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Found 23 results

  1. Just started my vegan whole30 and on day 6. Yay!! I am also reading It Starts With Food and finding it helpful in understanding the underlying reasoning, which helps keep motivation up. As I understand it, the idea is to eliminate all inflammatory foods and then slowly introduce ingredients to gauge their effect on our body. Given this, why are red meats allowed as part of whole30? The link between animal fats and inflammation has been established well beyond doubt, and so is its harmful effect on the gut bacterial fauna (which in turn leads to inflammation and tissue damage). Grilling it only makes the effect more potent. So why are *any* animal products allowed (instead of merely cutting down on dairy) as part of whole30? Has anyone here who has, e.g., arthritis or IBS here noticed difference after whole30 with vs without animal products? Thanks! Rahul
  2. Hello! I just completed my first Whole30 on November 30th and am in the process of re-introduction now. I chose to re-introduce gluten first, then dairy, and am scheduled to re-introduce non-gluten grains next. I won't be able to re-introduce all legumes after that because I'm scheduled to have a c-section the day I would be re-introducing them. Since I'm not going to know if any effects on my body are due to the legumes or the surgery or the fact that I'll be post-partum, I'm post-poning my re-introduction of legumes to a later date. However, I would like re-introduce pea protein at the same time I re-introduce non-gluten grains. While I understand pea is a legume, I would like to include it earlier in my re-introduction to determine my sensitivity to it before I give birth. Are there any direct contraindications to doing this? Or is it more of a "you shouldn't, but you're an adult, so do what you want" sort of thing? TIA!
  3. I reintroduced gluten before non-gluten and didn't have any issues. Is it still worth it for me to reintroduce non-gluten containing grains?
  4. Hi, I just finished up Day 30 of my second Whole30 on November 3rd and started the recommended reintro schedule right after. Main goals this time around have been a general reset but also to help identify any triggers for skin breakouts and general inflammation. The initial 30 days went great, super smooth. Tested legumes Day 1 with no issues. Tested non-gluten grains on Day 4 with no issues. Tested dairy and had some mild skin irritation on Day 9 into Day 10. Tested grains on Day 10 and had really bad breakout and sensitivity by the end of Day 11. Is the typical 3 days of separation enough time to attribute this to grains, or would this be more related to a dairy issue? The sensitivity was not immediate after eating either dairy products or grains; it was more delayed. Should I retest both?
  5. OncoWarrior

    Going against the grain

    I did not eat grains very often before Whole30, and I never noticed any particular difficulty with them. Also, I did not notice any problems when I reintroduced them, either for gluten or gluten-free. Since then I have not much interest in eating grains anymore so I seldom eat any. This week I am having a gaseous reaction after I eat any grain. This happens with both gluten and gluten-free. So, I have decided to not eat them anymore. When I wrote about having this kind of problem with legumes, a person (Tom someone, I believe) posted an interesting comment . I cannot figure out how to quote from there to here, but he wrote about how the intestinal lining producing protective mucus to cope with irritants. Question: I wonder if this same applies to grains?
  6. A lot of the Whole30 material suggests baked goods in the gluten and non-gluten reintroduction period, but wouldn't that include dairy through butter (or milk)? I don't see how to avoid dairy when eating anything baked unless I make it myself. Is there any direction on this that I am missing?
