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Found 42 results

  1. I've been searching through the forums for a similar situation, and I just can't find one. I'm on my second Whole30, and yesterday on day 24 I was invited out to dinner for my friend's birthday. It was a big group at the chain restaurant BJs. I did all my homework on the menu and found that 99.9% of their menu would not be compliant without a ton of modifications, so I ate some salmon cakes at home before going. Then at the restaurant I talked with the waitress and ordered the side salad with only lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado. But still, when the food came out, there were croutons on it. I know this is talked about in the dining out section of the Whole30 book, so I just picked off all the offending croutons, added my Primal Kitchen salad dressing I had in my purse, and started to eat and enjoy the company. Toward the bottom of the salad, I took a bite, heard a crunch, and tasted a stray crouton. I immediately spit out the whole mouthful (delicately) into my napkin, but I've been worrying about it since then. I don't have a gluten allergy, but I know from my Whole30 last year that it doesn't make me feel my best, so I've been avoiding it most of the time the past year (except for worth it moments). Does tasting a con-compliant food but not swallowing make an impact? Some stray particles were probably absorbed as I didn't immediately go and brush my teeth. I really don't want to start another 30 days from this point as I want to get back into my happy mostly-Whole30 life. Should I just wait longer to reintroduce gluten again, or am I overthinking this? I know the rules are very black and white, but I'd like to hear some advice from the moderators. Thank you!
  2. We are in reintroduction and my daughters both had very emotional and volatile reactions when we reintroduced gluten. Luckily, I found myself next to a child psychiatrist last night at a sport event and we got on the topic of the Whole30 and gluten sensitivities. She told me it is actually well-known in the medical community that gluten can lead to a large range of psychiatric issues - including psychosis and suicidal thoughts (which she has witnessed personally with her patients)! She recommended I go to the Pub Med website and search on gluten psychosis. I found this one article as an example: There are many more articles on this site. I wanted to share this info since this was earth-shattering to me! We are clearly going to avoid gluten as much as possible for our whole family, not just the girls, after this discovery.
  3. Gluten - Is This Possible?

    Hello All, I had an odd experience and I'm wondering if I'm just imagining things or if this really happened. I have done a couple Whole 30s now and even before that I drastically cut back on gluten several years ago. After this Whole 30 though, at one point I had a bit of gluten every day for several days. By a bit, I mean one meal might have had a sandwich in it; I'd never have a muffin for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, nothing that extreme. Until Saturday, that is. This past Saturday basically turned into a gluten party, complete with pizza and wheat beer. I felt so awful after. I got a very bad migraine headache a couple days later as well. The digestive issues took several days to resolve. So, my question is, is it possible that having a little gluten doesn't bother me, but having a lot does? Or, is this just in my head? Was I in denial that it didn't bother me before? Or am I attributing bad feelings to something that was just a coincidence? Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  5. I reintroduced gluten before non-gluten and didn't have any issues. Is it still worth it for me to reintroduce non-gluten containing grains?
  6. Hello! I finished my first W30 back in August. It wasn't until I followed low FODMAP while on W30, however, that I truly began to have relief from my years of digestive problems. I began reintroduction and, following expecting FODMAP guidelines, I had no reaction to rice, corn, peas, quinoa....but felt some twinges with gluten, dairy, legumes. Since reintro, I have followed W30 as much as possible, with exception of FODMAP grains such as rice, quinoa, corn. I was even able to manage gluten and dairy a few times with no apparent reactions. Just a treat here or there. I was doing fine until recently when I seem to be sensitive to EVERYTHING not w30 all over again. Quinoa gave a similar gluten reaction with 2 days of headache and sickness. But I'm still the typical FODMAPs avocado, onions, etc. Can I really be sensitive to FODMAPS and even FODMAP friendly items (grains)? I dont know what to diagnose myself as anymore.....should I follow low FODMAP? Should I follow strict W30? Am intolerant to EVERYTHING? Is this a sign of leaky gut...something else? The doc keeps urging me to follow low FODMAP but even that is too liberal of a diet for me right now. Please help! THANKS!
  7. I'm did my first Whole30 in June and have been doing my (very) Slow Roll Reintroduction of the eliminated foods since July 1, still feeling generally great and with lots of NSVs as well as pretty significant weight loss as of August 1, the last time I stepped on a scale (I'm going to do that monthly). I'm finishing up with my dairy reintroductions on Saturday, August 27, which means I can begin reintroducing the final group - gluten grains - as early as Tuesday, August 30. I plan to start my second Whole30 with Melissa and everyone else on Monday, September 5, so I have enough time remaining that I could split my Slow Roll Reintroduction of gluten grains into two days, Tuesday, August 30 and Friday, September 2, and still have two Whole30 compliant recovery days after each of those dates before I begin the next Whole30. Do I need to split gluten grains into separate days of experimentation like I did with legumes (beans and hummus, then soy, and then peanuts), non gluten grains (corn, then white rice, and then brown rice), and dairy (yogurt, then butter, cream, and sour cream, then hard cheeses, then soft cheeses, and then milk and ice cream)? For example, is it preferable or at least helpful that I do a day of wheat products and a separate day of rye products (I probably won't bother with barley since I rarely ate it pre-Whole30)? Or should I do a day of refined grains and a separate day of whole grains? What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Gluten rash?

