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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all - Looking for some advice, kind words, encouragement, whatever you've got. I completed my first (and best) round of whole30 in July. Attempted my second round this past January but had to end it a few days short of 30 days. I had a cold, which turned into an upper respiratory infection, which then turned into pneumonia. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and I was pretty devestated- feeling like a failure. I had to take them..2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia and I was getting worse. I started my 3rd round on March 19th - and this past Sunday I came down with the flu! I have NEVER been this sick, this long, this repeatedly in my LIFE. I want to continue on, but its hard. I want to feel the best I can, like I did on that first round..(tiger blood!) but its been a series of road bumps and obstacles. Does any one have any advice for me or have they experience anything like this?
  2. I'm a full week into the flu. Not a stomach bug, but the real nasty flu. I'm exhausted, but I've made it to day 19. I've managed to continue to cook for me and my family, but I am so tired. I made a big batch of chicken soup, but don't want to eat any more of it. Not really digging the pulled pork at this point. Oh, and if I want to stay on plan, I have to do the cooking. So instead of resting, I cook. I'm bound and determined to finish, I only have 11 more days, but ...Oh! did I mention that the microwave died too so any meat from the freezer has to be pulled out in the morning? Yep. I've hit a stumbling block and need help getting over it. Last night, the whole family got take out (yummy teriyaki takeout), and I had leftovers. Now lunch is here and I just want a big drippy messy Dusty Burger with fries. I won't have it because, well, I'm quarantined at home. Ice cream sounds great too. I just want to go back to work and I can't. Any suggestions for easy meals? BTW, I'm allergic to beef, so that's one protein down. thanks in advance
  3. I am in day 10 and getting the Flu. Is there any restrictions on over the counter meds, that I can use before I become a snotty, angry mess?
  4. Hi everyone! I am seeking advice about what I may be doing wrong or if my body just isn’t ready for the extremity of Whole30. I started the program for the first time back in 2016. I felt the normal symptoms of carb flu, but mine actually never went away. I attempted to eat as many clean carbs as possible to up my energy. I made it to day 23 and had a very high fever. I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep throat. I chalked it up as a coincidence rather than a result of the Whole30 diet. A few months later, I attempted again. This time I made it to day 3 and began to have very extreme symptoms of carb flu and a fever. This time I was diagnosed with the flu. I vowed to never try the program again as I truly felt it was not right for me. Going into 2018, I really wanted to give it another go. This time I only made it to day 2 before I could feel flu like symptoms. I currently have a fever of 101.7. This one feels like the flu again. Is it possible that Whole30 and my health are correlated? I am a pretty active person. I workout 2-3 times a week at a bootcamp style class and teach dance twice a week. I am thinking that maybe the drastic changes of the diet are sending my body into shock mode. Any advice would be great. Thank you!!
  5. I'm on day 26. My husband and I have been diligent in all things Whole30 (even during Halloween and so many gatherings). On Day 2 on I got a head cold but limited myself to tea, rest and some meds that contained no added sugar (super hard!). On Day 11, I came down with the classic flu but, again, avoided non-compliant meds. Now I'm in my last few days and I've had some sinus congestion/allergies for the last 3 days. I'm worried that my reintroduction will be meaningless because I don't know what my healthy body feels like over these 30 days. Should I just end it?
  6. Corabella

    The Whole30 Cold?

    In the beginning, I read several posts from people struggling with cold/flu during their W30 experience. Now I am on Day 3 of an insanely sore throat...just when I'm supposed to be hitting Tiger Blood. Any approved remedies welcome. I'm drowning in herbal tea and warm water with lemon.
  7. Under doctors orders I went dairy/ gluten free which led to me feeling amazing which led me to whole30. About 2 weeks ago, I got a cold which has now morphed into Bronchitis and I feel like garbage. Why when I feel like garbage do I want to put garbage into my body!? I am not on a 30 day right now but have been eating a Paleo diet. The last 4 days I have lost desire:energy to get in the kitchen and take care of my food prep and myself. I've beeen sucking on cough drops that contain sugar and have been consuming honey. Being Insulin Resistant this was a very poor choice on my part as now the insatiable hunger is back. I want All.The.bread and I just ate 2 pancakes so I could take my antibiotics WHAT????? (thanks for not putting them away DH) what the heck did I just do!? HAS anyone experienced a terrible/cold or flu? What do you take? What home remedies do you use that are sugar/honey free? I believe that introducing the sugar from the cough drops started a downward spiral. Time to reset ASAP.
  8. RuthieZ


