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Found 20 results

  1. Kshbennett

    May 1st...1st Whole30!

    It’s May first, and I’ve just kicked off my first Whole30! I’ve also done the thing I was most concerned about...I’ve had unsweetened coffee. I’ve been lactose intolerant for almost 30 years, so the no dairy part of the plan is no concern, but coffee that tastes like coffee?...that was a big hurdle, and I did it. On to the next 29 mornings!
  2. Mazpal

    Hello from New Zealand

    I've been studying the paleo way of living for probably close to two years now, I think I must have had just about every paleo recipe book ever written out of the library, some several times and those are the ones I decided to purchase as they are a constant inspiration. From the beginning of 2017 I'd been planning on committing to doing the whole30 but struggled with the very commitment and always found a social date stood in the way. As I started reading more online blogs from paleo practitioners and September was focused on I started telling my family and friends I was going to do this and here I am!!! Day 8 for us here in NZ. Day one (Friday) - no wine?? How was I going to handle this one and for a whole weekend. Well, I and I should say we as my husband, bless him has come on board with me, we both flew through the weekend faultlessly and even had an impromptu dinner, prompted by my two adult daughters who invited the 8 other family members for me to cater for. I had several requests on what they could contribute. I told them I would provide main meal but no, nibbles, dessert or alcohol. I had soup in the freezer (Melissa Joulwan's Golden cauliflower & silky gingered zucchini) I combined the two to amp the volume and made Mel Joulwan's Chili Chocolate and I bulked it out with spiraled veges. Everyone loved both courses and were inspired to look further into paleo. I might add here too that my husband and I were out of town until 4pm that day so I was even further impressed with efforts, despite short notice. The rest of the week has been interesting with energy levels up and down, Monday (day 3) energy to burn, unstoppable, fabulous. Today (day8) dragging myself from chore to chore, fuzzy head and difficulty in staying focused on one chore at a time. I need to do more food prep which I know has been my saviour for the past week.
  3. s1153910

    Jackfruit Company

    Hi everyone! Whole30 newbie here. I found a company at the store that I am wondering about compliance. I think it looks ok, but my whole30 virgin eyesight might be too naïve to label reading still. It is called The Jackfruit Company. Specifically the Curry Jackfruit product. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance.
  4. Krystal1983

    10/23 Start Date

    I will be starting my first whole30 on Monday 10/23. A friend of mine has done it one time before and looks amazing. She seems to be glowing. She is going to be starting again with me on Monday. In the last couple of months I’ve had really poor eating habits and clearly have an addiction to diet soda...I’m nervous to give it up but excited to see how my body will react (in the positive way). Does anyone have any tips for a newbie?!
  5. Kris3saldivar

    10/23 Start Date

    I am anxious to say the least. It’s been 3 years since my twin pregnancy and I am back to post pregnancy weight. Been struggling with diet and exercise for a year now ever since my back injury. I haven’t been eating well for the past 6 months. I hope this helps my sleeping habits as well.
  6. hbislick

    Critic please!

