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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I began the whole 30 last February. I had been slowly working my way towards clean eating but was never consistent. I liked buying healthy cookbooks, trying new new healthy recipes, and spending lots of money on new kitchen gadgets and healthy ingredients. And I followed that healthy lifestyle a lot of the time. Athe same time I would indulge in unhealthy eating habits: using the feeling of a full stomach to alleviate stress, snacking before and after meals (usually pointless, empty carbs like crackers or tortilla chips) and drinking at least one bottle of wine every weekend. My worst culptrit: I put a lot of effort into a healthy lifestyle. I worked out almost every day of the week and I thought about food non-stop, which led to a lot of unnecessary eating and stress and more eating. It was the whole30 that helped me realize I needed to start thinking about food a lot less and focus more on living my life. Last January I came across the whole 30 program book and liked the philosophy - I like to eat real food and I love to cook, so it was an easy sell. I read the book cover to cover, marked pages with sticky notes, wrote out grocery list and watched YouTube videos recounting others' experience with the 30 days. I thought it was going to be really hard - I loved my nightly popcorn snack and didn't think a happy life would be possible without a few nightly squares of Justus dark chocolate. However I was getting married in 9 months and was very unhappy with my weight and shape at the time. I didn't feel like the person I was on the outside reflected who I was on the inside. I think that is a struggle many have. So with some preparation and determination, I set out in my first whole30. After thirty days following the program I was beginning to notice benefits: I had lost some weight, my clothes were starting to fit better and my energy level was increasing. My overall wellness meter was getting higher everyday but I didn't feel ready to stop so I took on another 30 days and another 30 days and continued because I was feeling like the best version of myself. The digestive issues I'd been struggling with for years has dissipated, the pants I hadn't been able to fit into for years (yes, I kept them) were too big, my energy was through the roof and I no longer went to bed beating myself up for my food choices that day, promising "tomorrow would be a better day". For the first time ever, I felt in complete control. Until tonight. Nine months, 40 pounds and a new mindset later. I'm writing this because I haven't eaten sugar since February and I just crushed 5 Halloween sized packages of m&m peanuts after I'd promised myself (all day) that I wouldn't touch them. I'm writing this after several weeks of subtle "cheats" and I'm noticing myself subtly shift back into old habits. It's not a good feeling. I know why it's happening. My partner and I have recently suffered a loss followed by a stressful event and to put it bluntly, this month has been really shitty, emotional and hard. I know what I should be doing. I know that staying strong will help me get through this rough patch but I feel like an addict, seeking comfort in old habits. I wrote this partly to confess, partly to seek support but most importantly to address my behaviour and understand myself better. I know many of you can relate to what I'm talking about. Take care of yourselves.
  2. I'm on day 9 and increasingly frustrated. I was starting to feel good, and then today I'm so bloated I look pregnant, and my stomach hurts a lot. I've dealt with the zero energy, anger and emotional lability all week, but now I'm feeling even worse physically. I'm doing the Whole30 plus eliminating nightshades (but eating eggs), because my main issues have to do with inflammation, and what good is an elimination diet without eliminating one of the most common sources of inflammation. That said, I'm starting to question whether I shouldn't go rogue and add grains back in again. One of my big issues with trying to lose weight is that I don't eat enough (according to my trainer). I'll typically eat 1100-1200 calories a day, with larger amounts when we go (went) out to eat 1-2 times a week. I already didn't get enough carbs in my diet, but now that all grains are gone, I honestly don't know how to get the calories a day that I need to not go into metabolic hibernation. I've seen the recommendations to eat bigger meals, but I have two issues with that. First, I eat until I'm satisfied. I think to train my body to overstuff itself is a mentally unhealthy way of eating. Second, I don't want my stomach stretching out so that when I'm done with Whole30 I still feel like I need to eat more at a time to be satiated. Third, I just don't know what else to add to my meals. I eat 2 eggs in the morning with veggies mixed in (usually around 10am). Since starting this program I've added half of a (processed, sodium-laden) chicken sausage just to up the calories and protein intake. I have a hard time finishing that, I don't know how I could add more. Lunch (1p) is a good-sized salad with chicken or pork, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Dinner is usually meat or fish with most of the plate being veggies. I've been trying to at least get half a sweet potato in with dinner to have some starch in there. I do have an afternoon snack 2 hours before I work out, because dinner is usually late (7:30p). Mostly it's an apple and almond butter, or a banana, or some nuts. I'm guessing my calories are anywhere from 1000-1200 right now, with fats and protein being the biggest shares. I don't get hungry in between, or at night. If I do eat a larger breakfast, I don't end up wanting lunch until 2-2:30, so I skip the snack. But that just leads to FEWER calories a day, not more. Without adding grains back in, how do I possibly eat enough food?
