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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I have several food allergies and sensitivities I was diagnosed with several years ago. I have done one Whole30 in the past and now I am about to start the 30 day Autoimmune plan from “Practical Paleo”. The only issue is that I am very sensitive to fungus, like can’t even have mold-derived antibiotics or yeasts sensitive! So my question is how do I replace the nutrients and “good bugs” mushrooms and fermented foods? I love the support on here! Thanks!
  2. I started the Whole 30 16 days ago, knowing that I was going to have to restart again today. Before starting, my stomach was bloated, I had gained weight and my face was breaking out non-stop, not with piddly little pre-teen zits, but with cystic acne. It hurt, it was ugly and I hated how it looked to my family, my self and my clients. Further, I was starting to get on the scale and let the numbers dictate my days! Down 2 pounds? Great day ahead, full of rewards and self-sabotage. Up 3 pounds? Bad day ahead, topped with self-loathing and frustration all day with no solution in sight. I have struggled with food allergies and sensitivities for a long time, receiving positive IgE tests for wheat, rice, corn, black beans, peanuts, pistachios, scallops, grapes, sesame, dairy and some others I can't remember off the top of my head. In short, I've been working toward the Whole 30 for a decade without even knowing it; I was falling out of compliance and needed a kick start! The Whole 30 was exactly the kick start I needed. This weekend's deviation from the plan was contemplated months ago after dropping my son off for school in Ann Arbor, MI, where for our last meal together, we stumbled upon a greek restaurant that served gluten-free, rice-free pita bread gyros. I haven't had a gyro in over ten years, so this is a big treat for me and it's one that I'll settle for 1-2 times per year. So I knew that I'd be eating it this weekend and starting all over again. Was it worth it? Yes, but not for the reasons you think. It wasn't that it felt good to be bad or to "cheat" or whatever. It was because I knew that the minute it was in my gullet, I'd be going back to the Whole 30 and I looked forward to going back! I don't care if it meant that I'd have a reset and have to start my 30 days back over because I've been feeling great on the Whole 30 and enjoy the security of it--it's a great default place for me to be and I like it here. As for Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up...years ago, when we lived in Europe, we sort of tossed aside the traditional Thanksgiving meal and opted to do ribeyes and twice-baked potatoes (for everyone but me, I always have a sweet potato), with a salad. Since coming back to the States, however, we have had to "do" Thanksgiving with other people and I've learned a few hacks along the way. One, turkey is easy. Two, if you like the sides, make some green beans and some compliant mashed potatoes or a baked sweet potato and bring them with you. After 10+ years of food allergies, I've come to terms with the fact that it sometimes feels like grief while others are eating all the stuff you love right in front of you, I've been known to have to leave the room and just take a time out. I mean, if I ate the food, I'd feel awful (buttons bursting, really, is that a good time for anybody?). If I'd relied on others to prepare it the way I need it prepared, I'd go hungry. The psychological warfare is no joke, either: HEAVEN HELP YOU if you SAY anything about your needs and make others feel bad about gorging themselves all day. It's tough. But I've done it for years and will do it this year again. I don't prattle on about a special diet or talk about it, I sort of play a little shell game where I stay busy helping the hostess and then roll in on a plate of food that satisfies MY needs and then find a place at the kids' table or whatever. If someone asks (who doesn't know about my food allergies or Whole 30 this year), then I just say that I am saving myself for two pieces of pie. They aren't going to track whether I eat those two pieces of pie! And while everybody else eats a mountain of food, followed by 2-3 desserts (WHY!?!) and hates themselves into a 40+-day death spiral of holiday gorging, you can coast through the holidays knowing that you aren't going to have to lose those 7 pounds you gained in December. I've been doing this part for years, it's TOUGH, but I'm going to survive it this year, too. Anyway. After 16 days, I didn't get on the scale, I just restarted. I wanted to add some chocolates onto the greek pita pile, but I walked away. I like the way I feel when I'm Whole 30 compliant, my skin looks so much better, it's 100% cleared up and I have more energy. I will say that on days 10-11 of my first run, my stomach was suddenly bloated just like the book said that it would be. If the book hadn't told me that this was normal and to push through it, I would have punched out. Also, since about Day 3 of the Whole 30 (round one), I am sleeping like a champ, even through hormonal cycles.