    Hello! I am on my first round of Whle30 and on day 14! woo woo half way practically! but I would love some critic to see if there is anything I might be able to improve on or maybe something im actually doing all wrong haha so here's a little play by play of my day and meals from this week ( week 2 whole30) Just a preface, I come from a "bodybuilding" background of fasted cardio and calorie restriction. Before whole30 I was most recently eating keto and macro tracking because I felt it helped with my hormone imbalance (high test low estrogen, no cysts so im told its not PCOS) with terrible cravings, mood swings, low libido, and hunger signals all out of whack, my poor husband! I have suffered from amenorrhea for the past three years and my weight has fluctuated between 130-170lbs during that time. I have a history of binge eating and anorexia that I believe will forever haunt me. Any way just some useful information I figured. Currenly i am happy with my weight although its been two weeks since i weighed myself (obeying Melissa) but im probably 140lbs 5 foot 6 inches and an athletic build (ex gymnast but still pretty muscle dense and fairly lean but not unhealthy i would guess about 17-20% bodyfat) 4:30am - Wake up (I work 6am-2pm) I have been weaning myself off this slowing so I don't shock my body but I used to do 30min on the stationary bike 5 mornings a week fasted, so far I have it down to 15-20min, next week I am aiming for 10-15min and probably cut it out the week after next. 5:30am I usually drink an espresso with 1/4 cup lite coconut milk and about 1 TBSP MCT oil ( I love the thickness it gives the coffee) on my way to work, and then eat breakfast once I get there ( I do this to give myself the max sleeping time but still don't want to eat while driving so I can give my full attention to my breakfast). 5:45am Breakfast - 3 cage free eggs cooked in a spoonful of ghee (fourth and heart) , 2 huge kale leaves cut up and sautéed in another spoon of ghee with peppers onion and garlic. 11:00 am Lunch - 1 can wild salmon (I think its 6 or 8 oz) , 1 heaping spoon of primal kitchen mayo, 1 open handful or olives, on top of about 2 cups spinach and 1 cup spiraled zucchini washed down with a Hint water. ( usually a decaf coffee with again about 1/3 cup lite coconut milk some where before I leave work) 2:00pm off work 3:00 pm Work out ( 5 x a week) - usually lasts about an hour and consists of about 40 mins circuit style weight training and 20 min treadmill or stair master hill intervals. 4:00 pm get home and usually make dinner while packing my lunch and prepping my breakfast for tomorrow. 4:30 or 5:00pm Dinner- a palm sized portion of pork tenderloin that was roasted with veggies ( Brussels, onions, garlic, beats, and cauliflower) coated in EPIC brand beef tallow) served on a bed of arugula and topped with a Tessemae's or primal kitchen dressing. 5:30pm - take my pup on a 15-30 min walk and then get ready for the next day or hang out with my husband until around 7:00 when I shower and settle down with some herbal tea or crio bru with coconutmilk and my book. Usually asleep around 8 or 9pm. * I have found myself being able to follow this template fairly easily, I find on some days I get very hungry between meals 1 and 2 or even after dinner before bed. about once a week I will have a what I call mini binge session where I stay compliant but its a bad habit and I always wake up feeling slightly swollen, puffy, hot, and exhausted regardless how much I sleep. Its not always that im hungry i feel physically full at times but just feel drawn to the fridge on these nights it happens! For example this happened last night. around 6:30pm I found my self dipped brussel sprouts in mayo and ghee and eating coconut oil with a spoon ( improvement from the first week where I ate three lara bars, 2 epic bars, and so many nuts) since then I have banned nuts, dried fruit, and bars from my whole30 (straight abstainer here). the binges have only happened twice since i started the whole30 (14 days in) but prior it would happen like twice a week on bad food and carbs so its an improvement. im sorry for the novel but i hope i can gain a little perspective and criticism on this post! thanks so much! i really want to gain control over my relationship with food!
  7. Warning! Go grab some protein, veg and a thumb of fat, and then prepare to hunker down. This could take a while. This is Day 31 for me, so I it's time to tally up, and — wow! — I've gained a lot. And it's all good. Here are my non-scale victories, or at least the ones I've noticed along the way... Asthma: I only used my inhaler a couple of times during the first week, and I haven't used my nebulizer at all during my W30. I'm literally breathing easier. Bumps: I used to have small bumps on my inner arms. I had for many years. They were sort of like pre-hives; they only needed a scratch to instantly turn red, angry and itchy. But they're gone now. Inflammation: This one is big. Usually (due to Lupus, arthritis, benign tumors in my spine and other issues), a day of extreme activity would require days of rest and recovery. I just did a 13-hour visit to Disney last weekend, complete with 7.5 miles of walking. My feet and shins were sore, as almost anyone's would be, but I was able