    On Sunday I decided to have some bread with my compliant sliced chicken and mayo and the following two days, I had some itchiness around my jawline and had a little rash on my left forearm. The face rash has since gone away and the rash on my forearm isn't itchy anymore. I've read before that those with Hashimotos (autoimmune disease) can have a sensitivity to gluten. I didn't have these rashes as often before my Whole30 (maybe 2 times a year, if that). Just wondering if anyone had similar reactions. Also, I am toying with the idea of just staying GF for life. I really didn't eat much gluten before my Whole30 (I thought), BUT I wasn't reading all of my labels for gluten additives either. My post-Whole30 plan has been relatively compliant (except for the portion of Coconut Bliss ice cream I shared with my boyfriend last night), so I'm pretty sure it was the gluten that did it
  9. Yesterday at a restaurant lunch we were served some tiny biscuits. They were obviously made with regular wheat flour and had little bits of cheese in them. I am in between reintroductions this week, waiting to officially reintroduce Dairy on Friday, so I thought I would have some. They were fine, but I noticed about one hour after lunch that my tummy felt kind of uncomfortable and sluggish like maybe it was not digesting the meal. A little kim chi was helpful, but I still had to wait some hours before feeling comfortable again. I am guessing it was the gluten, and not the cheese, because prior to Whole30 I was eating very little gluten for years but I had cheese nearly every week. Anyway, just reporting this to share. I hope it was the gluten and not the cheese. We'll find out on Friday!
  10. Rusk

    It's been mentioned a couple times in threads about sausages, but I recently learned about this so I wanted to make it's own thread for people searching ---- Main takeaway: rusk has gluten Saw it on an ingredient list for "bangers" which are British-style sausages ... it's basically the equivalent of putting bread crumbs in meatloaf
  11. Reintroduce Gluten??

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question. I have been strictly gluten free for the past 6, almost 7, years.. I had some crazy symptoms and back then gluten "sensitivity" was not a thing that my doctors believed in. A food sensitivity test showed that I had an intolerance. Most of my symptoms went away, and I decided to completely cut it out. I have always had a bad gut and have alot of trouble with it. My question - in the reintroduction stage should I try to reintrodcuce gluten to see how it affects my 'healthier gut"? I LOVED bread, pasta, etc. so I'm a little afraid of the side effects and the future cravings...
  12. Today is Day 31 of my 5th (and by FAR most successful) Whole30. I chose to reintroduce non-gluten grains first. I had some old oatmeal lingering in my cabinet, so I had some of that with breakfast. It was not gluten-free oatmeal. I don’t eat oatmeal much so I did not want to go buy some just for reintros. But I just remembered now that I thought I had seen somewhere on these forums that you NEED to reintro GF oatmeal if you reintro it at all. Now I know for Whole30, if the label warns that a product may have crossed paths with wheat, soy, etc. during manufacturing and COULD be contaminated, it’s still compliant, so long as it’s not a listed intentional ingredient. So shouldn’t this apply with oats, too? (I don’t have celiac or other major gluten sensitivity.) As a side note, I do feel pretty bloated. I’m trying to do my reintroductions to a tee and am paying very close attention to how my body feels.
  13. Am I gluten intolerant?

