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Found 109 results

  1. Hello! This is my first whole 30 and I am on day 12. Everything for the most part is going well so far, with the exception that I am getting SO hungry in the afternoons. I am not a super big woman; I'm 25 and 130 pounds (trying to lose a couple pounds/tone up). I feel like I have been eating MORE than usual and I am still hungry! For example, today I had~ - 3 eggs with spinach for breakfast (7am) - an apple and cashews at snack (10am) - mayo tuna salad & veggies with balsamic and oil (12 pm) then came home from work and was STARVING around 3 pm.. - and ate an RX Bar, 3 slices of turkey, and about 10 carrots HELP! Am I doing something wrong? Am I eating at the wrong time, or the wrong things? I would love advice on what could make me any less hungry in the afternoon so that I don't have to snack as much before dinner? Thank you!
  2. I made spaghetti squash in the instant pot last night. It's the easiest thing ever! One pot - easy cleanup. The best part is, you steam the squash whole, so cutting it after it comes out is easy. (I can never cut one of those things without risking my life!) I used this recipe, without the parmesan cheese: DH added his cheese on the plate. I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on mine. We both gave it a thumbs up.
  3. Long story short, I've always had pretty severe anxiety and bouts of depression. It is what it is, and exercise always helps. The first couple days I felt fine and pretty optimistic. As of yesterday and today all that has changed. Yesterday I had two major panic attacks (which I haven't had in years) and without sounding dramatic I fell asleep crying and woke up crying. I haven't felt this miserable in a very very long time. I mean my outlook on life has done a 180 just since starting this, which makes no sense since I know it's only 30 days, and I know so many people have benefitted from it. And the idea of food (of any kind, even non-compliant) makes me sick; I'm nauseous all day long. I don't want to eat a single bite of anything (which I also know isn't good). I know the timeline says it's normal to feel agitated and short-tempered and everything, but my question to you is how do I know if that line is being crossed? I reached out to fellow whole30-er yesterday and she had a good point about hormones being reset and whatnot, encouraging me not to quit and I certainly don't want to quit and I know it could get better if I continue, but is this normal? And worth pushing through? I can honestly say I haven't felt this miserable since I was on medication for severe depression. (Side note: I fell off the workout train last summer and just started consistently running again in conjunction with this whole30, so if anything, I would think the return to exercise would help with my mood?) I am on day 7, I have been forcing myself to get enough starches- at least one sweet potato a day- believe me I have researched this topic endlessly and know the first thing advised is to up your starches. I have done what I can with what I can stomach given the problem. I also am aware of the whole "everything isn't caused by whole30" but to me this is just not a coincidence. It is rooted by whatever is going on in my body because of this diet change, undoubtedly.
  4. Good evening all, I'm allergic to eggs, sweet potatoes and avocados and I feel so lost with breakfast trying to feed my wife and I in the morning. She doesn't like peppers which a lot of meals have. I can find recipes without one of my allergy foods, but to find one without all 3 seems to be impossible. Does anyone have so ideas? Thanks!
  5. I started the Whole30 8 days ago - going great so far. I also restarted a low intensity core strength course and getting up at 5am. I get up, have a handful of nuts, and barely break a sweat for about 45 minutes. The problem starts after the workout. I need the morning to do school before my kids get up, so want to spend 5:45-7 doing school, not eating an intentional breakfast (I found myself reading and eating today, which is not ideal) I would like time to enjoy my coffee and read / do my coursework and have breakfast with my family. Could I bridge this gap with some coconut milk and collagen in my coffee? Any other ideas? I know I could scarf something down, but I'd rather not do that
  6. Hello all (: are there any gyro recipes that you've tried and liked? Thanks !
  7. Food Dreams

    So I had my first food dream last night!! I started my Whole30 on Aug. 21. I've done really well...I even went out of town for the weekend on my first weekend on Whole30. I survived and did really well. It helped that my friend doing Whole30 with me was also on the trip so we could keep each other accountable. I get the daily emails and read last week about the food dreams. I don't normally dream about food, so really didn't think it would affect me. WRONG!! We had a work birthday party yesterday afternoon. I sat there while everyone around me had cake & ice cream. So last night I had a dream I was eating yellow cake with chocolate frosting for a birthday. In the dream, I didn't even think twice when the cake was presented to me...ate the whole piece in like 3 seconds!! And then afterward, I actually remembered I'm doing the Whole30 and I'm on Day 10...why would I do something so stupid!!! Anyway, I'm awake now and on Day 11...and planning to laugh about that & NOT eat any cake today or until I'm well past this journey. But I got a chuckle from my dream and realized I'm just like everyone else!! Happy Whole30 to everyone on the journey!!! =)
  8. I'm starting today. I just got back from vacation, and I ate enough junk/fake food. It's time. Now I just need some more accountability. Does anyone want to be my accountability partner?
  9. Hospital stay?

