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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I was just double-checking my jar of garlic to make sure there aren't any sulfites (I think I'm scarred from finding them everywhere...) and I suddenly noticed glucose as the final ingredient listed! High school biology was a long time ago but I'm pretty sure glucose is sugar, right? So it's out? I'm really hoping someone will correct me because I'm spoiled and I never use fresh garlic unless I need whole cloves
  2. Hi!! I'm really new to the forum thing, so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried the Whole30 after Easter 2017 & didn't succeed. Summer activities were too tempting. I'm wanting to try again and just got some news that's making me even more motivated. I suffer from gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying - have dietary restrictions) and just found out I have high cholesterol and high glucose. I'm hoping if I stick to the Whole30, it will put me on the right path to lowering those levels and being in a healthy range again (along with exercise). Has anyone else suffered from any of this and had any positive results?? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Glucose in olives

    Question: I know this might be a duh- but I grabbed some olives at trader joes and went to add some to a meal and noticed glucose listed in the ingredients. I know glucose is part of blood sugar but its listed as an ingredient Im afraid that is some sort added sugar? Any recs on olives that are not in sugar? Thank you!
  4. Hey out there in Whole30 land, this Saturday will be my 90th day on the Whole30 program. Although I had numerous slips for two weeks while on vacation in Hawaii, I immediately got back on the program for another 30 days once I returned home. On February 9th, 2015 I went on the program for one reason - to lower my blood glucose A1C to the normal range. I'm proud to announce that over the last 85 days I've successfully lowered my blood glucose from 118 to 84. A1C is normal and I lost 20 pounds. I don't have acid reflex anymore and less joint pain in my knees. The program was real hard work and it took extra time to prepare meals but I'm glad to see the results. I'm also 2nd in weight loss at my local LifeTime Fitness 90 day challenge which I used to motivate me in my goal. This Saturday I'll be ready to move into the re-introduction phase with a little trepidation. Advice? Glen