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Found 10 results

  1. I am now on Day 29 and what should be the best days of Whole30 but it's actually been the worst. Starting on Day 24, I started having pretty uncomfortable lower abdominal pain/pressure and bloating and it hasn't gone away for the past 6 days. I know it's more common to get digestive issues earlier in the Whole30 journey but I actually breezed through Days 3-23 with absolutely no issues and great energy. Troubleshooting led me to evaluate that most of the fruits & veggies I have been eating during Whole30 are high FODMAP foods. I would eat these almost on a daily basis: mango, apple, sweet potato, cauliflower rice, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, onion, avocado, and uncooked greens in salads. Now I've tried following a FODMAP diet in addition to Whole30 these past 3 days and also added a probiotic, but it hasn't seemed to help and I'm still experiencing that constant lower abdominal pain. I've never had any digestive issues or foods that I've reacted to in the past, so my biggest fear is that the Whole30 has created a food sensitivity for me and that it will not go away. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any advice? Separate issues but I also started Whole30 as a way to alleviate seasonal allergies but today I've had the worst allergy attack in months. My energy is lower than usual too, even lower than before Whole30, so I feel like I'm progressing backwards and don't understand why...
  2. Okay, this is my 4th Whole30 and I've always had an amazing experience (this year I hardly had any trouble with cravings!) but this year has been rough in terms of tummy troubles. Around Day 11 and 12 I started feeling a little nauseated at the end of the day but thought it was just my gut healing again. And then the nausea and stomach cramps have come up on random days ever since with yesterday Day 29 being the absolute worst. Looking at what I've been eating the only thing I can figure is maybe I am sensitive to onions since they are a pretty high FODMAP food? I had an omelette with onions and peppers for breakfast yesterday when I felt so horrible and was burping onions all day. I've just never had problems with FODMAPs before and it's strange to me that it would show up during Whole30. I seem to have had no trouble when eating other high FODMAP foods this month like apples, garlic, cauliflower, etc. but at the same time I'm not sure if it could be something else! I'm just so bummed that I don't feel amazing on day 30. Has anyone else had this sensitivity show itself during Whole30? Do I need to go see someone? Confused. Help!
  3. I have had GI problems for a couple years, and after many tests, probiotics etc. a specialist told me he thinks it's IBS from spending time in developing countries and there's not much more he can do. It is tolerable but frustrating because I always feel like my diet is affecting it but I don't know how. So I was really excited to start the Whole30, hoping I would have the improvement that so many people talk about. I followed the rules exactly from the beginning, plus no caffeine and pain killers. Then around Day 17, I was frustrated that I hadn't noticed any GI improvements and read more about Whole30 for IBS. I realized there were so many things I had been eating that could also be causing problems for me so I cut them all out - raw vegetables, fruit peels, citrus, dried fruit, fruit juice, fruit with seeds like berries etc., nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades and anything on the high FODMAP list. Now I am a few days away from finishing my Whole30 and I really haven't noticed a difference in terms of GI symptoms. This long list of things that could be causing me problems has kind of taken the fun out of what was previously a fairly positive experience (I haven't had the physical effects I had hoped for but I do think that the WHole30 improved my relationship with food and cooking). I remained optimistic throughout the regular Whole30 because there were such clear rules and an end date but now I don't know what to do. Should I keep going and do a Whole45 or longer? Is it worth continuing no nightshades, low FODMAP, etc. in the hopes that the results will come later? I feel like there is very little I can eat right now and am starting to wonder if any of this will help so why should I continue?
  4. jldickison

    Need FAT ideas

    I completed my whole 30 about three weeks ago. However I am not finished. I discovered I have some digestive issues so I started to change over to low fodmap foods. I am also looking into aip so I will be very limited on veggies and fats. No nuts or avocados or butter of any kind. I would love suggestions for good fats. Recipes or just easy portions. And I'd gladly take any veggie suggestions as well. Thank you!