  3. Hi, I am about to start Whole 30 but I am already feeling a bit frustrated with meal planning. About 2 months ago, my doctor did a blood test for food allergies. Not because I was having any symptoms but just for information. The 2-3 level allergens are shrimp, apples & hazelnuts. The low level ones are strawberries, almonds, coconut, tomatoes & parsley. My doctor said I should always avoid the 2 & 3 but can indulge an occasional craving for the level 1 items. Now that I need to eliminate so many items for Whole 30, adding these supposed allergens to the list is making it more daunting. I was planning to get some RX bars for days on the go but they are made with almonds, apples or coconut. Coconut cream features in many of the recipies that appealed to me. And tomatoes! They are in so many things as well. I know I can eliminate them in most cases, but I really like chili & red sauces. I read that many people's food allergies were alleviated after Whole 30. I don't feel any different when I eat the low level allergens. Although, since my current diet includes gluten, dairy, sugar, etc, it would be difficult to isolate any effects. My question is: should I just ignore this information and include the low level allergens for the 30 days? My concern isn't that I will eat something that is not on the plan, but that I won't eat. I am on the go a lot between various freelance jobs and I eat away from home quite often. I generally carry macro bars with me, but they are not whole 30 approved. I understand that people cannot offer medical advice and in the end, I will need to make my own choice, but I am interested in what others might suggest. Thanks, Cheryl
  4. Hi everyone! I have been eating clean on and off for a long time now, however what prompts me to commit to this is that I was injured almost a year ago and went from working full-time as a professional baker and musician, on my feet constantly, to being off of my feet and home so much more {with time to wander into the kitchen when not really hungry!}. Needless to say, I need to lose a little, up my energy {often very fatigued}, and I'd like to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods as well. I eat pescatarian; mostly vegetarian with occasional fish {which I'll likely up for this 30 day progression}, and I have many food allergies {soy, gluten, some nuts/seeds} as well as joint issues {hence wanting to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods}. I can't do as much physically as many of you, but I am in physical therapy and might be able to start swimming at a gym soon. Excited to see how all of this could affect my injury/condition as well for the better. I also work really well with boundaries, written instructions and sharing recipes {Pinterest? I'm allinightowl on there too if you want to follow!} and am looking forward to letting go of using the MyFitnessPal app and focus on eating whole foods, balanced and clean without counting calories. Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. I also have a background in nutrition/holistic health/preparing foods so I'm always open to new things! Thanks for reading. Take care! Allison
  5. After battling with gut problems for many years, increasing food allergies and sensitivities along with ever increasing weight, I stumbled across the W30 website while doing some research on the Paleo way of eating. As I sat there suffering terrible heartburn and acid reflux, I was struck with the 'tough love' section on the website and how much it resonated with me; that this program is not hard in the scheme of things. After previously making excuses as to why I couldn't possibly give up alcohol, or how hard it would be to be compliant 100% of the time, I went to bed feeling energised by the tough love and commenced the very next morning. I have been gluten free for many years and mainly dairy free (except for the odd bit of butter and cheese), knowing that both bothered me, in varying degrees depending on how much I consumed. I had also almost completely cut out sugar, having noticed the terrible blood sugar crashes I would get after eating it. So my food intake wasn't too dissimilar from the program, but I wasn't 100% strict all of the time. I started to notice changes around Day 3. The heart burn and acid reflux had gone completely. I realised how constant it had been as it was so noticeably absent. My stomach has been so sensitive for such a long time, that I had also got used to severe bloating, cramping and wind after eating. I could eat what I considered a safe meal and still suffer, without rhyme or reason I felt. Around Day 3 this also vanished. Heading into my 2nd week, I started to notice the significant changes to my energy levels. I hadn't really believed the website or Whole30 Daily emails about the abounding energy levels, but lo and behold, it happened to me. It even got to the point where I had so much energy I was bouncing around late into the evening and had to work hard at getting myself into bed at a reasonable hour. Yet even after those late nights, I would awake feeling refreshed and bursting with more energy. Midway through the 2nd week, I also noticed my skin was looking better. It wasn't looking bad before, but now it had a glow to it. I also noticed that patches of skin which have traditionally been very dry and required lots of moisturiser, now needed none. My clothes started to feel less tight and by the end of the W30 people were commenting that I looked great. Another noticeable difference around this time was the stability in my hormones. I didn't feel like a crazy lady at that time of the month! Hoorah! There were moments when I found it challenging. After a hard day, I really wanted a nice glass of wine and it took a lot of willpower to avoid it. I commenced my W30 towards the end of November, so I went into a very social time which was challenging. I had several Christmas parties to attend, a hens night, an all day catered work