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Found 86 results

  1. …”some” fruit

    Have read and reread The Rules many times and while it says “…plenty of vegetables and some fruit…” how much is too much fruit (if that is possible?) I am only in my first week and perhaps it is easier to grab another banana, apple or orange clementine cutie at the office to offset any pangs… but I am upwards of 10 pieces or so a day which might also include a couple of prunes before retiring. I am not noticing any extra, (ahem), digestive issues as that is still normal although occurring at different times compared to my regular constitutionals. I can see more of a balance of foods next week as I will buy some raw snack veggies… carrots, celery, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc. to add to my normal meal veggies consisting primarily asparagus and Brussel sprouts. Should I be concerned about too much fruit when W30 Rules clearly state “some” fruit?
  2. So this is my third Whole 30 and I think I’ve been progressively more successful in each and learned something new. My first I probably snacked too much and I definitely turned to dried fruit and nuts. My second I eliminated the dried fruit and most of the snacking, but I still turned to fresh fruit for an allowable treat. For example, I could kill almost an entire bunch of grapes in a sitting, if I really wanted to (and some times I def did!) This Whole 30 is MUCH better - I’ve really been following the template and am completely satisfied with three nutritious meals, with virtually no cravings in between. The only snacking I do is pre-work out (shortish, slow runs of about 3 miles after coming back from injury). For whatever reason, full fat meals of olives and iberico ham seem to help my run energy. my question- while I haven’t been snacking due to cravings, I have been having a serving of fruit with dinner. Usually a Cara Cara orange since they’re deliciously in-season. Any thoughts on if it’s worth it/advisable to focus on cutting out all fruit for the last two weeks to really kill the ol’ Sugar Dragon?
  3. Veggie or fruit?

    I was told on a FB group that tomatoes, squash, and cucumber are fruit, and should be eaten accordingly (smaller amount on the plate than veggies). I can't seem to find anything in The Whole30 book or anywhere else that says this.
  4. I am on day four and today I definitely ate fruit and nuts that weren't because I was hungry necessarily but because I had a craving after lunch. I have a few questions here: 1) Since part of Whole30 is to keep habits in check, am I still compliant if this happens during a Whole 30? I didn't eat anything that wasn't compliant but my behaviors weren't in the spirit of Whole30, do I have to start over or can I just learn from this and move on within my current 30 days? 2) Can I impose new rules on myself in the middle of day 4? I think I want to say no nuts/seeds unless they're in my salad and only 1-2 spoonfuls of nut butter a week and for fruit, I want to say only two servings of fruit a day at most, and unless it's banana a banana I really only want to eat farmer's market fruit. I am really focusing on my habits with Whole30 so I want to do this right. Maybe an option could be for me to extend my Whole30 by 4 days and do a Whole34 since I've added these new rules? I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts / experiences with seeing your Sugar Dragon manifest in other ways, even if the food is technically compliant.
  5. Hello all, I'm at the end of day 4. Finally feeling good, no more headache, fogginess or dizziness. However I'm concerned that I'm eating too much fat. Lots of cooking with ghee, avocado with every meal, and at least 2 fruits a day. How much is too much?
  6. sweet & tart fruit treat

    This is so simple. Slice up an apple and squeeze the juice of 1 orange and 1/2 a lemon on it. Let it chill in the fridge for an hour. It's so good and tastes a little like sweet tarts, but not at all sugary.
  7. Hello! I'm in the middle of my first Whole30 (Day 21), and I'm loving the changes I'm observing so far! Just in the first two weeks I noticed my face/cheeks are less red and puffy, my stomach is less bloated, I'm not tired in the middle of the afternoon, and I'm not getting headaches! My husband and I are in this together and have been very particular about meal planning, reading ingredients lists, and keeping each other accountable. Here's my question- The first two weeks, we barely ate any fruits. This week, I bought some grapes and some dried (no added sugar) mango slices. About two hours after eating just a handful of grapes, I noticed my cheeks had gotten quite red. On the days I have eaten some mango slices, I've had some stomach/"bathroom" issues. Is it possible we took the "no sugar" restriction too far? I'm worried that moving forward, any time I eat fruit or any foods with a significant amount of sugar that I will see some negative reactions. Has anyone here noticed any similar occurrences?
