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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am on R2D9 right now. My first round reintro got a little bit messed up due to life stuff. I decided to start another round so I could do a proper reintroduction. I just signed up for a triathlon in 12 days (R2D21). I wasn't planning on doing it; I'm training for an olympic distance later this summer, but I felt like I was ready, so what the heck, right?! Should I.... Switch to a Whole9 and do a proper reintroduction before the race? OR stay the Whole30 course and try to teach myself race-nutrition in 12 days? (I've ton a ton of reading on here already about that. Thanks, everyone, for the great info.) Thanks for any insight!
  2. jeaniemarie317

    Hello from Indianapolis!

    Hi, all: My name is Jeanie and my boyfriend and I are starting the W3 today. The kick in the pants was the outcome of a doctor's visit, so this is a perfect time. We live in the Indianapolis area. Just bought a fixer-upper by the lake. We are both in our mid-40s and need to make some serious changes. A friend has had fantastic results from the program, so I wanted to give it a shot. Thanks
  3. Hey guys!! I've done 2 rounds of Whole30 before and I LOVE how I feel after. This time I'm getting in shape for an upcoming trip, and this week I'm preparing for my March 1st start date by researching (reading the 30 day guide as fast as possible), printing my favourite recipes for easy access, and talking to my friends about my journey! If you would like to chat about Whole30 and nutrition, (and maybe you even have some travel suggestions for Australia) please join me!! We can keep each other excited, motivated and accountable ☺
  4. erich333

    Started Whole30 3 days ago

    Just dropping by to introduce myself and say hi. My wife and I are in our second, well my first, her second go through with Whole30. It is our 3rd day so far and I feel good, no headaches, granted I had already spent 2 weeks grain free and sugar free based on the fact I was tired of feeling crappy all the time. My wife decided after thanksgiving that she was ready to jump on board and with my recent discovery that you can cook in the kitchen, I've been enjoying whipping up as many recipes as I can find. Though, I will say they are going faster than I can make them, and its only the two of us eating it. So to anyone with kids doing the whole30, I tip my hat to you. So far the two best things I've made have been the Coconut Curry Chicken and separately I roasted sweet potatoes together with broccoli w/ a light seasoning of Paprika and diced up sugar free bacon(from my local butcher, all happy healthy pigs) w/ just a small amount of red onion mixed in. Even my super picky cook of a roommate said it was the tastiest thing I've made. Early lessons I've learned, less salt is better, its really easy to overdue salting veggies if you roast them; same goes for seasonings, less is more. Any who, just wanted to stop by and say Hi from Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR. Esquared Hanson
  5. Hi fellow Whole30ers! I'm doing the Whole30 diet because I need to 1) Get my blood sugar down. It's into diabetic range now, but I'm not taking medication yet, and don't want to; and 2) I'd like to drop 10-20 pounds. I can hopefully kill those two birds with one Whole30 stone. Question: Are any of you dreaming about food on the diet? I am now. The weirdest part is that my wife, who's doing Whole30 with me, had a food dream the exact same night! How strange is that? Any others going through this? I've written it up on my blog, on which I'm chronicling (in depth) every day of my Whole30 experience. What kind of dreams are you having? Mine was pizza. Mmmm, pizza....
  6. bookshopgirl