  7. I'm did my first Whole30 in June and have been doing my (very) Slow Roll Reintroduction of the eliminated foods since July 1, still feeling generally great and with lots of NSVs as well as pretty significant weight loss as of August 1, the last time I stepped on a scale (I'm going to do that monthly). I'm finishing up with my dairy reintroductions on Saturday, August 27, which means I can begin reintroducing the final group - gluten grains - as early as Tuesday, August 30. I plan to start my second Whole30 with Melissa and everyone else on Monday, September 5, so I have enough time remaining that I could split my Slow Roll Reintroduction of gluten grains into two days, Tuesday, August 30 and Friday, September 2, and still have two Whole30 compliant recovery days after each of those dates before I begin the next Whole30. Do I need to split gluten grains into separate days of experimentation like I did with legumes (beans and hummus, then soy, and then peanuts), non gluten grains (corn, then white rice, and then brown rice), and dairy (yogurt, then butter, cream, and sour cream, then hard cheeses, then soft cheeses, and then milk and ice cream)? For example, is it preferable or at least helpful that I do a day of wheat products and a separate day of rye products (I probably won't bother with barley since I rarely ate it pre-Whole30)? Or should I do a day of refined grains and a separate day of whole grains? What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Today is Day 31 of my 5th (and by FAR most successful) Whole30. I chose to reintroduce non-gluten grains first. I had some old oatmeal lingering in my cabinet, so I had some of that with breakfast. It was not gluten-free oatmeal. I don’t eat oatmeal much so I did not want to go buy some just for reintros. But I just remembered now that I thought I had seen somewhere on these forums that you NEED to reintro GF oatmeal if you reintro it at all. Now I know for Whole30, if the label warns that a product may have crossed paths with wheat, soy, etc. during manufacturing and COULD be contaminated, it’s still compliant, so long as it’s not a listed intentional ingredient. So shouldn’t this apply with oats, too? (I don’t have celiac or other major gluten sensitivity.) As a side note, I do feel pretty bloated. I’m trying to do my reintroductions to a tee and am paying very close attention to how my body feels.
  9. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    Beginning 4/7 for an anti-allergy reset

    This will be my first time doing the Whole30 program, although I already keep a gluten and dairy free diet most of the time. I need to take it to the next level. Here are my reasons for doing the program: I get frequent, severe sinus infections when I eat dairy. My under-the-tongue glands swell when I eat various grain-based foods. I thought it was just wheat and my symptoms were very mild for a few years but they've become severe in the last month. Within a few hours of eating/drinking anything grain-based, my glands are throbbing. I need to listen to my body and stop giving it things it doesn't want. My mom is battling cancer and in her journey, has learned the true value of caring for your body through food choices. I, too, have learned a lot about the effects of less-than-great food choices through watching her and observing myself. Thus, the only reason I still make bad choices is out of sugar addiction or self-destructive tendencies. My hope is that after completing my first Whole30, I'll be able to see a big enough difference that I will be motivated by the benefits of living a whole life, rather than being motivated by the pain/exhaustion of making less-than-healthy daily choices. I'm 23, about to graduate college, and I manage an office that must remain open 24/7 for student safety. My schedule is all over the place, I never get near enough sleep, and I'm surrounded by booze and peers who are as far from a whole30 lifestyle as can be. It won't be easy, but I'm tired of feeling horrid half the time from sugar, grains, and booze. There may never be a perfect time to do this, so no excuses from here on out. Now is as good a time as any, and this way I'll by happier and healthier by graduation:D
  10. I have a few seeming remedial issues/questions to throw out on this forum. Here goes: I'm on Whole30 (Day 11 wrapping up) and I'm just wondering what the basis is for not having alcohol--as in a glass of dry white wine, which according to my research, has 4 grams of carbs and less than 8 grams of sugar in a glass and 100 calories. I'm fine not having it for 30 days but when I go back to "normal" I'm thinking of what I may want to add back in and wine is definitely at the top of the list. So it got me questioning what is wrong with it in the first place? Is it bad for you if you have 1 glass a few times a week, generally speaking? I thought it had tons of sugar in it, but apparently most dry whites don't. And I have a local wine store that I shop at where they pretty much know the vintage, etc, so I can get some personalized service when I am done with Whole30. I guess it can depend on a lot of factors, which is why knowing the vineyard, vintage, etc (via the wine store owners) is key. My other question is bread. Without it I am hungry all the time. Which is a different issue (below), but my question is, why is bread the devil lately? I know so many people who are gluten free, but bread has been around for the ages. Do we just eat more than our ancestors did? Or do our bodies just not process it the right way anymore? I was thinking, once Whole30 is over, I would start making my own bread. Is that a better option? Is everyone anti-bread because it's so processed these days? My kids love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it's one of the staples for their lunch. So before I go giving up on bread in my house, I want to know the reasons why everyone is on the gluten-free bandwagon, even if you don't have gluten intolerance issues? No one in my family has gut or gluten issues. We have pretty iron stomachs. I'm happy to make my own if it's bad because of over processing. And pasta that is whole wheat and organic? Is that "bad" now? Because in Italy I'm guessing most kids still eat that every day (probably not even whole wheat) and it is another staple in our diet. I'm trying to sort out which foods my family should avoid. I know with weight loss bread is a big one to avoid, but if the rest of us (not including my husband) digest things fine, then is it wrong to eat it? If not, then how many servings are okay a day? Now onto my hunger: I'm doing this because, while I eat pretty well, I think I could eat healthier. But the main reason is to support my husband because he wants to loose some pounds (like 10-15). But I don't want to lose any. I'm already on the thin side. Today I had Chia Pudding, 2 eggs and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and was still hungry. I ate a big lunch, a huge chicken salad (Whole30 approved), charred zucchini, then a cashew-banana-vegan smoothie, then had a spoonful of cashew butter and while at the gym, I still bonked. Total sugar shakes, etc. Luckily I had a Lara bar with me but that barely did the trick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm feeling worse by the day on Whole30. Is it possible my body just doesn't have the reserves to do this? I have always had a very high metabolism so I'm wondering if i'm burning through everything too fast, and if so, how to fix it? I know I threw out a lot here so thanks in advance for anyone who wants to take on my questions!