  3. Hi y'all. So here I am, on day 17, and I'm feeling pretty much the same as I did before I started. I can report that my energy levels have improved slightly, but not enough to say that this result can be wholly attributed to Whole30. Just to give a bit of a background on myself, I am a curvy 5'11", well-proportioned (i.e. excess weight gained doesn't all go to just one place, it's pretty evenly dispersed), Manhattanite (I walk at least 2.5-3 mi. a day, just living in the city), gym member (I try to go at least 3 times a week, but have been slacking a bit lately), and have tried other weight loss/eating plans (specifically Weight Watchers and other low carb, high protein/veggie-heavy, no drinking eating plans). I am no stranger to following and sticking to an eating plan. My intention for Whole30 was for it to act as a "reset," in hopes of shedding excess pounds and inches for spring/summer. I have NO clue what I'm doing wrong because I am just NOT seeing any results!! I'm following the plan as instructed with NO results and am becoming more and more defeated. I'm still trying to remain positive, but I can't believe that by day 17, I have not lost any inches, nor have I seen any difference in how clothes are fitting me. I even tried on several pairs of pants this AM that fit me exactly the same as before I started. I am desperate to hear from anyone who can help shed some light because as of now, I am at a complete loss and not feeling good about all the time and money spent on following this plan. I can provide a daily eating log if anyone wants to see it, but don't want to add to an already lengthy post. HELP ME PLEASE!
  4. Hello! My my name is Maria. Summary: My goal is food freedom and fat loss. Last 2 years I was a bikini competitor (bodybuilding) and I quit because I was really unbalanced in every way with my diets and overtraining. I've been 100% complaint I'm in day 13 now I exercise 6 to 7 days a week (4 weights and 3 days of 1 hour of intense cardio) I follow the template and recommendations I've been eating healthy for years I haven't felt a difference except headache, bloating and WEIGHT GAIN :(... I'm freaked out.... This is my story: (please guide me I'd really appreciate the help) I started the whole30 to be honest because of 2 main reasons, loose bodyfat and food freedom. I'm in day 13 today and I have gained so much weight that my shorts are SOO tight I cannot wear them anymore. For me this is Big and I'm really frustrated... I feel nothing is working on my body... And I've been feeling so stuck, and tryed sooo many things... I'm really sad and confused... I feel I have no clue and I'm becoming desperate by now... The thing is... For the last 2 years also I've been a bikini competitor. I consider myself a "nerd"... Or overachiever and I'm very disciplined, so I do always things by the book and have a lot of will power. Although I looked better than ever and I was a champion and my carrear was ramping up like crazy in this which I considered a hobbie I decided to stop because of how unhappy I was while doing this.... You see, Since I started dieting for competitions my hormones went crazy even leaving me without my period for 6 months one time, and the psicological effects of competing for me where devastating, to a point where I was really questioning my own existence, and that's when my partner who was suffering my depression and mood swings also, and me, decided to quit our diets and competitions. The negative effects of competing and taking all the suplements, shakes and fat burners for bodybuilding for me where amongst others: -depression, obsession with food and my body, loss