    TOMORROW! March 21st

    Hello all, I'm just your everyday college girl who's tired of feeling tired, bloated, and lethargic all the time. I try to eat heathfully, but between chugging coffee to stay awake, grabbing pizza before a party, and drinking on the weekends, I feel like I've let my health fall down on my priority list. Well no more! I've always wanted to try the paleo diet, but I've always thought that it wouldn't be possible in college. However, I've decided that I am at a point in my life where I need some change. So I've been making some radical changes lately. I signed up for a marathon in August, and I'm now committing to the 30 days of clean, whole eating for this program. This is going to be tough, so if you have words of advice, wisdom, or kindness, send them my way. There are 3 areas that I think are going to be hardest for me to complete: 1. Coffee: I love coffee. SO. MUCH. But I've committed to a 2:1 ratio, 2 cups of water to each cup of coffee. I've also committed to start drinking my coffee black, with no added flavoring or sweeteners whatsoever. 2. Drinking: Not that I'm a crazy party goer, but 30 days without alcohol in college is going to be tough. I plan on telling my close friends that I have committed to clean eating, but I think that I'm just going to tell everyone else that I've been having liver issues and that I simply cannot drink anymore! If anyone has tips for getting out of the social pressures of drinking, let me know 3. Social eating: Ordering pizza with friends, going out to get Indian food, or the various other social events that involve food will now be off limits to me. As someone who loves getting lunch, dinner, and other meals with all of my many friends, this is going to be a tricky situation to navigate. So, here I go! Please get in touch, because I would love to connect with some other members of the community, and wish me luck!!! XOXOXOXOXO bookshopgirl
  7. This is day 4 for my husband and I so far we are feeling pretty normal. We haven't had any cravings or lack of energy. Although, I am waiting for the "hangover" to hit us soon, I am not sure when to expect it. Before Whole30, we focused on eating clean throughout the week then on Sunday or Saturday we would have a treat meal like pizza or ice cream. With Whole30, we have been eating a lot more vegetables which was difficult for us. Has anyone skipped over the "hangover" phase or the moody phase or does it hit you later in the process?
  8. Hey everybody! Today my fiance and I started our first ever whole30 (well, technically we started yesterday, but accidentally ate peanuts, so we are starting over today). I bought the book about 4 months ago and wanted to start after the holidays. A few years ago, I went from 200 to 140 lbs pretty quickly with healthy eating and exercise, but in the last couple of years, it has all come back. I am back to my original weight and looking to lose that, but also to ditch the unhealthy habits that have lead me here! I really have been putting so much garbage into my body, I'm so excited to give it this much needed reset! I will be logging here daily and checking in for advice and support! I'm so excited for this journey!
  9. So after completing my first Whole30 in August I was so happy with my overall fitness and weight and the fact that I stuck it out for a month. Everything was just wonderful! Fast forward to now January and since then I totally went haywire. I have gained 7kgs, cant stop eating gluten, dairy and absolutely CRAVE sugar especially at night, im a serial binge eater and have no motivation whatsoever. Im only 22, I should be active and full of life but working a desk job makes me super lazy (8 hours of sitting down everyday.) I need some motivation again and I need serious help. Thinking if any legends out there wants to join in with me and help each other we could start asap?
  10. morganwhineryhabern

    Fitness Blog + Whole30 Journey

    Check out this fitness blog and whole30 journey! She will inspire and motivate you to keep going! Plus will have some yummy recipe posts worth repeating!


    Hi all! I'm a business owner, marathoner, fitness freak, major foodie, world traveler, dog lover, & continually amazed by this crazy thing we call life. Today, November 3rd, is my day 1 of the Whole30. Who's with me??? Well, as embarrasing as it is to admit, I've been here before. Making notes stating that this is "Day 1 of Whole30". And then quit by day 3, 4 or maybe 5. Because it's someone's birthday so I must have a glass of wine. Or there's a baby shower so of course I have to have the cute pink cupcake. Old friends are in town and we're getting take-out. The cycle continues. I eat clean about 80% of the time and then let the weekend completely ruin me. It's a nasty, nasty cycle. The good news? I CAN CHANGE IT. I can break the cycle. I'm in total control. That's right. If I choose to succeed or fail - it's on me. I feel like today is different. Today is new and I have a new attitude. Not only do I have a new attitude but I've prepared myself and have laid the groundwork for success. Yesterday, I planned each and every meal for the next week. I went grocery shopping and got every single item that I need to make each and every meal. There is no tempting junk food in this house. I did my food prep so meals are quick and easy. I cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry. I am prepared. I am following my meal plan. I am going to succeed. In addition to preparing, I also posted the "I am doing the Whole30" icon on my Instagram, promising my followers updates and quick recipes. Now I'm accountable to others as much as I am myself. Completing the Whole30 would be an enormous victory for me personally. Yes, I could tell others I did it. But mainly, I want to do it for ME. Because I've never be able to before. Because my relationship with food is probably the toughest relationship in my entire life - and I feel as if it's a really important one. For the most part, I am a very motivated and determined person. I feel like I have every other area in my life under control and happy with the way it is. I don't blink an eye at having to work hard for something. I don't think twice about training for multiple marathons (through the winters, might I add!) or even sigh at the idea of working 50+ a week and completing my Masters degree. Quitting a high paying job to start my own business was pretty challenging at times but I did it. Preparing to speak in front of 500+ people? Not a huge deal. So why in the hell has sticking to a "diet" always been so damn defeating for me? I don't get it. So I'm going to change it. Starting today. Right now. I am going to change my life, the way I eat, and my relationship with food in the next 30 days. 100% awesomeness coming soon, very soon....
  12. I'm starting this as a way to get some insight from athletes regarding what routines and plans work the best for them. I know everyone is different but it's helpful for beginners to have examples to work from. Please share your weekly routines, including any details you think are relevant such as your favorite pre/post workout meals and snacks, special tips you feel might help, etc. I am pretty much a beginner (at everything, the Whole30, running, strength training, etc) but I have ran and done strength training off and on for about two years, however I never really committed. Here is an example of my schedule (feel free to offer constructive criticism): Monday: Run/walk 3 miles Tuesday: Strength training, all muscles Wednesday: Run/walk 3 miles Thursday: Strength training, all muscles, restorative yoga for one hour Friday: Run/walk 3 miles From Friday night to Sunday night I work back-to-back shifts as a waitress, and since it's a fairly physical job that is quite exhausting (Sat & Sun are normally 14-15 hour shifts) I do not workout during the weekends. As far as running, I am listening to my body and running until I feel too tired, then walking until I catch my breath and then I run again. My most recent run took about 38 minutes. Slow, but improvement (for me). Thanks in advance, and please share!
  13. hautefit

