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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. Myself and 4 other friends started Whole 30 on Monday and so far its been good/interesting. I've also been reading the book so to read how food affects your body mentally is crazy for sure. I have a quick questions for you guys to see if you could help out. I have a friend asking about why its ok to eat a certain mayo or make a ranch dressing but it it's not ok to have a banana egg pancake. & she's questioning the potatoes being ok, but not those pancakes either because of fries being a bad food. Maybe it's in the part of the book i havent read yet, but wanted to see if you guys could help me out in explaining. thanks!
  2. Yesterday was day 10 and it was SO HARD! I thought about quitting several times. Well not quitting per se but having a small cheat - diet dr. pepper and a cupcake. I didn't do it but today is not any easier I made it through but I am really hitting a wall. I'm tired of cooking, I'm tired of not eating anything that I WANT. I know that I'm doing a good thing for my body. I can tell, my joint pain is less and I definitely feel better but being so strict is just beginning to make me sad. Someone, anyone talk me off the ledge!
  3. The Whole30 has to work!

    I'll try to make this the short version. LOL I have been sick for the past 5 weeks. At first I thought it was the stomach flu, and maybe part of it was, but I never recovered. After many family physician appointments and ultrasound of my gallbladder and meds that didn't work (WHY do they give you meds when they don't know what it wrong??) I decided they were not helping me, so I called a Gastroenterologist, got in that day and explained that at that point I had dropped 14 lbs, I couldn't eat, I felt nauseated all the time, my stomach hurt terribly to touch, headaches, dizzy spells, EXTREME exhaustion, low BP and no one being able to tell me what was wrong, he said he thought I had an ulcer and scheduled an upper endoscopy. The results came back that I did in fact have a small ulcer, a sliding hiatal hernia, erythema and some polyps in my stomach which they biopsied. They came back fine. I was getting sicker, missing work and feeling terrible. He then sent me for an Xray, then a CT scan, then a HIDA scan....all results were normal. By this time I have now dropped 25 lbs. I have never been more frustrated. While laying on my couch over the past 4 weeks I saw Dr Oz show with Suzanne Sommers and she was talking about food, mold, sugar etc being toxic, and what it does to your health. I don't know if they mentioned the Whole30 or where I saw it but I thought, I got to read this book. I bought the audio version and listened to the whole book in 2 days. I was fascinated. I called my sister and told her this book, this lifestyle is for us!!! Her and I both could relate to the I have lost and gained the same 50 lbs over and over. I would say I am still about 80 lbs overweight. But like the book says, this isn't just about weight for me, I cannot continue to be sick, I need to heal my body from the inside out! So, I started immediately, I thought heck I cant really eat anyway, I wont be missing any junk. I had hard boiled eggs and fruit for the first day- just making sure I could eat and not get sick. I went to the grocery today and filled my kitchen with fruits, veggies, Laura's lean meats, wild caught cod, avocados, coconut oil and water, spices that didn't contain sugar.... and couldn't wait to get home and start preparing. I will have to say I have never had a better meal! AND get this, I could eat it and didn't get sick afterward. That is HUGE. I am in, fully fledged, 100%, signed in blood. lol Thank you! Thank you, for writing "It starts with Food". I already know it has changed my life. day 2
  4. Hi, We are going to do this as a family, already ordered the book and we will be cleaning out everything to get started on June 6th. Excited to get started after reading so many of the positive changes people have made in their lives and re learning how to eat properly. Thank you to the founders for keeping this forum and facebook a source for information and support!! PS not real sure how to post to forums
  5. Whole 30 on a TIGHT Budget

    I am on a pretty tight budget. What are the most cost friendly things you recommend to use as staples during the Whole 30? Thanks!
  6. Korea?

    So I just found out that I will be moving to Korea this February/March. I'll be there for 2 years (give or take) and am SUPER excited. That said, I'm a little worried about the food choices. Because I'm military, I'll have the ability to shop at the American grocery store there. But I'm hoping to be able to branch out a little bit from that. Anyone on here been to Korea/in Korea/posted to Korea (military - likely Camp Humphreys)? Also, I'll have field exercises where my options are bringing my own (for weeks at a time) or eating military meals-ready-to-eat, where I will have few options that don't have gluten (still trying to get my stomach issues official, so to speak, with the military doctor). Any ideas? I'll have to bring it all in myself, so price and weight are both a little worrying.
  7. So, I am having an issue with sourcing food directly from the farmers in my area. I am super lucky that, here in the Midwest (one of the few reasons I like where I live, sorry :-/), I can source food from Michigan, Illinois or Wisconsin farmers and many of them travel here to Chicago for the weekly farmers markets or I can find them, individually, on eat My beef is their pricing. I kid you not, someone was selling chicken (granted, it was boneless skinless chicken breast) for $15/lb at one of the bigger farmers markets last year and eggs from these farms always go for $6/dozen. Even going directly to these farmers, they sell the eggs for $6/dozen! One exception was when I was working a co worker was able to get eggs for me directly from a Wisconsin farm for 2.50-3.00/dozen. My meat CSA still averages $7-10/lb (mix of pork, beef, chicken). And buying produce from farmers markets is a joke...the other day a market was selling strawberries for $6/ pint!! Wha? I pay $4 for organic strawberries @ Whole Foods and that chaps my a**. This just doesn't mesh with the comments on forums and in paleo blogs on how in expensively you can procure products from farmers. I feel like, in Chicago, we are being bilked because "going to the farmers markets" and "sourcing local foods" seems to be the *trendy* thing to do. I know these farmers need to, most likely, pay a butt load for their stand (yay Chicago!) and gas prices suck....but I am not going into debt to buy from them(as much as I would LOVE to support them). I can't believe that I am buying from Whole Foods over farmer (I still keep my small meat share that only provides 2 weeks worth of meat (12#) for 2 people and 1 dozen eggs for $103) for the most part. It seems like these farmers go to Chicago farmers market or list on eat and jack their prices up because they can because foolish people, here in Chicago, pay the prices. Oh, and I don't have room to store 1/2 a cow or to store a large quantity of meat, for that matter.....I live in Chicago! :-P Grrr...end rant. Thank you