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Found 4 results

  1. Food Freedom Day 1 Feeling lost, not like lost in the woods I don’t know where to go, but lost like an 18 year old who has been released to a world of possibilities and boundless end to navigate. Lucky for me I have those who have gone before me and a trail map And tools to help me find my own way. So I finished my reintroduction officially ending my whole 30. Now what? Where to? What to eat? Do I continue a journal? What are my goals? What have I learned that I want to take with me? Is food freedom a real possibility for me? Journaling helps me to process my thoughts and analyze my food choices and plating. So do I continue to journal? Yes! I enjoy the process and I do not feel it is unrealistic for me to continue journaling. What are my goals? There’s a loaded question! Gut health, including living without gastric upset, healthy elimination patterns, living almost every day without bloating. Hormone balance, less roller coaster effect with PMS, a steadier regular cycle, clear healthy skin with little to no breakouts. Healthy weight loss that happens naturally as I take on a more whole food approach to life. 135lbs is on the high side of normal BMI for my height. I was there once and happy with it. Less than 130 I felt like I was too skinny almost unhealthy looking. I want to have a healthy relationship with the scale and my tape measure. The numbers are not important, the NSV are the greater indicator of health. I want to finish Natalie Hodson Stronger Together just to finish an exercise plan and see if in 11 more weeks if it has made a difference. I want to continue to incorporate yoga into my workout to build my flexibility back. I want to feel sexy confident and comfortable in front of my hubby. I want to be able to pick up an item off the rack and know with confidence I’m going look great and not worry about if it will hide my lumps and bumps. I want to wear a form fitting dress without spanx. I want to enjoy great whole food without worry, and lead my children by example. I want to enjoy a treat when I determine it is worth it without guilt or fear of being out of control. Valentines Day was yesterday and it’s a bit of a blur. I made a fun brunch (with no sugar added to anything my boys were less than impressed) it tasted amazing to me. Banana egg crêpes stuffed with strawberries and whipped coconut cream topped with a strawberry sauce. Homefries made in the air fryer. And two pederson no sugar sausage patties. The boys and I made cupcakes regular box mix white cupcakes with almond strawberry swirl frosting, and The others were chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting that were Ok for 11 yr old to eat which means they contained no gluten, dairy, corn, soy, or eggs. He has many more food allergies those are just the ones that typically show up in cake and frosting. They didn’t want to wait to properly decorate so they each had one with frosting just slapped on and I took tax. A bite from one of each. I think the Chocolate one tasted much better than its boxed counterpart and I don’t even care much for chocolate. I struggled while making these with tasting batter and icing and crumb tops. I think this is three fold. I taste as I bake to ensure the flavor is just right, this leads to the craving and mindless tasting, but also the additional mindless tasting comes from somewhere in the back of my brain that I might not get to have any if I wanted it so I better get my fix in now. Only that fix isn’t satisfying but often leaves me feeling gross and on a sugar high with bloat and all around nauseous feeling. I constantly had to put myself in check. I finally said self if you don’t stop mindlessly stealing tastes then you won’t have a cupcake. I decided I’d rather have the fully decorated experience than all the little drawn out tastes. I waited after they were finished to make sure I really wanted it and then I waited some more. It wasn’t until after dinner that I decided I would have my Valentine’s Day cupcake. I talked myself out of eating the chocolate one because I rationalized those were for my 11 yr old, but honestly I wish I had gone with the chocolate. They were not just for my son I made them for everyone and I may have enjoyed that one more with way less impact on my gut. I felt very bloated and my congestion is back. For supper my hubby decided on subway. The bread smelled heavenly but I knew in the back of my mind I had an indulgent cupcake awaiting me at home. So I decided on a salad. Grilled chicken, bacon a lot of veggies, a little cheese and ranch and bbq sauce. It was surprisingly good and satisfying. Today 2/15 12:00 M1 - sauté cabbage and meat sauce I was tired and lethargic after the cupcake last night and most of this morning as well. I just wasn’t hungry this morning. I went through the motions of the day and drank water. Lunch time today I made frozen pizzas for the boys, and I decide to sauté up some cabbage and I topped that with my hearty spaghetti meat sauce. It was really good, filling and comforting. I was so tempted to eat a small bite size corner of the pizza, but I decided it wasn’t worth it. When I do pizza it will be good worth it Pizza. I had to keep reminding myself of this over and over. I napped when baby napped and then some. It is helpful having the big boys and an almost potty trained baby. They took care of him for me so I could sleep a little longer. So I decided I wanted to weigh myself and measure to have a starting point for my food freedom. After that I’ll weigh on the first of each month. Down another 5lbs I honestly was shocked. I started considering a goal I had considered last year. Lose 40 by age 40. Even though in September when I first considered this I felt it was impossible and put on 8 more pounds instead. However, now I’m feeling like that is totally doable, but it doesn’t seem as important to me now. I’m realizing as I continue to improve my relationship with food my body will move into the balance and place it needs and wants to be. I turn 40 next month and this has been a fantastic gift to myself… so much better than some strict calorie counting diet leaving me unfulfilled unconnected and unhappy. Thank you Melissa and whole 30 for helping me heal in so many ways. My first step in my Food Freedom is to begin to use my organic butter again on a regular basis while paying close attention to how I respond. I will start doing this in a day or two once the bloating and congestion clear up from the cupcake. I enjoy butter and although I can make clarified butter it would certainly be a time saver in the kitchen to just use butter from the stick.
  2. Divinebeautyonline