  8. 1. I am on day 25 and about two weeks ago I got sick with what I now know is walking pneumonia. My coughing with constant so I took a tincture which was glycerin based and I also took cough drops regularly for several days. Just as I was feeling better it started all over again. And now I am on antibiotics. I am not happy to have had to eat sugar during my whole 30. But I also don't want to start it all over. I'm also really bummed to have taken antibiotics which I know will mess with my gut. I know Dr.'s orders come before whole 30 but it's disappointing and I'm not sure how these small amounts of sugar might have affected me. And I never get sick but I've been sick for at least two weeks of my whole 30. So tiger blood? Not so much. Honestly the first several days I felt like I had Tiger blood but that's unlikely I know. Before I got sick I did feel that I had better energy. 2. I have seborrheic dermatitis, other autoimmune issues, muscle and tendon and ligament aches and pains, and migraines. And I'm also a bit overweight. Besides maybe losing 5 pounds or so none of these other issues seem to have changed at all. I'm wondering if I need to cut out nuts for the migraines and Cut out eggs, nightshades and citrus for the autoimmune issues. I guess at this point I am going to finish to day 30 and then cut out these additional things and add in one or two other things I would like to try eating again such as brown rice. But overall I'm going to try to keep my diet the same. 3. I'm really wondering why I haven't lost more weight. Here are a few things I'm wondering about. For the first couple of weeks I did sort of have for meals a day instead of three. I would eat a small breakfast at around 745 and then at 10 have a larger lunch. Then at around 2 o'clock have another small meal because often I can't eat dinner until around six or so. Also in the first week or two if I was really hungry and couldn't eat dinner until later I would have some nuts and maybe one piece or so of dried fruit. I have stopped all of that for the most part. I also have trouble letting go of the idea of dessert. So I will eat some fruit but I will do it right after I finished eating dinner. Like immediately so that I'm digesting it together. But I might eat something sweet like pineapple. Or half of a banana. And if I'm really hungry when I'm cooking dinner I might have a bit of fruit then as well. I am also eating a lot of that. Lots of avocados, some olives, etc. If I want to continue losing weight or any of these things contributing to me not being able to do it?
  9. Today is day 15 (woohoo, half way!). I mostly feel great, though I definitely went through the "gimme a damn twinkie" feelings the last couple days. I was really surprised as my sugar cravings had been so under control, BUT THEN I realized that starting day 12 or 13 is when I had picked up some dried mango at the store. It was definitely compliant, so that wasn't the issue, but I realized that I had been eating a piece or two at the end of dinner for a few days. I had totally been setting off my sugar cravings by eating dried mango! Some days I'll eat blackberries with a little nut butter and coconut shred incorporated with a meal but that wasn't triggering me the way that the dried mango is! Last night I promised myself no more dried mango for the rest of W30, I don't need it. Sheesh, self sabotage can run rampant. Anyone else catching themselves using fruit as a crutch and seeing how it flares sugar cravings?
  10. So, I have done 1 whole30. However, it was during apple season in Washington. I wouldn't say I ate a ton of fruit, but I added it to most meals & it prevented cravings & the need to snack throughout the day. I also have braces, so sometimes it can be harder to eat enough vegetables, with all the chewing & being so low in calories. Does anyone have tips for fresh fruit substitutions during the winter? Apples were such an easy addition, but any there are in stores now are tasteless & mealy. It may be all in my head, but I feel like canned fruit doesn't have as many nutrients & it's easier to over-eat. Any other winter whole30-survival tips would be appreciated! I want to do a whole30 so much, but it's seem a lot more complicated with so many things I like being out of season.
