straight. But I really want to do a Whole30 all the way to the end and just see how amazing I can feel!