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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm posting here to see what, if any, advice/ encouragement, I can get from other women who have completed a W30 during pregnancy. I started the W30 on April 24th and found out I was pregnant on April 25th. At this point, I should be right around 8 weeks. I have read many threads addressing morning sickness and food aversions, which were helpful, but I'm curious to know about how others felt over this time in regards to energy and mood. Fortunately, I feel I've gotten better at managing my blood sugar levels - eat first thing in the a.m./ before I leave the house, and eat small meals/ snacks throughout the day. Being as I'm now on Day 19, I was hoping I'd have some rush of energy or some hint of awesomeness. Sorry to say, but there is not a drop of tiger blood running through my body these days. Overall, my energy is average from waking until I get home from work. At that point, I just want to get in bed for a nap or lounge on the couch. I have no interest in cooking most nights, and doing so can put me in a bad mood. I just feel too drained to deal with it. As for my mood the past few days, I really feel more flat than anything. I'm not sad, not happy, just bleh. (All that I'm describing here is not my "normal". I generally had decent energy and mood was content-happy.) I really want to stick this through Day 30 and 10-day reintroduction, but I sometimes feel so defeated I just want to stop and start reintroducing. Or at least eat something besides protein, veggies, and fruit - even though I enjoy those foods (most of the time) and I know they're good for me. I did not have nausea/ food aversions with my first pregnancy, so this is completely new and different for me. I honestly don't know if my symptoms, i.e. mood and energy are W30-related or pregnancy-related, but I'm guessing the latter. I do have a supportive husband who is also doing the W30, and we have a 2.5 year old son. I just didn't think it would be this difficult this far in the game
  2. Please help. I have been working with the "It Starts with Food" concept since last November. At that time, I was on medical leave from work to regain some semblance of health.....I have severe arthritis and lupus and several other random diagnoses like fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue. Anyway- I eliminated grains from my diet and if I did eat grains it was a gluten free product. I gave up junk food and diet coke. The only two things I did NOT give up were sugar and dairy (milk in my coffee, occasional ice cream and tootsie pops). I ate vegetables, fruit, meat....and tootsie pops for the most part. Well. My health has improved in fits and starts, but most days I still would rather not be on the planet because I feel so rotten. My blood pressure is very low, and that makes navigating the day quite difficult. And so my naturopath said she'd really like me to do a committed Whole 30. Yesterday was day 1. I made it, and didn't die. BUT. I'm 111 lbs, 5'4". And I do NOT want to lose anymore weight. People already say I look like a skeleton. So what's the problem? Vegetables. I do not like them. If I put enough salt and butter on them they're tolerable. Meat. I don't care for meat unless it's a grilled steak. Honestly- I don't care for food much. I eat to live, I don't live to eat. This isn't a matter of willpower....I try very hard to eat these things....but it's like my throat closes up and refuses to swallow broccoli. So how do I do this???? Please help. Connie