  11. Hi, I am on day 21 of my first whole30 and it's been going very well thus far. I didn't suffer from any major sugar hangovers or many of the symptoms described as typical. Hooray! However in the past week I've been noticing a new super sensitivity to foods that I've previously had little issue with. Mango skin has always been a trigger for me, but a peeled mango is usually fine. A ton of pineapple (like 2 whole pineapples in the span of 2 to 3 days) may make me itchy around the mouth, but a few slices have never been a problem. This week both mango and pineapple have been making my mouth super itchy and feeling inflamed and in the last day or two, it's come to making my whole body kind of itchy. I also am having a reaction to balsamic, and possible a few other things (I need to pay better attention). I can certainly cut these foods out for a while- I have been persevering because they were in mason jar salads I had already prepared for the week and also they're delicious. Any thoughts on why this average amount of fruit (and balsamic) has suddenly been a problem? Any other related foods I maybe need to avoid? I've been reading online about latex cross reactivity and cashews being in the same family and histamines and lots of things that aren't making much sense to me since I've never had any food allergies except the urushiol on mango skin. Thank you guys for your advice!
  12. I love fruit issue

    Hi everyone, so I'm just half way with my first Whole30 challenge and I'm really enjoying it so far. I have been eating pretty organic and healthy before and I kept my sugar consumption as low as I could (I never drank anything else than water, never had junk food as a snack), so I actually did not experience any troubles with staying on track (no cravings or severe side effects of detoxing). I did have a light headache in the first week, but that often happened even without being on the program (and I did cut down on coffee at the same time as starting with Whole30). The main reason to start with Whole30 was to see if food is the cause of my unclear skin, so I am looking forward to see what will happen. My problem is that I love fruit and the more I read, the more I feel that I am doing something wrong. I don't love fruit because of it's sweetness (I actually love sour fruits as well), but just because fruit is delicious. And summer is here and all the fresh fruit on the farmers market is the reason why I might eat more than the recommended serving per day (not every day though and I try to limit it to one piece per meal), I mean there is only one month in a year when you can get fresh seasonal peaches/strawberries... So basically my question is - am I ruining it all with eating too much fruit?
  13. Too Much Fruit?

    I'm on Day 15--yay!! Feeling great, no intense cravings, no snaking between meals. I've stepped up my exercise since starting and I find myself eating a fair amount of fruit (plus it's in season). For instance, here's today: Breakfast--ground beef burger, salsa, half an orange pepper Workout Lunch--2 salmon/sweet potato cakes, green salad with Tessamae ranch, nectarine..then...half a cantaloupe with a spoon right out of the peel. Part of me feels like I'm just hungrier after working out, but half a cantaloupe is probably too much. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Today the Sugar Dragon reared its head. While I stayed compliant, I fed it with dates/coconut/almonds. NOT the best choice since the dates prob shot up my sugar (and calorie load) and dropped it again. I really want to avoid this tomorrow!! Eek! I have fruit 1-2 times a day, but today I found myself picking at the date rolls all afternoon. They might not get purchased the remainder of this 30 day challenge!! Today's only day 4. AKK! Aviva
  15. I was in a bad place when I started the Whole 30. It was 8 months after giving birth to my second child. I was still 22 lbs overweight despite working out several times a week and choosing “healthy” foods (not much meat, lots of grains and beans). I ate zero packaged junk food, but I had delicious high quality pastries a couple times a week and thought nothing of it. Oh, and I regularly had 2-3 glasses of wine per night just to “wind down.” My childhood asthma had returned. My skin was on a hormonal rollercoaster; besides breakouts I had eczema and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps on back of my arms). I was always hungry and always eating. I tried calorie counting. I tried Weight Watchers when the calorie counting got demoralizing. I tried weighing all my food when WW didn’t work. All that micromanaging sucked the joy out of living, and I still couldn’t lose the weight. My mantra was that I deserved that pastry/glass of wine/bowl of tortilla chips because I had been “so good” all day. I’d pile on the calories after the kids were in bed. But then I simply turned a corner, and decided that I deserved to feel healthy, to feel like I did before my pregnancy. Heck, why not feel even better than that? So I decided to give W30 a try. What did I have to lose? Which begs the question, 30 days later, what did I lose? As it turns out I lost ZERO pounds. 