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Found 12 results

  1. beagreenberg

    Mirena IUD and Whole30

    Hey everyone - this might be a weird and unrelated question but I have the Mirena IUD, and I haven't had a period in months. No bleeding at all. I started my Whole30 a little over a week ago and a few days in I had a period with fresh blood. I know irregular bleeding is something common with the Mirena but I thought it was weird that it would just start up again after months of no period. Has anyone else experienced this and think it might be something to do with the Whole30 eating rules/habits? Thanks!
  2. jgist

    Started 11/18/17

    I have been trying to start for months. I recently got better preparation in place (Costco shopping, Spiralizer, Instapot, dehydrator, reorganized kitchen). When I found out that we aren't going to a big family meal for Thanksgiving, we decided to go for it. For religious/cultural reasons, my wife doesn't eat meat. She does eat eggs. In solidarity with her, I'm trying to do as much of my Whole30 with eggs and fish as possible. To add to our challenges, I'm not exactly a whiz in the kitchen. We're doing well so far - crabcakes, smoked salmon, homemade mayo/dressings, poached and boiled eggs. Since my wife is a doctor and we have two small kids, scheduling can get pretty tough. We are using a few shortcuts right now (diluted juice, Rx bars, Larabars, snacking on nuts), but I'm hoping to minimize/phase that out as we get our feet wet. Any tips, recipes and support are much appreciated!
  3. This is my first Whole30. I have read the book about a month ago and think I am now ready to start. A weeks worth of food for me is around 350.00. Is that normal? Any tips, suggestions, and/or help is GREATLY appreciated!! I am excited, but nervous.
  4. Hi guys! I'm experiencing something weird and wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this or had any thoughts on it. I'm on Day 8 and I've been noticing the last couple of days that as I'm eating my meals I'm starting to feel full very quickly. Half way through my meal, even if it's just 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon, I feel full and struggle to finish my plate (because I know that's not enough food to last me so I try to finish it, often unsuccessfully). Then, of course, I'm hungry (like stomach rumbling hungry) an hour or two later! This is a problem for me because I'm running around a lot and not always home to eat. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing my body is just adjusting to the different types of meals I'm eating or something like that but it's so strange! Thanks!
  5. beagreenberg

    April 7th Start Date

    Hey everyone! I'm starting my FIRST Whole30 tomorrow morning and I'm super excited! I feel motivated butttt also feeling very nervous. I definitely do not have the best eating habits as of right now. I love me some sweets and carbs - so I know my withdrawal phase is going to be insane. But in my quest to be better to my body, I'm giving the Whole30 a go. Anyway, one of the things I'm most nervous about is that I work in a restaurant that has amazing (but not always healthy) food, which we get a lot of...for the temptation will be there and it will be strong...for all 30 days... Any tips (especially from people who also work in restaurants as well) for staying resolute when temptation is staring you in the face?? Also, if anyone has websites they can recommend me to find fabulous Whole30 compliant recipes I would appreciate it. I love to cook, luckily, so send anything my way! I've found a few recipes on Pinterest but I'm sure you all will have better/faster recommendations for me. Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to conquering this!
  6. enthusiasticallychristine

    First Whole30 starting tomorrow! (9/1)