  11. Yep. I'm on day 30 of my Whole30 tomorrow. I am a very black-and white-type person. I'm scared of reintroducing things because I'm scared I will binge on unhealthy things and let it all go. The strict rules of the Whole30 were good for me, but I want to be able to have other things too. I know I will feel guilty when I eat things that are not Whole30, because they've just been forbidden for 30 days! Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not looking forward to this!I need a rule book for life post-Whole 30. Something really fixed. I feel all overwhelmed... Legumes - Really sacred of these - feel like they are just not healthy. But financially, we really need to add them to our diet as last month has taken a huge toll on our expenses (and that's with eating tons of chicken wings and odd bits of meat). I'm thinking 2 times a week, and only eating them if they are sprouted first? Non-gluten grains - same as above Dairy - maybe just plain yogurt here and there. I love milk and hot chocolate, oh my, I used to drink milk every day. I can't live without that FOREVER. SWYPOs etc. - special occasions only. Trying not to include dessert except the ocassional fruit. Gluten and refined sugars - I want this to be only on special occasions. Like if we're at someone's house and they serve cake etc. I have some spelt breadcrumbs that I used to like using. Maybe I'll stick to the organic corn flake crumbs and use them sparingly. I am craving sweet food now I know it's the end. Help me! I just want a cookie!
  12. I completed a Whole30 a few weeks ago and until Sunday I had not reintroduced any forbidden foods, except for occasional small amounts of cane sugar, and at least one serving of non-compliant oil. On Sunday I purposely consumed wheat as my first official reintro. I didn't start the reintroduction until around dinner time, so I ate several servings of wheat at once, in the form of two pieces of bread, a small serving of pasta, and a serving of pot roast cooked in a beer-based sauce. Since that meal, I have returned to Whole30 eating. Sunday evening I noticed a headache but this did not surprise me since I often have tension headaches. However, not only has the headache continued on and off since then, but it has been accompanied by intermittent nausea ranging from mild to quite bad this morning. Interestingly, eating (Whole30 meals) seems to help with the symptoms. I have no history of migraines. Is it possible that there is a connection between the wheat and my intermittent headaches and nausea? If so, is it unsurprising that I would still be experiencing these effects almost three days out?
  13. I am a fairly healthy eater, but I want to do a strict "Whole 30" in support of my wife, who has already done it once and is ready to go again. The biggest issue for me is that I cannot have rice or quinoa. I have no large intestine, so I have to put a lot of thought into what I eat, or I'm running to the bathroom all day long. Rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and whole-grain bread are staples of my diet because they help "bulk" the food in my body and slow down my digestion. So, what are some substitutes that I can use while doing the Whole 30? I'm trying to imagine what I'm going to eat for a month. My wife survived on a lot of eggs and fruit, but that would be a disaster for me. I'm envisioning tons of bananas, avocado, and roasted potatoes (potassium with a side of potassium), but there's got to be more good options than that. Any ideas or suggestions?