30 days of total compliance, and I weigh exactly the same. Yep, I’m one of those. (At this moment in time, while nursing, anyway.) I gave myself an hour or so to feel really down about it. But then I took at the NSVs I drafted yesterday before I weighed in. I weigh the same, but I’m not the same. I GAINED: - the ability to breathe freely without asthma. This is truly priceless. I have not touched my inhalers in one month. - a peaceful relationship with food. I’m not battling it any longer. I know what makes me feel good. And once I finish the reintros I’ll know what doesn’t! - knowledge and acceptance. I know my body is holding on to this weight because it needs it for nursing. Sure, I can tweak things here or there, but by and large I’ve proved to myself that it just doesn’t want to let go of it right now. I’m going to have to be patient. I am ready to stop nursing for a variety of reasons, but it may take a while for my hormones to catch up. So, what next? I’m going to do reintroductions to see which food group(s) were exacerbating the asthma. I'll have the occasional glass of wine over the next week or so (we’re traveling). I also had bloodwork done on Day 25. In two weeks I will meet with my chiropractor who has nutritional training to review that. Perhaps there are hormonal factors at play that can be worked on. Once I know the bloodwork results, I’ll decide whether to jump into another Whole30. For now, I will stay compliant while at home, avoid whatever it is that’s causing the asthma even when out, and have the occasional glass of wine. But mostly, I am going to enjoy the calm Whole30 has brought to my life and give my body some grace. Read on for details if you’d like. As always, I’m open to any feedback on how to move forward. These forums were an amazing resource through the whole process. NSVs: - Asthma GONE without the use of steroid inhalers - Skin clearer - Nails growing like crazy - Eczema gone - Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on arms) drastically reduced - On the rare occasions where my alarm goes off before the kids are up, I only press snooze once instead of three or four times - I can see my waist again! hallelujah! - Clothes fit better and I can get into some I couldn’t a month ago - Even energy all day long - More time between meals means more efficient work - Free from cravings. I no longer struggle with food choices. - Not tempted to eat after dinner - I don’t “need” wine to relax anymore - I don’t need to weigh myself every day as I used to What went well: - I rocked it with the homemade condiments: mayo, ketchup, ranch dip and Nom Nom Paleo’s “magic mushroom” seasoning were my favorites - Egg bakes saved my bacon for breakfast - such a time saver, and great to start the day without having to “think” about the meal - Kombucha was the perfect treat instead of wine/beer/cocktails - I made it through Easter with flying colors - I cooked many compliant meals for my extended family (we’re talking large groups of 12-20 people, and they all loved them) - I did NOT evangelize to my family, which is something I’d done in the past, but tried to set a quiet example What could have gone better: - I ate more frequently and had more fruit and potatoes than necessary in the beginning. I was still breastfeeding heavily then (I’m down to one nursing session a day now), so I was nervous about my supply and likely overdid it. All compliant, so no harm done, but once I got down to 3 (large, by my previous standards) meals per day, which was about two weeks in, I felt much better. - Some days I ate 1/2 an avocado at every meal. Maybe I need to dial that back to 1/3. - Still having some skin breakouts but then again I’m in a transitional place hormonally as I slowly stop breastfeeding - Sleep is not a long or solid as I would like, mostly due to kids waking me up - if fact, SLEEP could be the largest factor in the weight hanging on. - I need to drink more water. 62 oz/day isn’t cutting it. What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: - Make fruit and potatoes a once a day thing, not an every meal thing - Aim to be in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 - Read for 1hr before bed instead of watching tv - Dial coffee back to one cup per day, replace second cup with matcha - Aim to drink 3 32-oz bottle of water/day - Keep working with my preschooler on not waking us at night when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He can do it, but it helps when we prep him by talking about it before bedtime. - Let my husband take over the 5:30 feedings when he is home so I can sleep longer - Take measurements to track inches lost, not just weight - Stay on whole 30 at home. I rarely eat out (maybe once a week) so that would be a pretty complaint lifestyle, and I find it easy to do at home. - I won’t go back to having stevia in my coffee. That was the hardest thing to give up, and I think it was triggering a cycle of sugar cravings. In fact I may even give up my almond milk. I think I’m ready to enjoy coffee black, and I like the simplicity of that.