  5. I have been eating a whole food plant-based or vegetarian diet for nearly a year, primarily for health reasons. My weight and blood-work is awesome! Unfortunately, my digestion is not. In an effort to resolve some persistent IBS symptoms, I am going to try a Whole30 low FODMAPs diet and see how I feel. It will be weird eating meat again, but without beans and peas, I don't see a way to get the needed protein. (Eating a ton of eggs is not a good idea!) My husband will likely eat what I am eating, but my son is still preferring soy-free vegetarian meals. So I'll be cooking two versions of everything, but it's doable. Looking forward to this experiment! I start tonight. (Already missing that glass of wine!!!)
  6. Good morning! I am currently on low fodmaps to cure my IBS and I am starting Whole 30 again today. Previously I increased my fat intake in a yummy way by eating lots of avocado, almonds and coconut cream. These are off the plan for me now. what else is yummy and has a good fat content. I eat aged cheese and lactose free cream now to increase the fat content and that does not give me any issues (I have been on low fodmap 21 days and my symptoms have vanished), what are good alternatives? Thanks x
  7. Dear Whole30 peeps, My stomach has never recovered. I did my first Whole30 in Feb/March of this year. Around Day 20, I felt a bit stomach flu-ish, as did my husband. About 90% of the time since then, I have had abdominal bloating, occasionally with the sensation of rocks in my stomach, and it usually happens after lunch and dinner. Other things to know: I don't have a gallbladder and I avoid animal fats. Fat from pastured meat does not seem to bother me. I have type 2 diabetes and take starch/sugar intake pretty seriously, although I eat plenty to sustain my energy level. My sugars have been perfect. I have a latex allergy and I think I may be sensitive to coconut. I have no known autoimmune problems. I have seen GI, family practitioner, women's health, and psych in this time. Instructions from GI: Take magnesium (my dose has increased to a medically induced state of diarrhea that I am expected to maintain into the future). Cook all foods. No dairy. No carbonated beverages. Consider low FODMAPs. Provided Rx probiotics upon request. Tips from here in the forum: Magnesium. Enzymes. Probiotics. Cooked foods. Low FODMAPs. Ginger. In between Whole30s, I cooked only W30 foods and we ate occasional SAD meals at restaurants and with family (who live 10 hours away, which made it worth it). I have had one or two SAD meals that did not cause bloating while some did. The enzymes and probiotics never seemed to help. I took an entire bottle of NOW Superfoods and most of a bottle of 365, which are not W30 compliant. I took most of the bottle of the doctor's probiotics. I also drink kombucha on occasion, but am wondering if it bothers me as it is raw and bubbly and I did have some this week. I like it. I stopped the enzymes and probiotics around the beginning of my current W30 and didn't notice a difference. I added back a few raw foods about two weeks ago and started to eat any W30 foods that looked good to me (we ate 22 veggies off of the shopping list in our second week). About 10 days ago, I noticed zero bloating. Tummy looked flat, everything seemed thinner, pants fit better. I have been back on cooked foods this week, which is hard with 90 to 100 degree temps, but I do want to feel better. Earlier this week, the distended tummy returned with a vengeance. While it used to last an hour or two, it now lasts close to my next meal. Last night, I was still in discomfort when I went to bed. Lying on my back is often the only answer. I have returned to 100% cooked foods this week and low FODMAPs for the last two days. Learning to live Whole30 has sort of consumed me and I am constantly trying to prepare extra food, source local meat, or clean the kitchen. I really want this to become more natural. But, I never had these problems before. Sadly, I seem to have them no matter what I am eating now and other parts of me feel great eating this way. I am on day 19 of this Whole30. Last night I didn't want to eat at all because I want the bloating to go away. I am at a loss. Foods: Eggs, sweet potato, red pepper, zucchini, kale, ground beef, grapefruit Chicken zoodle soup with carrots and homemade bone broth, cantaloupe Pastured pork shoulder roast, puree of rutabaga, carrot, parsnip, and sweet potato, green beans (ate about ½ of a meal) When fat is not listed, every little bit was cooked in coconut oil or some was added. I also supplement meals with olives, or by adding a handful of nuts about once a week. If anyone has any ideas or has overcome this, I would love to hear from you.