    Post-workout meal help

    So I was looking at the meal template, and I got a little confused at how I'm suppose to get my post-workout meals in. Ideally, I'm planning on working out in the mornings. It's the best time for me, since my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays are from 9am-5pm. Plus, I want to wake up early in the mornings for habit sake. Here's what I have so far: 6:00am - wake up 6:15am - pre workout: drink black tea w/ coconut milk (+ I'm not a huge fan of HB eggs, so is smoked salmon or nuts okay?) 6:45am - workout (most of my workouts will be centered around yoga and strength (body weight) training. I'm not weightlifting at the moment, but I'll definitely start next semester). 7:30~7:45am - end workout 7:45 - post work out meal (here's where I'm confused!): should I eat a small POW meal as in some sweet yams and some chicken? I don't want to have a huge POW meal since I want to eat breakfast as well. 8:15 - eat breakfast??? There's where I get screwed up. I have class at 9am, and I'm not far from campus, but should I just replace my POW as my breakfast, or should I opt for a post-workout meal instead? I've read that unless you're doing vigorous training (ie cross fit, mountain climbing, etc.), a post-workout isn't needed. I'm doing strength training (a la: fitness blender on youtube or something like that). I mean, for my fitness level (which is pretty much sedentary for the most part), it is vigorous for me, but it's not super vigorous where my energy levels will be depleted?
  14. Hello, I'm a 20-year-old college undergrad, and I'm planning on starting the Whole30 at the end of June when I go back to university for my summer class. My class lasts a month and a week long so that's the perfect time to start. Right now I'm at home for summer vacation, so I don't really have control over the food in our house, but I am trying to transition into the Whole30 (ie cutting out process crap, eating things without any sugars/sweeteners, trying to get off grains, etc). I need some advice. Now I do have a small budget like any other college student, so I would like to know how other college students navigated through the Whole30. How did you guys plan your meals? Did you gets used recipes the entire time? So on and so forth. I am doing the Whole30 primarily for health reasons. I've suspected that I've developed some type of thyroid disorder (I'm sure it's hypothyroidism), because I have the classic symptoms: hair loss, swelling of the throat, muscle twitching, reacting to gluten-based foods badly, dizziness in the shower, mild depression, memory fog, fatigue, etc. I'm hoping that cutting out a lot of inflammatory foods will help treat the disorder well. I've done a lot of research this past month, and I think starting out with the Whole30 will help me get on the right track to wellness and health. I also want to lose weight and get stronger as well, lol. I am going to join a volleyball recreational team when I go back, and hopefully will do some home exercises (if anyone can recommend any home workouts, that'll be great too). I want to start planning ahead so when I start the Whole30, I will not fall off like I did with other "diets" (not dieting in the traditional sense, but like "vegan","vegetarian", "paleo" "macrobiotic", etc.)
  15. katkakyptova

    Workout two times per day

    Pls guys need help how organizated food plan when i am doing workout two times per day? in the morning at 6am and at 12:00 circuit, crossfit, strenght workout...sometime i run afternoon late around 8pm..thx Kate
  16. Punschroll

    Starting today!

