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Found 1 result

  1. My 9 year old son is on day 25!! It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been a nightmare either. I took the advice of many to allow swypo foods, which allowed him to have a treat or two each week, and a couple times I allowed some fries/chips cooked in compliant oils (eeek!). Other than that, he ate pretty much what the adults ate and did just fine. As we approach day 30, I looked at his schedule and realized that his theatre troupe's cast party would be happening on day 31 (nooo!!). I'm at a conundrum about what to do. I was hoping to reintroduce foods systematically, but I'm not sure what to allow him to eat at the party. There will be gluten-free items there, but will likely contain sugar & dairy. I considered ending his a few days early, to be able to reintroduce a food (either wheat or dairy), to get a good gauge of his body's reactions to it before the party. Even if I do that, I'm not sure I'd be able to easily avoid a combination of ingredients if I allow him to partake in party treats. How critical is it for a child to complete the full 30 days before reintroduction? Can I end a few days early and still get fairly accurate results? If I reintroduce one item early, can I then combine that item with another on the second reintroduction and be able to assess the new food group? We all know sugar is not good for us. How critical is it to single out a food group with the absence of sugar in order to get an accurate assessment of his reaction to it? i.e. If he has bread for his reintroduction of gluten grains, and they all contain sugar and dairy, then he has a negative reaction, would it be safe to say he has problems with gluten or would it be the combination of dairy & sugar as well? Any ideas on how to navigate party food on day 31 for a child?