    Hi everyone! I'm Christine, and my first Whole30 starts tomorrow! I'm hoping it will help with my seasonal allergies, headaches, and general energy levels (come on Tiger Blood!). No one I know is doing this with me, so I'm relying on the support of this forum and others on Instagram (find me: enthusiasticallychristine) to keep me on track when it gets tough. I spent all day today prepping food for this week and emergency meals beyond. Premade breakfast and meat for salads are in the fridge (along with lots of fruit + veg + guacamole!), slow cooker chili and taco burgers are in the freezer, and easy snacks are in the pantry! Bring on Day 1!
  7. Hello, fellow Whole30 folks! I am on Day 8 of my first Whole30, and I'm feeling confident and proud of myself. I'm still struggling with feeling a bit bloated and pimply (I've never had issues with acne, so I can't really call it that; but I have several pimples which is a lot for even my former teenage self), but I am pushing forward! I let a couple friends know that I was starting the Whole30, but I was very hesitant to discuss it. Call it insecurity, fear of failure, or something I may not have even been aware of; but I didn't want to be "that person". See, a long time ago, I overheard someone bitching as they scrolled through their newsfeed about how "no one wants to hear about the fat girl who's obsessed with her latest diet craze that we're all sure she's going to screw up." Harsh, right? That comment stuck with me in the worst way, even though this was a person I didn't even like or respect--ugh! I was afraid to share my new journey in a public way, though, because I didn't want to open myself up to that kind of negativity. However, I'm SO GLAD I listened to the Whole30 Daily Emails and the support of my very close friends and changed my mind! I shared my journey via an online journal, and the support and encouragment that I received from friends, acquaintances, and even friends of friends was overwhelming! I started posting pictures of my amazing creations on my Instagram and Facebook, tagged with #Whole30 (and #nomnomnom, of course! ). I told my coworkers about my efforts and shared some of the great food I've been making. Sure, sometimes the questions can be a little annoying, but answering them provides me with an opportunity to discuss what I'm doing with others AND reinforce why I'm doing it internally! Thanks to my bravery: I had a fun-filled weekend full of friend-time and social events, and I got absolutely no pressure to go off-plan. In fact, I was met with hugs, offers of support, and "proud of you, kiddo" 's by most of my favorite people! My friends strategically placed themselves between me and the platter of chocolate chip cookies and laughed with me on Day 5 when I was irrationally angry at everyone and everything, telling one of my buddies that I could tackle him to the ground right then as he drank his ice cold Coca-Cola! I even had a few friends step out of the woodwork and clue me in on their Paleo lifestyles, excited to trade recipes and have me over for dinner! One of the guys I'm seeing offered last night to stop back at my house to pick up "Abi-friendly food" when we hit the road for takeout. And just today, my colleague came into my office to compliment me on how delicious my breakfast smelled (leftover filet mignon with 2 scrambled eggs over a bed of steamed kale and cauliflower with fresh herbs and tomato & garlic bruschetta -- NOMS!) and let me know that he changed the location of his birthday lunch to Chipotle because he's never been there (WHAAAAT) and he knows I'll be able to easily find something to enjoy. Needless to say, I am feeling empowered, supported, and encouraged! Thank you, Whole30 Team, for your awesome advice! All the love, Abi
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Rose and I'm working on my first Whole30. It's really just to see if maybe I've been eating the wrong foods, how eating this way will affect my body, health, stress things like that. I'm not looking to lose weight that would actually be problematic but just to get healthy. So for this I am trying my best, gonna give it a go and see how it works out. I started during dinner but tomorrow will be my first whole day. I've got breakfast and lunch done even snacks ready to go. This is only because I'll be at work and snack that are healthy are better as I work out how much food I need to eat. Sorry I sorta don't know what to say but this is my first start. Dinner was lite because I had a heavy not so healthy lunch at work but better to start now than later. Hopefully it goes well! Rose
  9. I finished my first Whole30 on Friday, which meant I could officially weigh myself and take all the appropriate measurements Saturday morning. I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping a bit Friday night. However, let's start off with the non-quantitative results. I already slept fairly well to begin with but now I don't wake up feeling tired or exhausted. I also have a steady amount of energy throughout the day now. I don't have that tired feeling at 3pm in the afternoons anymore! Yay! No more snacking either! I can get from one meal to the other without feeling the need to munch on something throughout the day. Now on to the more measurable differences. I was extremely depressed on Saturday when I got on the scale to see I had only lost 0.8lb. I got back in bed a cried a bit. I followed the meal plans exactly, ate nothing off plan, no cheats at all! I also worked out 5-6 days a week, which included interval training, spinning classes, and running. All that hard work and not even a whole pound!! It took me a few days to get over. I was initially planning to write my success story as soon as I could Saturday morning but after that, I just didn't feel motivated. I needed those couple of days to think and refocus myself away from the scale. I had been so excited before I knew exactly how much weight I had lost because I could already see the changes in my body. I had been taking weekly pictures to motivate myself and could see the results I was getting, which really excited me and let me know that I was succeeding! Well after my two days of self pity, I sucked it up and got out the measurements to see what really happened (all are in inches except weight which is in pounds): Old New Difference Bicep 12 11.5 0.5 Calf 15.7 15 0.7 Thigh 26 24.5 1.5 Waist 34 31 3 Chest 38 36 2 Hips 45.5 42 3.5 Weight 167.4 166.6 0.8 So all in all about 14 inches gone! I think I will be giving up the scale and continuing with pictures and measurements every so often. As for life after the Whole30, I have been continuing to eat like I am on the plan, except for two non-compliant bacon strips I had yesterday. I plan on continuing to eat this way when I can because I don't want to give up my constant energy level and just the overall good feeling I have from being a bit healthier. I have included some before and after photos. The ones on the left are before and the ones on the right are after. Please do not copy or reuse.
  10. bstombaugh

    Starting today - August 13th!

    Hello all, Starting my first ever Whole30 today! I'm not new to Paleo, have been Paleo/Primal for a little over a year but lately have been having more "cheat" days and living more 60/40 than the ideal 80/20. Decided to do a Whole30 after reading the "Moderation Schmoderation" post ( I kind of realized I can keep making excuses as to why I cheat or rationalize unhealthy food choices or I can try something bold like a Whole30 to kick these sugar cravings and start out the school year (last year of nursing school) on the right foot. I must confess, I've been avoiding doing a Whole30 ever since I found out about it because (like many people) I just couldn't imagine not having wine or peanut butter or dairy for a whole 30 days. I'm very excited to start this journey, I'm armed with the Well Fed cookbook and many other Paleo cookbooks, some Tessemae's dressings are on the way and of course, this great Whole30 community. I'd love to hear any tips/suggestions (especially other students or healthcare professionals - 12 hour shifts are rough!) and recipes anyone has to share. I'm trying my hand at homemade mayonaise today and would love to find a great Whole30 ketchup recipe!
  11. Hello all. I just thought I'd pop in, introduce myself, and make it official. I'm in. I'm starting my first Whole30 January 1st. And, as the topic title indicates, my doctor has made the suggestion I go this route. My aim is to reduce ridiculously high insulin, CRP, and fibrinogen levels while getting my cortisol normal (it's so stinking low) and thereby reduce my risk of all the nasties – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and so on. Up to this point, my A1C and fasting glucose levels have always been "perfect." I'd like to keep it that way. If I lose weight along the way, huzzah! I've had brushes with paleo-ish nutrition before, with great success, having come to it on my own and not knowing it had a label. Now that I have the science-y stuff and some guidelines, I'm even more ready. I think the hardest part will be doing this within a family that won't give up the sacred cows, so to speak. You know, the four food groups – grains (especially the processed ones), cheese, sugar, and potatoes. We're preparing together, though, which is certainly promising. Well, gang, thanks for reading. I'll be checking in to keep my excitement up as the days and weeks wear on. If I can do anything for you, find me. Thanks!