  16. I am looking at the meal template and am confused about fats, fruit. The meal template says closed handful of nuts, thumbsize of oils, handfuls of olives (hate olives) and handfuls of shredded coconut plus butters????? And the fruit.....I thought I read somewhere to limit fruit to 2 servings a day????? I can actually do without fruit, maybe an apple or banana, 1 per week.... I do so much better with following macros (concrete boundaries) do you know if you are eating enough? I think I could just sit here and shed a few tears. I was on a program called Ideal Protein from July - December and I lost 40 lbs. I've been floundering since going off it. I am terrified of ending up back where I started. I know what the body does if you don't eat enough. I still want to lose 25ish lbs. I exercise 5-6 days - weights and cardio. PLEASE, is there someone who would be willing to mentor me thru this till I get going??? Patty
  17. Confused By Stevia

    Just starting Whole30 today. If we're supposed to be weaning ourselves off of sweets and things with a sweet flavor, and not supposed to use stevia to sweeten anything, why are we allowed to have fruit that I think is even sweeter than stevia? I had some grapes and pineapple last night that I swear gave me cavities! I love having a cup of herbal tea with a half a packet of stevia. Is that really not allowed? What if I beg?
  18. This is my first time posting on this forum. I'm 5 days into this terrifying experience. Psych is still strong but I have some questions on fueling. I am mainly a climber and wanna-be runner. I train 2-3 hours for climbing 3x/week. I'm in the conditioning phase for the season which includes strength training (light), mobility, and focusing on volume while bouldering. I also run 30-45 min. 2-3x/ week (very low volume (under 12 miles/week). Today I had a 10K race - nothing too big - but TOTALLY crashed halfway through. I didn't expect to do well, but I didn't expect to struggle / suffer so much. It was awful. Thus far, the way I've been managing my fueling for workouts is: by eating a banana or apple + almond butter and/or lara bar - sometimes I'll add a boiled egg or two. I eat this during or after my workout. I have 2 questions: 1) Is it normal to crash so hard athletically 5 days in? 2) Am I eating too much fruit? While my 3-4 fruits/day is certainly over what is recommended - I've been using it to compensate for my training and only eat that much on training days. Is there something better to use? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!
  19. hi all, i am finishing day 7 of my second whole 30 attempt (first one fell off the wagon on day 20 last winter due to lack of food prep and planning ahead). b/c of the fall season i have been makign A LOT of roasted squash. butternut, acorn, delicata. and eating a lot of it. have been eating very few potatoes, but still some fruit. 1-2 servings/day. i know fruit is directly linked to my sugar dragon and i am planning to try the upcoming week without it. however, i want to ask if its ok to be having the roasted fall squash at 2 meals a day. i also include other veggies. i am not a fan of cooked greens (they give me a gag reflex), so i eat a lot of fresh salsa, raw veggies in salads, some cooked veggies in eggs, etc. i guess im concerned that im overdoing it on the squash even though i love it and its far lower carb and calorie than potatoes. any thoughts?
  20. Fruit Coma

    I typically do not eat fruit but was given part of a bountiful basket that had very small apples and fresh figs in it. I ate one of each and fell asleep within 30 minutes. This used to happen with refined sugar, etc. I ate these types of items this summer and went to the doctor finally to talk to him about it. My blood count was slightly low but that was attributed to some medicine I was taking. There were no other types of diseases, no diabetes. Does anyone have any ideas on why this "coma" or sleep for lack of a more dramatic term might be occuring after eating fruit too? I am fully aware it was probably more fruit than I should have had, but even after the apple it happened. I had just eaten a ton of veggies and a large chicken breast...olive oil dressed the veggies. Thanks.