  14. My Whole30 "ended" on Sept. 24, but I waited a bit to do my reintro because I had a massive headache for about a week and didn't want to confuse the symptoms. So I stayed on plan until I was feeling up to introducing some new foods. My "Daily Whole30" email had the old retintro schedule, which starts with dairy. So I did my dairy day on Sept. 28. Since then, I've had on-and-off headaches, been stuffy, and been so lethargic that I go to bed around 8 pm and am completely unproductive at work - not to mention the INSANELY STRONG sugar cravings that are back. That was enough for me to decided - okay, no dairy unless it's in small quantities and I decide it's worth it. Per Melissa's recommendation, I went back to strict Whole30 eating for a few days. Today, I'm reintroing legumes (per the new schedule). However, I've decided I'm not going to do the dairy day again. It's just not worth it. So here's my question: Should I put a few more days between the non-gluten grains and regular grains? Or stay with the "two days apart" routine? Thanks so much! K
  15. So after trying dairy for a few days and finding that my skin irritation was not from the dairy (tried a straight glass of whole milk as well as a dairy based dressing with no symptoms) I am on to non gluten grains. This morning I made a gluten free waffle with a flour made of a mix of tapioca, almond, and a rice flour and didn't have any reactions. Then for lunch ate white rice with a whole30 compliant chicken and almost immediately felt crampy and got heart burn symptoms I haven't felts since I started my 30. Wondering if I should try other things like corn and see if they also make me feel this way?
  16. WholeReese902

    OOOOOPS! Lesson Learned!

    Since before I ever started my Whole30, I knew I wanted to end on Easter. So, in what turned out to be a total of 37 days, I stuck strictly to the Whole30 principles, then began re-intro yesterday. (Stay tuned for my results to be posted under "Sucess Stories", because it was definitely a success!) I'd been flying high on tiger blood, so when my beloved Easter Brunch came around yesterday I was feeling a bit invincible. Thinking that was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was giving away my ISWF book to a coworker and thinking I could just "wing it" during re-intro. So instead of coming up with or sticking to a plan, I just told myself I'd take it nice and slow. At brunch I helped my self to a salad with sugary dressing with soy-bean oil, little appetizers made with quinoa, and a bite of a cookie, which I didn't even enjoy. I felt ok, but not awesome. Today I still hadn't come up with a re-intro plan, and thought--for whatever reason--that I could handle the pressure of the abundant bounty of Whole Foods for lunch today. That was mistake #4. DUMB. I know you're supposed to do it one ingredient at a time, but when you fail to plan, you plan to fail (ugh!). I wound up having lots of non-gluten grains, sugar, probably some dairy, and half a cookie. All at once. I IMMEDIATELY felt a dense brain fog come on, along with a strange, buzzing headache. A few hours later I burst into tears at the slightest provocation. Overall, I just felt like total crap. So now I'm considering going back to plan for at least a week then taking the time to re-intro correctly. I mean, I'll pretty much be eating Whole30 the rest of my life, but I want to know what and how I react to the specific things I've cut out of my diet. Because if I can have a tablespoon of grass-fed whole milk in my coffee and a glass of red wine with my steak and still feel sharp and be healthy, that's worth it to me. :-) The rest of it? Sugar? Soy? The greatest of all evils--WHEAT? They're just not worth it. Lesson learned.
  17. Real Food Y'all

    Gluten-free oatmeal?

    I'm on day 26 of my 2nd Whole30. During my first W30, I made it to the finish line, but then went crazy eating everything in sight instead of doing a proper reintro. I wanna get it right this time. I have some regular old Quaker oats sitting in my cabinet, and while I'm not really MISSING it, I'm kind of thinking some oatmeal for breakfast sounds good on Day 31. I've seen other posts instructing people to make sure oats are certified gluten-free if using them for reintroducing non-gluten grains... but how bad would it BE to use non-gluten-free oats? I don't wanna go buy new oats because I don't eat them much anyway. There couldn't be more than trace amounts, right? I've never had any of kind of gluten sensitivity, and don't recall any ill effects the first time I ate gluten after my first W30.
  18. Hey everyone, Starting my reintro in a week or so. I'm trying to plan ahead for grocery shopping and I was wondering what kind of non-gluten grain food there is out there? I want to intro grains with and without gluten separately, so what are thing I can eat on my non-gluten grain day? I'm kind of stumped. Thanks!