    I did the Whole 30 to figure out my issues with swelling, joint pain, fluid retention and weight gain. During my reintroduction of gluten, I immediately get bloating, stomach ache (fullness/nausea) and diarrhea several times after eating. Like, I'm down for the rest of the day. I never had this issue before whole 30. Am I all of the sudden intolerant of gluten?
  14. I am about to finish my first Whole 30 next week! I definitely plan to reintroduce the less healthy items one food group at a time, but my question is, do you have to follow the order of the food groups from the Whole30 Timeline, or can you customize it to better suit your needs? Would it be a terrible idea to start introducing gluten as my first food group? The book and blog has Gluten-containing grains as the last item to reintroduce. I don't want to screw up all the hard work from the past 30 days, so I want to make sure I am doing the reintroduction phase right.
  15. I completed a Whole30 a few weeks ago and until Sunday I had not reintroduced any forbidden foods, except for occasional small amounts of cane sugar, and at least one serving of non-compliant oil. On Sunday I purposely consumed wheat as my first official reintro. I didn't start the reintroduction until around dinner time, so I ate several servings of wheat at once, in the form of two pieces of bread, a small serving of pasta, and a serving of pot roast cooked in a beer-based sauce. Since that meal, I have returned to Whole30 eating. Sunday evening I noticed a headache but this did not surprise me since I often have tension headaches. However, not only has the headache continued on and off since then, but it has been accompanied by intermittent nausea ranging from mild to quite bad this morning. Interestingly, eating (Whole30 meals) seems to help with the symptoms. I have no history of migraines. Is it possible that there is a connection between the wheat and my intermittent headaches and nausea? If so, is it unsurprising that I would still be experiencing these effects almost three days out?
  16. Nima Gluten Tester

    I just discovered this and it sounds super duper awesome. A portable gluten tester you can tote around and test your food before you eat it. It' might be a bit bigger than I is practical. But I have visions in my head of what this portends. I foresee a smaller version that can test for all sorts of things you might like to be SURE isn't in your food. Aside from as a FODMAP, I don't seem to be sensitive to gluten, but I'm giddy about this thing.
  17. Reintro-ed gluten yesterday and each time, immediately after I ate: I got a headache that lasted for about a half hour I felt out of it, almost kind of drunk or drugged, for about a half hour My tummy was fine, but today I feel foggy and my joints ache. A little (TMI) constipated, but no other gastric issues Obviously my body does not care for gluten, but it seemed so strange and so sudden, I thought I'd share and see if anyone else had these symptoms. The gluten I ate was high-quality, organic bread (M1), pasta (M2) and pizza dough (M3) with no preservatives, etc. Catherine
  18. "Stacking" reintros?

    Would the following scenario be approved for a reintro protocol? Day 1 Reintro dairy Day 2 Eat W30 style Day 3 Eat W30 style Assess that dairy has caused no troubling symptoms Day 4 Reintro gluten in the form of some pizza with cheese, since dairy caused no troubling symptoms ...and so forth. I do not intend to do this IF dairy ends up causing troubling symptoms. Let's just be honest... I really miss pizza.
  19. After feeling itchy ears--which is my reaction to gluten; which I have known for a very long time; I looked into the brown mustard I put in my mayonnaise. Its GLUDEN's mayo and it indeed is not guaranteed that it doesn't have gluten...NEWS FLASH, it feels like it does. Have I ruined this entire process and do I need to start over? The ingredients are only Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Spices, Turmeric. AAAHHH
  20. Today I reintroduced gluten in the form of pizza. I've not experienced any stomach cramping or digestive issues, but I am wide awake at 2:40 in the morning with restless legs and a mind that won't shut down. Could this be a result of the gluten? Or maybe the sugar that I am sure was added to both the crust and pizza sauce? I got great sleep during my Whole30 and now I feel like I may never sleep again. Anyone else have this experience during the reintroduction phase?
  21. glutened :(

