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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I've been searching all over the site and in the forums for the Whole30 Low Histamine shopping list. Does this still exist? I've recently been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Disorder and told that I need to follow the Low Histamine diet for at least a year. Prior to all this hullabaloo, a few years back, I did a Whole30 and felt fantastic. My immunologist is currently discussing effectively carpet bombing my immune system with low level chemotherapy - which is something I obviously want to avoid! I think doing a Whole 30 now, in tandem with the Low Histamine Diet could give me a fighting chance to stabilise any inflammation before they consider throwing chemo at me. I also have to follow a low FODMAP diet for IBS, so am trying to find the Low Histamine approved Whole 30 list for some proper guidance. I understand it's different for different people but some of the histamine lists out there are so conflicting! Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction x
  2. Hello everyone. I'm on the last ten days of my first Whole30. I have seen what feels like some regression over the past week and I'd like to troubleshoot for the next 10 days or so. I'm splitting up my concerns/questions into bullet points. Feel free to message me for more details on any particular one, and thank you in advance for any input! -ON FODMAPS: While the first two weeks were great (almost immediate increase in energy, more stable energy levels, feeling lighter and happier) the last week I have felt heavier, fuller and significantly more bloated. Not much has changed in my eating or life habits, except that the daily stress quotient has increased, and I am being mindful of that and trying to offset. Ive seen after some research here that this could be a FODMAP problem. My diet is very heavy on those. Can someone give me a quick cheat-sheet on how long to eliminate these for? What next if that doesn't seem to resolve these latest symptoms? -ON ADRENAL FATIGUE: I don't have diagnosed adrenal fatigue, but because of my lifestyle and profession and some discussion with my GPs there's strong indication this could be a problem, which I'll tackle separately in coming months. In the mean time, what tweaks are recommended to the basic Whole30 program to better target adrenal fatigue? One guess is to eliminate coffee, and I am a big drinker. Is there a guide out there on how to reduce caffeine intake gradually (lots of changes in one month and do not want to pile more on). As a result of being more mindful on this program, I've limited my cups of coffee to 2-3 per day so far. Is there any summary out there to the science on coffee on an empty stomach, versus coffee with breakfast? How much damage are we doing if we are drinking two cups of coffee over our first waking hour or so, and then having breakfast? -ON FAT INTAKE: I was a pretty restrictive eater pre-Whole30, mostly limiting carbs, but with sugar binges, and I think my fat intake was average for my estimated nutritional needs but protein intake on the lower side. To substitute for milk in my coffee, I've taken to using coconut cream (maybe a teaspoon), and I'm aware of the added fat in that, but sometimes I skimp on the added Whole30 recommended fat sources per meal, so thought this is ok. Could I still be overdoing it on the fat intake? For example, last week was a busy week and I had a wonderful (but fatty) salmon three times. -ON MINDSET: While I have enjoyed the no-kidding-around approach to this program so far, I am worried that the planning involved (and the concerns I'm having now, forcing me to re-evaluate and restrict even more), might be making me even more obsessed with food and what I'm eating. What is the Whole30 recommendation for keeping a reasonable and healthy attitude about this? I understand some of it is just logistics and planning, but it is beginning to consume what I would consider a disproportionate of my thought process. Thanks very much.