to get out a do the shopping and all of the prepping and cooking in the kitchen the next day just fine. I know! Headaches: Other than a few days of headaches in the first week, which included one migraine, I've been headache-free. Lupus: I experienced one intense flare during my W30 (brought on by a very stressful external event). It was awful, but ... OK? I didn't expect any miraculous elimination of flares, but it was days shorter than I expected. I'll take it. Mental outlook: I’m in a much better mood most of the time and somewhat less anxious. I was dealing with increased depression and ongoing anxiety issues when I started. I credit the improvement to W30 and to the addition of a cup of Natural Calm + chamomile tea every day (which I call my hot cup of Calm the F*** Down). I started the Natural Calm about a week into the program to keep my magnesium and calcium up, after reading recommendations for it here. Energy: While I still struggle in this area in general, I've had moments of Tiger Blood, a bit of kitten juice and fewer cat naps. I feel like I'm ready to start incorporating more regular exercise in my routine, and that's a biggie. Kitchen: Hey, NSVs extend beyond the body, so this counts! Despite the fact that I'm prepping and cooking constantly, my kitchen has never been cleaner or looked better. I found that reorganizing it and keeping it really tidy as I go was the only way to maintain sanity during this W30. Appliances: I'm actually using all of those appliances that just gathered dust on a shelf. My Vitamix and Instant Pot, for instance, both get near-daily workouts now and are finally justifying the money spent on them. Cooking: I love to cook. Sure, I'd love not to cook quite as much as I have over the past 30 days, but I still. Having new restrictions sparked a new wave of creativity in the kitchen for me. No matter where my eating habits go from here, I've created some meals that will definitely stay in the permanent rotation. Inspiring my husband: He isn't doing W30, and he still loads up on junk food at work. But he's happy to eat any W30 food I make at home and really enjoys it. At least I know half his fuel is good fuel. He's even considering going paleo soon. And he's helping out a lot more around the house, since he sees how busy I've been in the kitchen these last few weeks (and plan to continue to be). He's actually doing more than his share. A sense of pride: I'm proud that I did this. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I doubted the process at times, but I never doubted that I would see it through. I mean, I made it through a family tragedy, a painful flare, a brunch with girlfriends, a visit to my favorite greasy-spoon diner, a trip to the state fair and freakin' Disney World without caving in to cravings! Now, about that scale... I had a victory there, too. I lost 18 pounds. (And for those of you currently doubting your own mid-W30 progress, I'd like to point out that around the middle of Week 2, I was convinced I was gaining weight.) I have no idea about inches, since I didn't measure beforehand, but I look leaner and feel leaner. And this isn't over! Both the W30 book and the site mention that those living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are likely to benefit by going beyond 30 days, since it may take longer to get the full effect of this reboot. I'm not going to walk away from the opportunity to gain more benefits from this. I've got so much room for improvement still. So, for now, I'm not calling it a W45 or W60 or W-hatever. I'm just going to keep going until it feels right to start my slow-roll reintroductions, and then that will eventually evolve into my new normal. Now, here's my completely unsolicited advice to anyone who might read this while considering starting their own Whole30 adventure: Don’t try to do a Whole30. Don't attempt a Whole30. Don't give it shot or see what happens and definitely don't hope you can do it. Commit! Make an absolute vow to yourself. You *will* do a Whole30. Acknowledge that it will be tough at times, rewarding at others. Take comfort in all of those pesky rules, because they take away the guesswork. And do it! Bring it on! Honestly, I think that's 90% of the key to succeeding at this — making that real commitment. Then when you face the inevitable difficult moments and temptations, it won't be made harder by struggling with that decision. You've already made the decision. Good luck everyone! And good luck to me as I keep going!
  8. Hey Everyone! My name is Shannon and I am in Denver! This is my first Whole30. I have had friends do it before and so I finally pulled the trigger and am doing it myself. I am someone who loves pasta and snacks so I thought this would be majorly tough for me but so far I have been feeling great! Maybe not Tiger Blood I can do anything great (I did sleep for 10 hours straight last night) but other than a mild headache on Day 2 I haven't really been cranky or craving things yet. Is the worst to come? Was there less sugar in my system than I thought? Am I sleep eating chocolate? I was prepared for this week to suck but I planned my meals out carefully and that seems to be doing the trick. I'll keep you guys updated on how I fare and thanks in advance for the support!
  9. CeeGeeBee