of self confidence and self esteem, extreme mood swings -extreme cravings for things I've never craved before, crazy weigh gain after my competitions, hungry all the time (so much that I could not sustain my diets any more) -developed an intolerance to dairy, eggs and other food and a really low intestinal movement wich made me constipated so much that I was bloated ALL the time. So....Most of the last 2 years I've avoided alcohol, sugar and baked or processed foods (besides quest bars and protein shakes)... And it's been impossible for me until now to sustain a fit look, every time I binge back it's worse. I'm used to excersice 6 to 7 days a week combining intense or heavy weights with hiit with cardio. I stoped the weight for the last 2 months and got into a vegan diet combined with 5 to 6 days of intense cardio after my last binge... Because I even stoped enjoying the gym... But now with starting the whole 30 I came back again and I'm really over that, I'm enjoying the weight a lot again... (My last competition was this March 2016) From January 2015 until now I lost 15 pounds in 10 months, gained them back in 2 months, lost them again in 10 weeks and gained even more in the following 4 months (going up and down in this last 4 and ending up where I'm now, worse than Jan 2015... And really confused) my height is just 1.57 m so weight is easy to be noticed in my height. I love nutrition and to learn but right now I'm overwhelmed with learning and nothing seems to be a sustainable way to eat, feel and look good. I either feel or look, never both... So, I don't know if I'm eating too much although I'm following the template and I'm eating just 3 times plus post workout, I've been sleeping 7 to 8 hours, I always drink water, I retired from work young (I'm 32 years young) so I'm not stressed or running and I'm reading the book for the second time....I'm freaked out because I really don't know how to be healthier or if I even don't want to be and prefer to be fit... Because it seems not possible to me to do both. Id really appreciate your support, I don't know if I'm a weird case but I do feel like I need help to figure this out... Thank you
  5. I am looking at the meal template and am confused about fats, fruit. The meal template says closed handful of nuts, thumbsize of oils, handfuls of olives (hate olives) and handfuls of shredded coconut plus butters????? And the fruit.....I thought I read somewhere to limit fruit to 2 servings a day????? I can actually do without fruit, maybe an apple or banana, 1 per week.... I do so much better with following macros (concrete boundaries) do you know if you are eating enough? I think I could just sit here and shed a few tears. I was on a program called Ideal Protein from July - December and I lost 40 lbs. I've been floundering since going off it. I am terrified of ending up back where I started. I know what the body does if you don't eat enough. I still want to lose 25ish lbs. I exercise 5-6 days - weights and cardio. PLEASE, is there someone who would be willing to mentor me thru this till I get going??? Patty
  6. Go figure, I have a cold. It was pretty bad yesterday (day 2) and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. My whole life I usually get a cold in the springtime, but this one is especially hard because I cannot just go and cook up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Today's email let me know that it is common to get sick in the first week, but that does not make life any easier. Does anyone have any advice during this time? What kind of cold remedies worked for you (Whole 30 approved)? Thank you!
  7. londonrome

    Help me!