  3. I've done several W30s since 2012, but rarely stay on track. Due to starting on new insurance, I sought out a new doctor a few months ago. I told her about my GI issues, depression, anxiety, and recent panic attack (only the second in my life). She recommended I go gluten free for a month (which has helped more than I thought it would), to then try dairy free for a month as well, then low FODMAP. However, the low FODMAP diet she gave me is all over the place. It tells me crazy things like: For weeks 6-8 to continue with the diet, but only for two weeks; that maltodextrin is a good alternative on week 4, but to eliminate it on week 5; and that black beans and lentils are a no go, but soy beans are ok. So, I came back to W30 to try to figure things out. The last full W30 (W45, really) I did ended in February. I understand that if someone has never done a W30 before, that it's good to start with that, then do one of the other versions. Would it be a better choice to do a full W30, then a low FODMAP W30, or just start the low FODMAP version now and reintroduce high FODMAP foods at the end? Is it better to have that W30 baseline, then eliminate high FODMAP foods, or does that even matter since I can reintroduce them at the end of the 30 days? tl;dr I've done multiple W30s in the past, but the last one was over six months ago. Should I do another regular W30, then try the low FODMAP W30, or just jump right in to the low FODMAP one?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for some help/advice on what I'm learning from my reintro. I finished my 2nd whole30 on July 20th. The first was 3 years back when I didn't have a health problem, just wanted to clean up my diet. I was surprised during that reintroduction that I get anxiety from grains in general, and had tummy trouble with peanuts. I have eaten a fairly low grain diet since that time, mainly rice. This recent whole30 was to try to help my autonomic nervous system disorder which causes racing heart and fainting. Within a week, I felt like a new person! I have gone very slowly into reintro because I do not want to mess up a good thing. Also, I do enjoy what I'm eating and don't really desire much besides compliant food, so I am in no hurry. I mainly want to do a good, thorough experiment. 1st week of reintro - rice (mix of white and brown). It gave me almost too much energy - anger/quick temper, and increased anxiety. It was also PMS week, so I decided that may be confounding and to try the reintro again sometime later. 2nd week: I ate compliant, a little lax on sugar in things like sauces (I ate ketchup at a restaurant). 3rd week: Reintro a small amount of dairy by adding cheese to an otherwise compliant dish. I noticed that afterward I had gas, bloating, and a bit more sudden urge for BMs. These are the symptoms of lactose intolerance, but here is my question: as far as I can tell, there is little to no lactose in cheese. Also, I added about 1 cup shredded cheese (0 g sugar) to an otherwise compliant dish, which I divided into 6 portions for the week. So how much lactose could I really be getting? Or am I just really super sensitive? I have never had tummy issues with dairy before. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant and had a mostly compliant salad with blue cheese (which I read has low lactose), and I got very sick afterward. Horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. It came on within an hour after eating, but I was basically fine in 6 hours. Seems classic for lactose intolerance, EXCEPT I don't think I was eating much lactose!!! I am very confused and would appreciate others' input. Do I wait a while and try dairy again? I truly am trying to make sure I only change one variable. Here is what I have been eating every day this past week, with the exception of yesterday's salad meal: Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/4 avocado, sweet potato hash (eaten every single day of and since the whole30) Lunch:compliant taco salad (lettuce, tomato, olives, 1/2 avocado, banana pepper, compliant salsa, ground turkey cooked with onion, green pepper, spices) I ate this for 1 or 2 weeks during the whole30 for lunch. Dinner: chicken with coconut milk, sundried tomatoes, CHEESE, over zoodles. Yesterday's salad: BLUE CHEESE, Lettuce & spinach, hardboiled egg, bacon (w/sugar I'm sure), grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onions, no dressing. Final question: While the whole30 did wonders for one health issue, the thing that it did not help is my constant intestinal bloating, which has gradually gotten worse over the last 2 years. My abdomen is always hard and gets pains when pushed on, likely due to gas buildup. I do not get acute pain/cramping normally, just a general feeling of pressure/fullness all the time. From reading, I am thinking of trying a low FODMAP diet, and I have already tried to cut out broccoli, cabbage, and haven't eaten much fruit at all during the last 7 weeks. I do eat a lot of avocado. I am thinking of finishing my reintro, then eliminating FODMAPS but hopefully able to add in other foods such as rice. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! If you've read through this giant novel, thanks
  5. As of Day 32, I have lost no weight. Yes, zero pounds lost. I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol version. I've felt bloated and gigantic the whole month. I have had non-scale victories like clearer skin, better sleep, better mood, mostly better immune system. To be fair, I have been nursing a shoulder and back injury so I haven't been working out for the past 30 days. Another non-scale victory is that the pain has lessened with the injury because inflammation has subsided. I'm unsure whether to stick with Whole 30 and adjust my portions downward: consume less fat, less protein at each meal, or whether to ditch this altogether and just focus on a low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free diet. Here is a sample day's meal that I pulled out of my journal: Breakfast Chicken broth with carrots and celery Palm sized roasted mackerel fillet (saba shioyaki) with grated daikon and lemon Fist-sized sweet potato mashed with 1 tbsp of coconut oil A small scoop of kimchi Lunch Braised kale and carrots Handful of olives Stir fried cauliflower Kalua pork Dinner Chicken thigh and drumstick cooked in lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk Broccoli with bagna cauda Stir fried cabbage and carrots 1/2 avocado Small scoop of kimchi Last week I eliminated the sweet potato. I also started reducing FODMAPs such as broccoli and cauliflower, and replacing with bok choy, spinach, chard. Any advice from the wisdom of the Whole30 Forum? Thank you in advance for taking a look at my post and sharing your thoughts.