  8. Yes I finally got access to the forum! Ok, sorry about the unnecessary celebration, I am just glad I finally get to get this off my chest! I'm sure many people can relate to this issue...IBS. I have been having gurgly gut, cramping, extreme bloating, diarrhea, constipation, you name it... Ever since I can remember, and it has progressively gotten worse over the last 5-6 years. It is embarrassing/frustrating/depressing to say the least. I have gotten every test done only to be told that there's nothing wrong...and I have to live with it?!? Ughh no thanks, eff that I refuse to live constantly worrying about "episodes" when I'm out and about and also dreading meal times when I know I'll instantly become pregnant with a food baby named Humberto. So I have learned to live with it but my life has been sub par. I get moody and anxious when my stomach isn't right which is like alllll the time, not to mention the pain. Then I discovered Whole30....I thought why not, tried everything else...I'm on day 20... No change, still feel like crap, worse even. Did some more research and bam...found FODMAP. Now I plan on finishing out my whole30 but then I want to try out this elimination diet, maybe all the "healthy" stuff I'm eating/love is what's doing me in?? Any thought on any of this, support/advice would be deeply appreciated!
  9. I have IBS-D that has gotten worse the first 2 weeks of Whole30, so, I'm reluctantly considering restricting my diet further. I know I need to give up nuts altogether and I should cook my veggies more :-(. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to other restrictions too. Has anyone else successfully tried these variations? Attached is a fantastic paleo +low-FODMAP food chart from Aglaee. AI Protocol would eliminate nuts & seeds, eggs, nightshades I'm afraid that the additional restrictions will make it so much harder for me to stay compliant and that the whole healthy relationship with food thing will get worse. On the other hand, I'm having really, really horrible stomach cramps and its hard to sleep because of them. paleo-fodmap-food-list.pdf
  10. This is probably going to be long. First, my question: Any ideas how I can prevent chronic GI upset (mostly diarrhea, with bouts of constipation) with the Whole30 and strict paleo with low FOMAPs? Background: During grad school I started having problems with shooting stomach pains and eventually was eating nothing but yogurt. After a colonoscopy I figured out that I had celiac disease and started eating vastly different. Those stomach issues were solved. I did what many do and substituted all my gluten carbs with non-gluten carbs - rice, gluten-free alternatives, etc. Two years after that I was still having other GI upset. A subsequent colonoscopy revealed nothing new and I was diagnosed with the ever-helpful IBS. A year and a half ago, due to the stomach problems and my ballooning weight, I stared a Whole30. It was fantastic. I stayed strict paleo after that, eventually loosening up enough to allow for a small piece of chocolate twice a week. My biggest "issues" ever were fruit and sweet potatoes, but it was never ridiculous (a sweet potato each day, two or three pieces of fruit each day). During this time I began CrossFit and exercising regularly. I lost 50 pounds, my BP went back to normal (I'm only 27) and my cholesterol dropped down to healthy ranges. Everything went well for a while. My stomach was feeling great, my bowel was moving along beautifully, etc. I did a couple more Whole30s, though it was pretty much the same thing I already ate (minus chocolate). Then my weight plateaued at 200 pounds (female, 5'6", I know weight isn't everything, but that's rather high still). In an attempt to get it moving, I revamped my diet, added many more veggies and varied up my old food choices. It was still paleo, just different. I got down to 188 when I stalled again. Through that jump start and up until now, for about 9 months, my GI problems have started again. I don't have any pains as I did when I ate wheat, but I have chronic diarrhea (about 5 days a week) with bouts of constipation. On top of that, my weight moved back up, to 200 pounds. My research seemed to show I needed to try a low FODMAP diet, especially as I feel like adding a large amount of veggies to my diet started the problems. Three weeks ago I went low FODMAP. In addition I've been trying to be lower carb for weight loss. What it comes down to is that, even low FODMAP and strict paleo, I'm still having GI issues. For a while I was on a probiotic, but thought maybe that was causing me to over regulate. I can't, for the life of me, think of what else to do. Not to mention I'm already heavily restricting food. I'm wishing more and more I could get all my nutrients from just a pill. Is it possible that it just will take longer to even out with being low FODMAP and that really is the answer? So what do I do when I'm still sick even on the Whole30? Especially after I was well for a while?