    I just began Whole 30 yesterday and I'm pretty optimistic, though I have spent most of these last two days with MAJOR sugar cravings. I know I have a serious sugar addiction, and so one of my goals for this month is to get that in check. Another is to try to get my symptoms of PCOS and chronic pain under control as well. And of course, I'd love to lose weight. In the middle of my 30 -- like, exactly in the middle! -- I am having back surgery to remove part of a herniated disc. I will be in the hospital overnight. I'm a little stressy about how I'm going to eat at the hospital (2-3 meals are most likely during my stay) without just leaving half the food on the tray (and likely going hungry! lol) And I can't control the foods I get beyond perhaps choosing from a couple options on a menu and they are probably alllllllllll processed and I bet most have noncompliant ingredients in them. I'm worried that halfway into it this is going to happen and I'm going to have problems. Can anyone shed light on what a day of hospital meals will mean? Does it undermine the whole process? I'm bummed out thinking that halfway into my 30 days, I'm going to "mess up." I know that no matter what, it'll be a healthier diet than anything I've ever eaten and it's actually teaching me how to cook because I don't have a choice now! ha... But the idea of the thing is to make it 30 days so you can see what your body feels like without all the crap and see if you have any sensitivities when you reintro... and I am really just going to be going 2 weeks (twice). I'm a little bummed thinking that I might have to just restart the clock after surgery and do 30 days then, because I REALLY miss chocolate, lol.
  10. Hi all! I am starting the Whole30 on Monday. Sunday I will be grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking for the week ahead. I am REALLY excited about this program because I know people who have had wonderful results! However, I live alone as a single woman. (Well, "alone," considering I have a dog, two cats, and three birds, but none of them want to do the Whole30 with me.) I've always struggled with buying food and not knowing how to store it so that I don't end up throwing some away. Do you all have any tips about how to do the program without wasting food? The fresh veggies and fruits are what scare me the most, haha. I do plan on growing my own tomatoes, sweet peppers, and some herbs this summer, so that will help I think. Any and all tips are much appreciated! Emily
  11. Hello Whole30ers! I'm happily on day 34 - completing the whole 30 with varied recipes, delicious food, etc. etc. I was a happy girl! Now that its over, I'm surprised to find that I'm not 'craving' anything major - I don't have cravings for pizza or pad thai, in fact, I've loved what I've been eating the past few weeks - my problem is that I feel I've hit a food rut. I've scoured all the websites I could find with easy recipes, I've read the Whole30 book and recipes in that - i think i'm just tired of the whole30 staples. Does anyone have advice, or has been through this before? I want to keep going for sure- I'm incredibly happy with my results on and off the scale - i'm just tired of the food! All my thanks. lindsey
  12. I have followed the program exclusively. The cooking and dishes have been overwhelming, but I enjoyed the real food...until day 19-20. I hit the "I don't want to cook or eat anything" wall. I fought through by making a veggie/fruit smoothie so that I wouldn't be starving in the morning. I then went swimming and swam the best I have in months. Although, smoothies are not encouraged, they saved me from sabotaging my efforts. Day 21 today and I feel back on track.
  13. Hey there, I've had a look around but can't seem to find much info on here about the shelf life for prepared meals. I'm wanting to make meals at the beginning of the week, with meat veg etc and have them ready to go for Monday - Friday, but I'm concerned as to how long the cooked meat will stay good for. Does anyone have any advice, tips or info? Cheers!
  14. I'm in the first round can't remember how many days. Maybe 7-8 I have literally no appetite. Like none. I didnt eat breakfast this morning and had a small bowl of soup for lunch. Yesterday I had chicken for lunch and ate some nuts for dinner And that's all. I don't feel like eating anything more. I have eaten significantly less food on this than what I normally eat. I don't have an amazing budget actually a very small budget and whole food store are 50+ miles away. Do any of you have suggestions on what to do? I know I am getting headaches from eating so little. But I feel like my willpower isn't there. I haven't experienced any of the symptoms in the book. No nap or tiger or kill things or cravings. Just no appetite.
  15. Not Hungry! Day 15...

