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Found 1 result

  1. After 18 years of eating no meat, other than occasional seafood, I recently found myself devouring chicken. It was so tasty, and it felt right to eat it. Until I read an article from a meat farmer posted on Mark's Daily Apple about how misleading meat food labels are. The Trader Joe's organic free-range chicken I'd been buying turned out to be no more humane than standard CAFO chicken. The article mentions that you need to find "pastured" chicken. So fine, I can try to find that obscure term in an obscure store. But the whole thing just kind of pi$$ed me off, to be frank. I'm spending the money and time to find quality meat raised in a humane way, and meanwhile food manufacturers are sitting around trying to find loopholes on how to trick us into thinking their food fits this criteria. Makes me want to go on a hunger strike. But then my tummy rumbles and I go searching for something to eat that isn't going to totally destroy the planet. Arrggg. Now I'm left debating if I should go back to trying to find pastured chicken for my Whole30, since eggs and seafood probably won't cut it. Then go back to no chicken after the Whole30. Any thoughts? Can anyone relate?