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Found 10 results

  1. Hi- I am finishing up my Whole30 next week, I am so excited to start the reintroduction and find my food freedom. I am planning on doing a modified short/long approach. Basically there are a few food groups I want to split up to get more specifics on. I have already been diagnosed with gluten intolerance so I'm not reintroducing gluten. My plan is to do something sort of like this: Legumes (wait 2 days) Soy (wait 2 days) Non gluten grains excluding corn (wait 2 days) Corn (Wait 2 days) Dairy I'm splitting into 2 days because I Want to evaluate Goat's milk separately Couple questions: Does this look ok? Kind of in the middle, I have an event and I would really like to just have a meal with some wine - I would be having both dairy and non gluten grains during that meal- would it be ok to have the meal wait two days and then continue the reintro process? Thank you in advance!
  2. LadyLisbette

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    I did my 2nd W30 last December, and it was really empowering to get through the season in a state of high health! That was a first for me, a recovering cookie monster. I've had a good year, but still working on Food Freedom. Looking forward to reducing inflammation, and feeling better in my hips and feet (I'm thinking it's arthritis).
  3. pibbylotter

    Intolerance or Shock?

    Hey there, I am wondering how much of the reintro is just your body in shock of a food group it hasn't had in a while? For example, I had minor reactions to soy/legumes and non-gluten grains, but had pretty severe diarrhea and intestinal cramping from dairy and gluten. I tried gluten again the following days after day 10 of reintro and didn't have a reaction to whole grain bread or a mini muffin. To my understanding, this is also a lot of spectators' objection to this program. So how do I know if this is shock or if I really should never eat dairy again (my worst reaction)?
  4. Now I will preface this by saying that PMS has started to kick in for me this month, so that is quite likely contributing to my frustration. I am on Day 22 and have been completely compliant, though haven't always followed the "perfect" meal template (one week, we were completely snowed in and unable to get to the market for 4 days, so we were workin' hard to just stay compliant with what was left in our kitchen). Anyways, I suffer from fibromyalgia, and the biggest NSV's I've noticed so far have been massively improved sleep and a slight reduction in my chronic pain. This has been very valuable to me, and while I hoped for more at this point, I am still happy with the results I've had. However, I am at a point where some of the restrictions are making me more frustrated than encouraged. I plan on doing a slow reintroduction plan to target what might be contributing to my previous insomnia and pain, and when I work out which foods are bad, I do plan to limit /remove them from my diet. BUT, I like pancakes and I like cookies and I like having the occasional sweet thing without feeling like it's somehow a failure for giving in to cravings. I've been getting grumpy thinking about a post-Whole30 life that doesn't involve the enjoyment of these things without it being attached to guilt (by guilt I mean "Oh no, you wanted something sweet and so you had something sweet-- shame on you for not resisting!"). I understand the reasons for avoiding "compliant" versions of "bad" food like coconut flour pancakes, for example, while on the program, and I have followed those rules, but after Whole30, I'd really like to go back to having foods that I enjoy and simply use the things I've learned on Whole30 to create healthier alternatives of those things with ingredients that don't spike my fibro issues. Am I missing the point to be thinking about a life that involves any form of pancakes, even if they don't contain my trigger ingredients? Not feeling any freedom in my food. - Grumpy PMS lady
  5. emilyelowe

    Weekly In-Law Dinner

    Hello! I’m half way through my 7th? Whole30 and reading FFF again (#myfoodfreedom book club!). I know a lot about the program and know that it works and I’m really feeling ready and motivated to find Food Freedom this time. There is one key thing I am worried about: We eat one dinner with my in-laws every week. My in-laws have also done the program but really didn’t understand/adopt the spirit of the program, so don’t really seem to understand the idea that I want to change the way I eat. They continue to be shocked by the amount of avocado I eat (“so much fat”) and the only compliant veggie options appear to be a baked potato and boiled carrots. When my husband and I are on a Whole30, they’re always considerate and make a compliant (though generally less than exciting) meal. I’ve offered to bring a side/help and they almost always decline. They also generally don’t let us know what we’re eating prior to our arrival, at least not in any detail. My Point: I’m struggling with how to handle this in my Food Freedom. If I bring something extra/a side, they’ll be offended for sure. If I avoid the things that don’t work me that are on the table without saying anything, I’ll likely just end up eating meat. I’m wondering if I should go to dinner, see how the meal goes each week, and try to keep it small if it doesn’t align with my needs and then eat the lacking portions at home? But then I’m not really following the template at each sitting + eating dinner later than normal. But if I eat a mini meal before I go, I might end up over-eating if what they’re having works for me. It’s not just about being compliant either, I have to be careful about the amount of starchy veg I eat for example, too. We do host the meal every few weeks, so those will be easy and an opportunity to show them how we actually eat but old habits die hard. I can enjoy the meal experience with the company alone, I’m just concerned about actually meeting my nutritional needs that doesn’t make every Monday morning a disaster and a half. I know FFF has advice on basically just “having the talk,” but I’m not confident it’s going to help, even with the best intentions. They are also feeding my brother and sister in law and their two small children, who mostly follow a SAD diet. Has anyone had any experience with something similar? Any specific advice for my situation? I appreciate you, thanks!
  6. HeatherPK