    Hey everyone! I'm on Day 15, been pretty strict, but last week I haven't had an appetite. I am struggling to force myself to eat more than two meals a day. Sometimes it is only one meal, and two small snacks. I work a desk job, try to work out daily, and get around 8,000 steps. (I don't have a car, I walk/take bus). Any suggestions? Is this just food boredom? I want to keep going but my energy level is so low, and I think it's tied.
  16. Snacks

    I just started my whole30 Journey today got the cookbook (latest edition). I just want to know what all I can have as a snack between Lunch and dinner ? any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hello All, First off I apologize if this has already been posted, or I'm in the wrong section of the forums.. I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. So my question/predicament is what do you do with the gifts you receive from friends and family when you receive unhealthy candy, crackers, processed food, etc.? I've considered just tossing all the candy and junk food in the trash, but then I felt guilty since I know some of the items were not cheap and hard to find. I've also considered putting it in the break room at work, or giving it to different family/friends, but then I thought I'm doing a disservice to them and their health by offering them these same sweets. What do YOU do when you receive non-whole 30/paleo treats as gifts for special occasions?
  18. Day 30!! :) Suggestions!

    Today is day 30th for me! I am really happy to have done this. I didn't really have a hard time, especially because I really was worried about my health, I also didn't mess up at all. Chicken was my best friend throughout this journey. Before I started I was at 235lbs, and that was after dropping about 28-29 pounds 2 months before(263). I stepped on that scale today and I am down to 218, which is almost where I wanna be(205). My chest and abdominal pains have decreased by probably 65% and I feel and look better than I have been for years. The best part of this is that it's become a lifestyle more than a diet, I do still crave a lot of things I can't have, but I no longer get upset about it, and I get excited for the food I can have. I want to continue until December 23rd and then give it up. Is that allowed in this program? I will start my second Whole 30 on January 1st. Any amazing meals you guys recommend for the rest of the days I want to do?
  19. RX Bars

    Hi, I read on the website that all RX Bars are compliant, and it seemed to be an old post. Obviously Peanut Butter is out, but what about the chocolate ones? There is mint chocolate, coffee chocolate, etc. What's the deal?
  20. Hi all, I'm on Day 8, almost Day 9, of Whole 30. So far it's been great, minus one problem: my mouth gets irritated. I think it's because I am eating relatively little starch type foods and a lot of acidic foods. Has anyone else had this problem? I started eating more potatoes, white and sweet, to balance it out. Amy
  21. Hello W30 pals. I have a question for you all. I'ce read through some other people's meal plans and it seems like I'm eating a comparable amount, but I have been feeling bloated after eating for the past few days. I have transitioned out of snacking habits, so my meals are a little larger than they used to be. I also read in the timeline that days 8/9 can be higher bloat days. Anyway, here are two sample meals. I'd love some feedback! Meal one: Two small-sized hamburgers (about a palm size together), one medium tomato, 1/2 avocado, 1 cup roasted brussel sprouts. Meal two: 1 cup ground pork/diced apple, half grapefruit, two beets, one egg. Thanks everyone!!!
  22. Wake Up Panicky

    I'm on my third day of Whole30 and I've been waking up at around 7am every day (when I would like to sleep until around 9) and feeling panicky as if I need to eat right away. Is it normal to eat minutes within waking up? How can I program my body to wake up relaxed in the morning, take my time, drink my coffee, and enjoy my breakfast rather than eating it fast and not necessarily enjoying it?
  23. Hey everyone. I've been doing the whole30 for 28 days, but this is my first time joining in the forum. I've had the most problems with finding alternatives to Almonds (milk, flour, bars, butter, etc.)! I am allergic to Almonds, and it was this reason that I looked to the whole30: my allergy appeared out of nowhere last June and sent me to the hospital; since then it's been no almonds for me, which has been very difficult since I used to be in the gym a lot and Almond-coconut milk was my go-to (and most available) for blending and recovery. In the w30, I've noticed there is a lot of Almond substituted in, and not having that available has not only been mentally frustrating, it's been distracting me from feeling accomplished, or like the resources I've got available to me are not the WHOLE set that are available for others, and that has been very discouraging. So I want to know, does anyone else suffer from specifically ALMOND ALLERGIES, and what have you done to get around it, or how has it been for you?
  24. Meatza

    I am about to make a beautiful meatza. What's your favourite meatza crust and topping combo?
  25. arrowroot?

    hi! I found a recipe and have all but finished making it when i realized i've been using arrowroot flour/starch instead of arrowroot powder..... do i have to scratch my whole meal??? It was simply used to coat the outside of my chicken before putting it into whole30-approved sauce please help!! i already snuck a few bites (((