    DAY ONE -- JULY 21

    Very excited to be starting today! I'm 58 and want to be great! Did all my shopping last night, got rid of crap in my pantry. Recorded my start weight and have put away my scale. Excited to take it one day at a time. Good luck to everyone else out there!
  10. Hello Whole30 community! I am eager to start my first Whole30 adventure on May 1st. I am a little nervous that I will want to eat all of the things, but I am happy that my husband is going to be joining me for the challenge. I am currently trying to plan out our first week. Reading through the Whole30 book has definitely been super helpful. Anyone else starting the same day? Any veterans of Whole30 who can offer some support or advice? Thanks!
  11. I'm finishing day 7 of my first Whole30. I try to track what I'm eating just because I like to. I'm noticing that I'm eating around 850 calories. I'm not really hungry, and I've got weight to lose. But is this too few? Sometimes I'm skipping breakfast?? I guess I could make sure I get that in? Does it matter if I don't feel hungry?
  12. ptboboston

    July 22nd - anyone else?

    Greetings, This will be my first Whole30. Excited and terrified. I'm hoping to no longer crave (and eat) sugar. Increase my energy. Have a better handle on my anxiety and perhaps even see some improvement with my rosacea. If I weigh less at the end of this, I'll take that too. Would love to share the journey! Cheers.
  13. Today is day 1 of this new adventure. Feeling a bit apprehensive. 30 Days seems like a lifetime right now!
  14. I know it's normal to have headaches but I've had one since day 3 that's progressively getting worse. Today the pounding is HORRIBLE and it's making me feel pressure in my sinuses. I know I'm not sick cuz that's the only thing wrong and last time I had a sinus infection it did not feel like this. Is this still normal? Am I possibly consuming too much protein?
  15. Hi Everyone. Today, I was 6 days into my first Whole 30. I am a very healthy eater, but lately became too reliant on 'healthy treats' (bliss balls, banana bread with honey/almond meal/egg/banana etc.) and decided to do a Whole 30. I included some low-sugar fruits (apples, berries) to satisfy any cravings, but mainly stuck to loads and loads of veg, chicken, turkey, oily fish, eggs, avocado (I don't eat red meat) Today, I just hit a wall. And I went crazy - and the weirdest part is -- On things I don't normally even eat?? Feta cheese?? Brown rice? Muesli?? Dried fruits?? Nuts (which I have always had trouble controlling, so I tend to avoid these on a daily basis) I don't eat these foods!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! I feel like such a failure. I am now on the floor of my living room, my stomach is so distended that my back is ACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even move Can someone offer advice? Help?
  16. Libberation

    June Newbies

    Hey anyone else doing their first ever Whole30 in June? Or any seasoned Whole30-ers with advice for newbies? I started my first ever Whole30 on Monday June 2nd and I am really excited to be here. I'm new to anything even vaguely paleo (come from a background of lots of raw foods, juice cleanses etc), so I am having lots of feelings (physical and emotional) about all of this. But I'm into it. Would love to connect with other people doing a Whole30 in the month of June. xoxo
  17. VeronicaFit

    How much Fruit is too much?

    Hi all! I'm on day 3 of my first ever Whole30, and so far so good (that wretched headache is finally gone!). I've been seeing differences of opinions on this topic all over the forum and other websites, so I was hoping someone could answer given my current circumstances: How much fruit is appropriate? Some people say once or twice a day, others a few times a week. Personally, I feel like the context in which your consuming fruit matters. Last night, about a half hour after dinner -- which was a buffalo flat iron steak with cauliflower and mushrooms sauteed in ghee) I was in the mood for something sweet. I wasn't particularly craving SAD foods nor SWYPO foods, but I did want something sweet on my palate. I had a small bowl (~1.5 cups) of a mixture of fresh strawberries, dry roasted almonds, and a few dried dates sprinkled with homemade almond flour. After finishing, I felt satisfied, but since I'm so new to the program I wanted to make sure I wasn't inadvertently undermining myself. I understand that satiating sweet cravings with pure fruit just perpetuates cravings, and that eating a piece of fruit alone (especially something carby like dried fruit or bananas) can still spike your blood sugar. But if it's combined with healthy fats (as mine was), is it a horse of a different color? Others might say the problem with my after dinner snack was not the ingredients themselves, but instead the snack/dessert element of eating something outside of the confines of a proper meal. If that is the case, I totally understand, I will try to refrain from any dessert-like activities (wow they sound so illicit!) Unfortunately, this still leaves me confused on the fruit front. Say I confine my fruit eating to within meals only. Does it then become acceptable to eat fruit multiple times a day? This morning for breakfast I had a cup of coffee with a spoonful of coconut milk, a spinach and tomato omelete, sugar-free bacon (Thank you Whole Foods!), a cup of mixed berries with papaya. The fruit in this meal was definitely a side, not the main event. For lunch, I had homemade chicken salad (chicken, homemade mayo, cellery, shallots, raisins, dried cherries, curry powder) and a salad of romaine & mache rosettes topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, green grapes, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. Again, the fruit served mostly as an accent. I don't necessarily feel that I need to eat so much fruit, although I do really enjoy it. So far all my eating on the Whole30 has been very enjoyable, and I feel like actively limiting fruit might take away from that. Ultimately, though, I want to detox my body and develop a healthier relationship with food. If cutting back on fruit is what it takes, than it will be worth it. So, someone please clarify for me: How much fruit is appropriate?! V.
  18. Chaumbrielle