    Starting Sunday June 9th

    Hello! I am new and excited about my reset! I was looking over the shopping list and it just dawned upon me that I can eat potatoes! This will be food freedom! I’d rather have some mashed sweet potatoes or potatoes than dairy any day of the week! My instapot and I are going to be ready!
  3. This is the first time I have ever joined/posted to any forum. It has never really interested me to get into online conversations, but I have found a lack of support/information on breastfeeding and doing the Whole30. I think I have found one woman that blogged about completing a Whole30 and maintaining her milk supply. So here I am, ending Day 4 of my 3rd Whole30. Let me add that I have started many of Whole30’s since my first try/completion, but have only managed to complete it one other time. The last one I started I ended of pregnant (didn’t think we could have children) 9 months before our wedding date! My doctor advised me to quit so that I was not restricting the baby from a “balanced diet” and the stress of removing food. (To this day, I wish I wouldn’t have listened) I ended up going off the rails for my entire pregnancy and maternity leave. I ended up gaining 4o lbs (I do not know how it wasn’t more) I was already 10 lbs over weight when I got pregnant. I have yoyo’d back and forth with healthy life and then binge on everything I want life. I am from New Orleans and work on the French Quarter so temptation is EVERYWHERE. It’s culturally engrained in you to drink with family, friends, co-workers. It’s just what you do. When I am to go grab a drink, and I tell them I’m on the Whole30 you should see the looks I get! People try to talk me out of it, tell me I’m crazy, tell me how they absolutely could not give up drinking for 30 days. Honestly, quitting drinking and eating sugary treats, creamy coffees, and fried food- I have never felt better in my life. Probably the same reason I keep coming back to the reset. I recently started to listen to Melissa Hartwig’s book, Food Freedom, while I make my hour and fifteen minute commute to work. But enough about my back story! My current situation is I want to live a healthy lifestyle and not be emotionally attached to food and alcohol. I want to continue to breastfeed my child and worry about my milk supply tanking as a result. I wonder what other women are experiencing. Am I alone out there ? Anyone else trying our Whole30 while breastfeeding and working full time ?
  4. Hi- I am finishing up my Whole30 next week, I am so excited to start the reintroduction and find my food freedom. I am planning on doing a modified short/long approach. Basically there are a few food groups I want to split up to get more specifics on. I have already been diagnosed with gluten intolerance so I'm not reintroducing gluten. My plan is to do something sort of like this: Legumes (wait 2 days) Soy (wait 2 days) Non gluten grains excluding corn (wait 2 days) Corn (Wait 2 days) Dairy I'm splitting into 2 days because I Want to evaluate Goat's milk separately Couple questions: Does this look ok? Kind of in the middle, I have an event and I would really like to just have a meal with some wine - I would be having both dairy and non gluten grains during that meal- would it be ok to have the meal wait two days and then continue the reintro process? Thank you in advance!