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Found 3 results

  1. I am training for a marathon and just went from 20-25 miles a week to 30-35 miles a week. I also cross train. I eat a big breakfast and then I am not hungry. I make sure I eat lunch but only because if I didn't I would get a migraine. I don't snack, just eat 3 meals a day. It is very strange for me to run more and not be hungry more. Is it because I am eating quality foods with lots of protein? I don't want to eat less and my running to suffer. I also make sure I eat plenty of approved carbs. Could I eat less if I am not hungry? I know, this is not what you are used to...
  2. Half IronMan fueling

    We've been whole 30 for the most part (a couple days of here and there for travel and special events) since January 23. I started back to training January 10th. I'm at least 40 pounds over weight (5'2, 174). Baby #3 turned 1 at the end of March and still breast feeds 3-5 times a day. I'm down 14 pounds since we started back in January. But I went from 3 baby boot camp workouts and one run to 3 baby boot camp, 3 runs, 3 hour+ bike rides and a swim. I know losing more would greatly help performance. My biggest concern at this point is fueling for race day. I did a partial race rehearsal on Saturday and it went alright, but I want to dial it in. I had about a cup of roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil 30 or so minutes before we started. An hour in to the bike I had about 10 olives, 30 minutes later I had an rx bar, 30 minutes later more olives and 10 cashews, an hour later a date and 1/2 cup salted almonds (art the start of my run) 3 miles in another date and 5 almonds, 2 miles later another date almond combo. In total I rode about 45 miles and ran 7 miles. All felt pretty good. But I had no desire to eat for a bit after, tired and nothing sounded appealing. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  3. I have been on whole 30 for almost 2 months and I will continue to eat this way. I have been doing great on all of my long runs fueling with sweet potato baby food pouches. I live in florida and it is getting hot! I run a 15K yesterday, it was around 70 degrees and 90% humidity. I was doing good for the first 6 miles and it went downhill from there. I just didn't have it in me to push the pase and I run 40 seconds slower than my last half marathon. I know that is might be due to the heat but I am concerned that when it is hot, the sweet potatoes might not be enough. Do I start fueling with gels? or maybe something more natural like honey or maple syrup? If I do,will that undo what I have been doing so far and my body using fat for fuel?