    One and a Half Weeks Out

    I am so glad I buckled down and gave the Whole 30 a shot! I started it because I had gotten into some really bad food (and alcohol!) habits over the summer. I gained weight and felt terrible. After so many years of counting calories and points and rebounding over and over, I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose. What a difference it has made! A week and a half out I am still moving forward, with the exception of having a few beers on the weekend. However, I am shocked that I have lost my desire for bread, pasta, sugar - all the things I thought I would never be able to kick! I really don’t want to try reintroduction because there is nothing that I miss that much. I lost 8.5 pounds and am back in my healthy weight range. I can’t believe that all this happened without counting one calorie, or being hungry, and by eating SO MUCH dietary fat!! Avocados, nuts, olive oil - even bacon! I feel like the Whole 30 changed my life and my future.
  7. mjcaron

    A friend needs help

    Hi all, I'm on my second round and have attracted a few friends to do the Whole30 with me. One friend in particular wants to get really healthy. She bought the Whole30 program, read the book, is cooking like a fiend and loves it. Her goal (and I know Whole30 isn't technically a weight loss program) is to loose 100 pounds. She needs guideance as she is reaching her 30th day tomorrow. She reached out to me to ask how she can go about staying mostly on Whole30 for a long time, until she reaches her goal. I have strongly suggested that she read Food Freedom and she will. I just wanted to ask if there are any other suggestions out there. I also suggested that she complete the reintro the long way. After that, she would indulge when it's really worth it to her. Other than that I'm not sure of what else to tell her. Thanks for any tips or suggestions you may have! Melissa
  8. if i’m craving something, to any varying degree, would it be wise to “give in”? i know i’m allowed to eat whatever i want because i’m an adult but when those cravings come and i just want to make some homemade cookies with my husband on a tuesday night, is this a recipe for disaster? or is this just an opportunity to practice food freedom and ask myself if making those cookies will be worth it and if it will do more harm than good (physically and mentally)? (grated, making homemade cookies is tough because you have a whole bath right in front of you). i guess after reading everything melissa has to say about it, “cravings” = sugar dragon, which means i should ignore it/starve it. so no homemade cookies when I’m craving it? i guess i feel like i'm doing something wrong if i'm "craving" something in particular and going out of my way to get my hands on it. hopefully that makes sense! thanks in advance!
  9. Dear peoplewhohavefoodfreedom, I'm on Whole30 #3 (currently Day 10), which I started primarily to kill my Sugar Dragon (and bloating - woof) and I'd like to hear some real life Sugar Dragon slaying stories. Do the cravings ever actually go away? I understand needing to be prepared with the internal "Is it worth it?" conversation once I am done with my reset, but ideally I just want to NOT want it. Every afternoon at work and after most meals, I find myself craving some sort of sweet (and mostly the kind that are totally NOT worth it). Does that feeling ever go away? I'm totally cool if, post-reset, I have that conversation about a donut from my childhood hometown. But I would really like to NOT have that conversation while white-knuckling it in my desk chair about a stupid mini Butterfinger my co-worker has on their desk. For some background, I don't generally eat a lot of processed sugar outside of my reset, so I don't THINK this is an adjustment thing. Unless it's related to carbs, which I love. Hah. I just want to make sure I am setting realistic expectations with myself so I don't end up feeling like a failure post-reset. Thanks, Whole30 family!
  10. Hi all! Started my Whole30 yesterday after a few months of trying to find 30 days to be able to complete it. I'm really excited! Would love to connect with anyone who's also a newbie (or not) and wants support along the way. Also started a new work out routine, so I guess the New Year's Resolutions I made in Sydney are coming true... in July? haha Is anyone else tired of having to explain you're not (necessarily) doing this to lose weight or as part of a fad diet? Craving CARBS so hard right now. Good luck to everyone!