    I am on Day 23 of my Whole30. I am a 23-year-old woman who has always struggled with my weight. I'm 5'10" and weigh about 185...not terribly overweight, but I really should weigh about 20 pounds less. I had several friends who swore by Whole30 and I understood that it was more about being all-around healthy and less about losing weight. I ultimately decided to do Whole30 because I just felt gross, and I believed that this lifestyle would not only make me feel better but also help me lose weight in a healthy way. I thought that these 30 days would be incredibly difficult but rewarding. As it turns out, giving up all my favorite foods was much easier than I had anticipated. Sure, there were some difficult moments, but all in all it really has not been that hard. The hardest thing by far as been not being able to drink in social situations when everyone around me is drinking. I have stayed strong, though, and proudly sipped my sparkling water. Now, I am 23 days in. I am not going to quit simply because I've already made it so far. But I'm going to be honest - I am really, really pissed off and very frustrated. I feel like I have wasted these last 23 days of my life when I could have either been enjoying my life, OR been on a productive diet where I would actually lose weight. I have experienced NO results from Whole30. My primary goal was to lose weight, and I've been reading the emails everyday saying that sometimes the weight loss doesn't come til the very end and it's not about losing weight....I get that. BUT, I have not experienced any other benefits either. I am not sleeping better or more soundly. I have not noticed a difference in my complexion. I have not noticed a change in mood. I have not been anymore energized than normal. I do not feel physically different in anyway, whether it be from a lack of bloating, from less pain, less stomach upset, nothing. I tried to trust this diet/lifestyle change because I really, really want to believe in it. I have been fully faithful and only consumed compliant foods. I have been working out as much as possible and eating the right pre- and post- workout meals. From what I can tell, I am not doing anything wrong. Why is nothing happening and why should I bother making my life less fun for absolutely zero results?? I'm so frustrated! Any thoughts, help, or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Today is day 7 of my whole 30, and last night was my first time going out to eat. It was for my mom's birthday, so it was a whole family affair. I was excited for the challenge of finding something Whole30 compliant, and was pretty confident I could do so at this up scale steak and seafood restaurant. It was a chance to show my family that the Whole30 is actually practical and not as limiting as they think. Here's what I ate 1 Bacon wrapped scallop, no butter 1 Fillet over a bed of shrimp, no butter 1 plain baked potato I definitely didn't finish it all but I had a bit of everything, and was pretty stuffed by the end of it. I also, was not feeling very well by the end of it. So despite the caffein at 8pm, I ordered a coffee to help me digest. The rest of the night, I basically felt like crap. It wasn't terrible, but I did have stomach cramps and was a little buzzed from the coffee (this is like 12:30 am). The next day, I feel the familiar hangover feeling described at the beginning of a whole 30, but as far as I know I didn't go off plan! The things that could have gotten me were: the cooking oils, the sugar in the bacon, or someone actually put butter on something, I overate, I ate too fast. I'm feeling super frustrated and worried that I now have to start over in order to get the benefit from the whole 30, when I was explicitly told that eating out was a welcome part of the process. So do I start over? Every time I eat out? I mean, obviously I don't have any desire to eat out again, but what if I have to? This sucks.
  9. Greetings, I'm on Day 18 and haven't noticed any change whatsoever in my body - and I'm frustrated. I know WHOLE 30 is not about losing weight, but I have a lot of weight to lose (50 lbs) and, after reading so many testimonials, thought I'd at least lose a one or two pounds a week or feel some difference in my clothing (I've felt no difference at all). I have been gluten free for almost a year, so am used to reading labels and being very conscious of the foods I eat. I've been 100% compliant, making my own mayo, eating protein, veggies, and eating a fat source with every meal. I've either used recipes out of the Whole30 book or had a simple meal of meat, veggies, and avocado (for an example). I have not been hungry at all between meals, which I find very refreshing and quite a change for me, but I, like other post or two I've seen, am wondering if I'm eating too much? That being said, I know I will not be able to eat on a program where I am feeling hungry all the time (been there, done that). I also do have some health issues - Toshimotos