    Hi all! I am Johanna (swedish, 30 year old digital media student) starting the whole 30 today and would love to get in contact with people on the program. I have been dealing with a lot of stress due to my studies and I have realised that I've handled this with sugary foods. I want to break this habit. What I need support with is how to manage to stay with the program without making it a big deal, so it won't affect my boyfriends kids in any negative way. I love to hit the gym, to run with my dog and outdoor activities so it will be interesting to see how this will affect my workouts. Let's be friends! facebook: jstenback twitter: @autoincorrect instagram: @sommarkatt
  17. Well, I've actually been participating in a 6 week Paleo Challenge that started Jan 12 but "we're allowed "cheat days". I haven't seen any results i think I'm eating too much Paleo junk food and I admit i fell off a few days. I turn 40 next Nov and i promised myself i would be in the best shape of my life. I'm 5'7 185, Ideally I'd like to be 160 or simply just look great in a bikini. Weight has always been an issue and I'm ready to reset my habits and powerfully transform this area of my life for good. I'm going to need your support Whole 30 family!! Also, if anyone is in the LA area and would like to workout or meet that would be great. Best of luck to you all!
  18. I am so exicted to challenge without sugars and grains. I love whole grains....I hardly accpet it! :-) Wish me the best luck. I will post my first day and daily about my feeling- struggle, hungry, frustarted, happy, sad and blah blah blah blah.... Now I cook for my meal planning this week. Yummy!!1
  19. Nicole Lynn Jennings

    Gaining muscle on paleo:)

    So, how are you gaining muscle on paleo? How often are you lifting/doing cardio? What do your meals typically look like for a day? I currently lift four days a week, in the 6-10 rep range and have gained 8 lbs in four months. I'm sure some of its fat, but I only gained an inch on my belly so im happy about that! I'm thinking I want to decrease my frequency to three days a week. My goal is to gain at least another 6 lbs. What do you all suggest?
  20. ErinK

    Beating Addiction

    I am a week from finishing my first official Whole30 but my success story starts a little over a year and a half ago. I read Melissa's story and it really hit home for me and made me appreciate her, and her and Dallas' program even more. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years and when I lost a friend to an overdose I got a frightening reality check. The tragedy opened my eyes to the very REAL possibility that my addiction could and probably would kill me. When I still couldn't stop I knew that I needed help and couldn't do it on my own. I checked myself into rehab and immersed myself completely into my recovery. Everything else in my life took a backseat to my recovery (including healthy eating and exercise). This was important for me to do because I needed all my time, focus, and energies to go into getting clean. When 90 days rolled around I was feeling great but not great enough. I decided it was time to expand my healthy lifestyle changes to eating and fitness. I began eating paleo, encouraged by my brother, and started doing cardio. I dropped weight quickly and my confidence was growing. My urges to use were becoming few and far between as my activity levels increased. I began weight training about a year ago and made friends with people from the gym. I found a community there and got such amazing support and encouragement in my fitness efforts. At my 1 year sober mark I couldn't even remember what having an urge was like because all my focus was on fitness and my health. I felt better than ever, I looked better than ever, and I was truly happy. Diet was still a bit of a struggle, however, as my sweet tooth was a bit out of control. I ate strict paleo but still exhibited some of my old addictive behaviors with cravings for sweets. I also had issues with overconsuming so when I heard about the Whole30 it really peaked my interest. I decided to commit to it the day I got back from vacation (after a sugar free for all) and I am really loving the way I'm feeling and how my relationship with food is changing. I am eating for nourishment and not consumed by cravings anymore. I am also noticing changes in my body (but that's an added bonus). I feel healthier than I've ever felt, more energetic, and happier. I cannot say enough good things about this program. Thank you Melissa and Dallas for helping me, and thousands of others, make positive changes.
  21. paleolala


    Hello you lovely people. I'm after some advice. I'm back at crossfit after a 5 month absence and I'm really keen to ensure I'm optimising my recovery since being so sore all the time was what made me take a break the first time around. I'm two-thirds of the way through my first W30 and feeling great, but I was still VERY sore after my first 3 sessions back last week and I wondered if there's anything I'm not doing that might help me to avoid this? I did think perhaps it might be insufficient protein? As well as my crossfit sessions, I'm aiming to get in couple of short runs (3-5 kms) and a bikram class a week to keep the blood pumping and give me a good stretch out - though I didn't manage this last week. I'm finding though that I'm almost too sore for my daily bike commute! Any advice would be much appreciated!
  22. I hadn't worked out in a really long time and I started working out last Monday. Ever seen I've been feeling extremely tired and sleepy. I guess I might need to eat something, before and after, that helps me get through the workout and helps me recuperate from it. I tried to look for an article at the site but didn;t find anything right away, can anyone help me here?