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Found 5 results

  1. I eat my prework out food. Then I do my quick drive home. If I don't work out - what was the point of eating that... Food is fuel! and that fuel needs to be used for its intended purpose!!!!
  2. I am on day 2 of my second whole 30. My first was several years ago. I started this one because I have gotten back into a bad rut of unhealthy eating habits and have not been exercising like I should. I have run 3 half marathons in the past year and have my first full marathon coming up at the end of February. I had not even thought about how this Whole 30 would effect my training! Part of my problem is that I haven't been training and now I'm on an 8 week plan to get my miles in. I won't be doing the Whole 30 on race day, I'll be reintroducing things by then, but I will be for most of my training. I think eating sweet potatoes the day before long runs will be key for me but I hadn't even thought about race snacks. I currently eat a pureed applesauce pouch but I'm sure it's not compliant. I've read on here that a few people have found compliant electrolyte mixes and pouches, would you please share what they are? Can I buy them on Amazon?? Hearing that everyone's times are much slower while on the Whole 30 is a bit discouraging! I'm not a fast runner by any means but I do have a time goal in mind for my runs. I'm slower than I have been in the past right now due to not running for a while but I was hoping that would get better as I get back into it, however, it doesn't sound like that will happen while doing the Whole 30. Has anyone out there increased time while on a Whole30? During my last Whole30 I wasn't running but I was doing a lot of weight lifting and I got a lot stronger during my Whole30 so I was hoping to have the same positive effect this time. I appreciate any input, have a great day!
  3. I have a question regarding fueling for long distance runners... This is my first Whole30, and my goal is to get away from processed protein and fuel (*previous quest bar addict here) and reset my body. My typical day consists of a morning run between 5-9 miles at 4:30 AM (fasted) with varying degrees of intensity (at least 2 days a week are high intensity speed training) and either weight training/bikram yoga in the afternoon. Once a week I have a long run 14-20 miles. I eat breakfast immediately post run (typically and elk burger, 1/2 a sweet potato and broccoli or spinach). The issue is I am starving by 11am and have been having an epic bar almost every day (I know no snacks, but I'm dizzy by this point). I work full time and have two toddlers so lunch is whatever leftover meat I have and salad or veggies. I don't have a lunch break so this is typically a fairly small meal. Again, by 3:00pm I'm starving and eat a pre-workout snack of tuna, chicken and veggies. Post afternoon training is dinner, which is normally elk, antelope or chicken with sweet potato and assorted veggies in coconut oil. After I've put the toddlers to bed by 8, I'm starving again and seriously craving a banana and with raw almond butter. Because I'm doing a fasted run in the morning is it ok to eat at night? I feel like I can't sleep I'm so hungry. I feel like my stomach can't handle any more food at "meal" times but I know I'm calorie deficient. As a distance runner I'm fairly lean (avg about 13%bf in training) and don't want to lose any weight that would compromise my health, lead to injury etc. So is it ok to add snacks that are Whole30 compliant?!
  4. I am on week 2 of whole 30 and I feel great, I think my runs are suffering a little bit, but I am hoping that will change over time as my body gets used to this type of eating. I have my second half marathon this weekend and I am not sure if I can do it without fueling with gels and gatorade they provide on the course. Do I bring my own coconut water for electrolytes? Do you think if I bring fruit pouches and lara bars I will be ok? If I do have gels on this race how bad of a setback will this be? since I am new to running and this is my second half, I am still trying to figure things out and this eating paleo makes it so much harder.
  5. Bare with me this may take a while, my partner and I have been eating real food since the turn of the year, following pretty much the low-carb, medium protein, high fat model as much as possible. Our problem is that we both lack enough energy for exercise a lot of the time and are not sure what we are doing wrong. We both have sedentary Mon-Fri, 9-5 jobs and so try to counteract that by walking at least 90 mins each a day and more at weekends. We have a dog so this is easily done and I walk some of my journey to and from work. Twice a week we do a 40 minute primal fitness session of bodyweight squats, push-up, pull-ups and planks. On the weekend we generally fit in a 20 minute sprint session before breakfast on one of the days, we also do 1 weights session of squats, deadlifts, kettle bell press and chest press and we'll try to fit in a 30 minute bike ride and possibly a bodyweight tabata session. On Mondays and Tuesdays we both generally feel too tired to do anything more than our walks but would like to be able to fit in some more weight training sessions but just can't physically do it. We have just started our first full Whole30 on Monday and plan to continue this throughout August. I want to know how we can adjust the amount we eat so that we can start to feel this magic energy that everyone talks about. A typical days menu would consist of: Meal 1 - 2 poached eggs, a small portion of protein such as ground beef and left over veggies from the night before, for example this morning we had leeks, cabbage and some sweet potato mash. Every day we have half an avo with meal 1. Meal 2 - Roast chicken breast with the skin, lots of lettuce and some cabbage, a tomato, a bit of cucumber, half an avo, homemade mayonnaise. Meal 3 - Steamed Salmon fillet, steamed broccoli, greens, carrot. Your advice would be appreciated.