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Found 4 results

  1. I officially started my second whole30 on January 2nd (yesterday). So far, so good. Kind of. At 1.5 days in, I suspect I'm already having sugar withdrawal..... brutal headaches and I slept in for work for the first time ever today. Somebody save me now? Is it even possible to have sugar cravings after 1.5 days without sugar?!?!?! Jokes aside, over the last year I have really struggled. I hurt my back and slowly my workouts declined. As my workouts declined, my mental health declined. This combined with starting a new job that loves to feed us (wonderful, but perhaps overly appreciated by this food-dependant emotional eater), I quickly gained 50lbs. That's 50lbs in less than one year. From running distances, completing OCR's, training with Ashley Horner programs (she's a #badass!)...... to not moving at all, and struggling with my mental and physical health. What a drag. Anyhow, I've meal planned and prepped. Tomorrow is major grocery day (after having had to do a "mini" shop to start my whole30). I'm feeling ready and committed! "Fun" things about this journey thus far: my grocery list has never been this long in my life my office is full of sugar and wheat based delicious items like bread.... temptation is everywhere. This alone is probably why I've had a headache all day long. even if you've failed at making mayo a million times.... success is possible. Just buy a new immersion blender. As soon as you start a whole30, you will be invited to an abnormal amount of family dinners. It's like the universe is challenging you on purpose. I look forward to continuing this log as a part of my accountability.
  2. Hello everyone, I am on R2D9 right now. My first round reintro got a little bit messed up due to life stuff. I decided to start another round so I could do a proper reintroduction. I just signed up for a triathlon in 12 days (R2D21). I wasn't planning on doing it; I'm training for an olympic distance later this summer, but I felt like I was ready, so what the heck, right?! Should I.... Switch to a Whole9 and do a proper reintroduction before the race? OR stay the Whole30 course and try to teach myself race-nutrition in 12 days? (I've ton a ton of reading on here already about that. Thanks, everyone, for the great info.) Thanks for any insight!
  3. I'm starting this as a way to get some insight from athletes regarding what routines and plans work the best for them. I know everyone is different but it's helpful for beginners to have examples to work from. Please share your weekly routines, including any details you think are relevant such as your favorite pre/post workout meals and snacks, special tips you feel might help, etc. I am pretty much a beginner (at everything, the Whole30, running, strength training, etc) but I have ran and done strength training off and on for about two years, however I never really committed. Here is an example of my schedule (feel free to offer constructive criticism): Monday: Run/walk 3 miles Tuesday: Strength training, all muscles Wednesday: Run/walk 3 miles Thursday: Strength training, all muscles, restorative yoga for one hour Friday: Run/walk 3 miles From Friday night to Sunday night I work back-to-back shifts as a waitress, and since it's a fairly physical job that is quite exhausting (Sat & Sun are normally 14-15 hour shifts) I do not workout during the weekends. As far as running, I am listening to my body and running until I feel too tired, then walking until I catch my breath and then I run again. My most recent run took about 38 minutes. Slow, but improvement (for me). Thanks in advance, and please share!
  4. ErinK

    Beating Addiction

    I am a week from finishing my first official Whole30 but my success story starts a little over a year and a half ago. I read Melissa's story and it really hit home for me and made me appreciate her, and her and Dallas' program even more. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years and when I lost a friend to an overdose I got a frightening reality check. The tragedy opened my eyes to the very REAL possibility that my addiction could and probably would kill me. When I still couldn't stop I knew that I needed help and couldn't do it on my own. I checked myself into rehab and immersed myself completely into my recovery. Everything else in my life took a backseat to my recovery (including healthy eating and exercise). This was important for me to do because I needed all my time, focus, and energies to go into getting clean. When 90 days rolled around I was feeling great but not great enough. I decided it was time to expand my healthy lifestyle changes to eating and fitness. I began eating paleo, encouraged by my brother, and started doing cardio. I dropped weight quickly and my confidence was growing. My urges to use were becoming few and far between as my activity levels increased. I began weight training about a year ago and made friends with people from the gym. I found a community there and got such amazing support and encouragement in my fitness efforts. At my 1 year sober mark I couldn't even remember what having an urge was like because all my focus was on fitness and my health. I felt better than ever, I looked better than ever, and I was truly happy. Diet was still a bit of a struggle, however, as my sweet tooth was a bit out of control. I ate strict paleo but still exhibited some of my old addictive behaviors with cravings for sweets. I also had issues with overconsuming so when I heard about the Whole30 it really peaked my interest. I decided to commit to it the day I got back from vacation (after a sugar free for all) and I am really loving the way I'm feeling and how my relationship with food is changing. I am eating for nourishment and not consumed by cravings anymore. I am also noticing changes in my body (but that's an added bonus). I feel healthier than I've ever felt, more energetic, and happier. I cannot say enough good things about this program. Thank you Melissa and Dallas for helping me, and thousands of others, make positive changes.