    I am on day 8 and have a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. I just feel terrible and am so bummed out. I talked to a number of friends who did Whole30 and they got sick the first week too. I don't understand why that would be since I'm eating so healthy. Any insight/encouragement would be helpful! I'm nervous I'm going to have this cold the whole time
  9. I got hit with a sore throat last night and a fever today of 100.2. the last thing I want to do is eat, but I was able to make myself drink some soup broth with an added carrot & chicken sausage. Definitely not enough food, but I have zero energy to cook and an upset stomach. anyone else been hit by a cold/flu & have tips on how to get enough food and stay on the whole30 course? My normal go to sans whole30 would be to eat buttered toast or saltines or buttered pasta and ginger ale when I get that upset stomach fluy basically carbs. I should note that I've technically fallen out of plan via sugar. All the throat homeopathic items at my local organic market has some form of sweetener. Small amount yes, but still there. That said I don't want to go off the rails and lose any progress I've been making to id gluten or milk issues. Thanks for any suggestions or tips!
  10. britgirl


    Hey all some advice please - today is day 14 I think and last night came down with swollen glands, temp, the shivers running nose etc. Really felt v unwell. My family have been passing round a killer cold so I do think it's that more than W30 reaction. So have cancelled work (never do that!!) and am in bed with hot water bottle. Ive forced down a tuna pattie and a red pepper but REALLY don't want to eat. Can it forget it today? I usually just have hot apple juice when I feel like this and sooooooo don't wanna cook. Miss the apple juice! And had a high dose vit c tablet last night and this am see it's full of sweeteners . What do we do about medication? Have I blown it? Going back to sleep now but all help appreciated
  11. Hi, Day 29 here. The last 5 days or so I've noticed a big increase in skin issues - I normally have fair, clear skin, with the occasional localized breakout. Recently however, I've been getting small, sub dermal zits all around my face. They're not angry or cystic but they are visible bumps, some of them red and some of them just raised skin color. They don't seem to want to vacate when pressured! I also have some larger, angrier breakouts on my back. This especially is unheard of for me. Also, on day 27 I woke up with severe chest cold symptoms--tight, congested chest, sneezing, runny/stuffed nose, headache, body weakness, etc. I've been medicating with sleep, bone broth, and antioxidant rich foods. It's starting to wean but it's so uncommon for me to get sick--I go years without experiencing cold season. I'm surprised, because in theory my immune system should be stronger than ever right now. I know you'll ask about food, so yes, I'm 100% sure I've not had anything noncompliant. I don't eat a lot of potatoes or eggs (maybe a dozen eggs in 10 days), my fat sources (of which I eat a lot) are organic coconut oil, high quality olive oil, homemade mayo, and organic ghee. I eat the rainbow in veggies, and very few nuts. I drink bulletproof coffee about 3x/week. Until this cold, I'd been running 3x/week and doing yoga regularly. I was not in close quarters with anyone who was sick, and nothing in my home environment has changed recently. I live in Arizona, so I'm not snowed in and hibernating; plenty of sunshine. Any ideas? Is it possible that this is some kind of late stage detox? It raises some doubt about starting reintros in two days...
  12. Four months ago I've relocated to the Ecuador coast, and I'm perplexed that I've gotten my second cold in six weeks (at least I think it's cold, maybe allergies)! In the US I never got the flu and I hadn't had a cold in years. Last time I lived here (after recently completing my first whole30) I didn't get any respiratory illness. Any advice on how I can strengthen my defenses? Some of my foreigner friends here tell me my immune system is simply not accustomed to the different bacteria and It'll eventually adapt. Diet: struggled to eat whole30 style when I lived with friends for 3 months. Sleep: also a challenge when I lived with friends. Stress: almost nonexistent since I've arrived. Probiotics: really, really missing my daily GT ginger Kombucha; no probiotics for the past four months. Other health issues: the usual travelers' sickness when I apparently don't sanitize my produce well-enough. Thanks much, Rachael
  13. I am on day 4 and starting feeling feverish this afternoon. I had headaches yesterday pm and today--advil helped. I feel stuffed up as well and sore throat. Is this carb flu? I am supposed to travel the day after tomorrow--is this different from a regular flu? Should I go? Is it contagious? Should I see a doctor? Suggestions? Thank you!
  14. As we head into what seems likely to be a mega flu/virus season I thought it would be super helpful to have a flu thread. It would be great to hear from a moderator/s what the "official" Whole 30 recommendations are for treating the flu when on a W30. I would love to hear what folks have done to treat and work through their flu when on W30, or to stave off symptoms at the outset. Stay well! But lets hear what to do if we're not....
  15. Hi all, Have searched through the forum, and no doubt have missed an obvious thread regarding this, but need some advice. I'm on day 16, been going well, but two days ago got 'the flu' from my family. Have stayed compliant with meals, when I have eaten, but for past two days have really eaten 1-2 meals max. The flu has resulted in a loss of appetite and also includes 'stomach flu'. Yeah, great. Should I just keep on keeping on, eating when I can? Like I said, have stayed compliant with what I have eaten. Thanks in advance!!!
  16. I'm on day 10 of my first whole30. I found the first 6 days a breeze and love the food, but I have caught a cold and am in a bit of a state, fevers, shivvers, thumping headaches and runny nose (typical head cold symptoms). I have a complete loss of appetite, and the thought of protein and vege is making me gag. I'm still sticking religiously to plan, but I'm really forcing these meals down and finding the thought of having to eat (I would rather not eat - which is NOT like me AT ALL). Any suggestions here to make my food more appealing, and bearing in mind I'm unwell and trying to look after a 2 & 4 yr old, any ideas as to how to keep my energy up? Determined to stay on plan, but feeling like I'd rather eat a cardboard box than anything on plan.
  17. Noelle