event; and managed to stay compliant. I drank A LOT of sparkling water with lime or lemon to pretend I was having an alcoholic drink. I realised that if people thought I was drinking vodka and lime they didn't hassle me to drink. Eating out was sometimes challenging as I didn't have a lot of choice on the grain and dairy filled menus, but I was surprised at how accommodating some restaurants were. Instead of saying I was on a diet, I decided to tell a white lie and say I was highly allergic to the banned foods, so they took me seriously. It did give me the opportunity to have conversations with people I wouldn't normally have and (hopefully) open their eyes to a new way of eating. I also learned that I can achieve something as important as reclaiming my health. I doubted that I would be able to complete 30 days when I commenced, even telling myself that a few little cheats would be ok here and there. But I surprised myself and didn't slip up once. As each day passed, I felt such satisfaction that I had completed another day. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily emails, and I proudly clicked 'I did it' after reading each one. I also started Instagramming my meals, connecting with complete strangers who gave me such encouragement. I read many posts on the Forum, although didn't actively participate and I read It Starts With Food and found it so easy to understand and digest the information. I also sought out blogs, websites, Pinterest boards, Instagram pages and the W30/W9 Facebook page for recipe ideas, inspiration and motivation. So now to my results. I lost 4kgs on the scales but more importantly lost 2kg body fat and gained 0.5kg muscle. When I compared my before and after photos I was quite surprised by how noticeable the difference was around my middle. I remained strict for another 4 days, finally breaking for a long awaited Christmas party. An all day affair, the old me would have drunk throughout the day, snacked on all of the processed food available and not made sensible food choices. Instead, I slowly sipped on a couple of drinks (a wine and a few vodkas), drank a lot of water, and didn't go near the processed food. Even still, I had a terrible headache the following day, my blood sugar was all over the place and my stomach was very upset and angry. I couldn't believe how much of a negative impact just a slight splurge had on me. The following weekend I ate at a friend's house, and accidentally ate dairy. They had put cheese into a green salad, and I ate some without realising it was in there. For nearly 2 weeks I have suffered from terrible pains in my joints, particularly my ankles and knees, and my stomach has been very unsettled. Muscle pain has returned in my back with a vengeance and my chiro noted that my spine had stiffened up. All this from a tiny bit of cheese! I now know I need to avoid dairy completely. I ate my first bit of sugar on Christmas Day. The majority of the food was compliant with the program, but I made a Paleo pecan pie, using dates, honey and coconut cream instead of sugar and dairy. Even this was too much for my system and has left me with headaches, blood sugar crashes, stomach pain, bloating and an upset stomach. I'm actually glad I've had the opportunity to experience these side effects, as it has made me feel more determined than ever to return to the program. I am going to commence my 2nd Whole30 officially on 1st January (although will be 99% compliant until then) and look forward to continuing it into the new year. If you are reading these posts like I did when I was considering commencing the program, and are looking for inspiration or words of wisdom, all I can say is give it a go. It's only 30 days which is nothing in the scheme of your life, and you have nothing to lose. And if you're anything like me, you will find yourself feeling so much better that you wished you did it years ago.
  6. jessomesso

    Started Today, August 11!

    Hi all! I'm Jess, a 34 year old graduate student who is trying to figure out once and for all what her body needs to eat! I am starting my Whole 30 today, which is not as big of a change as it is for many as I am allergic to (and actually don't eat - there were many years i was terrible about this) gluten, dairy, eggs (yolks and whites), walnuts, amaranth, quinoa, crab, oysters, coffee, mushrooms, corn, sesame, sunflower, and oats. I also don't tolerate soy well, so don't eat a lot of that. I would like to eat really clean to heal my leaky gut once and for all, so that the skin rashes I get stop, and that maybe some of the allergies turn out not to be allergies after all! In particular, I would really like to eat eggs again. I don't have any problem eating mostly grain-free (with occasional rice) forever, so I'm not concerned about the grains, but feeling like I have to be so randomly restrictive when I eat in any space besides my own home is complicated both on a convenience level and also an emotional level. It is difficult because the only visible signs of some of these allergies (say sunflower and sesame) are a rash on the underside of my jawline, which is easy to ignore. Gluten and dairy, however, are definitely way more extreme, and affect me psychologically as well as physically. I think I'm in a pretty good place to be doing this, I live alone, so don't need to fight anyone about the meal plan, and classes don't start again until late September, so it is a relatively stress-free time to make some changes. What I'm looking for here is support - while my friends are all supportive of my choices, it's in a slightly patronizing way, and I need a community that I can talk about how I feel with in an honest way without feeling judged. Biggest concerns for me are giving up my occasional squares of Lindt 90% chocolate (sigh), the glass or two of red wine I have most nights, Daiya cheese, and honey in my tea. Let's go willpower!!! If anyone else is starting now, I'm happy to be a supporter! Jess