  19. After 3 back-to-back W30s, I have become very comfortable with eating to template, and have varied only occasionally, usually with forethought and intention, to do proper reintroductions. Cheese and I are still friends. Soy and I are not. Nor are tomatoes or potatoes and I on speaking terms. In fact, both my inability to digest high starch foods and my issues with nightshades seems firmly entrenched, and I will probably just have to live with those. The pain caused by anything starchier than yams is encouragement enough to avoid grains and legumes, and potatoes are still my most sensitive reaction, being both starchy and a nightshade. And I still react to even incidental encounters with nightshades, including the spices made from them, although it takes a few hours, rather than a couple of minutes. 85% cacao and I are friends. I can enjoy a piece or two, without triggering sugar cravings, and I find it enjoyable. Bonus: everyone else finds it way too bitter, but I find it sweet enough, so it's all mine! Wine and I are acquaintances. I can enjoy a glass of wine with a meal. Although a second glass will hit me rather harder than it used to. so, no driving at all, even after only one glass, just to be on the safe side. It's the accidental encounters that seem to be the worst. They usually happen when life (with 5 kids at home) gets nutty, and I don't have time to prepare a proper meal, and someone offers me something. That has always ended badly, unfortunately. It is amazing how many things have soy, potato starch, corn starch or paprika in them! Today, I am recovering from a reaction to a hidden ingredient in last night's last minute, improvised dinner, and I have no idea what it was. It's so much easier to control this stuff when I'm the only one feeding me, from my own kitchen, with my own ingredients. But then there are days when I would have to skip meals to do that. Well, truth be told, that's happened almost weekly too.
  20. There was some discussion among the group doing a Whole30 in July regarding the start of a new, reintroduction thread. I'm getting the ball rolling here. Tomorrow, July 31 is my first day of reintroduction. I'll be adding dairy back into my diet for three meals and will report back regarding my reaction. What are everyone else's plans for reintroduction? Anything you're excited to bring back? Or, are there items that will never make their way back into your diet again??
  21. Reintroduction has begun! Yesterday, on day 35 (I think) I reintroduced dairy. I went for plain, whole milk yogurt and had some with breakfast, for a mid morning snack, and with dinner. The first taste of it was funky, but my taste buds acclimated and I gobbled it down. Mid morning, I thought that nothing much had happened, although I wished I had fatty coconut milk to eat instead of yogurt, and I had some more yogurt for a snack. After I ate my lunch, I felt some stomach pains. I thought I noticed that I didn't have as much energy or as clear a head as I've become accustomed to, though I admitted that I couldn't be sure. Next day, I woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth from a raging stress dream involving work and public nudity. So I think the bottom line for me is that dairy doesn't cause anything horrible to happen but I would really rather not eat it.
  22. I genuinely enjoy many gluten-free grains and legumes (at least, I remember enjoying them), and my husband is a big fan. I'm curious about the possibility of making these things more digestible with proper preparation. Pre-Whole30, I was very good about soaking/boiling my beans, and I don't think they were an issue for me. I soaked grains for hot cereal overnight a few times, but it wasn't a regular practice. I don't know if it made a difference, but I was thinking about testing this. Have other people experimented with soaking when reintroducing grains and legumes? Did you notice a difference? I'd love to hear about your results!
  23. I started the Whole 30 because: - I was eating greek yogurt, almond milk, and started to notice it left me bloated, lethargic, and moody - I had intense sugar cravings and headaches -I felt a "crash" at 3:00 everyday at work -I was spending far too much money on lara bars, thinkthin bars, and pure bars. I ate these bars as "treats" and ate them after most meals...little did I know they were doing nothing for my headaches and only adding to my sugar addiction. After over 30 days of Whole 30'ing ( had wine and peanut butter twice) I can say that I am committing to eating this way for a while...its apart of my lifestyle. Below is a list of changes from the Whole 30 1. soft, moist, skin. 2. vibrant eyes 3. running faster 4. no headaches 5. no 3:00 crash, its bearable and I am not slumped over my work desk 6. executed headstand in yoga! 7. standing bow pose touching my foot to head! 8. deeper sleep 9. less snacking-good fats keep me satisfied 10. I sweat more easily (sign that my body is better at adapting to physical exertion) 11. wake up in the AM more easily, feeling light, energetic 12. decreased anxiety 13. more productive after work, have energy to run errands, go to yoga, ect 14. weight loss 15. shinier nails There have been so many improvements overall-it feels good to feel good. If you havent tried it. Do it. If you are and your struggling. Hang in there. you are worth it!