  21. I know you're supposed to get some good protein prior to working out, but what about during a long run/ride? I'm training for a half marathon, cross training with cycling and some weight lifting, and I want to keep to the spirit of the Whole30 when I run my half (my whole30 ends tomorrow, run is end of November). I used to take gummy worms on long runs (10+ miles) and I'm wondering if dried fruit would be a good alternative to goo, pretzels, and/or other quick carby snacks. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi All, I am new to the whole30 and this is my first post... I feel that I have been doing really well with the program, but I fear that my work constraints have restricted my ability to incorporate enough vegetables into my diet, especially at breakfast. I work in construction so break times are pretty strict and usually i do not have a refrigerator or means to heat anything up at my disposal... I should also mention that I am a relative big guy (6'1" 257lbs when I weighed in at start of program), and am relatively active because of my work (step tracker has been averaging 13,000-15,000 steps a day). Below is a typical day for me and what I eat (FYI I know that I need to get more sleep...). Please offer any suggestions. 3:30AM - Get Up 3:45-4:415 - Bike for 1/2" hr 4:20 - PWO meal: Palm sized piece of organic egg fritata loaded with veggies (tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach) Black organic coffee small (half cupped) handful of blueberries 9:00 - Breakfast Black Coffee from local coffee shop about 2-3 cups of fruit salad (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple) 11:00 - occasional snack Banana or peach maybe a few nuts (almonds or pistachios) 12:00/12:30 - Lunch (typically left overs from previous night) Today's lunch is: palm size of walnut crusted pork tender loin 1/2 bunch of grilled asparagus (about 15-20 stems) 1/2 cup of mashed cauliflower 2:30/3:00 - Occasional snack berries, banana, or some other type of fruit occasionally a small handful of almonds 5:30/6:00 - Dinner Typically a well balanced dinner out of Whole 30 cook book w/ a salad (oil and vinegar for dressing) No fruit with dinner 7:30 - Occasional Snack Cup of tea small handful of fruit 10:00-10:30PM - Bed time Please let me know your suggestions (especially for breakfast). I am very dedicated to having a successful whole30 experience, but I want to make sure that I am maximizing its value and not handicapping myself with the amount of fruit that I consume...
  23. I love fruit. Like, looooove it. I don't even crave or desire any other sweets or anything off-plan. But fruit... that's another story. I know that it's recommended to have a moderate serving with meals, or even as a rare snack (mini-meal) so long as it is not eaten alone. Today I was grocery shopping, and I couldn't help but buy some bananas, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and peaches. Not all for me, I do have a family that likes it too. But I pushed my cart out of the store feeling shame, because I know I will not even be able to resist indulging, especially at night. Like, 2-3 pieces of fruit. I know this sounds bad or weird, but my addiction to fruit is my Whole30 secret shame. I literally crave it, and nothing else. Am I being too hard on myself? Do you have any thoughts or ideas about overcoming the need for fruit? (This is my first time posting, please be gentle. 2nd round, day 15)
  24. I've been digging through the forums today and there seems to be a lot of fruit hating. I'm on Day 11 and am a marathon runner that is using fruit during long runs in addition to at meal time. I thoroughly enjoy fruit when it is in season and do not see the issue with eating it on this plan. I'm not using it to compensate for a lack of sugar, I just like it and feel it adds value to my nutrition. Could someone explain to me why fruit is so bad for you? I don't understand why a lot of people give it up when they are on this plan. Second question, why can't I include fruit in a pre or post workout meal? Prior to the whole30 I would consume carbs before a long run but on this plan it suggests protein and fat. Why not carbs? Last weekend I had a sweet potato before my long run; my body reacted fine and the world didn't end so I'm not sure what I am missing here.
  25. Frozen fruit usage ideas?

    I inherited 3 bags of frozen fruit - peach, blueberry, and mixed berry - shortly before the time I started my current W30 from a friend who was moving, and they've been sitting in my freezer for weeks since I have no idea what to do with them. I don't want them to go to waste, so I'm hoping some of the experts 'round these parts might have some creative ideas. Per the Hartwigs' advice online and in their books, I don't want to make smoothies, and I don't want to make anything that could be deemed SWYPO. I'm also following the AIP grocery template in hopes of helping my psoriasis, so that rules out a few other items that I would have thought to pair the fruit with. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm thinking maybe some kind of sweet/spicy meat or fish glaze would be nice, but without being able to add nightshade-family spices into the mix, I'm not sure what I could use to give it a kick (this is all still very new to me!). Or maybe there's something else completely different I'm not thinking of. I'm trying to avoid simply defrosting and consuming them as they are (especially the berries); it would be nice to use them in the context of a recipe.