    A little background - this is my 3rd round of Whole 30, but I just recently joined the forum. I've been gluten and dairy free for a couple years now, and discovered I am also allergic to soy about a year ago. We got burgers from a restaurant that is usually very allergy conscious (my super celiac sister eats there all the time without issue), but today mine was definitely cross-contiminated. I started feeling the effects within about 10 mins. I've been glutened before, but this is especially bad! My stomach is so bloated, everything else is swollen, I broke out all over my face and my gut is a hot mess of issues right now. Everything hurts so much. It's shaping up to be a pretty rough night. Does anyone have any remedies that they have tried that have helped relieve the pain a little?
  22. How long should I do a "Gluten Challenge" to get tested for Celiacs when I had been eating a gluten diet my entire life until doing a Whole 30? I finished my first Whole 30 about a month ago, and did 2 weeks of reintroductions after that. I discovered I had a really strong/bad reaction to gluten: foggy head, hangover feeling that lasted 3 days, bloating, cramping, migraines, insomnia, extremely tired. After talking with my doc, she suggested I get the blood test for Celiacs. But to do so would require me to eat a "gluten rich" diet for at least 30 days. I started eating gluten immediately upon hearing this so I could take the test, about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure I'm going to make it for the full 30 days, I feel so uncomfortable eating gluten again. I have permission from my doc to do the blood test now after 2 weeks, but I understand 2 weeks may not be long enough and I may get a false negative result. Everything I have read says that you should do this challenge before the test if you have cut gluten out of your diet "for awhile." But does a Whole 30 even count as "awhile?" I'm now at the point where I feel back to my "old normal" from before the Whole 30: generally a low-grade gross feeling. I don't get headaches or feel foggy all the time, but I am tired and I don't feel good generally. My questions to the forum members are: Have you experienced a gluten challenge? How long did you do it for? How long had you cut gluten out of your diet previously? What was the test result? Lastly, I'm not sure where else this fits in this post, but: I LOVED the Whole 30 and intend to do another one the minute I can stop eating gluten. I never realized how badly I always felt until I reintroduced gluten after W30.
  23. My Whole30 "ended" on Sept. 24, but I waited a bit to do my reintro because I had a massive headache for about a week and didn't want to confuse the symptoms. So I stayed on plan until I was feeling up to introducing some new foods. My "Daily Whole30" email had the old retintro schedule, which starts with dairy. So I did my dairy day on Sept. 28. Since then, I've had on-and-off headaches, been stuffy, and been so lethargic that I go to bed around 8 pm and am completely unproductive at work - not to mention the INSANELY STRONG sugar cravings that are back. That was enough for me to decided - okay, no dairy unless it's in small quantities and I decide it's worth it. Per Melissa's recommendation, I went back to strict Whole30 eating for a few days. Today, I'm reintroing legumes (per the new schedule). However, I've decided I'm not going to do the dairy day again. It's just not worth it. So here's my question: Should I put a few more days between the non-gluten grains and regular grains? Or stay with the "two days apart" routine? Thanks so much! K
  24. Hi everyone, my apologies if these questions have been answered before - there's a lot of material here and I'm new! But anyway, a bit of background - I've had issues with "mystery aches", indigestion, headaches, nausea, low energy for several years...many of which have been improving since going 100% gluten free a month ago. My TSH level is subclinical (6) despite the other numbers being within range, and my doc doesn't want to put me on meds, thankfully. Unfortunately, he also thinks I should go on a vegan diet and reduce my cholesterol, despite it being within normal range. Anyway, I decided to completely ignore him and start a Whole30. It's day 13 and I'm really enjoying it! So far it's been great, very few issues, barely any cravings...despite this, I keep seeing stuff about an autoimmune protocol, and how eggs are inflammatory (is this true?). Based on my symptoms, am I a candidate for that protocol? I have no idea whether I actually have autoimmune disease, since I'm obviously gluten intolerant but not sure if I'm celiac. I've been eating eggs almost every day, plus nightshades like crazy, and spices. No problems at all, so is there something I should be looking for when I eat these foods? They're a big part of my Whole30 so I wonder if I should be concerned. Hopefully I have nothing to worry about, since I've already removed a lot of foods from my diet! Thanks
  25. Dairy

    Hey everyone! On day 31 I reintroduced dairy.. I had a little butter in my sweet potato, some cucumbers and sour cream and later in the day some ice cream. After the butter and sour cream I really didn't feel any different. However, a couple hours after eating the ice cream my eyes got watery and itchy as well as my throat. This morning it was still itchy. I heard today at work that ice cream could have gluten in it! Do you think that my reaction could have been due to the dairy or the gluten? Plan on only eating only whole30 compliant foods for the next two days and then try dairy again, this time no ice cream! Just curious what everyone's opinions are! B