thyroid disease (which I take pills for), and migraines. When I started the program I had a pretty bad headache/and or a migraine every day the first 10-12 days. Really sucked, but now seems like I've adjusted. Not sure why that would happen, but glad it's over. Typical foods for me: Breakfast: 2-3 eggs fried in coconut oil 1/2 to 3/4 cup stir fried veggies (mushrooms, peppers, onions) in either coconut oil or light olive oil coffee with coconut cream Lunch: Salad - a huge plateful of mixed organic greens chicken (pre-cooked in my crockpot) olives carrots celery handful of roasted walnuts avocado dressing: either whole30 ranch or balsamic vinegar/garlic olive oil Water Dinner: Protein source Roasted Sweet Potatoes (about 3x a week) Stir fried veggies or grilled (in the oven) with olive oil or steamed veggies Mayo (sometimes with hot sauce in it or fresh garlic) Snack: About 2x a week I've had an apple with almond butter in the evening. I didn't see until a few days ago that I shouldn't be having fruit as a snack, so will cut that out. I know the advice I will get, but decided to write anyway! I know it's only day 18 and I have 12 more to go - just barely over half way....and I need to be patient. Especially with my health issues which could be complicating things for my body. BTW: I remember doing Paleo about 3 years ago and losing 5 lbs the first week though, so thought I'd respond similarly. When I did Paleo I started adding in a bunch of "treats" made with the allowed flours and then didn't lose any more weight. With Whole30 I thought I'd lose and keep losing, since I'm not adding in any of those paleo muffins, etc that wrecked my progress. I will continue to be vigilant and stick with whole30, but just wanted to hear any advice from folks. Thanks, Tracy
  10. kaitlinwestbroek

    Feeling Guilty

    It's starting to feel like this program is so strict that it's impossible to follow. Guilt won't stop eating at me for eating some fruit, or not having enough protein. All I can think about is how I have made so many mistakes the last two days that I should probably just start over. Anyone else feel like this? Frustrated and guilt ridden.
  11. Hi! I finished my Whole 30 earlier this month. I'm concerned and frustrated because I was sick from week 2 - week 4. Not "I have a cold" sort of sick (nor am I pregnant). I had no appetite, was queasy and had headache's all the time. I believe I ate a lot, so I am really confused as to what happened. Also good to note I am extremely active and worked out 4-5 days a week for at least one hour. A couple days worth of meals: *Whenever I had eggs, I ate 3. Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with bell peppers, onions and sometimes avocado Meal 2: 4-5oz steak with 1-2 cups Brussels sprouts or asparagus and 1/2 cup potatoes Meal 3: 4-5 oz pork with 1-2 cups cauliflower or broccoli or 4 cups kale/spinach salad with a tessamae dressing Snack: (had to or I was ravenous) cashews and almonds (only 1/4 cup) --- Meal 1: yam hash with onion, bell peppers, poached eggs (totaled about 1.5 cups) Meal 2: 4-5 oz chicken with 1 cup mashed cauliflower Meal 3:4-5oz pork or steak with 1-2 cups mixed veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato) Snack: cashews and almonds (1/4 cup) --- I'm thinking I'm sensitive to avocado, because I was especially queasy after that... Anyone have an idea? It makes me really sad I felt terrible most of the time (only the first week was ok, it went down hill after that).
  12. I know, I know!! I am NOT suppose to look at my scale. BUT because of the HCG program I did for 2 years I have to keep an eye on my scale becaue I screwed my system. Carbs go right to pounds. I watch the scale to make sure I'm not gaining. I'm in my Whole30 day 6 and wondering when does the weight loss start to happen, I am pretty sure I'm BEHIND. Am I eating TOO much good stuff? Not enough water?? HELP Frustrated..............
  13. I feel like I have a serious problem. I know I have a sugar addiction and that I easily fall victim to my trigger foods....but I can't believe how many times I've had to re-start my whole30. I really do want to do this. I don't know why I cave. It's emotional/psychological, I'm sure. Somewhere between days 3 and 7 I just lose control. I have told myself that I must keep going. I will do this as many times as it takes to put a full 30 days together. Usually my problems begin in the mid-afternoon, when I get tired and I miss being able to grab a quick snack of crackers or granola. I don't have those in the house, but I do find myself in my kids' snack stash.... I have found Larabars that are Whole30 compliant, so I am packing those, but they just don't have the same appeal...not crunchy enough. Has anyone else out there had this experience? Any advice is welcome. I know I can do this. I need to do this. But I think a part of me has decided that I'm not going to do this. How do I find and conquer that negative force inside?