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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there, So I am looking to do a reset and I have learned recently that I have an egg sensitivity. I am willing to add fish back into my diet. Should I take any consideration to the vegan program to be sure I am getting enough protein? Or any recommendations I should take starting out. I have the book and am taking notes. I'm just worried I won't get enough protein and will get bored of fish... and ultimately fail. I want to succeed. And another silly question. More or a "Forum", "technical" question. The rules suggest to search first to see if there is already and answer to your question. How do you do a forum search? I can't seem to find a place to place keywords within the forum. Thanks!
  2. foodcow

    Indian Whole30 Recipes

    Hi guys, I am on my first whole30 here in india. It's difficult to get good whole30 approved food outside so i have to cook at lot. I have created some whole30 approved Indian meals and i thought of sharing it with you guys.Hope you enjoy it. Baked Tandoori chicken with Mushroom in Spinach Sauce Alu Tikki Taco with Salsa and Mint Chutney Pork Stir Fry with Sweet Potato fries Ginger-Coriander Basa with spicy baby potatoes Mutton Kheema with cauliflower Pulav hope you guys enjoy it Regards foodcow
  3. Vcoletto


    I'm surprised I did not see a ceviche recipe in the Whole30 book. Ceviche is an absolutely delicious South American coastal dish consisting of fish cooked by the acidity in fruit juices such as lemon and lime. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it's super easy to make and best of all Whole30 compliant. I make a delicious ceviche recipe and want to share with everyone because it's to die for. The gist is to dice up white fish (I use tilapia because it retains its texture and structure well) and leave it soaking overnight in the juice of acidic fruits. I use the juices of limes, lemons, and oranges with salt to taste. You can use either only lemon or only lime, but I recommend mixing one of the two with orange juice if you're going to use orange juice. Once the fish has cooked in the juice, you drain about half of the liquid (and save it for other recipes!) and you add veggies and fruits. For my last recipe I used diced mangoes, sliced red onions, and copious amounts of cilantro. You can get creative with your veggies, I've used jalapenos and tomatoes before. Season the mixture with some hot sauce and cayenne pepper for spiciness and let it marinate for another hour or two. It keeps very well in the fridge for days. I always top my ceviche with avocado. You can accompany the dish some roasted sweet potato rounds. You can also make shrimp ceviche which is a lot quicker because the shrimp cooks very fast in the acid. Bon apetite!
  4. I went to my local fish market and made note of all the fish marked "wild and local": Lingcod Petrale sole Butterfish Opah Halibut Grouper There was also rockcod, which I've had before and find to be fine but not spectacular. I prepare it with seasoning a sauté in ghee or coconut oil. Anyone have opinions on which to try next and how to prepare it?
  5. I'm only on day #2 of my Whole30, but I'm already fed up with all these protein sources in my meals. I'm just not a big meat eater. I do like meat, every once in a while, and I feel the same about eggs and fish - once or twice a week would be plenty for me!! Having to eat SOME protein with each and every meal actually spoils the meals for me - quite often I would very much prefer just a simple vegetable or fruit salad. Do you guys have any ideas how to improve this situation? Would it be terrible to just skip the protein once a day?
  6. CharDoll

    Good with fish?

    Hello all. I made wild caught flounder for lunch today (from frozen bag from Costco). I just pan sautéed it in EVOO, but I struggled with a side dish. I ended up doing steamed cauliflower that I then mashed with ghee, evoo and garlic salt, and also some baked kale (evoo, lemon pepper, sea salt and lemon juice). It actually turned out to be a pretty good meal. My question is though- with shrimp, salmon, flounder, tuna, I'm so used to having a side of pasta with that, or with tuna, bread, and I'm struggling coming up with ideas for good sides. Last week I made baked salmon and had mushrooms and zucchini on the side (everyone else also had pasta). Do you have other good ideas for what to serve with fish? I just feel like I do TOO much zucchini, mushrooms and cauliflower and I need to branch out. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.... help! Thanks, Charlene