  6. I had a very bad night last night. And while I am doing better today, I'm still feeling very discouraged. The first 15 to 20 days of my Whole30 I continued to struggle with upper GI issues I have battled since I was 18, nearly 15 years of it. Somewhere near day 20 this finally began to get better. And I finally felt like my digestion evened out and was more average or normal for me. Then near Day 30 I started to observe new symptoms, lower GI issues. It could be they were there on Day 20 and I didn't recognize them because they were mild and I was so relieved to have the upper GI distress done with. I can't really say at this point. But I can say that I have had only one or two days since Day 30 where I could count my digestion as having no issues what-so-ever. No gas or gurgling at all. And this is what I find discouraging. Am I expecting something I shouldn't? I thought I was supposed to have invisible digestion. And when I was able to have multiple days in a row of that, THEN I could do a re-intro. I am on Day 44. I have tried to do a corn re-intro and a rice re-intro. While I think I know what symptoms I can attribute to those grains, I can't really know for sure because, in my mind, I never stabilized and had no symptoms at all. I have been researching FODMAPs and have been trying to cut them out but have not been successful. There are just SO many of them, and with it being harvest season I just can't justify passing those foods up. From the research I've done, I would be limited to squash, greens, and many root veggies, along with some citruses and olives. And that's basically it. I think I can do that for a while later into the winter, but I just can't start doing it out of the blue at this time of year. I was so discouraged last night I didn't even eat dinner. I was battling over whether to go out and get a Thai curry (comfort food) or not and basically throwing a pity party tantrum. I kept wondering why I should continue to bother. If I can't do re-intros, why not jump to riding my own bike. I won't know how things affect me one way or the other because I never don't have symptoms. So while I didn't break down and get curry, or a hamburger, I did decide to give myself a break today. I allowed in some dairy this morning and will in my dinner plan as well. And I expect to be back at compliance tomorrow, with FODMAPs. And I'm just going to wait until later in the season and see if I can find the right time to cut out FODMAPs to observe the affect. I know this is long. I needed to vent. And I'm looking for some support. I'm still pretty weepy over this. It just feels dumb and hopeless. I'm seeing other positives, but how can I possibly know what I can and can't digest well when it seems like I can't digest /anything/ properly?
  7. My doctor recommended combining the low histamine, low FODMAP, and autoimmune protocols. Anyone have recommendations for where to find recipes that meet all three of these protocols? Thanks in advance!
  8. Is anyone else who has been following the FODMAPS diet going to continue this during the Whole 30 or just do the full fruit/veggie/nut inclusion for the 30 days? After years struggling with digestive issues I found the FODMAP diet over a year ago and have been following it since (firstly very strictly, but have slowly been introducing more and more foods). While I was 80% better than I used to be, I'm still nowhere near 100%. I tried "paleo" for two weeks (which basically just meant I cut out grains and my lactose-free dairy) but substituting what I cut out for more nuts/nut flours etc. made me worse - so I cut out nuts for two weeks and felt slightly better but still having problems. I am very excited to start the Whole 30 as I feel its really the only thing I've not tried to see if it helps reset my digestive system (except the only other things I've not tried cutting out are eggs, nightshades and shellfish - but don't feel these would help significantly if at all). I used to be able to eat anything I wanted during school and afterwards but I think after a few terrible bouts of food poisoning on holidays in Asia my stomach hasn't been the same since. I've had every test under the sun and tried so many elimination diets, I'm not really sure what else to do - apart from the Whole 30. So bring it on