    Crunch and Munch

    Hi. I'm on day 20 of my first whole 30 that I'm considering turning into a whole 60 - or maybe with just a few days off for my birthday. So I think I'm doing good with most of the food, I know I still am eating too much fruit, but have been diligent with no added sugar and veggies all day and good coconut oil and ghee with almost every meal. Most days especially in the office, I sail through to the next meal but sometimes I just want something really crunchy. My downfall has been Bare Fruit Apple Chips - dried organic apples that are like some crazy drug. So now I know I can't buy them because I'll eat them whether I'm hungry or not. But I'm having trouble with something to munch. My with lunch snacks have been green olives usually stuffed, cucumbers and salt, raw sliced turnips and salt, etc. (I also have a medical condition - a salt deficiency - I used to eat bullion cubes straight before getting diagnosed... don't ask, I know it's gross) So I can't see never having snacks again, but I am trying to keep them with the lunch time meal for the variety and to be sure I've had enough to eat (usually a vegetable soup with some sort of meat and some veggie leftovers from the night before - or true story chicken sausages if in a pinch. Any suggestions, or are you going to tell me just to stay away from snacks overall? Thanks!
  19. kierstenella

    8 July Whole30 for two

    So excited to jump into this. I'm 30, married with two kids, SAHM, love community and people and living life together. I'm meal planning, shopping, and prep cooking this weekend to launch into my first Whole30 on Monday, 8 July. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of some concentrated effort after about a year and a half of Paleo(ish) nutrition goals. My husband will be joining me in this challenge, which is awesome. There is nothing like having support from the person closest to you. Our 2-yr-old will eat what we eat at meals, but will probably still do a lot of her snacking, although I might use this opportunity to try to decrease her applesauce intake. I'll post as close to daily as I can on my blog: But it's been a while since I've kept up with that. Biggest Anticipated Challenges: -- We switched to decaf Americanos (from full breve sugar, froofy coffee drinks) a long time ago. It will be very hard though to give up that splash of cream. -- I snack .excessively. and .incessantly. before bed. It's so nice to munch after both kids are in bed, with some peace and quiet. It's just going to have to stop - no two ways about it! -- We currently have a banana/almond milk/almond butter/whey protein powder smoothie for breakfast every single morning. I'm searching for a suitable replacement - both in terms of taste, quick community together before my husband leaves for work, and convenience. On the weekends I like to do a big eggs and lots of veggies breakfast platter, but weekday mornings are going to be rough. Expected Success -- I want to give myself a break from foods that wear me down because I know that once I am built up again, I will thrive. I cut out 99% of dairy a couple of years ago and have felt so much better. Never regretted that decision. -- I'm parenting two very small children. I need one thing in life more than any other: more energy. I also think that this might provide some mood stability, which to me means patience, and I pray for patience daily - so that would be a welcome blessing! -- I would love to lose a few pounds, and not for the reason you might think. I'm excited to train myself into successfully completing a pullup at my box. I think dropping some of the lbs will help make that easier. Stronger is good. Stronger + lighter = awesome. Good luck to everyone! I'll post back as we go through this. So very excited to see what comes of it and ready to put the work in.
  20. I have been posting these pictures and descriptions under my Whole30 log but thought I would repost here to share some of the great meals we've been creating (mostly my wife but I can clean the heck out of some dishes!). This is our 1st whole30 and have really enjoyed everything so far (currently on day 6). Everything here is straightforward and easy to prepare. Hopefully someone else finds these recipes helpful. PS - Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Breakfast: Prosciutto & Egg Cups (prosciutto lined muffin cups with whipped eggs poured in) + 1 small serving of pomegranite berries Sauteed mushroom and broccoli omelet + "facon" (microwaved prosciutto for about 1 1/2 mins) + 5 raspberries Lunch/Dinner: Tuna fish bowl (1 cup canned tuna + 2 tablespoons homemade mayo + 1 hardboiled egg + 2 celery stalks) Spaghetti n' Meatballs (spaghetti squash + homemade tomato sauce + homemade meatballs) Grilled chicken satay skewers with "Sunshine Sauce" (Well Fed pg. 45) + Grilled broccoli NOTE: For the sauce, we substituted almond butter and coconut vinegar (1/2 the recommended amt. of rice vinegar) and it is AWESOME! So flavorful and spot-on! Taco lettuce wraps (me) & Taco spinach salad (BermyGirl) + fresh salsa + mashed avocado + fresh cilantro + fresh scallions Spaghetti squash with chicken and tomato sauce Spinach salad with grilled shrimp, avocado & fresh salsa Dessert: Fried banana pudding (from the book Everyday Paleo) (fried bananas in coconut oil with toasted coconut, toasted almonds & cinnamon sprinkled on top) ...AWESOME!