    Cold/Flu Cure

    It's Day 20-something, and I'm coming down something! Boo! But it seemed apropos to share my Whole30-friendly cold and flu remedy. This is best as a "kill it before it comes" cure, for when you think you might be getting sick or you're just starting to feel under the weather. In a blender, combine: Juice of one lemon Large clove of garlic Large chunk of ginger (I used a thumb-sized piece) Turmeric (I use about 1 tsp) Cayenne pepper (a few shakes) 1/4 cup filtered water It's pretty foul-tasting, but it gets the job done.
  18. Hi chaps, I'm on Day 13 of Whole 30, and feeling wrecked! Caught a summer cold the day before my hubby and I started, but decided to carry on since I figured I would be feeding my body lots of vitamins/minerals to help get over it. The first week I started feeling better, and then BAM, it came back for round 2! It's now 14 days into my cold and still feeling hungover evey morning, horrible cough, sore throat, sinuses, etc etc. Hubby, of course, is fine. I don't mean to play my sad violin, here, but I'm just curious if a) I'm putting too much stress on my system, which may be too busy adapting to Whole30 to fight off my cold? And if there's anything I could be adding/changing to my Whole 30 that would help quicken my recovery? I take a daily multivitamin. Also? I'm getting sick of eggs...
  19. Hi, I started my first ever diet and started with a difficult one Whole30... I started the plan because I wanted to be healthier and with less stomach disorders, which I may say have disappeared on this 5 days. I am certainly loosing weight something I didn't want because I feel I don't need It, I may have lost 4 lbs already and don't want loose anymore. I'm on my day 5 and I haven't had a good start, I started on Monday but at the same time I got flu so I have been feeling pretty week and without energy. I thought it was all because of flu but today I have almost recovered and still feeling very sleepy, weak and dizzy, with very few energy. I have been following all the rules and eating very abundant 3 times a day: Palm size protein (chicken, fish, beef, eggs), lots of veggies (cucumber, carrot, sometimes potato, tomato, zucchini, onion, green beans, etc), a portion of fruit (banana, kiwi, strawberry, apple, etc) and avocado/almonds/nuts for fat. I started to do snacks between meals for having nuts/almonds and sometime fruit. Other things to consider: Before starting I had a lot of energy generally, Ive been feeling more affected by cold climate, very little cramps on the tip of my hands, and had no energy to do any exercise, only study and work. What do you recommend? Before the program I didn't eat anything in excess (sugar, legumes, seeds, dairy) I ate a very balanced. I hope someone can help me. Thanks! Alfonso
  20. I started strong and then came the stomach flu. I need suggestions to ease my way back into food. My normal go to foods in this situation were crackers, toast, etc. Ideas?